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24 September 2014

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The most haunted place in England?
Ram's head
Welcome to The Ancient Ram
Last updated: 03 November 2004 1800 GMT
lineThe Ancient Ram in Wotton-Under-Edge is host to a wealth of weirdness. Is it truly one of England's most haunted houses?
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As one of England's most notorious haunted houses, The Ancient Ram certainly looks the part.

Shrouded in autumnal mist, the centuries-old former hostelry squats half-submerged beside the road, a mass of uneven stone walls and decaying, darkened windows.

Photo Gallery
Explore the Ram (36 pictures)

VideoWatch The Ancient Ram Video Nation

Owner John Humphries said he doesn't sleep well, and given what he believes he shares his home with, it's hardly surprising: two lustful demons (an incubus and a succubus), a ghostly witch, strange glowing lights...almost every conceivable type of spook, in fact.

Dressed in biker jacket, tight blue jeans, and bearing a more-than-passing resemblance to the late Rod Hull, John appears every bit as unconventional as his unusual home.

He helpfully recounted some of the numerous sinister tales attached to the inn, working through a large pile of yellowing newspaper cuttings and photocopies.

The Ancient Ram is believed to have witnessed ritual child sacrifice, black magic rituals, suicide and to have been the hideout of highwaymen.

John recalled a local clergyman's visit: "When he arrived he said, 'I'm not going in there, what you've got in there is very, very evil.'"


Whatever your stance on ghosts and the paranormal, it's difficult to imagine anyone not finding a visit to The Ancient Ram unnerving, or at least very odd.

The dim, chilly rooms heave with eerie antiques, memorabilia, and menacing stuffed animals.

Entering the "witches' room", John points out the stain where her spectral cat urinates on the bed.

From here we cross the landing into the "Bishop's room", which he describes as "the most haunted room in the world".

The low-ceilinged, crimson-curtained bedroom certainly has an oppressive, unpleasant ambience.

"Eight people who've slept here have had to be exorcised," said John, nonchalantly.

A night in here is not an inviting prospect. A snarling foxes' head adorns the wall, alongside a series of ominous portraits and a dressing table lined with religious ephemera.

John banged on the door in an attempt to "stir things up a bit". To my relief, he was unsuccessful.


Throughout our tour, John has me clicking away on my digital camera in the hope of capturing 'orbs' - glowing spheres frequently photographed at haunted sites.

Some paranormal devotees believe orbs to be the souls or life force of the dead - sceptics claim they are lens flare or dust.

John said that it was in the barn that orbs were most frequently spotted. Using the flash, I took several shot of the dark, cluttered room, which failed to yield anything unusual.

John stepped in, believing that his presence in the room may encourage them to appear. Did they? Check out the photo gallery and decide for yourself...

Photo Gallery
Explore the Ram (36 pictures)

VideoWatch The Ancient Ram Video Nation

As I signed the guest book before leaving, I noticed that the preceding entries were by the team from Living TV show Most Haunted, who had recently completed a shoot at The Ram.

"Never been to a scarier place," wrote one of the crew.

Whether it's the finesse with which John recounts his weird tales, the inherent spookiness the building or the presence of something truly supernatural, I'd have to agree.

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Is the supernatural real? Dust or spectres on the pictures? Let us know your opinion...

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We have just recently visited the ram inn and firstly found john to be a great host ,full of information and very welcoming.After giving us a brief history of the building he left us to our own devices to investigate.firstly we looked around the ancient grave and the mens kitchen and had cold breezes constantly coming through ,we had a cat screech at us at the top of the stairs by the attic,my light on my camcorder went off and came back on when i asked it too on several occasions,also we used a spirit board left in the mens kitchen by n.p.r.t and spoke to a 62 yr old male called osckar who said he was a miner and was murdered in 1402 by a man nicknamed red .

i dislike most haunted they spoil things for others we have been to see john at the ARI i was a bit disappoited to start with then by the time we had finished the cameras were dead batteries drained we had an oppresive feeling through out the whole vist we picked up a spirit of a man in the barn some of our group could not go in the barn nausea was a problem for one of a group and a pounding headache we tried the door after knocking each one or us 5 altogether knocked and we couldnt get in we turned away went into another room and one of our team tried again and it opened up she had hardly touched it we had pushed pulled and shook the door before hand (i think the walls moved more than the door) we picked up a lady there she was gentle kind in fact one of our group said she was motherly i must admit the house was difficult to get through but even so it was apleasure to vist john and we are hoping we can do an all night vidual there

I spent the night at Nottinghams "Ye Olde Slautation", a 700 plus year old public house. We were guided through the sub terrainian passages that, quite frankly, I don't think the people in the bar drinking and enjoying rock music, were even aware of! The group we booked with, simply called Uk Ghost nights were simply brilliant. We enjoyed several hours of hard to explain phenomena, stones thrown, strange smells, odd light anomolies and other oddness. There were 20 people in our group altogether and we all experienced a stone being thrown, apparently from nowhere, yes - twenty people - we can't all be wrong can we? None of us could explain where it came from. Upstairs on the fisrt floor, we carried out some Table Tipping - an incredible concept - it seemed that the table was actually mving in response to questions asked of spirits. It is clearly possible that those people around the table were moving it, albeit subconsciously. All in all, we had a great time with the team from Uk Ghost Nights. I for one am now leaning towards the "Believer" side of the fence!

i have been to the a.r.i. twice now it is not a very nice place very cold i dident see anything but felt it in the bar downstairs it was very cold where i was standing then john the owner said there was a river underneath me we did get a few orbs .as for most haunted that was a con in the barn look on utube they both start whispering to each other then he gets attacked ,look for yourself apart from that i would like to go again but to scared to go

UK Paranormal Events
Uk Paranormal Events have this on the venue list for May, it is not advertised but contact for further details.

Sue Miles
hello John I am a 46yr old woman and i belong to a Paranormal Investigator team called CPI and i wud love the chance for our team to come and experience your hospitality and your fascinating home, i ave read so much about your property and would we would love to see it for ourselves, I have seen the pictures that are posted on the sight and i would be very keen as would the team i work with to come along, I will have to get a contact number for you unless u can put a contact number on ur site for me thanks John and i wish you all the luck and best wishes, and a big thank you for keeping the Ram open

The Edwards Family
Myself wife and daughter visited November 2008. Whatever your beliefs it is a daunting experience when being shown around by John. It is up to the individual to decide upon its association with spooks and ghouls, but I would challenge the previous individual who commented to stay an evening & then make a further comment! Thank you John for showing us around..

Ryan Martin
Hey is this all true what's mentioned above,I dont beleive in all these things and the reason why I read this was only because of the curiosity to know is there anything different in this story and i dont find any,sorry to say this and stop uploading these kind of stories which people dont beleive.

CLAIRE MARIE WOODWARD- Yes he stil lets people just go and look around (:

Carpathian Johan
I'm off to Woodchester Mansion this Saturday 11th October 2008 with a company called Paranormal Tours, they have just won the award for best Tour Group in the country from the Spiritual Connexions Awards 2008. I cannot wait :)

hi i have seen ghost from a very early age i have one on my bed every night, i would like to go on a ghost hunt, with the most haunted team, and be a member aswell, could you help me thanks

we went there tonite and i we have seen orbs i have phtos that we took and we saw them. never been so scared in our lifes we have been round there inside and seen. the night we went there we sat outside in the car turned all engine off and lights etc 10 mins later after we heard noices went to turn the car on , the car was dead. we managed to jump start it , it was weird how we got back to gloucester and had no problems with the car since, standing in the ram inn it was cold and nasty smells.

i saw ghost hunters last night and it has to be one of the best ones i have ever seen i would love to go there for my self one day but not just yet tho.

after filming the show (most haunted) i have to say that i have neve felt so sure about the reality of what i witnessed that night. reading some of the stories above only confirms what i already thought, there are believers and those that doubt, take a visit to the ram and see for yourselves.

Hey JYou and others, that claim 'John' is getting money from this. OK most DECENT PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS would not mind paying a donation, to view this awesome building, 1000 years old, with or without spirits, It's your choice. We are intervening on John's home, remember that! It is his home and private space, you choose to come not he! Do you come to visit John or the historic dwelling that he lives in?We visited The Ram last night and it was quiet, but I felt more humbled to have had the chance, to explore such ancient history in Gloucester, putting it up there with 'Woodchester Mansion' (In honesty equally as quiet), but both fine, magnificent buildings.For most people who have visited the ARI ,should appreciate the historic values of the building, and you would have to have a real insane mind to destroy that.

Martyn Jones
I have to say that the Ram Inn is one of the best venues I have attended. I went with Haunted Happenings and I can anly say that this was one I would never forget. There were many sightings of orbs and a sense of of being watched. At one stage I was so scared I had to leave the building, I had feelings of being push and scratched I would recommend the Ram to anyone.

i have been to the ram several times,i've caught a few orbs on my camera,camera power went dead...not much more than that happened.


I must admit wen i seen the most haunted which i love. I was watching the RAM INN wen they were filming it waz fantastic i wud love to visit that place i do believe in spirits an orbs i did see my grandmother wen i was 27 in my room looking over me the funny thing about it waz i waz,nt scared.So john you will get a visit off me very soooooooon.U TAKE CARE from a scouser xxx

Lindsay (from South Wales)
I visited the Ram for the first time last year. John viewed me with an "aura" surrounding me as I got out of my car in his car park, and told me that I was "heavily into" the paranormal even before I had the chance to tell him. Strangely enough during my tour of The Ram I never felt anything untoward, but on a later visit with a friend from down the valleys who took some photos, they were covered in "orbs" (even one of me!) but I never felt a thing!

sarah eddolls
i went into the ram in and i went into the first door at the bottom of his stairs and i was stood on top of a well which was were 3 women have been killed and i had a strange feeling that i was not welcome in there and somebody wanted me to get out so i left the house.

chris adams
i have been into the ram and as i enterd the witches room and the bishops room it went stone hold and you could actually see your breath and also i was stood outside the front and i swear something gabbed my leg.

There are many places where i have encountered paranormal activities but none was more death defying than an old empty house in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.This is no exageration i have the scars to prove where i have been narrowly missed by a spear head launched at me from what appeared to be NOWHERE.I LOVE GHOSTHUNTING THOUGH.Its about the adrenaline rush.

Me and some friends and my mum (heather below) visited on Tuesday 5th Feb. All i can say is that this place is amazing. My mum is very sceptical, and she felt someone tickle her neck! We heard a cat meow a few times and caught this on recording equipment, We saw a strange mist floating on the video camera as one of the girls said they saw some thing walk accross the room. We were all down stairs when we heard some one running accross the floor above us, although everyone including the owner was downstairs. We caught dozens of Orbs on camera as well as seeing them with our own eyes. John who owns the place is 80 and relys on donations from visitors to renovate the building. its disgusting that the council wont help to save this building as it is packed with history and is amazing.

I visited the ram in on tuesday 5th february.I believe that anything is possible in this world!.I was standing downstairs with my back to the old rickety stairs and i felt a sensationas though somebody was caresing just below the back of my neck, slightly to the right,with their fingertips perhaps!John was in the room, and when i told him of my experience,he said "well it wasn"t me"!

I used to watch most haunted with a bit of a 'toungue in cheek' attitude, but i went to see derek akhoroah live in cardiff and he was amazing. very accurate with everything he said. i am off to the ram inn on tuesday (05/02/02) with some friends who are also very interested in exploring this wonderful building further. i respect john for staying at the ramm and look forward to meeting him. im sure it will be an experience that will stay with me forever, and look forward to reporting back my findings!

