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If you are looking for information about working on the Glow library code itself, you may find the Development section more useful.

API Documentation

Version Released Description
1.7 05.10.09 First release candidate for version 1.7.0
1.6 10.08.09 Release candidate for version 1.6.0
1.5 25.06.09 First release candidate for open source version
1.4 17.04.09 Editor and Timetable widgets (release candidate)
1.3 24.02.09 Updates to Carousel & IE8 support
1.2 08.01.09 Added AutoSuggest, AutoComplete, Carousel, Slider
1.1 24.10.08 Added form validation and Flash embedding
1.0 22.08.08 First Gloader compatible release. Numerous new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Beta Releases

Glow 2.0.0 beta 1 is currently available, documentation for this release is provided within the downloadable version.

Beta releases allow you to test early prototype versions of Glow.

Please report any bugs or other issues with this version via our issue tracker.

More information

The following links provide further information for developers.

API Quick Reference

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