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About Flickr Viewr Thingr

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This demo shows how you might break an application down into chunks, extend existing Glow widgets, and handle multiple asynchronous events and ensure they all happen in the correct order.

The asynchronous events are created by loading information from other domains and animations.

Program Structure

The files are heavily documented, to explain what's happening step by step.

The controller of the application. Also handles the intro animation for the main interface.
Controls the starting form for selecting a flickr user.
Fetches information from Flickr about a particular user & the sets of photos they have.
Fetches data on a set of images from Flickr
Fetches extended information about a particular Flickr image (tags etc)
Creates and animates the large image view
Creates and animates the image info box
Extends a Glow carousel to manage the loading of many Flickr thumbnails

API Quick Reference

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