My older sisters friend has a female ghost in her home, she says the ghost may be an angry or attention seeking ghost, because once, the ghost knocked down a display cabinet, when her male friend entered the room, also, when her friend slept round, which was a female, the door opened by itself, and she thought it was the wind at first, so she went to sleep, wen she woke up in the morning, evreything had been thrown about! also, wen her and her bf was tlking on the stairs, he got pushed down the stairs, and culd have sworn that he heard and evil giggling! but, wen my sister was in a room by herself, she felt the ghosts hand on her shoulder, and could have sworn she heard its breathin'! Scary?

to marie you say you area believer and you got absolutley nothing at the ram inn well you shud also know if you area true believer that spirits are not actors and do not perform as when we want them to you can go to a place one time and get loads of activity yet go again and get nothing and to moan at the very low cost payment john asks for for which incidently goes towards the up keep of this wonderful buiding is my mind very nasty and sour grapes you went on a ghost hunt paranormal invest whatever you want to call it not a night in a bed and breakfast look at what othe paranormal inestigation groups charge for this place and other events it,s a lot more than what john asks for this man lives in damp cold por conditions was recently beaten up and money stolen yes it is a disapointment when you pay to do and investigation but thats how it goes if spirits were performers and actors they would be on the stage in a theatre we was not charged the amount you say when we went we had a relativly quiet night until the early hours when things did happen perhaps they sensed your negativity and nastiness you got what you deserved nothing how dare you put such a warm welcoming man down i hope your haunted for the rest of your life cause that seems the only way your gonna be happy

When I Was staying back in the 1970's in the beaufort room (witches room) we heard loud footsteps above us. then my husband felt something on his chest. then in the barn we saw the chandelier swing all by itself

In the witches room i heard a cat saying meoaw on the bed after this we went into the bishops room when i heard a voice saying grrr.

In August 2007 I saw a cavalier in the Bishop's Room at about 2.30pm by the bed

amy 3.x
i dont belive in ghosts but i do belive in spirits and I think that ghosts are there but i personaly havent saw one so i cannot say that they are deffinitly real

I spent the night at The Ram Inn last night. Yes, I am a medium, so know spirits exist. I saw a grey ghostly figure in the Bishops Room and felt its anger and annoyance at us being there. I saw orbs on and off my camera. I also had the famous incubus rubbing his hand on the inside of my thigh!! This place is definitely spooky, that goes without saying. So John, good luck to you and your famous ghosts. I'll never forget my night with you all.

i never used to belive in ghosts but a few years ago i saw 1 and since then i knew they exsist.

'Dear' Jenny Sharpe.We are not the sad ones. I think it's YOU who are sad and very closed minded about things. Shame on YOU. Maybe you ARE being haunted but they are too scared to be too near you because you are too 'perfect'. Happy haunting to you and I certainly hope you are. x

i have been in the most hounted house on the islse of wight, but i bet its not as haounted as this house. although it was bilt on a battle ground and was a prison were many people died.

Elaine, Scotland
They say if u put a red sheet up in you home your inviting spirits in. my friends mum put a red sheet over a broken glass door in their home to stop anybody hurting themselves. my friend was in alone one night and thought her brother had walked passed wearing a dark hoodie, she called out nobody there. the next night her mum was in alone and said the same thing unknown what had happened the night before - i am so freaked out, and seeing the red curtains and bed covers of the ram inn scares me witless!

johanna white
Myself and my siste emma are off to the ram inn tonight,8th november 2007.i'll let you all know what happens 2moz ok,good luck to us.

lyn sf, ca
i went to london for a business trip, if i knew there was a lot of haunted places in the uk i wouldve gone!!!

Jennifer Jenkins
I am now 61 years old but I will never forget the strange episode I experienced during a night spent at the Mermaid Hotel in Rye in 1977. My ex husband and I had a meal with a business associate and retired tobed where I recall going to sleep fairly quickly, however at some time during the night I was awakened by a pulsating pressure on my upper body. I couldn't wake my husband and assumed I was having a bad dream and went back to sleep but it happened again. I found I could make it recede by repeating the Lords prayer but I didn't seem to have the common sense to get out and put the light on, Why? I felt powerless and weak.As soon as sleep began to overtake me, it woke me up again. I can only discribe it as a ball of nasty energy. I cannot say if it was evil. Towards dawn, as the room lightened I felt it weaken and glide down my body where it hovered over my left foot. I knew this although I could not see it. I also felt it was about the size of a football. I have never experienced anything like this again. Jennifer.

3 of us went to the ram yesterday, and caught a few interesting things on our camera phones, its definatly haunted and the whole house is freezing! cant wait to go back!!


Clare Joyce
I have been there and visied John, it's the scariest place i've ever been to although nothing happened while i was there. My friend stayed the night there with some other people and he felt something brush past him and also saw a figure of a monk with the robes on - really scary stuff. I'd love to spend the night there, i think i've got a bit of a weird obsession with it, but I'm too much of a chicken!!

Danny J
well,ive been reading sum ov these stories and find them very interesting,i must say i do not believe in god but i definatley do believe in ghosts!Im 19 and have lived at my current home with mt parents brother and siter for nearly 14 years.when i was 12 i woke up one nite and could see a dark figure sittin on the desk chair on the other side of the room,i cudnt make out wot it was, so i got out ov bed to walk towards it,with my mind still in a puzzle wot it was. when on my feet i took 3 steps and on the 3rd step as soon as my foot hit the floor it was as if this thing had a very strong but negative energy surrounding it.My heart began to race and i cud feel it telling me not to step any closer,i froze and nearly p*ssed myself with fright.I turned around and walked bk to the bunk bed and tried to wake my brother but he wud nt wake up. i got bk into the bottom bunk still shi**ing myself and hid under the covers, eventually i fell asleep. now if any1 asks me if i have seen a ghost i can honestlt and truthfully say yes! but i didnt just see it i felt it and thats how i no it was real. i must say for those of u out there who havent seen a ghost but want to if u have an experience lyk mine i wudnt be lookin forward to it put it that way

i would absolutley love to visit the ram inn! could anybody tell me how to get in contact with them?(or any other supposably haunted place)

I just saw ths showhauntings,about the ram inn and he barn.I do belive it ishaunted.

Angie Webber
I stayed over night at the ram in June and although i do think it is haunted... nothing the night i stayed though

Sue Archer
My sister has seen images of my late nan & mum as have my baby neice who innocently said one day 'oh look there's Nanny' who had passed away weeks earlier. She was too young to understand where Nanny had gone and forever at the time. We used to talk my mum and I about this subject often and I begged her one day to never show herself to me after she gone and, so far she never has. However, whilst watching Most Haunted the other night in the dark and on my own something strange happened that totally freaked me. Whilst they were calling for contact, a plate that I had placed some 30mins earlier on a table suddenly flipped off the table landing upside down. Also at the same time despite sitting near the hot radiator I became very chilly and aware of something. I will not be watching the programme in future which I enjoy in case something similar happens again. A shame I know but I fearlessly watched it before but I don't want it to cause anything dodgy to happy again.


I shared a room in the attic at Shornells in 1979 whilst working on the Thames Barrier, I could'nt remember the name of the place but just now, (nearly 30 years later) found a poem I wrote there and had made a note on it,(Shornells Guest House Nov.79) so I looked it up on the web and here I am. It was strange coming to this page as memories of a particular evening came flooding back, it was a one of those "Out of a movie" sort of night, lots of thunder and lightning,though I can not be specific I do remember the two of us being terrified and know there is something strange about that place, I think I have chosen to forget the night (like a bad car accident) remember this is two welders we are talking about here. I do remember the stained glass on the landing and the big old bath, cool old house, but definately possessed! The poem I wrote that day was titled "Buried Alive" maybe an unconcious clue?

What a shame such an interesting subject as the unexplained is turned into a total charade by TV 'personalities' for a few bob (or probably a LOT of BOB. If anyone would like to give me the same money I reckon I can find em all the ghosts they want !


Stu (from Portishead)
Today is 16 May 2007.It was midday when I phoned John from The Ancient Ram Inn - asking if my girlfriend and I can come in and have a look-see about his abode. "I am in the car park next door," I said. "Don't park there," he said, "I have a huge car park here for you."He's a very nice fella is John. A zealous christian by faith he admits and quite eager to answer all your questions about the Ancient Ram Inn.Do ghosts exist?He would tell you they exist just as much as all the bric-a-brac he has climbing up every wall on the groundfloor of the Inn. I'm not so sure.We entered John's house from a cloudy day. It wasn't particularly warm for mid may but I was comfortable in a T-shirt and my girlfriend enveloped in a wool cardigan, she can feel the cold anywhere though.After John showed us a load of photos of a thousand orbs we began the tour of the house. I asked him when the last paranormal activity had been and he replied two weeks ago. Now, I am a sceptic and my girlfriend is as quick to believe stories of ghosts and goblins as she is to disbelieve them so we both felt... well, normal. We weren't excited nor scared, simply interested in the building. We did not make a pilgrimage to The Ancient Ram Inn from far as we were in the area and thought it would be a laugh.And a laugh it was. John was just as eager to talk about his twentyfive year old Triumph motorcycle (with only nine thousand miles on the clock) as much as the spooks.I didn't feel anything until we got to the ancient grave in the room called 'The Mens' Kitchen'. John was telling us about it but to be honest it was going in one ear and out the other as I was more concerned that my girlfriend was not recording on the digital camera (you know, for posterity, like). It suddenly went ice cold. I don't know if this was supernatural or just weird. Then I felt odd, almost nauseous, light headed and felt a quick pulse in my torso. I did not show any sign of this feeling but within a second John exclaimed something was there, or going through him. OK, I still wasn't scared. There is a well in The Mens' Kitchen with a grate and fireplace over it. My girlfriend took a photo of this and we havejust discovered six orbs. What does this mean? Dust? I don't know. I'm still more interested than excited, even when we went upstairs (we went in the barn but did not feel anything strange or see anything for that matter, it's just full of clutter) Nothing in the 'Witches Room' to amuse us apart from the array of out of place stuffed toys in an otherwise period featured room.Just me and my girlfriend now, John who said upstairs feels ominous while coming down the stairs remained downstairs finishing his cup of tea as we came to the threshold of 'The Bishop's Room'. I did as instructed: Knock on the door with shepherd's cane and ask if anyone was there. There were three knocks back. I don't know John well enough to say he wasn't downstairs knocking on the ceiling but he came upstairs and I asked him if this repeat knocking occurs regularly. He said it was a first for him... I don't know. My girlfriend did get this on film though and the knocking can be heard. All I know is it wasn't me and it wasn't her. Still doesn't make me a believer though. And just to finish: Most Haunted is a pile! Terrible show!! It is all an act I am sure. And if I ever see the Most Haunted team on the road I will ram them off quite happily to the detriment of my no-claims bonus. That Yvette Fielding is a charlatan and does nothing to encourage open minded paranormal investigations that sound minded, emotionally intelligent folk might be interested in. If I was a ghosthunter I would be embarrassed as hell that their team of nit-wits are getting so much television coverage. Anyway, all the best to John Humphries and his plight to maintain The Ancient Ram Inn.

pat riley
i wish i could see ghosts

sonny taws
its mad even the sounds blimy its just brill, im from norwich are city is just as bad with goast stories very haunted...

I Live In Prestbruy. And Have Never Seen A Ghost :)

I would love to spend a night at the ram inn and see for myself how scary it really is.could anyone give me a contact number.Ihave also stayed at the Golden fleece in York thats also a dark and scary place.Me and my mum were woken up at 3am hearing voices arguing witch sounded like they were in our bathroom.

Claire Marie Woodward
NOTE TO JESSIE (Johns grandaughter)Hi, I went and parked outside The Ram Inn and we experienced our car engine switching itself off twice with no explaination and we caught alot of orbs on our digital camera. And a great feeling of being watched as we stood and read the signs in the windows at the front of the building. I think your grandad is amazing to live there on his own and great respect for him to look after such an incredible and important part of our history. Does your grandad still show people round the building if they ask? Would love to take some photos of inside to capture more orbs. Thanks, Claire.

Chantelle, I have to say I have been to Dudley zoo and when we went to the castle I felt an eerie feeling that I couldn't explain at the top of the steps. Theres a derelict chair lift that also made me feel strange. I definitely sense something there and have a feeling that death and tragedy has occured there. I thought it was just me but reading your articles, i'm convinced!

