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Version 1.3 About

What's new?

Glow 1.3 is a relatively minor release, but nevertheless contains some useful additions. We have added new navigation options to the Carousel widget, tested and bug-fixed the whole library in IE8, and made a couple of improvements to the glow.dom and glow.anim modules.

IE8 support

Glow 1.3.0 brings full support for Internet Explorer 8. We have tested Glow using IE8 Release Candidate 1 in both standards and compatibility mode, but if you spot any bugs we missed, please let us know.

Carousel updates

You can now create a carousel that includes additional navigation intended to make it easier for users to find their way through very long, or looping carousels. This takes the (default) form of dots representing the current "page" of the carousel.

You can enable this feature by setting the pageNav constructor option to true. Doing so will also hide the standard next/previous buttons that normally appear at either end of the carousel items.

var carousel = new glow.widgets.Carousel("#carousel1",{
	pageNav: true,
	loop: true,
	size: 3,
	step: 3
  1. BBC One
  2. BBC Two
  3. BBC Three
  4. BBC Four
  5. BBC HD
  6. CBBC
  7. CBeebies
  8. BBC News
  9. BBC Parliament
  10. Radio 1
  11. Radio 2
  12. Radio 3
  13. Radio 4
  14. Five Live
  15. 6Music

We have also added a slideOnScroll option which causes the carousel to scroll smoothly with a linear tween when the mouse is held down, as opposed to repeating each animation with a pause between them. We have retained a short gap between the initial scroll animation and the start of the continuous scroll, as this is consistent with similar interfaces (such as scrollbars) and allows you to specify your own tweens settings for single click scrolls.

Cloning event listeners

The clone method of glow.dom.NodeList can now copy event listeners on nodes, providing they were added using This is enabled by an optional parameter, which is false by default.

// clone anchor elements with their events
var myAnchors = glow.dom.get("a").clone(true);

glow.anim.Timeline additions

We have added a goTo method to glow.anim.Timeline which skips to a specified point in the timeline. You can tell the timeline to go to a specific animation, or a number of seconds from the beginning.

var myTimeline = new glow.anim.Timeline([anim1, anim2]);

// start the Timeline 2.5 seconds in

// start the Timeline from anim2

API Quick Reference

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