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Version 1.0 About

What's new?

This version of Glow contains a number of new features and changes designed to make life easier for developers and end users. We have completely overhauled the Glow website, added a new JavaScript loader and made accessibility improvements to the widgets.


Perhaps the most significant change to how you use Glow is the introduction of the gloader. This script allows you to specify the modules you want, and it fetches all the dependencies, including CSS files, for you.

Other advantages include auto-updating to compatible bug fix releases of Glow, loading Glow into private scopes (perfect for page widget authors), and the ability to load other libraries.

Have a look at the getting started page for more details.


Widgets in Glow should now be even more accessible, as we have marked them up with WAI-ARIA attributes. These allow users to identify interactive features, how they relate to each other and their current state.

API changes

We have made a number of changes to the Glow API, some of which are backwardly incompatible with the previous 0.x versions of Glow.

Please see the documentation about migrating from the previous version of Glow for more details.


As you may have noticed the web site has had a significant overhaul. We have given the documentation in particular a rethink, and we hope that it's now easier to find what you are looking for.

We switched our documentation backend to use the fabulous JSDoc Toolkit, brainchild of our very own Michael Mathews. This enables us to generate exactly the sort of documentation that we need, handling inherited properties, methods and options especially well. Have a look through the API docs for 1.0 and let us know what you think, we understand that there is always for improvement.

Another new feature on the site is the Quick Reference tool. This appears on most pages (look further up this page for an example) and lets you jump straight to the documentation you need. Just start typing the name of any object, property or function in Glow, and it'll suggest a list of matches. Selecting one of these will jump straight to the relevant documentation.




  • NEW: "Further info" documentation added for various modules
  • FIX: NodeList.val("#myForm") now works with forms containing fieldsets
  • FIX: Overlay no longer requires options object
  • FIX: NodeList.removeClass works with hyphenated class names
  • FIX: InfoPanel module dependencies
  • FIX: InfoPanel no longer requires context (regression)
  • FIX: Avoiding potential collisions with


API Quick Reference

JavaScript is required to use the quick reference

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