I believe in ghosts imensely. I love most haunted I watch it evry week. I once saw a very small figure in a country lane in rushwick, worcester. It was black and I couldn't make it out. I turned away for a second and when I looked back it had vanished. I can't explain it and haven't seen it since. I haven't been there on my own since. Although I'm afraid of the unknown, I'm very into the supernatural world!

damb i live in england, and just listoning to these stories creep me out,some great ghost stories here, when i tell my girlfreind some of these her face will turn pale with fright LOL, anyway i will share something that i experienced, when i was 16 we used to hang around in a graveyard at night about 30 of us it was our little gang, we used to play run outs every night after 12, anyway i was on it this time and i cought a freind so we had to run around and catch people as we were running towards one section i could see something laying on the ground faceing me it had a whiter then paper white face and big round blacker then black eyes like sharks stairing right at me i didnt scream yet i thought id wait untill my friend did first so i knew i wasnt crazy and sure enough he did we ran screaming grabing eachother all u see is 30 little brats jumping over a fence LOL!!! after that my brother saw a man on a penny farthing in a locked graveyard at the middle of the night, and another time were we was playing the same game there was loads of kids running around i saw my brother kneeling i went an sat next to him watching and saying things to him but he didnt say anything back then i looked around to see my brother running accross infront of me when i turned to see who it was next to me there was nothing there!!! chills,

Linds & Michelle
We agree - we spent a night at the Ram Inn at halloween 2004, one of us heard the mysterious Cat Miaowing and I myself was smacked in the face by a picture that flew off the wall for no apparant reason! Spooky but very very true - our pictures are amazing - full of orbs and a friend that didn't join us but did see the pictures says he can clearly see a ghostly image in the mirror - the whole night was as spooky as hell, we used Water Diviners to locate strong energies which without being touched ended up bent in a zig zag shape! Truly amazing, an excellent night for anyone with even the slightest interest in the paranormal!

I too can vouch for Shornells, near Woolwich. I stayed there in the 70s' and witnessed the following:- 1. Whilst drying myself after a bath I felt an icy cold hand on my back. I felt the palm and fingers clearly on me. 2. I went to bed on the first night and the window began to rattle loudly, and the lights were coming on off by them selves. 3. On the second night the door handle turned and was released quickly: I jump out of bed and opened the door to find the corridor empty. This can be verified by a colleague who was stopping in the room with me. As a sequel to this: many years later I was sharing a long car drive with another colleague during the night, out of the blue he asked about my Shornell experience. I told him and asked why he wished to know. He had stopped at the place some years earlier with his wife, and during the night he was awoken by a commotion and a fight in the room above. It resulted in what appeared to be a body being dragged across the floor. When he spoke to the management they said the floor above was locked off and disused. Shornells and the grounds are very spooky.

misty, from cheltenham
i jus watched most haunted. what a scary experience for poor stuart. I believe there is something present in the ram inn. there is no way stuart could of acted that out without laughing. i believe he was punched by a spirit. Watchin the program certainly put the spooks through me. I hope to visit the ram very soon

The only way you find out if a place is haunted is if you actually experience it yourself. Go looking for things and the chances are you'll see nothing. I believe there's a handful of people, like me, who see stuff without looking for it and its just a gift we have. The other sceptical people that don't see anything, aren't meant to see anything. I have seen many things over the years, more than most people but this has become less since I've got older, thankfully. I might pop in the Ram Inn one of these days and will see for myself. Until then, stop looking sceptics, it'll come to you if it's going to!

Iv been to woodchester mansion and it was very active, i heard footsteps in one of the corridors, i went to cheack but there was no one in sight.

The orbs you mention are just tiny dust particles a few inches in front of the camera lens that were illuminated by the camera flash. I could live in the most haunted room in the Ram in for weeks and see things for what they really are, not what I want them to be.

Mark Ashton
I'm a member of MSIG (Midland Supernatural Investigations Group) and we're visiting the Ram Inn on 14th October.

t k
for those people who dont believe in ghosts why dont u go alone to a haunted place and stay there in the pitch black! the chances are you wouldnt would you and why because u think u might see something and you'd be scared but of what? so why are you so quick to ridic everyone so quickly! go get an afterlife sad os"

tina k
most of the time thier is an explanation for what happens and i reckon about 50% of people make it up cause they are desperate to see somat.the other 50% are probably 4 real and i have had many encounters myself over the years not through choice and have seen and heard things that would chill most people cold. what annoys me the most is how quick people are to dismiss it all.why should we think that everything in this world is explained truth is it isnt. i am going to the ram inn in december as most freaky stuff occurs oct-dec, to investigate the eeries but i am going openminded if there is a reasonable explaination for anything that may occur i will look for it if not i will also except the fact that some freaky s**t is going down.

lynne kitchen
It would be fantastic to stay overnight in a house like this.

As a member of the SPR and another research organisation, the Ram has plenty of experiences that can be explained away, rationally and scientifically, however, I have found many other things like fluctuations in EMF, temperature, lights on camcorder and voices recorded, that are not so easily explained. Anything done for TV remember is always going to be done for entertainment purposes. The Ram is a very interesting place and should be preserved for future generations. I personally didn't find it scary or evil, just a normal Cotswold building.

I have just visited the ram and i didnt see anything but my boyfriend and brother did.There is something there, for sure.

Nick Birch
I am to visit the Ram Inn this fri 25th August...i am marrying my Girlfriend Jo on sat 26th august..her Nan and Pappa have lived in wotton for many years and have told us a few stories about the place...i will let you all know what it was like when ive scared after reading the above!!!

I would luv 2 visit the ram inn 2 jus experience it myself. The bishops room sounds awfull but exciting!!!!! :o)

if you ever saw the most hunted epasoide for this inn, it's by far the most scarest thing and one i ever saw. no doubt being attacked by a ghost would do that. it's also by far my favorite episode. i do hope to vist the ram inn in the near future, but don't worry it's nothing i'm soon to forget.

I also wtched most haunted when they were there and NO WAY would I ever go there. Hats off 2 u Mr. Owner. I'd be selling that place!!!

I have just returned from the ram where i went on saturday with a group They were great people and ok some of the time it was quiet but other times things were happining like somone walking upstairs and were all down stairs. I would definalty go again

I gew up Near to Wotton Under Edge Where the ancient Ram Inn is and have allways been told stories of the goings on there. Recently i went home with a friend to visit some family and thought that i would at last have a look round, as friend is a complete sceptic. Looking in from outside she heard i child crying from the 'bar' area, John was kind enough to let us look round for ourselves and i have never been anywhere that felt so truly EVIL. I got outside the Bishops room and couldnt Breathe and felt like there was a weight on my shoulders, downstairs in the bar was like arctic temperatures and my breath was steaming! Though no orbs came out on the photos, the fully charged digital camera turned off twice. I have never been so glad to leave somewhere! Please look for yourself if you are a sceptic- its converted my friend!

On Saturday my husband and I met My very sceptical Son and Partner at The Ancient Ram, have been itching to go there for ages. As my son now lives in Cheltenham it is ideal. We met John who had been up all night with visitors on a ghost hunt so he was very tired. What an amazing character, The Inn is the coldest place I have ever been in, It was a sunny warm day outside but I was just shivering and shaking with the cold. Especially in the kitchen where there have been several sightings by and on the stairs. John showed us around and all of us experienced feeling of opression and breathlessness. For those that have been there, you will know what I mean when I say Evil lurks in every corner, The Bishops room where John did his little ritual before enterring and taking pictures made me shudder (the faces of my husband and Son were a picture, it was What are we doing here Look) I have no idea how John lives there, he had his bike leathers on, prob to protect from the cold. He is not allowed to put heating in as it would warp the beams. My son and husband went into the barn, I had not told them of MH Stuarts incident or anything that goes on there, So when my husband yelped that someone had pushed him, they came out pretty quick. All in all every room has its own atmosphere. In the witches room I took my pendulem and held it over the bed, I have never in my life seen it move as fast as it did there, it shot out of my hand and flew across the room. that has never happened before. There was a chap that had travelled down from Liverpool with two of his relatives i gave him my divining rods and they too nearly spun out of his hand. When we saw the photos later on Sons TV. The Bishops room had loads of Orbs some big some small. None of my pictures of the Bishops Room and outside it came out!! they were just a mass of coloured orbs and shapes, all of the rest of the house came out though, very odd. Reading through all other peoples comments it is very interesting how some have felt things others not. But one thing is for sure a visit is a must. Dont wear heels or a skimpy clothes though you will regret it. We had amazing time there, even my sceptical family could not explain the happenings of that day. Just a message for John grandaughter Jessie please say Hello from us we think he is nuts for living there, but so brave and wonderfull to let us roam around his (although falling down round his ears) home. Has he always been eccentric.? Truly a fascinating man who has an equaly fascinating house. Also to Jennifer Frances Shepherd!! everyone has a right to their own opinion, but unless you have experienced anything of life and maybe the after life you really should not make sweeping statements about other peoples experiences, not everyone on this site can be silly.!!

I watched Most Haunted's footage on The Ram last night and i have to say it scared the s*** out of me. Still feel uneasy now and it usually takes a lot to scare me. Fait play to Mr Humphries because i wouldn't stay there....ever!

jerbs phoenex new hampshire usa
after seeing most haunted and visiting edinburgh and leeds castle's I did not experience the hauntings that I wanted to experience. I have always been fascinated with cleansings and exorcisms. I am a huge believer in the spirit world and I always wanted to be involved in cleansings of people and houses and exorcisms. When I'm sleeping on many many occasions I felt I have battled with spirits on the other side. While on astral projection. After watching David Accura at the ram inn and seeing how nervous david was it put chills through me and i am now fascinated and very scared of the place. but when i do travel back to great britian the ram inn will be on the top of my list i just need to recruit a strong soul to travel into the inn with me because my girlfriend is terrified of ghosts I just want to walk through the place and see what i feel and what kind of reaction i would get from the spirits. also does john heat these rooms because everyone keeps complaining on how cold the place is.e

Greetings from Canada! I saw the Most haunted Episode from the Ram Inn tonight and was absolutely amazed! What a place it is! John must be a very brave man. I do have a few comments not related to this show. People that come on this Website as sceptics, to diss those that are believers are out of order. We all have our own opinions and thats fine, but we should also respect each others opinions and not call each other names or say that we're stupid. I am a firm believer in Spirits and Ghosts having had experiences myself, but I would never dream of trying to change the mind of someone who doesn't believe. What's the point? The fact that we're all different and all have different beliefs and opinions is what makes this world a very interesting place.

Having watched Living tv most haunted on Wood Chester I think you are all pretty brave as that is one weird&scary place not somewhere id like tobe after dark thats for sure!!!!!

Hey there guys! i am jessie's friend and i just wanna say a few things.the first thing i wanna say is to this maria girl who has offended my friend and her family! tht was out of order! if john was makeing a 'big issue' out of the whole thing as you say then why have there been tv crew at the house and why has it been on most haunted and why is it know as the most haunted house in britain!! yer answer that maria!! maybe you didnt expirience anythin but others have and you try giving an explaination for getting thrown across a room when nothin was even there!

this is a reply to KELLY PEAL if u think we r all stupid and theres no such thing, wot the hell r u doin on a ghost website!!!

jessie (john humphries grand daughter)
this is a reply to MARIA. i am really annoyed at the fact that u sed that my grandad has made a big issue out of nothing!! i dont know if u watch most haunted but people have gone there and been thrown across the room by somthing that wasent there! i think u r out of order. just because nothing happened to you it dosent mean that its a lie. maybe nothing happened just because of ur attitude. my mum used to live there and i know for a fact that things have gone on that cant be explained.

