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28 October 2014

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Post-colonial identity is thoughtfully explored in this accomplished debut from Senegalese newcomer Alain Gomis.
Newlyweds fall in and out of love on a barge travelling along the Seine in this classic of world cinema.
La Comunidad
Greed, intrigue and lots of comedy in this offbeat thriller parody from director Álex de la Iglesia.
La Dolce Vita
Federico Fellini directs this masterful study of decadence and debauchery in 50s Rome.
La Haine (Hate)
French writer-director Mathieu Kassovitz presents a searing account of alienated youth stalking the mean streets of Paris.
La Niña Santa
A teenage girl tries to save the soul of a provincial doctor in this Argentine drama.
La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc
Carl Dreyer's universally acclaimed masterpiece offers a stark and haunting vision of the death of Joan of Arc.
La Spagnola
Set in Australia during the 60s a mother and daughter are on a quest for revenge in this sexy, black comedy.
Ladder 49
Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta star in a turgid and disingenuous tribute to the American firefighter.
Ladykillers, The
Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers shine in this Ealing Comedy that - like fine wine and Sean Connery - just gets better as it gets older.
Ladykillers, The
Tom Hanks relishes the role of master criminal in this so-so remake from the Coen brothers.

Bertrand Tavernier's beautiful film set in Occupied France questions where the line lies between resistance and collaboration.
A moving, gripping ensemble drama, with a star turn from Anthony LaPaglia, this is one of finest Australian film in years.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Angelina Jolie's back as the iconic videogame heroine, in a franchise-killing sequel.
Last Emperor: Director's Cut, The
Bernardo Bertolucci goes oriental in an unnecessarily extended version of his 1987 Oscar-winner.
Last Great Wilderness, The
There are strange goings-on in the Scottish Highlands in this atmospheric digital video drama.
Last Life In The Universe (Ruang Rak Noi Nid Mahasan)
Young love turns listless in this enjoyably absurd romance from Thai director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang.
Last Samurai, The
Tom Cruise indulges in some two-handed sword-play in this top-notch Eastern actioner.
Last Victory, The
Italy's historic horse race, Il Palio, comes under the microscope in this tense and affecting documentary.
Late Twentieth, The
A man turns vigilante after the death of his girlfriend in this pitiful British thriller.
Laura's Star
This big screen adaptation takes the shine off Klaus Baumgart's children's book.
Laurel Canyon
Frances McDormand plays an ageing record producer in this relationship drama with Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale.
Laws Of Attraction
Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore play bickering New York divorce attorneys in a flat-footed romantic comedy.
Layer Cake
Drugs, guns and gangsters... Finally, a Brit crime flick you won't hate.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The
Sean Connery, Stuart Townsend and Jason Flemyng chew the scenery in this Victorian superhero debacle.
Le Cercle Rouge
A welcome re-release of this still-compelling 1970 Jean-Pierre Melville thriller.
Le Corbeau
A poison pen letter writer plagues a provincial French village in this near-forgotten masterpiece from director Henri-Georges Clouzot.
Le Divorce
Kate Hudson plays a young American in Paris in this elegant, but unsatisfactory comedy from the Merchant Ivory team.
Le Fate Ignoranti
Pasta, love, and sexuality feature in this enjoyable tale of a widow who discovers that her husband was bisexual.
Le Souffle
Damien Odoul's award-winning first feature - madness and desire in rural France
Legally Blonde 2
Reese Witherspoon returns in a sequel that's as irritating and unfunny as its predecessor was funny and full of charm.
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Jim Carrey is the only reason you'll want to watch this flabby fantasy tale.
Joseph Fiennes and Elisabeth Shue share a strange connection in this arty Southern drama.
Leopard, The
Visconti's magnificent period drama of Sicilian aristocracy in decline is returns to glory in this newly restored print.
Les Diables
Two abandoned children fight the care system in Christophe Ruggia's searing social drama.

Billy Bob Thornton searches for redemption in this story of an ex-con trying to do the right thing.
Boy meets man in this accomplished and superior coming of age tale from debut writer/director Michael Cuesta.
Life + Debt
The effects of globalisation on Jamaica's economy are outlined in Stephanie Black's hard-hitting documentary.
Life And Death Of Peter Sellers, The
The title pretty much says it all. Except, "starring Geoffrey Rush."
Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The
Wes Anderson's aquatic adventure, starring Bill Murray, will leave you floating on a good feeling.
Life Is A Miracle (Zivot Je Cudo)
A chaotic and frenetic comedy set during the recent war in the former Yugoslavia.
Life of David Gale, The
Death row dilemmas for Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet in Alan Parker's uninspired message movie.
Life Of Oharu, The (Saikaku Ichidai Onna)
A re-release for Mizoguchi's masterful tale of female suffering.
Life or Something Like It
Angelina Jolie tries to prove there's more to her than Lara Croft in this dim romantic comedy.
Like Mike
Teen rapper Lil' Bow Wow stars in this feelgood fantasy about a slam-dunking orphan and his magical sneakers.
Lilo & Stitch
An offbeat offering from Disney pairing a wicked alien with a lonely young Hawaiian girl.
Lilya 4-ever
Swedish director Lukas Moodysson's third feature is a hard-hitting tale of teenage suffering.
Lion King, The
Disney's "The Lion King" is remastered for the IMAX screen in a limited special edition release.
Little Black Book
Brittany Murphy struggles to be sympathetic in this spiteful tale of a girlfriend who tracks down her partner's former lovers.
Little Polar Bear, The
Old-fashioned animation, cutesy characters but not much else in this Arctic adventure from kids' writer Hans de Beer.
Live Forever
Entertaining documentary on the rise and fall of Britpop, featuring interviews with Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Massive Attack, and many more.
Lizard, The (Marmoulak)
An escaped con impersonates a Mullah in this spirited religious comedy.
Lizzie McGuire Movie, The
This big screen spin-off of the Disney TV show has klutzy Hilary Duff finding romance and adventure on a school trip to Rome.
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The
A young borstal boy takes on the system in this classic - but dated - kitchen sink drama.
Look At Me (Comme Une Image)
Sophisticated French comedy-drama about an overweight young choral singer and her overbearing father.
Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
A spectacular adventure in a fantasy world. Tolkien's epic trilogy brought to the big screen by Peter Jackson. Review submitted by Nikarius.
Lord Of The Rings, The: The Return Of The King
Hobbits, elves and elephantine evil beasties! Peter Jackson's third and final fantasy is simply superb.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Nikarius reviews the second part of the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy - find out whether he thought it was a hit or a miss...
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Director Peter Jackson scores again with another gripping realisation of JRR Tolkien's classic novel.
Lost In Translation
Sofia Coppola directs Bill Murray in the greatest performance of his career. Poignant and hilariously funny - what more could you ask for?
Love Actually
A star-stuffed romantic comedy from Four Weddings And A Funeral writer Richard Curtis. Lovely, actually.
Love Liza
Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a bereaved husband whose wife has committed suicide, in this moving tale of loss.
Lost in La Mancha
A hilarious and heartbreaking 'un-making of' documentary on the set of Terry Gilliam's failed Don Quixote adaptation.
Lovelorn (Gönül Yarasi)
A minicab driver gets more than he bargained for when he helps a nightclub singer in this Turkish drama.
Lovely and Amazing
A sharply observed and impressively acted indie comedy by "Walking and Talking" director Nicole Holofcener.
Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d'Enfants)
Whimsical French romantic drama, about two friends and their series of increasingly unconventional dares.

Love Me Tender
Elvis Presley's first outing in a motion picture sees him as the brother of a thief in this western. Review submitted by Nikarius.

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