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13 November 2014

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360 Panoramas

You are in: Gloucestershire > Places > 360 Panoramas > Inside Jenner's attic in 360°

Inside Jenner's attic in 360°

The attic at the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. There's a very strange figure-shaped object through a door - can you see it? What do you think it is? Click on 'Attic: View 2' on the right of this page to see inside that dark room

To move around in the image, hold down your left mouse button and drag, or use cursor keys. Use "A" to zoom in and "Z" to zoom out. Please be patient while the image loads.

Have Your Say

Can you see something through the doorway? What do you think it is?

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Chris Malpass
Having studied this image in more detail i can see nothing to suggest the image has been tampered with, had the photographer been caught in his own photo, it would have meant that he was taking the photo wearing no shirt and with a bandage on his head, as is the main figure in the photo,this looks to me like a scene from a military hospital of some sort, the former owner of the house Edward Jenner, died in 1823 but the house was not sold by his family till 1876, it would be interesting to know what the house was used for during that time which spanned the crimean war.

Chris Malpass
yes, i can see a figure, it appears to be a man sitting, wearing only trousers, he has burns around his shoulders and an injury to his upper right arm and a dressing on his forehead, but i can see a lady with long light brown hair sitting at the side of the the man, the man appears to have his right hand on her left shoulder, she appears to have her forearms heavily bandaged, in the photo of this scene published in practical photography magazine the lady was not visible, this is a hospital scene of some form,

George Lewis
Looking at the light trails across the floor towards the doorway, I'd say it's the photographer leaving the room whilst the camera operated on it's ten second exposure time. Nothing more, nothing less.


I think it's scary but who knows it might be nice.It's not like it's going to hert you.

Well its probs a kid sat in a chair tbh, as when they inoculated they kept them in horrid conditions up the attic!

i think it is a fat headless man with fat breasts with his right arm stretched along the bed holding his head.

Jacob.k age.8
I think that it is a dummy,because soldiers were not fat and they did'nt wear clothes that were that modern, i think that it is a trick.

That thing that looks like a head looks more like a wooden roof support thing to me. The rest of the picture is probably light with some objects. Because the picture is a bit vague it looks like a human shape, but it isnt.

well i think its the light how else could it have gone down the floor and stretched through the room to the window?? if its not that then its been photoshopped in

chantal mcgowan
from what i can see is first of all a headless man with a outreached hand the in front is a young woman possibly a child who grew up in this home maybe the man is her father or even maybe her husband and she has lost a child and is in mourning

Cool. Looks like a photoshop composite of several people. Big bloke sitting down, girl with long hair looking off to one side, and a much bigger image of someone in profile above both (almost looks like a cyclist or jockey). It's such a weird mashup of stuff it's hard to tell.I'd love to see the original RAW images for this and how it was stitched together.

Joshua Jelley
well it certainly does have the features of his face, was he beheaded?

its are forn with a bacavlala leaning on a chair but its is freaky

This is a fake, there is undeniably several different people in this picture. If i could circle them i would.The first in the man sitting down without a t-shirt on weirdly he seems to have no head or it is blocked out by the weird white object.On his right arm (left in the picture) there is a head and some think that it is a small child if you look closely you can seemingly make out a body but it is portionally covered by the bed. There is a figure that has definitely been photoshopped in, it is a man looking down and his head is in a larger proportion to the others in the photo, if looked at top middle left of the photo i believe that everyone will be able to see his nose. Some say he has a hat while others believe he has long hair, what is known is that everyone will be able to see the nose as it is so prominante. There is one thing in my mind that makes this a fake, the cartoon man top right is blatantly fake.It is harder to see but looks almost like a childrens cartoon villain, it seriously is quite lame that anyone would do this.Look top right of the picture and see what you can see, the eyes are more prominant.there is also seemingly a woman just above the sitting down man but i find this harder to see than the rest.The bbc must have meant this to come out in april because the amount of people that believe this is real is ridiculous.. you are all fools.

Guy walk when camera was set on long exposure time. There is trace leading from camera to the second room. That's my opinion...

shaun chambers, from tamworth.
right, i have had a closer look at this photograph, and here is my opinion. To the left, of the ghost in the picture i can see to what looks like a young female child looking towards the window, notice the expression of her head.S he is not headless, as you can see her legs, they are just visable. As for the male apporition, i am convinced that it is real, i do not not think that there is no trickery here, but that is my opinion, what do you think?......................