Open- Minded
Michele in Los Angeles: Yes, there are lots of misspellings here, but this site is not about proper spelling, just about hauntings and experiences of hauntings. Even though some words are not spelled correctly, I can still make out the words and understand what the person is conveying. I hope you can bring it into your heart to forgive the "misspellers" and not play "spelling Police", and in turn, I'm sure they will forgive you for reprimanding them for their lack of talent in that area. Life is short- Lighten up and have a great day! :-)

karen fowler
ive heard so much about the Ram inn we hopeing to do an investigation there in april.there is plenty of activity there and alot going on there.

Michele in Los Angeles
The scariest thing I've read on this page so far is the TERRIBLE spelling of the ENGLISH language!! Love Most Haunted and loved the Ram Inn episode. Mr. Humphries looks like a long lost member of the rock band Status Quo. Rock on John! ;)

I think there is a possibility of the place being haunted, however I question the validity of the photo with the supposed feline urine on the bed. Fluid should not spread to that extent but instead go downwards into the below layers of the bedding...

I dont Know John Humphries But he is very Brave living At the Ancient Ram 1 of The most haunted Houses in the world How he sleeps at night is beyond me but really brave none the less

Daniel Phillips
i visited the ram inn when i was at school about 15 years ago. when i was stood over the open grave the strap on the watch i was wearing broke and the watch stoped and never worked again.

matty gough
hi,me and my partner went to woodchester mansion about 3 days ago.I took a pic of the mansion and when i zoomed in on a pic it looked like somebody was in the window.The thing was that in that room there was no floor,strange or wot ... [Matty - any chance you could email us a copy of the pic? Please send to - The web team]

Becky Smith
I visited the Ram inn on New Years Eve 2005, I took my 9 year old nephew, my 10 year old niece and my partner (who doesnt belive in anything supernatural). We were walking through the Ram and John was explaining to us about the Incubus, but not going into too much details, because the children were there.My niece did get a bit scared when i said that i could see an orb through my digital camera, but when John explained that it was just spirits children who want to play, she was ok. In one room John sat down on a chair and got the children to stand either side of him to have a picture taken. When my nephew moved away from John he said that he could feel things sweeping past his shoulder, when we got home we looked at the pictures on the computer and round the children there was at least 9 orbs, 4 of them were on my nephews shoulder, where he felt something move past him! My partner felt something in the barn part of the Ram, he said that he could not keep his balance in there and felt breathless in there aswell. He said aswell that when we were in the room with the ancient grave,the fireplace was very hazy, and he had to stay in the room longer, again when we looked at the pictures on the computer there were several orbs by the fireplace. My partner said he is begining to have doubts now and that he is not a total unbeliver in supernatural things.

does anyone know anything about the buckholt house ub cranham woods??

I believe The Ram is the most haunted place i ever heard of and John Humphries Is a The bravest Man I ever knew

I must admit that I have never seen a ghost or had any kind of paranormal experience, I was however fascinated by the episode of "Most Haunted" that featured the "Ancient Ram Inn", I would love to travel to Wotton-Under-Edge some day and experience this most intriguing place for myself.

only me
why on earth would u like the most haunted team to visit ur home they don't have a clue they ask for things to happen and expect spirit to act like clowns for the camera i'm sorry but as living beings we expect respect from others so why when we die should we expect less respect? this is not a personal attack on urself but more one at the people who beleave in the most haunted rubbish. i myself strongly beleave in spirits as i am a developing medium and i c and hear some fantstic things when we go on our investigations and we get far more evedance by asking with respect unlike that lovely lady evette(or how ever u spell it) how dare she shout at spirit's calling them bitches and other names one day they wil all get a shock when they ask for the spirit world to do something they might not like wot they get in response most haunted should b banned in my opion as it is a false show which paint's a very dim picture of the afterlife and spirits

Jane in W. Australia
Yes, I agree the Ram Inn is indeed haunted. I experienced a large candle stick rocking back and forth in there in 1994. My friend also witnessed it. We are neither stupid nor easily fooled. Kelly Peal's comment is insulting and displays ignorance and total lack of understanding of a subject that being investigated by serious researches and scientists. Kelly,try to do a little reading on the subject before dismissing it totally.

A note to JESSIE - (John Humphries grandaughter)...We are not sceptics we do believe, and took on the challenge to stay the night at the Ram Inn....But as expected nothing untoward happened, no noises, no bumps in the night, absoloutley nothing, it's just an old eeary looking building which contains nothing but cobwebs and dust. This would also explain why so many orbs are pictured here...Dust caught on film, and as for the light/mist caught on stairs, and other rooms. Sorry but this John Humphries has made a big issue out of the fact this house is haunted, when truly we believe its and old smelly building with plenty of history, and due to the old ornaments and antique looking pictures gives the illusion it really is haunted, so We DID take you up on the challenge, We did stay the night, and we think £3o per night, not even for bed and breakfast or any form of heating is extortionate.

i would very much like the most haunted team to visit my home as i have at least 5 spirit people with me there and they are very friendly

Alan Ward
Hello guys i'm part of a paranormal group in Stoke and we're interested in the Ram Inn. Can anyone help us out? [Alan, please email]

i watched the show and i was soooooo freaked out by the ghosts and everything. I told my friend Elizabeth but she doesn't believe me, so i checked out the website and i thought id find something interesting... Chow

as ive said b4 im a non believer... but ive seen some weird suff. couple weeks ago i was haunted. i got up exactly 02:30 had a pee then went and had a ciggie in the kitchen (so i didnt wake my wife up) i could hear someone talking but could make out the words its was all muffled but i did catch the words " i got to find" i put it down to sillyness went back to bed.. couple mins later there was 2 knocks on the door so i went to look no-one was there so i went back to bed (still hearing the voice.. and no i dont hear voices that was the first time i ever heard that ummm... stuff) anyway i got back to bed and withing a minute there was 2 knocks on the door which i ignored couple mins later there was a whoosh kinda sound and there was something at the bottom of the stairs staring at me.. couldnt see but holy crap i could feel it. btw as soon as it got there the voice stopped lasted 5 mins then poof gone.. im gonna beg john humphries to let me spend the night at his place im well intrigued

aimee evans
jo u was there the same time as me! i have never bin so scared in my life, we have all heared that in some of the room on the top floor, the lights dont work, but how come that most of the rooms there was different flashes coming from them? i never really did think there was ghost untill our mate shaun, luke and my bf andy all said we should go. bout 2/3 in the morning someone left the ram inn, and that is when it all started to get even worse. we have bin back since the 22nd oct 2005 but nothing has really bin happen. if u dont think its all real then the best place to go is the ram inn!

yuselki from cuba
i dont believe in nothing about ghosts until i see it or feel it on my skin.

jessie (john humphries granddaughter!)
hi i am john humphries grandaughter. my aunties and my mum used to see things when they lived ther. one day, my mum, Samantha was waiting for grandad to come home and she was locked out. she looked in through the double doors that are made of glass to see if any one was in but she couldnt see anything, so she waited on the side of the road for john to com back when he did, they walked down the drive and the windows on the double doors where closed!! when they went in, there was noone there!!! SCARY OR WHAT?! and other things simaler that cant be explaind have happened to my aunties! so there realy is some ghosts at the ram!!! hi to grandad xxxxxxxxxx

Hi i'm john humphries grandaughters friend. I belive that there is a spiritual presence there ....... One day i had a dream ....... i vistited the ram in with my 2 friends , an orb appeard , it was big it floated along to one of my friends, ................. pushed her and floated away into the wall!! it was frightnin experiance i woke up and now i am scared!.

if u guys dont believe that there are ghosts at the Ram Inn than i suggest that you watch the show "Most Haunted" and then maybe, you'll beleive!

hi john humphries is my grandad and if you want to say that he's lying and that theres no such thing as ghosts, go to the house your self and find out. YOU SCEPTICS!!!

I hope to go to the Ram Inn someday with friends, and see what happens.

Me and my mates went up to the ram inn on the 22nd Oct 2005, we never went in the house but what we seen would make us never go in that house. Someo of my mates decided to get out the car and have a look at the back and came running back as it was so cold down there and te back door burst open then closed again, which yes could be the bloke who lives there but would he be up at 4 in the morning. they also seen a ghost of a cat, we believe he has no pets and we strongly belive it was a ghost. we all got a bit freaked out and decided to stay in the cars and look at the windows to see if we could see anything, and yes we did, it just started as orbs (not dust) and then dancing lights which is reported to be ghosts in the ram inn, suddenly a big flash of light came from a window and a dead boys was staring out of window, we drove off as quick as we could but decided to turn back round and go have another look. All my mates were filming stuff on there phones, and on one a hand is tryin to grab the window then suddenly a head shoots out of window and back in as i was so scared i didnt want to look wen i watched the video back you could see it. after bout 3 hours of sitting outside the Ram Inn we decided to go home. But we are hopefully going back on halloween.

Had a strange experience of my own - I was being babysat overnight at my grandparents house when I was about 8, (a scary enough prospect in itself!). My uncle who grew up in the house, and had slept in the room I was to stay in - "the box room", had told us all previously about his "night nanny" as he called it. He had told us that he was often woken in the middle of the night by an old lady who would sit at the end of his bed and make his feet go cold. I'd forgotten all about this thankfully when I was to stay over but soon remembered his story when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a weight pressing down at the foot of the bed. I eventually gathered the courage to open my eyes and sure enough there was nobody there, but I do remember the room being absolutely freezing. Never stayed at my grandparents house again after that night.

oh well, i've taken a look at the web page and taken a few of the stories into acount, and to find out, i am taking a trip down to the ram inn this saturday with my boos and a few others to find out 4 myself, does the supernatural really cross over into the natural???? witch (oops sorry, watch) this space..............................

totally ageed julie! like i said in earlier post i was there when that pic was taken and im still unsure as to what it really is

I ve seen many fakes done by a company in San Diego, Ca. USA. They are good very good! The company has been investigated by the local police for scaring the hispanic community in Logan Heights by distributing ghost pics altered by them... Dont believe anything that is shown to you by pics or videos unless seen in person.. and still.. be skeptical!!!! Julie R. Portland, Oregon USA.

Im a beleiver but unlike most of the people on here,i can spell.

billy again

I have previously attended a Fright Night event at the Woodchester Manion on 30/09/05. I can confirm that I am a sceptic when arriving but after leaving the mansion my views on the paranormal have totally changed, I am a true beliver in life after death and spirits etc. I experienced many things that can not be explained from footsteps to being shoved in the back with no one behind and voices of children gigling, and I would love to send Kelly Peel (person who left comments saying all of us are idiots an d making it up with trick of the eye) I challenge her to spend a night on her own and then come back and call us idiots!!!

i personally dont believe in ghosts but i went to the ram inn the other day not a ghost to be seen or heard.however a few people in our group had taken pictures and there were orbs in them that definatly not there when the pics were taken. the most spectacular one my sister in law took of the house from the outside (which btw i took one too about the same time)has 2 bright orbs and a few smaller ones (mine had none) the brightest orb clearly has a childs face in it! and that is as true as i am alive.. i dont know what they are but if is dust on the camera lenses then im the only one who has a clean camera cuz im the only one that didnt have any in my pics. [THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT. ANY CHANCE YOU COULD EMAIL YOUR ORB PIC TO US? Our email address is]

Trystan Swale
I'm currently undertaking some research in an attempt to chronicle ghostly events at Woodchester Mansion. I would be grateful if anyone who has any tales to relay (including those who have contributed here) could contact me via the email address at

billy lister
john directed me into the bishop room i nocked 3 times and asked if anybody was in there after entering a really bad stench of human burnt flesh sickend me. I told john and he laughed and shouted at me i couldnt understand what was going on then all of a sudden he started speaking backwards fast. I was gobsmacked then out of nowhere i remember him helping me of the floor and he told me that I fainted I didnt tell him that he shouted at me and started to speak backwards. but it's because I new what happend i personally belive that john got possed and couldnt remeber it after the tour i thanked him and went home and ever since then i belive i carried the evil presnce back home with me.

