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Version 1.1 About

What's new?

This version of Glow adds some simple features that won't get anyone too excited, but should make it easier to build websites without being forced to include too many additional JS files.


Our new embed module allows you to detect and embed Flash movies quickly and simply. You can specify the major version number of the Flash plugin you require (e.g. "9"), or be more fine grained if you require (e.g. "9.0.12").

You can also specify error messages to use in case the user does not have the required version of Flash, or does not have it at all.


The new forms module let you add validation to forms by defining constraints and limits to the values that are permitted in your form fields, and to display error messages in cases where those values fall outside those limits. A simple event model is used to indicate when forms become invalid.

We have provided a default scheme for inserting validation error messages into the document, but it's up to you to style these messages in a fashion appropriate to your site. If our default scheme doesn't suit your reuirements, you can easily override it with your own, with full access to the same events and validation state information.



  • FIX: Some incorrect documentation
  • FIX: glow.forms - Improved error handling
  • FIX: glow.embed.Flash - Allow version detect for debug builds of Flash plugin
  • FIX: glow.embed.Flash - Removed default background colour, will use movie's bg colour by default


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