I think it looks like a headless woman, the head is located on her right arm! (to the fet of the main 'ghostly' image) weird.... WHERE'S EVETTE and the rest of the MOST HAUNTED TEAM!

If you zoom in seems as if the person is headless and is holding the head in their out reached right hand! Urggghhhh!

You all people see a lot hear, I see the lens reflex. You can see them on second picture too. Lens was dirty ;-/

David Gethyn-Jones
When I lived here, between 1967 and 1975, my brother and I had a model train layout in this room!

this is not ghost this is "GOD" people

lyndon wild
its very interesting need to know answers.

I see a ghost...

it looks like atoppless fat woman

i think its a women not a man u can see the dress

wendy parker
it does look like a person sitting down and some srange light coming through the doorway.

Trick of the light. Has to be! I can't really see the body but people have their own opinions!

Well,i think it's the ghost of edward jenner himself.

jack reading
in my mind if you look really close it has a close resemblence to rey mysterio because of the mask and it looks like tattos across the lower stomach

I don't know wether to believe this or not?

for those who think veiw 1 is trick light or dust look at view 2 and you will see large area white mist in the spot the figure can be seen from first view. No detail to be picked out but can tell looking at something from the sideI think this will go down in history as a genuine sighting

If it is a ghost, he's melting...there's a blue trail all the way back through the door. I think the rocking horse should be consulted.


John Speller
Just looked at view 2. the sitting figure is still there. Also in the doorway to the left of the sitting figure you can just make out sombody leaning on the inside of the door frame. If you can't make out what I'm talking about use the picnic bench as a marker. Then shift the camera round to the left as if you are looking in the direction the sitting figure should be. You can just make out its hazy outline.

i think that maybe be a viktorian women? that long dress...

my eyes tells me theres two if you zoom like crazy you can see the shirtless person, and a face that kinda looks like a small girl or something

Something moving there..:S

This is absolutly fake, its just some kind of dust or manipulated :/ i am getting tired of it

you can see its a ghost over his hand, when you zoom it. then you see to face!

Creepy.. :|

Looks animated to me...

Looks like a heavy set man with no shirt and dark pants sitting in a chair with a bandage on the left side of his head.It looks as if he is reaching out with his right arm and twisting his body to the left as you would when you are injured and stiff.Where his right hand should be I can see the shoulders and head of a young girl with long sandy brown hair. She seems to be turning her head away from the man as he has a hold of her left arm at the pit area trying to stop her.

Even I have experienced ghosts my self, I think this is a photoshop-fake; a person moving up from a chair. Manipulated picture.


it's a trick of the light i'd say'but it's very good image whatever it is.

Why is everybody missing the large image of a old mans face at the top half of the door? Its as wide as the door..clear as day??

There is no ghost, just dust.. do I belive.

kathleen evans
a figures back looking down

Deane Saunders
I'm supposing that this is simply where the photographer was in one of the two overlapping shots whilst the panorama was being taken - otherwise why go back and photograph a few days later?I've done a panorama inside a church whilst someone was there - he was standing on the overlap point, so once the shots were enblended, he'd appear like a ghost, too.

Karen Rowland
Wow, I can see the man reclining, however, Im now looking at a man stood right by the rug you can see his face, ears chin everything and his legs. Its like he's just stood there having his picture taken, looks like he has a white collar too so maybe a priest or something!

I can see three figures through the doorway. The obvious one sitting down with a bandage(?) on the head. There appears to be a head at the end of his outstretched right arm. Finally, a very tall figure in black - wearing a dog collar?

rachael webb
yes theres two figures by the bed but the man may have his hand around the girl.Theres a blur in front of the two figures it could be edward jenner.

Looks like a person sitting on a chair without a shirt and something on his head

This clearly indicates - if not even proves - to all those who question it; there is more between heaven and earth... And life energies can surely linger on after death... A stunning photo!

dave finch
could be an apperition looks very convincing..looks like a man with his back to you wearing white headgear and blue/grey bottoms possibly tending someone

It appears to have the form as a person but it also appears sunlight is shining through dust that may have been stirred up. This is most likely a optical illusion involving the light and dust of the room.

gary erskine
is that a head of a woman on the left of the pic where his arm ends?