In 1999 i payed a visit to the Ram Inn at Wotton along with my sister,her best friend and father who were both very spiritual people. The father could feel an evil presence as soon as he walked into the building. Whilst John Humphries took us on a guided tour around the eerie building,we all had experiences of our own.We heard the sound of a spirit leaving the Bishops room once the door had been opened. My two experiences took place in the Weavers Attic and the Witches room. In the Weavers Attic i could faintly hear a young girl crying and in the Witches room there was a very cold area in the corner of the room,with damp on the walls.

natasha & izzy
i went on a holiday to an old hotel a masion it was beautiful in the but at night it was just freaky anyway i went to sleep in my bedroom with a friend who was sleeping in a bed on the other side of the room we both woke up in the middle of the night at 12 o clock exactly because the room had gone very very cold and we could hear footsteps in our room then we looked at the wall and we suddenly saw a black shadow going past very quickly we both screamed so loudly that we probably woke everyone up the owners of the hotel came rushing into our room we told them wat happened and they told us that this had happened to other peaple in the past they also said that about 200 years ago someone was murdered in this very room at exactly 12o clock at night we coud'nt explain it we were so scared.

I personally dot not believe in the existence of ghost until I encountered one firsthand on three separate incidences and in three different forms. There was something different about this ghost in the fact the Old Mr. Ed as I liked to call him was never even human. One day in autumn a few years back my friend and I brought up the conversation of ghosts and my friends, Dan told us about a spot where there is supposedly a phantom of a horse that scares people was then is quickly gone without a trace from one moment to the next. He said he new exactly where this place was and most of the others decided they wanted to investigate the area to see if they could see any evidence of ghostly phenomena. I do find running around in the middle of night looking for the ghost of horse of all things normal. Although taking into the fact that the rest of the group was so determined to go have a look and there was nothing better to do I went along with the idea. We headed out on are way to the area which near an old farmhouse and was a surrounded mostly country side and farmland. The location was near a large thicket of trees and brush which made the area look a bit spooky. It was dark and we waited for the appearance of our deceased equine friend. We sat around talking for a while when I s suddenly head heard a rustling of some bushes nearby. It sounded as if a large animal had quickly ran through the bushes. Whatever it was it was invisible because one of the guys said that he saw the actual bushes part where the noise came from moving when it happened but could not physically see what it was. We waited around for what seemed an eternity when we all agreed that we spent enough time ghosts hunting for that day. A few weeks later we decided it would be fun to drive by the area and see if we can catch a glimpse of the ghost horse. The night was very windy and the clouds seemed to hang just slightly above the trees which set the perfect mood for what was about to take place. We were almost to the end of the path to the spot where the ghost was said to appear when off to my left a saw a large head of a gigantic horse beginning to manifest. Slowly the rest of the horse’s body began to materialize in front of my eyes. I screamed “look the ghost!” There galloping right beside our car was the biggest and most beautiful stallion I head ever seen in my life! The body of the horse was massive and extremely muscular I could see the moonlight reflecting on his muscles and his long black flowing mane as it was flowing in the wind. I will never get how majestic the horse looked as he kept just about an galloped gracefully to our side as it seemed he was given us a his own special greeting. His color was a beautiful black tone and it cast an eerie glow, what alarmed me the most was you could see the long grass flowing right through his body. The best way to compare the sight of the apparition is to that of a projection of an old film projector riding through the dark night. He suddenly gained speed and ran in front of the vehicle towards the middle of two large mesquite trees that led into the wooded thicket. Then something amazing happened, which was that the second he was about to enter the entrance of the thicket he suddenly dematerialized before he actually made it through. We stopped the car and the sat speechless in amazement of what we had just seen. The entire group all agreed that everyone had a very familiar account of the incident and many of us had firmly established our belief in ghosts. We made several other attempts to acquire evidence of Mr. Ed, but to no avail. One night about a month before I was to move to another town I decided to pass by on pay my old friend one last visit. I parked my car and waited around listening to the radio for a while when I began bored and decided to leave. Just as I was about to go I looked up and saw Mr. Ed grazing on grass about 100 yards away from me. Except, this time Mr. Ed was pitch black silhouette and was more like a shadow figure, but he still maintained the form of a horse.

paul Henersy
It was 16th December I was walking back home with my wife when we saw someone in black walk straight across the road the road was very busy but not one car put the brakes on. We saw him walk the opposite way from us, we carried on walking down the road when we heard a scream we turned around and found the man in the black holding a girl and stabbing at her my wife screamed as well. The man didn’t notice us; finally he dropped the girl and started to walk away. I and my wife ran up to the girl but as soon as we got to her she wasn’t there and neither was the man. But what was in the place of the body was a newspaper dating the 16th December 1987 and the headlines read GIRL KILLED ON PATHWAY! Both I and my wife looked at each other still clutching to the newspaper we stared once again to walk back home when we heard foot steps and screams of people, they seemed to be running to wards the place were we found the newspaper when we looked back we saw people all huddled around the place were we found the newspaper I looked more closer and I saw they were huddled around the girl we just saw being murdered and then very slowly everything vanished. The next day we met up with friends and they were telling us of how they were clearing out when the found that exact newspaper and thought it was strange because they never got newspapers. We told them the story and they said they had also saw something like that before we had moved in!!!!!!!

p p
you are simply just idiots

kelly peal
I just think you are all stupid. I think you are perpusly wanting to see a ghost or something strange, and eventually your mind does show you something that istn't there. Either that or you are just making the stories up.

kelly peal
I just think you are all stupid. I think you are perpusly wanting to see a ghost or something strange, and eventually your mind does show you something that istn't there. Either that or you are just making the stories up.

I am a policeman and I was in the van near abbey swimming pool at 3 o'clock in the morning when I saw a dodgy looking man. I looked at him through my window and turned my head to the mirror and the man disappeared. I knew he was a ghost.

John and Andrea Frame
Awesome,if youre ever in West Virginia USA,check out the WESTON ASYLUM,in Lewis county or THE MOUNDESVILLE PRISON in marshall county you wont regret it...

kirsty carter
i was sitting in my local librey when suddenly a book about ghosts fell on the floor i picked it up not thinking i started to read it when i saw an artical about a ghost in a librey that librey was the librey i was in then another book fell but this time it 4 words were highlighted they were THAT GHOST IS HERE I never went back to that librey again.

Prestbury is undoubtedly one of the most haunted villages in this country... It's too steeped in history for it not to be!!

Emma P
we're not 'silly sausages' we're just taking an interest in something & scientists no explanation for. can you explain it? i doubt it. i have seen a ghost and my sister saw the same thing as me at a different time. we were both very young & didn't mention it to eachother til years later. It's a very interesting subject and why are you reading this website Jenny?!

hi, i am a true believer in the paranormal as i have experienced about 8-9 ghosts where i live and believe that they are all part of my family. i have seen some of them or heard and also felt them touch me. one likes to play with peoples toes when in bed in the guest room and another likes to hug you but all are friendly and would never hurt me or my family and friends.

Ed and Tom
Ghost haunters needed. We are a team of 3 people and we want more people to join. We have a vid cord, sound cord, EMF, camra and more. Plz let me now if you would like to join and we shall give you more details

I have never experience those things in my life. I been watching many tv shows like, "Most Haunted." I did watch the the part in Ram Inn which its make me want to go there and see for myself. The orbs, many always say it is a dust but I dont know abt that. But what I know, I will go to Ram Inn and sleep in Bishop room and see for my self.

Went to the Ram Inn today. John took us (just me and my best friend) around. I definately felt a pressence. I think it's something you have to do experience yourself. Since the Barn is the most haunted part, we didn't go in there, and we didnt go upstairs either. We heard thumping upstairs which scared us enough. You might've guessed but I'm not a big fan of ghosts so we didn't stay long!

I recently saw the most haunted episode on the Ram Inn. I firmly believe in the supernatural, (I also have had many experiences with the them and oujia boards growing up) and I watch the show all the time so I was excited to watch this particular one because I am interested in shows on witchcraft. Anyway, I wasnt very impressed with how the people in the show seemed to "act" out their part. Either they are fantastic actors or that truly was one of the best pieces of footage of hauntings I've ever seen.

ebonie jones
i watched most haunted and saw you inn on the show ,something strange i felt was wanting me to come there .i hope someday i will have the means to come visit it .

Stacey from the United States
My church used to hold a "Harvest House" event every Halloween where we would make a realistic Heaven and a realistic Hell and had certain Drama teams in each room. The groups would be led around the church into each room and the Hell room was supposed to show you how scary Hell could be, and the Heaven room was supposed to motivate you to want to be there. Well, our drama team showed up for our last practice when the rooms were all ready and our pastor told us that when he got there and unlocked the building he heard footsteps in the Hell room. As he walked towards the room the pacing got louder and louder. When he opened the door to see who it was, the room was empty. Very scary!

I've seen a lot of TV ghosthunting shows. The only "proof" of anything that I have seen on such shows is someone in the group saying "I feel a presence" or "Something touched my arm" or etc. If you get a group of people together & stick them in a dark room & tell them ghostly stories, they're bound to start freaking each other out.

I just saw Most Haunted where the one guy fell down screaming, saying he was being beat up. I have to say, I think it was all a preplanned event, because right before it happened, that other guy challenged the spirits to hurt them. Hurt them? Who in the world would actually ask in invisible being to hurt them? Thats why I think it was all preplanned.

Tom Pipkin
Truly any orbs are not dust. If not dust what are they? Lens flare requires motion in the room from either camera or a reflective source in the same perspective as the shot. I have seen hundreds of examples of orbs and EVERY single one of them shows no instance of lens flare or reflective interference. Nobody knows what they are and nobody will know until a truly comprehensive scientific investigation is carried out. Even then I am skeptical that any qualified paranormal scientist (if they exist) will produce a result.

Glenn Wensley
Having listened to the excerpts the one palpable thing to come across to the listener is the atmosphere's ambience, slightly chilling and infectious, transmitted by the people themselves. A kind of hysteria that desends upon the participators whom take part in these kind of meetings. A number of them reported seeing lights in the field of their vision, particularly during the blackouts, but this is a normal and natural occurrence in the eyes as they adjust to darkness, a kind of perception of retinal firing. Simon was clearly 'freaked', so it is a good job he did not encounter poltergiest phenomena! I have had a few experiences myself including footsteps quite clearly walking towards then past me with a clear doppler effect, this under very good lighting. HAs there been a 'Ghostcam' setup at this place? If not, it might be a good idea to do so. Regards Glenn

tom and ed
this is another message from tom and ed. we are 15 and was wondering if anyone would like to join our ghost hunters team because one of our members is leaving to new zealand. we mostly visit ST marys church and have been quite succesful by seeing a hooded ghost. we will hopefully investigate others areas of Cheltenham and Prestbury soon and are hopeing to bring a extra person along with us we need people between 13-17 for much more information e-mail or thx

I love a good old ghost haunt in presbury. We have most of the things we need ( vid cam, sound recoreder,touches etc) The last time i went with a few of my mates we took pics and when we looked at them there was this thing like a bee but it had the face of a devil.If you dont belive me il even show you the photo... Plus we are going this week to the graveyard so im hoping that it will be good

The Ram Inn wootoon U Edge is a must, go see for yourself, phone the owner an he will take you around his house. yes I felt ill in the bishops room, and felt several nasty spooks.

