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28 October 2014

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Is underage drinking rife?

Teenage girls drinking
Alcohol - are young people aware of the dangers?
Last updated: 09 December 2004 1427 GMT
lineGloucestershire teenager Jamie Skey thinks underage drinking in his town is a problem that should be tackled, and suggests how it could be done.
(December 2004)
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quoteI can never go a whole night at the weekend without witnessing a young girl puking on her shoes.quote
Jamie Skey

Are we as a county drinking too much?

The Home Office seems to think so judging by the antisocial drinking campaign they introduced this summer targeting areas plagued by underage drinking and violent behaviour.


This is fully justified in retrospect; I can never go a whole night at the weekend without witnessing a young girl puking on her shoes, or some skirmish by the taxi rank.

Being a teenager myself I have always been aware of underage drinking in local pubs and clubs, but Gloucestershire's drinking problem was brought to my attention fully when watching a midweek edition of 'Points West' on BBC1 recently.

Vicky Pollard from Little Britain

I was utterly flabbergasted to learn that Stroud was the focus of attention. I had no idea that our drinking problem was worthy of news coverage. The programme included footage of an obviously underage and inebriated girl.

While some teenagers of Stroud would find this amusing, I found it quite perturbing.


But must we blame pubs and clubs as being catalysts for this binge drinking dilemma?

At my school the subject of drinking was touched by our 'Personal development' teachers. However I do believe that children are not fully alerted of the long term dangers of drinking - especially binge drinking which is potentially a greater danger.

quote It is irresponsible to serve so many underage teens, and they must stop to think about their actions.quote
Jamie Skey

I think that drug and alcohol education in schools is just as vague as sex education and I believe this must be addressed.

However, I don't think that teachers should address drinking in a totally dismissive fashion, I think that everyone has the right to drink so long as they know the potential dangers.

Vitally important

At a time of reform for the British Government, I think that Blair's immortal line "Education, education, education" is vitally important.

Instead of just having drink-driving campaigns at Christmas, have them all year round focusing on all the negative aspects of drinking.

Pint of beer

I think the government is currently focusing on the negative aspects of drinking but really needs to introduce ways of educating the masses.

However, I do believe that pubs and clubs must take heed of the warnings that have been dished out by the press.

I think that it is irresponsible to serve so many underage teens, and they must stop to think about their actions.

Article by Jamie Skey

This article contains user-generated content (i.e. external contribution) expressing a personal opinion, not the views of BBC Gloucestershire.

Have your say

What do you think? Are you under 18? Do you drink? Do you think it's wrong to do so?

We'd like to know your views on binge drinking and how it should be dealt with.

Or is it an issue that has no relevance to you and should be left alone?

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Tom Owen
I think from 16+ is a reasonable age to start drinking, you can then learn youself what your own limits are and how to enjoy alcohol respocibly, its all part of growing up :D

U Should Be Able To Drink In Pubs/Clubs Sensibly At The Age 16

I think that drinking should be lowered to 16. By doing this the young people are going to be less likely to get into trouble as they don't have to make such an effort to get hold of alcohol, if it is available for them then they are less likely to be tempted as there is no fun due to them not getting into trouble, which they generally want to do. If they feel that they can be trusted at a young age, they tend not to get into trouble as they feel and think better of themselves. It is because teenagers are stereotyped they feel that they have to blend in by the name that they are given. As a drinker myself, it would make life a lot easier if drinking was lowered to 16. It may be harmful, but it is the responsible choice of the person if they choose to drink or not.

I think that it is alright to drink when you are younger than the legal age because it is a good way to relax and have fun... but at the same time you need to make sure you know your limits, so that you know you are going to be safe!!

dan holmes
ahhhh nevermind get drunk have fun enjoy your life you only live once :)

Jess + Kate
We think that the drinking age should be lowered to 16,Some 16 year olds may be ready and it is legal to have sex at 16.16 is the age that teenagers become more sensible and would get them to mature easier.It is better drinking in pubs/clubs legally then on the streets illegally. Some parents may trust there child to drink.These are just some reasons to agree with my argument. Thanks x

Dan Holmes
You should Be Able To Drink At Any Resonable Age As long As Youu Are In a Controlled Enviroment.

it is a disgrace that so many people are harmin thereselves

drinkins fine bt ur better off bein in a pub/club cos theres people to look afta you ther in a park or on the street ur alone, it makes sense for teens to be able to drink in clubs

Demi x
No you limit !!

O behave!!! Wake up nd smell the coffee unwind and have fun xxx

A lot of my friends get drunk and one was sent to the hospital! He was pretty stupid to get that drunk. I think underage drinking is stupid especially cuz a lot of younger kids don't know any self-control. They never know when to stop and that could be dangerous. I am 15 & I've never been drunk b4. & i don't plan to be drunk until I graduate so I can graduate and so the things I want...I can't tell you what to do...but if you're gonna drink at least know your limit.

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