Dave Hankins
though it does look very odd and very suggestive of a seated human. I am afraid that it is just another example of wishful thinking on the part of someone wishing to prove the existance of ghosts. I don't know what it is, but I am sure that it is a natural and not supernature occurance.

Indeed a very strange image, but in my world it does not seem quite so odd.

Freya Croxford from rugby
It looks scary!I love seeing ghosts.I think this ghost is real!If it`s not real then what have I been watching on Youtube?

Why would a ghosts trousers match the wall colour? Looks fake.

Steph Dunn
I can see something though the doorway and i thnink it is a real ghost because light wwould not be able to form a pattern/figure like that

Emma Collins
I can see a topless man sat between the two beds with what could be a head on his right hand. Over his right shoulder I can see a figure wearing black with a dog collar.

shannon and her mum julieanne
can see a figure and it looks like hes holding a head

I think its a real ghost because u dont just get an image like that

anna boston
i can see a naked man

I would say it look's like a Ghost and it does look like one but it could be a shadow of somethink in that room who know's?

Toto Schillaci
Its a Ghost, der!

Very interesting!All kidding aside, it looks like a nude women running towards the door.

i can see another face, to add to the other three images i see(noted below). this new face is above the sitting ghost and its quite big! FOUR GHOSTS! weird.

Stephen Brookes
I think that this is a shaft of sunlight interrupted by the shadows of the tripod legs on which the 360 degree camera was supported, producing a light effect and auto suggestion does the rest-there is a similar image in photo number 2 positioned in similarly

James Pinkham
Woo I see dead people or is it just a camera trick?Load of old cobblers

Brianna Robertson
You can see a figure in image 2 also standing beside the beds - seems too coincidential for it to be a resolution problem when there are "ghostly" figures in both images.

Brianna Robertson
I can certainly see something in the doorway - looks very much like a man.

I can actually see two figures, the more obvious appears to be leaning backwards, or running towards the door, whilst to the left there appears to be a second figure standing quite tall righ tnext to the first..... interesting

F Forsyth
I can very easily see the chap sitting with his arm out and what looks like bandages on his head, there seems to be a womans head at the end of the outstretched arm. If you look at the Attic view 2 as suggested by another lad, you see what looks like a close up of a head and shoulder blur in the same spot but from a different angle, would seem to add credence.

Wendy Johnson
Of course this is a ghost. Those who don't see them are bound to be sceptical.

carol pearcey
looks like e a ghost reackon it could be

Patricia Fray-Smith
Firstly I thought it was a skier with his ski poles and no head, but after zooming it looks like an elderly gentleman waitha swollen tummy sitting on a chair or toilet with a frame around it, with right arm outstretched. Maybe a face to the right, don't know about white blobs, one on head could be hanky-can see eyes and mouth.

Andi K
Spooky stuff... Bit frightening actually, zooming in makes it freakier!!! Ergh! If it is camera trickery its very convincing...

A fat man in grey trousers slouching in a seat, a white handkerchief on his head; his arm outstretched and his hand resting on something. Woooooooooo !

I can't see it, i can see the ghostly shadow but can't make anything clear out.

Looks like a woman screaming for some reason...

Graham Morris
It looks like a very old photograph I once saw in a book concerning the life of the sculptor Auguste Rodin?

It is a elderly woman calling too a young girl at the table.She is under the corner beam.

I see a figure, possibly male, with one leg lifted as in running towards the camera. but is the figure wearing a balaclava ?

Malc Toy
"Is there anybody there?" Agree it is a bare-chested man holding a 'head' in his right hand. Are there traces of blood on his torso?Rather spooky eh.....

David Smith
What I found more interesting when I zoomed in was the image of the face on the left hand bed.

thats just weird

Sara Ovington
I can quite clearly see a male figure in blue/grey high waisted trousers. He is naked from the waist up. He is stout and balding and looks to have a moustache, and a white cross shaped bandage on his forehead. He looks like he has tattoos on his right arm which is outstretched and another white bandage around the same forearm. He looks like he is walking towards the camera holding onto the ends of some metal bed frames. Just above his right fore arm. Zooming in, I can see another smaller figure further back wearing a white sleeveless vest. Maybe these people were ill/hospitalised in this room at some time. I've always said I don't believe in ghosts, but I am only stating what I can actually see in this picture.

Anne DiGiovanni
It looks like a bare chested person in grey trousers.If you look to the left of the figure, just by the doorway, I can see a head!