Mel at ITV
Hi there I am working for ITV and we are making 4 one hour programmes called ‘Extreme Ghost Stories’. We are looking for people who have 1st hand accounts of harrowing ghost occurrences. We Intend to reconstruct these experiences by docu-drama pieces with dramatic visual effects, while that person recounts to the viewer what happened and how they felt and how they dealt with it. As the title suggests we want to hear from people who have experienced more than just a sighting, we are interested in chilling accounts of poltergeists and ghosts and how this has affected lives or what life changes were made since? (Did you move house? Did your relationship breakdown? etc.,) If you think you have a terrifying story to tell that will grip any viewer then please get in touch, and please state your telephone number(s) and a brief description of your experience(s). We will scour all of Britain to find the best stories for this Series, so please send this email onto your friends and colleagues should they have an experience they wish to share. Many Thanks in advance Melissa Klapp Associate Producer ‘Extreme Ghost Stories’ (NOTE FROM BBC GLOUCESTERSHIRE: If you want to contact Melissa, please email and we'll pass your story on to her)

My mum used to work at an old private prep school in Nottinghamshire that has a naughty but friendly ghost called George (I think that's the correct name). All the staff knew about it except my mum who was new to the school. When she was asked to go and get some stationary from the loft she became aware of its presence and ran back down the stairs. Other staff thought her reaction was very funny and filled her in on the details.

Oh dear! Jennifer Frances Sharpe indeed! One has to question why you are visiting this site in the first place if you have no interest in this subject, shame on you! Anyway, moving onto more interesting matters, I do believe in the paranormal and find this site very fascinating. I have had a lot of experiences in the past,particularly whilst lodging with my sister in her old cottage in Lancashire. The cottage is over 300 years old and full of character, my sister and myself has often felt a gentle tugging on the back of our clothing that cannot be explained. I have often felt breathing on my neck and had my hair played with, quite often we can smell tobacco smoke, none of us smoke! When my nephew was a toddler he was in the front bedroom and started screaming, he said that there was a man in there but when we went in there was no one to be seen! The babysitter refuses to sit anymore! I love anything to do with the paranormal and have started to research and visit places of interest. I will definately be going to visit The Ram Inn very soon.... cant wait!

its quite interesting most haunteds show with the ram inn was mint. it turned me into really believing. i dont believe in heaven or hell but i do believe in spirits. an intersting thing is that children apparently see more ghosts than adults. this isnt true. its just taht adults try and find an excuse for seeing them and refuse to believe them whilst children just embrace the fact and maybe cry about it later

jimmy maine
I live on the essex/suffolk border,and about 2 years ago while walking back from Flatford to Manningtree on a cold wintery evening i caught sight out of the corner of my eye in a slightly wooded ditch something i can only describe as a big black dog,and i do mean BIG.Now i know this doesent sound very scary but this thing was the size of a small horse and had strange eyes.I can tell you this was a real eye opener.Needless to say i walked the rest of the journey with one eye over my shoulder, my hair standing on end and very wet trousers.Anyone who doesent believe theres things is this world that are maybe suppernatural or that we are alone in this galaxy need to open their eyes ears and lastly their minds.GOOD LUCK!!!

John Power
Categorically, there are no such things as ghosts, Simon.

I am a true believer in the paranormal and from my own experiences and watching the T.V. show most haunted the ancient ram inn is one of the most haunted places in britain. i would love 2visit it at night

yes seen most haunted, The ram Inn .As a psychologist i found it either a good piece of acting or the most interesting piece of footage to date

20 years ago my boyfriend committed suicide, the day it happened friends came to fetch me because they were worried about me. To get some time alone I ran a bath and sat in there crying to myself. Then i looked up and saw him standing by the bath looking directly at me. I remember it now, he was wearing his black cords, white shirt and a black waistcoat and he looked as if he was perplexed or concerned I dont know which of the two, many years later I remember what I saw still very clearly.

I watched Most Haunted last night (July 24th) and the last episode (at the old Ram) really spooked me. The way Stuart collapsed and was screaming in pain, very strange. I love Most Haunted and the one in Machester Brannigan's was also very scary as Derek got possesed. I used to go their sometimes on a night out. Not anymore!!!

CK, Lancashire UK
My husband and I live in Lancashire. He is from Albania and was about 20 (10 years ago)and he was walking alone in a very dark lane in a village a few miles away from Vore in Albania, in between Vore and Durres. Vore is about 8 miles from the capital of Tirana. He was walking past a cemetary on his own at night like you do. He is the most level headed non spiritual non religious no nonsense no bull person I have ever met and he swears he heard the sound of a battle with swords crossing - he looked directly into the graveyard and actually saw the swords - no ghosts or images using them , just swords on their own in mid - air crossing in battle. I begged him to tell me when we first met three years ago if he had any ghost stories as I am a Most Haunted Fan and a believer but he always denied ever seeing anything but he confessed one night when he was a little drunk he had seen this. The next day I reminded him what he had said and he admitted that it was 100% true and he had previously not told me because he knew it would frighten the life out of me. I have visited the graveyard to pay respects to his grandma (who passed over a few years ago) twice when I have visited Albania and it was not spooky during the bright sunshine but I am afraid I never had the nerve to go at night! Next time we visit his family in Albania I will endeavor to visit the graveyard at night but you can be sure I will surround myself with him and other family members as I will absolutely s**t myself whether anything happens or not!!!!!

some of the stories i have read sent a chill up my spine but why does john live in a place sooo haunted i couldnt do that!!!! i do believe in ghost and orbs but have never seen any!

I have recently been on a fright nights tour of Burton Upon Trent and wouldn just like to say AVOID the ghost walk. Burton on a friday night is an intimidating place full of drunk clubbers and walking back to our hotel after the evening was like running the gauntlet. Saw and heard nothing during the evening and the mediums comments were all reacted to by the 'audience' with "no, that means nothing to me". I am, and remain open minded, but this is not the place to re-inforce your beliefs!

Adam walker
i am from Cheltenham an i live near Prestbury.i was walking out side the pub when i looked on the other side of the street and i saw a man he was limping and i went to help him but he suddenly just dissapeared.i couldent explain what happened, I stood still for a minute or 2 thinking was it real or not?

Adam walker
I saw a ghost in birkenhead in the buford

i like haunted houses and goasts but it is really hard to find websites this one is rally good

Aaron from Hertfordshire
I have stayed at the Rams Inn twice in the past and I have to say alot of strange thing's happen there I must admit I hate going to the loo alone there as its just past the Bishop's room.. I am planning on going there again soon well as soon as we call John to book a night

This is the most amazing stuff i have ever discover, I'm from the united states and don't get me wrong, we have stuff here but not as amazing as this site. I have a opened mind to things but i would be aboustley terrified to stay one minute, let alone one night. I know a mate that lives near by. One day i will come over and sight see. That is as far as i would go.(amazing)Jennifer.

i have drove past the ram a couple of times and always thought it was eerie then one time we decided to be brave and go in the car park there was about 10 of us and we all experienced headaches and were really freeked out one of my friends climed over a 1 ft high chain fence to look in the window and couldnt bring herself to climb back over it she was totally drained of energy then when we where driveing out my mums car overheated and smoke started to come out of the bonnet it has never done this before and stopped as soon as we were out the car park this experience has made me want to go in even more but i cant until im 16. even though stuart from most haunted was beaten up by unseen hands id like to go in to barn and experience something spooky. most haunted is the best program and i think that phil wyman should come back because he is much better than kieran o'keffe evette and derek are great!

i am a sceptic, so im out to prove u all wrong watch this space....

Was just wondering if anyone knew any myths r things about cranham woods? Recently some friends and I camped in the heart of the woods, and encountered some stuff we were not expecting, i got a really good orb pic and stuff on my digi cam, needless to say, we stuck it out for a while, then legged it. If anyone knows about cranham woods etc, then i would love to hear about it.

i used to live near wotton and all this commotion about this here ghost is rubbish ive never expereianced anything in any of the many tours i have taken there.

chloe alicia bason
i would like to see more real life ghost photos on these websites.

I have heard rumours that a house in St. Aldwyn road gloucester has been experiencing paranormal events, believed to involving my great grandfathers ghost. Can anyone shed any light on this?

I live in wotton,up the road from the ram inn & have 2 walk pass it hell of a lot & after watching Most Haunted i have 2 admit i absolutly c*ap myself walking past it at nite. People have told me theirselves the scary things that have happened 2 them, people have been thrown down stairs etc, 1 of my friend even stayed down there 4 quite a while and the fings that he has told me r so fasinating.I regulary see & chat to John (the owner)& i am amazed that he has stayed there 4 so long & that he copes with all the going on's down there. I advised anyone 2 come 2 Wotton & have a tour it will b the most amazing & scary experience u'll ever have & u wont ever forget this little town!!!

I have been to the Ram a couple of times, John is a nice and likeable person, He kindly let us and our team from in to see what we could find and we got some VERY good footage on a cam corder. It is the most spine chilling place i have ever been to, but still continue to go back!!

Steve Jones
Well Jenny Frances Sharpe, I suggest you experience a night at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire for yourself. It may not be paranormal activity that goes on in this world, but maybe there is a scientific reason behind it all. If you would like to bring yourself along to a paranormal investigation, then I suggest you log onto our website. and then you can see for yourself that we are not all 'silly sausages'!! Steve Jones. (Gloucestershire Paranormal Research Group).

i use to rent a 3hundred and fifty year old cottage,i also use to be a sceptic...I encounterd many strange events,like footsteps walking along the hallway at night but on invetigation nothing wife kim also experienced strange events like door handles moving on thier own,to be quiet honest i was glad to move out

sat up in bed one night ready to go to sleep, the light was on in the bedroom, i was just staring at the bottom of the bed thinking about things when i saw two orange lights float slowly across my wardrope. the lights were about the size of tennis balls and were 6 inches apart from each other. my eyes were fixes and i didnt move or make a sound, i wasnt scared or anything but truly amazed at what i was seeing. they were faint lights but very visable to the eye. i cant get over this experiance i had, there is absolutly no explanation i can bedroom door was shut and i have thick long curtians so no street light or other light source can get into my room. i would love for some one to give me a real explanaton for what i saw, and i dont want any ghost crank stories ok. i have a very logical mind and dont suffer fools to gladly or partake in any kind of magic nonsence or mediums sceances. i saw what i saw i dont drink any kind of alcohol or do drugs of any kind i keep a very sober mind constantly and am a very serious minded person. this is not the only thing i have seen in this house, i have seen figures past me in the hall way and on the stairs, once while watching t.v a dark figure ran straight past me and ran into nothing in the room. these lights bother me cos it is unexplanable. i saw my dads boots walk from the pantry in to the kithen when i was 7. also when i was 5 i saw 2 white dressed people in the front room, me and my mother was sleepin on a matress in the front room when i looked up and saw them in the corner, i tried to wake my mother and they just vanished in to thin air. they looked like nice people who didnt want to hurt me. these are experiances i will never forget.there is one more experiance i had at a prison, it is a open prison by the sea near, i saw a prisoner who called himself daniel, i spoke to him and walked with him to the canteen. when we got to the canteen the prison guards asked me who i was talking too, they where laughing at me for some reason.i thought they were laughing at danny but danny wasnt there and the guards said do you often talk to your self,.i asked if they saw daniel they said no whos daniel. i said the guy i was with, i asked where he had gone i was astonished and very confused. there was no daniel at that prison.

