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Mailing Lists

Glow has three mailing lists which are ideal places to talk with other users, ask questions about any aspect of Glow or just tell us about the amazing things you have built.

In order to post to these lists you must be subscribed, this helps us prevent excessive spam in your inboxes. To subscribe, simply follow the instructions on the mailing lists homepage.

Also note that new members first posts are moderated, this means there may be a small delay before your first mail to the group appears. We have adopted this policy to help avoid unnecessary spam in your inbox.

The BBC does not currently have its own email discussion lists, so we are using Google Groups for this functionality as it is popular amongst users and developers of Javascript libraries.


This is a very low traffic list used solely for announcements about new releases, and other significant Glow news.

The announce list is one-way, meaning that you cannot post to it.


Anyone can join this group to discuss Glow, share their creations and generally participate in the community.


This list is for Glow contributors, at the moment you have to be invited to join it.

If you want to find out more about becoming a Glow contributor, please see the contributors section.

API Quick Reference

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