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Source Code

Most people will want to grab a pre-built distribution of Glow available from the Download section. However, contributors or anyone wanting a closer look at the code can check out the source code.

Our source code is kept under version control using Git and hosted on GitHub at

If you want to see the source without downloading it all, you can also browse the code on GitHub.


In order to get the source code you need to install and configure Git. A complete tutorial on using Git is beyond the scope of this site, but there are many excellent guides available online.

The Git site is an excellent place to start learning about Git.


We use GitHub to host our source code, and in order to check it out you will need to create an account on GitHub (if you don't already have one), GitHub is free for open source projects.

Once you have set up your account, you should also ensure you have configured Git with your user name, email address and GitHub details.

The GitHub Guides are a great place for learning more about getting the most out of GitHub.

Getting the source

Once you have configured Git and set up your GitHub account, simply issue the following command to get the latest copy of the Glow source code.

$ git clone git://

Unless you are a registred Glow contributor, you will not be able to push changes back to the master. If you want to send us changes you have made, you should read the Contributors section then create a fork.

Create a fork

First log into GitHub and click the "fork" button on the Glow project page. You will then be redirected to a new Glow project page within your account; this is your fork of Glow.

Next clone your fork (replacing <username> with your GitHub username).

$ git clone<username>/glow1.git

Finally add the Glow repository as a remote, so you can keep your fork up to date with the master branch as it changes.

$ cd glow1
$ git remote add upstream git://
$ git fetch upstream

As you make your changes it's quite likely the Glow master branch will be updated. To merge these changes into your fork, run the following command.

$ git pull upstream master

Send us your changes

Once you are happy with your changes, you need to tell us they are ready for inclusion.

First, ensure that your master branch on GitHub is up to date.

$ git push origin master

Next, go to your Glow project page (the one you made in the first step of "Create a fork"), and click the "pull request" button. Provide some details about the changes, and submit the request.

API Quick Reference

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