Darren ( From Canada )
I from Canada and I visited England with my girlfriend to her family's wedding. Her grandparents live in Gloucestershire and all I knew about this town is that it has many hills. Her grandmother told me if we walked past the Ram Inn (since our bed and breakfast which was also a haunted place, was not to far away from the ram) my gf and I said yes and she told me about how it is the most haunted place in England. I thought to myself "yeah right" so she took us to it. From the outside it looked scary and wanted to take a better look. We couldnt take a tour due to the fact that some show (which shows in Canada now which is my fav.) TV Most Haunted was filming there. When I got back to Canada I looked up alot of info about the ram and i was amazed about the history and the haunting about this place. I caught the episode tonight and it was a great one. I would love to go back to England, and love to take the tour of Inn.

sarah from prestbury
me and my mate abby where walking down the burgage in prestbury when we came to the royal oak and we kept on walking towards mill lane when i just froze this grey clear figure had walked over the road right in front of a moving car. i thought it was a real person about to be hit so i started walking fast towards it to see if it was alright. luckily befor i got to it i real-lised it was a ghost my first reaction was to run of screaming but i couldn't i just kept on looking at it. It walked towards 4 ways cottage and just disapeard me and abby started to walk forwards again. we looked in the window of the cottage,keeping our distance of course. We saw the figure standing in the shadows of the gloomy front room looking into the hall of the house.It then suddenly terned its head to look at us we both screamnd and backed up into the road fast.It started to walk towards the inside of the window getting faster and faster and faster and faster! we turned around and ran as fast as we could to the courner of mill street.There we looked around the courner at 4 ways cottage and there it was as plane as day the ghost just walked straight through the window and wall back into the road towards us my friend screamnd and ran down mill street i shouted at the ghost "go away stop following us" in a high piched screaching ear pieicing voice. At that same second the ghost vanished and neather abby or i have heared anything from that ghost since that scary and terrifying expereance on thursday the twenty fith of november two thousand and two last year i thought i saw a ghost called the black abote in the back walk way of ST Mary's church in prestbury

I visited the Ram Inn on the 18th of February, 2005, along with my mother and brother. Upon arriving at the house, My brother and I saw John just coming back from town. We asked whether he'd give us a tour of the house, and if it was possible to take photos. We gave him a small donation, and set off. Having read much about the place, and becoming more and more familiar with the rooms we were entering (and the various experiences people had had in them) I became increasingly nervous that something was going to happen. John was telling us about the history, most of which I already knew. One thing we were all aware of was just how cold it was. It was absolutely freezing, in fact colder than outside. When we entered the barn, I said to John "Isn't this the place where Stuart from Most Haunted was hit and pushed over". He replied Yes, and told myself and my brother to proceed in...... alone. I was so so worried that something was going to smack me in the face, but I cope. John then reminded us that there were hundreds of Bodies under our feet. Anyway I turned on my digital camera to see what I could get, but almost as soon as I turned it on, the "Battery Empty" indicator flashed. Despite the fact this camera requires very strong batteries I was still very surprised, seeing as these were Duracells, and had only used around a fifth of it's power. It was just ashame, because I was longing to take some photos of the Bishop's Room. We went on upstairs. John told us that on numerous occasions he had been pushed down these stairs, by his very powerful resident Incubus, a lustful demon that is said to haunt the Ram. We went into the witch's room, where we saw the stained cat urine on the duvet. We then moved, over to the landing, where John showed the "Deeds" of the Ram Inn, fantasticly preserved for nearly 1000 years. What I found most remarkable was just how many ghosts haunted the old Inn. Every he went, he (John) would point in a corner and say "Two girls appear there", and then he'd point somewhere else and say "a man appears there, and occasionaly growling is heared". We then went over to the Bishop's Room. It was absolutly freezing, it was quite uncanny, we could all see our own codensation. John showed us how one should enter the Bishop's room . We had to knock three times and say "Is there anybody there?". He then told us how mediums have tried opening the door, have been thrown back by an unkown force. I must admit, the stories I've about the occurances and experiences in this room are quite disturbing and believe me I've read a lot, whether there all true or not I don't know, but it certainly made pause for thought. John, after spending quite some time telling us about the various happenings in this room, opened the door. Wow I thought, just like in all the photos I'd seen, everything the way I'd expected it to be. It was truly a privilege to have been here. I sat over on the white chair by the fireplace, forever concerned about my own welfare. I must admit it feel altogther that "comfortable" a place, and the same could have been said for the rest of the house. Nevertheless it was a wonderful experience, and one that I would like to have again. John, altough a tad peculiar, was a very nice man, and I am looking forward to meeting him again.

hi, i have never been to gloucestershire but after reading things on this site i would very much like to visit. i am 23 and originally from wales but now live in coventry. i have always had an interest in the paranormal and would like to learn more. if andy lloyd, Martin Cosnette or Dave Cosnette can give me any advice on how to go about getting involved in event etc i would really appreciate it. thank you

I am an alexandrian pagan, and some of my coven members and i are interested in visiting it, as it is said to be on a pagan burial site. so, providing our planning is ok and we call the owner and sort it out, hopefully, the next time i write a comment will be post ram in experience.

Me and my team visited the ram inn in november 2004, overnight. It was one of the most fantastic experiences that we have ever experienced. We plan to go back this year (2005), and are hoping for more than we got last year, flashing blue lights, footsteps, mist in peoples faces, the trigger object, which was a bell in the attic, rang, wa child crying and much more. The owner John is a very very nice man and welcomes anyone to share his haunted place with anyone who is interested. If you are ever given chance to visit the Ram Inn and u are open minded please do visit the place. Put it this way a sceptic who came to the Ram Inn with our group went home a believer!!!!

Dudlley castle was my destination for the day but when i got there it was empty exept from one old lady who stood in the corner just staring at me. i decided to go and see if she needed help but she just reached out and every thing went cold then she disapered.

Tom Beale
In Prestbury me and my four friends when one of them fell over one of the gravestone. we ran out of there and lately i have been hearing some breathing nosies on my phone saying all of my friends name and that we will pay for it.

It was about 9 o clock at night and me and my mate Chloe went for a bike ride down at KIRKSTALL ABBEY when we spotted a really bright light moving slowly along the river bank we rode closer as a shape behind the light appeared .We stopped and stared. the shape turned around and we saw it's was all rotted and bloody and stringy Chloe screamed so loudly but the thing seemed to want to compete with her and believe me it won by a long way!it screeched so loudly that every other noise was blocked out,I bet they heard it in Australia! me and Chloe were almost deaf after being so close! me and Chloe just ran but then we looked back, the ghost was chanting some sort of african chant as he slowly sank down in to the ground and we haven't seen him since but that dosen't mean he's not still out there so be warned he could be dangerous! from Fiona in Kirkstall-Leeds, age 12.

I saw the Black Monk of Prestbury in December 2004 in town. I'm now afraid of the dark. Are there any Support Groups I can join to share my experiences with? I've been to the library to research this ghost, and I'm now transformed from a skeptic to a fully fledged spook-believer. Who ya gonna call?


i must have been about 12 and the year was (1963)i was growing up in gloucester anyway the only transport my family had then were our town bikes. so one day me and my friend gregory who has recently passed away took the bikes and went for a ride we left early and didnt arrive till quite late in the day exhausted we were outside the gates to woddchester mansion! anyway we decided to go in we cycled down the never ending path and finally reached the mansion it was dusk now, so we thought we best be quick if we wanted too have a good look inside so we enterd through a back window which was missing. it was very dark inside so we had to feel our way around we hadent got five steps before something very bizzare happened a strong chilly wind passed by and then followed a high pitched scream that was all we wanted to expierence we turned to get out as we did the the window seemed to have gone it was pitch black behind then the weirdest thing suddenly the dark had shifted away ravealing the window we jumped out of it and mounted our bikes as we were cycling the way the sound of hooves echoed around us we had enough and we were out of their like a shot i have never been back since even when my grandchildren invited me i refused i will never get over that chilling novembers day.

i was taking a tour of the cathedral crypt. their was me,my friend a tour guide and two other tourists as we were walking down the monks old chapel. anyway as we progressed through the tour i heard a slight sound of humming and then across the far end a brown hooded figure shuffled from one passage to another, i quickly mentioned and we went too check it out but where i had seen it the doors from either side had been blocked off for years and their was no other way out. I must of asked tour guides loads of times over but they said there was no act and they could not explain these mysterious happenings on that frightful summers eve in gloucester cathedral. post haste

i went to woodchester mantion and cr*pped myself, i saw ghosts and things moving everywhere it was mad!!i would def go there to c them aain......hahahahahahahahahah

natasha(bristol )
a visit to the ram left me speechless, me and 4 others took atrip down to see the house and were not disapointed.when stood in the barn we all saw flashing lights around john(the owner)and photographed many you went upstairs it became more uncomfortable and one of our group received a little shove at the top.the bishops room was very eerie and you certainly got the impression you were'nt welcome.the loft was very oppresssive and we all found it difficult to breathe up there,all in all its an amazing house and very very scary,worth a visit.go on be brave!

I have traveled with my girlfriend on two occasions to the Ram Inn in Wooten-under-Edge. The first occasion was more memorable. We were fortunate that John showed us around and told us the history which was a little un-nerving, both my partner and I had not taken the necessary spiritual precautions when we entered and felt seriously oppressed and overwhelmed by the dank, bleak and overpowering feeling that you were definitely simply not welcome. We subsequently left the house and area and had a really bad night in Tenby in Wales, we were told later by a medium colleague that you carried something with you. We decided to travel back to Wooten-Under-Edge two days later and stay in a local guest house (the only decent one in W-U-E) and waited till dark and took some digital photos of the house... these were covered in orbs and more alarmingly a red glow which followed me across the road as I snapped pictures... these have not been posted on the net as yet but the quality is obvious to see. If you are intrigued with the Ram Inn I would not consider entering this place if you are of a nervous disposition particularly if you are emotionally based as you are likely to pick up considerably more than you bargained for - as is know if you are emotionally open you will pick things up "believe me" Regards Nigel

intesting stuff

I have heard of ghosts in Shaw Green lane in Prestbury. My horse knows about them too. He and other horses often spook at the same spot in the lane!

Dave H
The sound on the tape drowns out the guy speaking, and also sounds very much like slowed down speech. So it's probably best not to jump to 'otherworldly' conclusions, as it's probably the tape getting caught. Regarding Woodchester mansion, I was there with some friends, about 18 years ago - we had all crashed out in the main drawing room - not being able to get much sleep and at about 3 in the morning, we heard the sound of what can only can be described as two people whispering in a fast conversional manner, echoing and slowly moving down the corridor from the chapel end. The voices went past the closed door and faded out. There was no way in the world anybody was going out for a look - Try and imagine a creepy door in the corner of large room flickering in an orange glow from the fire... It was also unlikely anybody would get in without us hearing, as the place was closed up well. The 'orbs' you see on some photos are pieces of dust being picked up by the digital cameras, it's a well known focusing/abberation problem with the way digital cameras work. There're no ghosts on those pictures, no matter how much you want there to be, sorry. (Thanks Dave H for the suggestion about the tape being slowed down, but we can assure you that wasn't the case, as the interview was in fact recorded on a minidisc recorder - Ed)

This page is so cool! When i was 13 i walked out of my room to see an old figure and she put her hands out as if i was to go to her. I screamed and went to my bed, she followed me. I heard her say: Stephanie your grandad would like to see you. I froze and my mum charged in saying she heard voices. I was white, the figure was still there, but my mother couldn't see her! I told my mum it was ok and the figure dissappeared! Since that day i hav never felt alone.

When i was younger, i used to babysit for my neighbours 2 year old daughter. one night was a sleepover all night babysitting, and it was just me and the little girl in the house. She had been asleep in her bed for about 2 hours, and i was in bed ready to fall asleep. Her door was shut and mine was open with the landing light shining through. I heard footsteps slowly coming up the stairs, but it couldn't have been the neighbours as they were not due back. then the footsteps slowly walked along the landing. It couldn't have been the little girl as she was fast asleep, her door was shut and she couldn't even reach the handle. The footsteps stopped at my door and i swear the air turned electric( like when you walk into a room and the t.v is on) I lay in bed under the covers petrified until i eventually fell asleep. My nieghbour since told me (with no knowledge of my experience) she believes her house is haunted!

