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Glow is an open source project written, developed and managed by the Glow engineering team at the BBC. It is for use by anyone, and we welcome feedback in any form: bug reports, feature requests, emails, IRC, etc. However, we also would love to hear from anyone with more to contribute.

If you would like to submit patches for Glow, collaborate in developing new features or perhaps help improve our documentation, then you should read the details below.

Becoming a contributor

If you have an idea for new features, please discuss it with us and the rest of the community using the Glow mailing list. If the idea fits well with our plans for Glow, we'll work out the best way of getting the new code into the library.

In most cases, we will recommend that you fork the Glow repository and send us a pull request to integrate it. Please see the source code section for a full description on how to do this.

Similarly, if you have a bug fix the best thing to do is to fork the Glow repository and make your change there. Once again, see the source code section for more details about this. Before you write any code, it's wise to check the issue tracker first to see if someone else is already working on the problem.

As Glow is hosted on Github, in order to contribute, you will need to have a Github account, the details of which can be found here. The BBC is not responsible for your use of the Github site.

As a contributor you are required to submit a licence agreement, which gives us the right to use the intellectual property in your submissions in Glow. This is not as onerous as it may sound, read on for more details.

Contributor Licence Agreement

In order to contribute any intellectual property to Glow, you are required to complete and submit a signed Contributor Licence Agreement (CLA).

The purpose of the CLA is to define the terms on which you contribute your work to Glow and lets us know that everything you contribute is your own. This ensures we can safely include it under the terms of the Apache Licence, Version 2.0, protecting the Glow project and anyone who uses it.

The CLA is a license agreement only; it does not transfer copyright ownership and does not change your rights to use your own Contributions for any other purpose.

The types of content that require a CLA in order to be included in Glow are as follows:

  • Any code, whether sent as a patch/fork or committed directly to the Glow version control system
  • Documentation, examples, or other text/graphical assets intended for inclusion in the Glow distribution or website

Follow the link below for the full Contributor Licence Agreement.

Contributors Licence Agreement

How to submit

When completing the CLA, please be very careful to enter all the information requested, including your email address and Github user name if you have forked code for us to merge.

Once you have completed and signed the CLA, make a copy for your own records and post the original to this address. At the present time, submitting the CLA by fax or email is not possible.

OTG Frameworks
BBC Broadcast Centre
201 Wood Lane
W12 7TS
United Kingdom

What happens next?

When we receive your CLA, we will send a confirmation message to the email address provided on the form. If you are actively contributing code, we may also invite you to join the Glow contributors mailing list.

We will review your contributions and suggest any changes we feel are necessary before finally merging it into the main repository. We are happy to work through design and coding issues with you, and generally collaborate on producing the best possible solution.

Everyone who contributes content that is used in Glow will be listed in our CONTRIBUTORS file.

API Quick Reference

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