Edward k
I was with my mates looking for ghost in st Marys church ( prestbury) and we was looking in the church when i saw something moving in there . At first i thought it was just me but then something walked pasted me and my mates we just stood there frightened. when out of the blue it grab my mate harry and said " out of here out i say" we all run like hell. while we was running we all heard a chain sound and we never been there since....

ed knight
I was on the phone(4 nov) when i heard something on the phone at first i fought it was my mate but we was both speaking and we heard it.

sam phillips
i was on the phone when a spirit contacted me and kept hanging up i said hang up if your a spirit and it did the phone is not working now scary

claire cheltenham
i used to work in mystique which is now the big cult clothing shop in clarence street.a lot of strange things happened here and i would be interested to know if now that mystique has gone anything still happens. it was usually upstairs in the stock room or in the basement.there used to be a side door which led to a staircase which we never used i was wondering if anyone knew what that was for.some of the things that happened upstairs were the small things such as locking you in the toilet,seeing someone sitting in the bosses chair and the feeling that someone was watching you.but some of us were pushed and i remember hearing my friend screaming as she felt someone push her on the stairs.we once had plumbers in to fix the upstairs where there was a small kitchen. they agreed to stay over there to complete the job on might have guessed-they took off that night and said they would never be going back! one evening after cashing up there was a power cut and me and my friend went down to the basement to turn the power back on there was mist and it was freezing down there!the battery on the torch went and we had to light a candle,which kept blowing out.finally my friend got the power on and we left.the next day,my friend decided to cleanse the shop with incense as we went to certain parts of the shop the smoke blew right back into our faces and they were just brick walls,no fans,no windows,nothing. i always wondered if it was the bhuddas we had in there some were life size some were smaller but maybe they held some kind of energy which might have been conflicting with the past owner of the house.maybe he didnt like all these 'new' things in there.i remember working alone in the basement and seeing an old man there i asked if he needed any help but as i turned to go to him,he disappeared.i then realised the doors upstairs were locked as we had closed!maybe this was the owner of the house? i would love to hear from anyone who has any information on the building.

A few years ago I and a few friends (amature film makers) were down Woodchester Mansion making a film for the Tourist Board. One day I wandered off by myself and came to a t-juction on the bottom or cellar floor. My hair stood on end, I soon returned to the film crew. I later found out that there was a cellar below the cellar I was in (which was not open to anyone including the public) where long,long ago two people were kept captive and murdered or transferred elsewhere to be murdered. This is what I remember I was told, so don't quote me. The film like the house was never finished.

ed k
in st marys church today in the morning i saw the something black hood i looked at it and it went

Sam Robinson
I was in Tewksbury, and I was in a hotel, I cannot remember what the name was, but I was going upstairs to my bedroom, when all of a sudden, a really cold blast of air shot past me, and I saw a strange, whitish coloured thing went straight through me. It looked like a very tall man or woman in long clothing, and it was flying! I turned around, and cancelled my booking at the hotel, and drove back to my grandparents house, 25 miles away!

My friend carrie and her mum and dad were at her house and it was cristmas time so they were taking photos, this was only in about 2003 and her mum was taking a photo of her dad at night time, when the photo came out her mum who took the photo is seen in the kitchen, the angle the photo was taken at rules out the logical reflection theory, plus she looks indoors....

sarah B
i was at fillchester house and there was a full moon. i spent the night in a little cabbin next to it. it was past 9 o clock and i began to hear screams outside. me and my sister didnt dare to look out the window. i asked my brother to instead. once he had got out of the cabbin i thought it was ok for me to go out. there was nobody there. as i walked back in i heaRD somebody walk by. i saw somebody dead on the floor

i dont like it

Daisy W-S-M
I was having a bath, as one does occasionally. I was sinking into the water, and feeling pretty depressed so fancied leting the water engulf me for a while. Just as I was beginning to become really short of breath, something strong and sharp pulled me out of the water. My candles blew out and the light came on. I'm guessing it was something protecting me against doing something very stupid.

Dudley Castle (again) Whilst watching a group of experts film a program about the paranormal at the castle, me and many others saw a face of a man appear in a window, the man was glaring, we were shocked by this and soon told the team, they charged to the castle and straight up stairs, only to find that on the storey where we saw the man, there was in fact no floor! Many other things have been said to happen but one I know of is whilst a medium was talking about the brutality of a death or suicide at the castle, there was a shattering scream from the battlements, the scream was a mans scream and everyone that was involved in the investigation was accounted for,so there is no explanation!

A while back a competion was held at dudley castle, and it was a fancy dress, you had to dress like the people who would have lived around the castle when it was in use. The lady who won the competion, I forget her name, was wearing a real dress from that era and potato sacking upon her feet, she was filthy and had some teeth missing, when her name was called to collect her prize she was seen to just vanish

I went to one of my favourite places in my local area, Dudley Zoo and Castle. Whilst walking up the stairs in the tower to reach the top of the castle, We heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, they sounded like mens heavy boots. The footsteps got louder and louder but me and my cousin continued up the narrow stairs, once at the top we found that we were alone. There was no way anyone could have got past us, and the only way down was to jump.

Jon Selsley
As a youth,(in 1950's)with friends we would travel on our bikes from Selsley up over the common and then nip down into Woodchester Park before getting to Nympsfield. This was far easier than trying to go in the front way via the Inchbrook entrance.Rattling round in the test tubes and equipment left by the US army in the "Big House", we witnessed the spookiness of the place by the spectral appearance of a ladylike figure who passed through the building and up through the woods.We left rapidly. After a few months I dared to mention this to my father who without surprise said it was the Abbess from the Priory that burnt down in the 14th or 15th century.He (father) said he was quite used to her as she used to walk over the common, through Peaked Elm Farm, Home Farm and then out through The Green and dissapeared into the field below known as Peacecraft. It was thought that these three house had been built with stone from an alleged Woodchester Priory.(not the "New" one opposite Newman Henders) and that the Lady Abbess was merely visiting the old parts of said Priory.Anyone heard this story? What about the man who was eaten by his mastiffs in the Park in the midst of winter? I don't suppose there is a ghost of the Polecat that was hunted in the Park in about 1952 - I was too young to go on the shoot but my father returned from the day a little the worse for wear! Maybe one or two in The Bell with Mrs Williams...

me and my partner and a large group of our friends decided 2 visit the Ram Inn a few years ago on halloween, when we got there it was very dark and the place looked just like a normal building, John allowed us 2 have a tour of the Ram but not all of our group wanted 2 go so quite a few decided 2 wait outside as they said they weren't to keen. the building was very cold and extremely creepy. John led us around different areas of the house, when we reached a staircase leading up 2 the most haunted part of the house just as we were walking up John said that alot of ghost activity happened on the stairs and particularly to young girls which made me feel even worse as i was the only girl! once we got upstairs i suddenly felt very strange my back was hurting alot and it was difficult 2 walk once i got this sensation i just wanted 2 get out the place. John showed us around the bishops room etc which was spine tingling although nothing happeded all this time my back was still aching when the tour had finished and we got back outside my back was fine i felt completely normal again. it was a great experience and id definately do it again.

emma h
having seen the pictures, they don't show much, i can't say they reenforce my belives but i do believe in ghosts i believe in the inner light that for some peaople whenthey die, mostly violent deaths or had been cursed in life, they get stuck hence you get orbs. some pretty cool stuff has been recorded.I'm constantly on the lookout

Ian Rose
I went to the Ram Inn sevral times not long ago and i have to say it is not a very nice place to go to!!! It was a BOILING day. So hot that John and myself were walking outside topless. But as soon as we stepped one step inside we froze!! Orbs i believe to be the spirits of people who have passed on. They only seem to show on digital cameras. Never have i seen an orb on a film camera. John has this AMAZING picture of the Bishops room with OVER 100 orbs in it!! Its a must see place!!

It was about a week ago this year 2004 and I was going round my mates house with a few friends when we decieded to go to the prestbury Graveyard. it was a 9 o'clock at night then and we searched around and took a candle. first we noticed stuff but it turned out to gbe normal people then my mate Harry ran off and dissappeared we searched for him and eventually we found him lyingon a graveyard saying he got hit on the head but he didn't remmber. Later on, We all walked together round the churchand what we saw...was the hooded monk!I was so scared and it was hobelling around. Later on we came back from running away from the church for a few minutes and then we cameback. Tom (also my mate) walked with Harry and I walked with Ed (my mate as well) When Tom was Walking with Harry he dissapeared! then later on he was said to have gone into the church then ended up in shaw green lane and he heard some sort of headless horseman's horse screaming and he didn't know where he was. He came back and first I didn't beleive him but then we investigated. he told us where he was and he siad to us that he thought when he dissapeared he thoought he would never come back again. we saw all the things he saw and then when we went down shawgreen lane we heard the horse and then we ran!

Meg Jackson
Hello, My name's Meg and I'm the Press and Marketing Officer at the Everyman theatre in Cheltenham. The Everyman is a beautiful Victorian theatre which has been here since 1891 and is the oldest surviving example of Victorian designer Frank Matcham's work that's still in use as a theatre. As I'm sure you can imagine some members of staff have got lots of stories about apparently un-explainable things going on in the building (something that I think is only to be expected in a building with so much residual energy!). Anyway, even though we don't have weird and wonderful things going on every day (unfortunately) certain parts of the building have, I think, a definite atmosphere about them and I've always been keen to know if there are spirits who have decided to stay in the building, or maybe we've got some who pop in from time to time. At least they don't have to buy a ticket! As it's coming up to Halloween I'm keen to find a local paranormal investigative group who would like to come along to the theatre, and spend some time here, to see what they can find. If you know of a group that might be interested in coming along, I'd be very keen to hear from you. With thanks and very best wishes, Meg


Jenny Sharpe
What a load of old nonsense. You people appear to have no brains. You silly sausages! Why not act more sensibly? I think you're very very daft. My name is Jennifer Frances Sharpe and I'm here to tell you I'm thoroughly ashamed of you all. Hear me now!

Emma Williams
when i was about eight i was staying at my grandparents house and for all of these years i have always remembered that i woke up in the night and discovered a woman with a clip board standing over the bed asking me wheather i was going to sleep or going to stay awake and i believ it was a ghost. it happened in willersey

Marlyn Blair
Last May I was walking through the Prestbury Cemetary being ever so careful not to step on the graves, when I lost my footing and slipped into a hole next to a gravesite. Joking with my husband about my dilemma as we walk on, we came to the end of the aisle and had to turn around. As we past the same location I had just slipped on, I notice a faint odor in the air. My husband noticed it as well and asked me if I new what that smell was and I did. It was the smell of formaldehyde. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. We walk away, but not too far. I had to go back and smell again for myself. To my surprise it was gone.

david thompson
i was working at an old house in abbey wood a few years agoit was known as shornells,i could feel something was present although nothing showed itself.i was told by reliable sources that there was a fire a number of years ago and sometimes a voice could be heard shouting for matthew.i never went ack to that house again it really was a frightning experience just being in the grounds let alone being is now a hospice and had renovations done to it but to this day i would not go back there.

darren baldwin
about 5 or 6 years ago i was at a freinds house in cheltenham i was having a drink after a busy night at work i left there at about 1 oclockish and headed home on my bike to ham where i lived i thought id take a short cut but got lost i ended up on a main road heading out of cheltenham when i saw a hotel on my left i went in and asked thenight porter where i was and asked for directions back to cheltenham which he gave me so i headed back down the hill and after a while i came across a village which i didnt recognise i felt lost again so i pedled through then i saw this old lady on an old fashioned bike with a basket on the front i said hello could you tell me the way to ham she replied ill show you the way down the bottom of this road as we were riding i said what are you doing out at this time of the night on your own she repliad im getting the morning milk i asked her name and she didnt answer then i told her not to be afraid that i wouldnt harm her she repliad i know you wont she showed me the way home at the junction where she turned right and went up a small hill i turned left and went home the next day i took a drive to see where i was at last night and where the old woman disapeared to as i felt it was a bit strange an old woman like that going for the morning milk 2.30 in the morning i drove through the village had a look then decided to see where the old woman might of gone to up that hill when i got to the top there was an old wreck of a building where once a house or cottage stood then a saw a 6 or 7 foot fence there was clearly no way through especially not for an old lady on a bike i then went to the libary for a book on prestbury and ghosts and found that prestbury was the most haunted village in britain so i came up with the old lady on the bike was a ghost who helped me home or a guardian angel

Andy Lloyd, Martin Cosnette & Dave Cosnette
We are three local researchers who are collecting ghost stories, and other accounts of paranormal events, for a future book about mysteries in Gloucestershire. If you are interested in submitting a story please post them here.

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