I can definatley see what looks like a man sitting down with a light where his head should be,and the face to the right, and also a larger head shape above them both, looking out of the window. Its very interesting indeed, i can see three images.

I think it looks like a man sittin between the 2 beds,and a woman is laying in the bed on the left and he`s holding her hand.

luke shorthouse
looks like some geza holdin a womans head i reckon

interesting picture

jim ellis
Remember the face on mars. Turns out to be a resolution issue. Trick of the light. Nothing more. Nice and spooky though.

There are figures in both photos as far as I can see - 1 on the chair and 1 in the doorway on View 2

I can see a seated figure of a man,with a dressing to his head,wearing trousers but a naked chest area,His right arm is extended,appears large in stature,very interesting!!

Sharon Howard
Its a publicity stunt. The museum's new exhibition is called 'Ghosts in the Attic'. Coincidence - I think not.

I wish I saw something, but I have to admit...I don't see a thing. It looks like dust or something on the lense.

Chris L
It looks to me like a man, wearing old fashioned high waisted breeches but bare chested, running towards me with arms outstretched. Unfortunately he is headless, but is holding his head in his right hand ... the head has long brown hair and the eyes seem to be glowing slightly ...Ohhh errr...

Anthony Michael Taylor
Yet again, another sighting...another money making location....when are people gonna learn.... theres no such things as ghosts... we have yet to be shown any piece of evidence without some form of paradox or ambiguity attached! Im guessing the custom has dropped in that part of Glouchestershire :-S

I am a willing skeptic, but this raises some real issues in the paranormal community. The photo is given great support considering the house has a reputation of being haunted. To me there is no way a "trick of light" could create a figure of that shape, who appears to be holding a head!As someone previously posted, this needs to come under examination.

There are 2 women. The one seated is looking to her left, with her arm on the other's shoulder (You can also see the seated woman's feet) the other looking to her right judging from the eyes and nose but neither are looking at the camera. An echo from the past?

At least you can see something... Try saying that about God..

jay james
if you look to the top of the doorway you can see another face much closer looking straight at you.The figure sat down looks like he has no head on his shoulders but its at the end of his outstretched arm. Im a believer but dont know about if this photo is real.

Andy Lane
It looks like a reclining figure. To the immediate left of the figure and slightly above its right hand, there appears to be a head peering at us!

I agree with Anthony Clarke - my first impressions were that it is a bare chested man, possibly with an amputated right leg? Then there's definitely a head at his right hand, looks female...fascinating!

I see a woman's face and a man with moobs :s

It looks like a fat guy with his trousers pulled up just underneath his moobs. Truly bizarre!

we expected to see a ghost so our brains found it.

If you lighten/enlarge the image the central figure is clear - a seated man. To the right what looks like a skull or very old woman's head. But to the left, most clear of all, a child in a high chair.

Deborah Emmett
The spirit of Edward Jenner.He says "forget me not".

I am skeptical but it is interesting - i did look at the other picture of the attic and there was a similar shadow or bluey haze in there, I would put it down the the photographers shadow...

Jane Swenson
I think it is a former male patient with a bandage on his head may be waiting for an injection. He has no shirt on but you can see his trousers.

shirley carrigan
It certainly looks 'not of this world' the figure is of a man possibly bearded - I can also see what could be a child near his right arm

Rich W
Please respond here on this page whether BBC Glos will make this photograph available to researchers for full scrutiny. Many thanks

I can see it a random shape that resembles a man so the mind fills in the blanks. Not convinced.

david rayner

Mrs wilfy
strange, it is definately human, and the person at the front is not alone, if you look behind him, you can see more, i used a magnifying glass, and it is weird; the person in front is wearing a cap, he looks like he is not wearing a shirt, and in beige chinos - he looks more like what the american soldiers would have worn

Pat Duncan
It looks like a headless figure holding out a woman's head on the right arm. I would like to know what is normally visible before passing judgement.

It looks to me like a bare chested rather chubby man (there's a bit of 'man-boob' going on!) sitting comfortably in a chair. He's wearing greyish loose fitting trousers. You can even see the detail of his fingers on one hand... can't work out what's going on with his head though... weird!!

stephen wallace
i think its two figures runing towards the camra man

Ash Maiden
Im only 13 and i enjoy these things, if you press Attick : view 2 you can see the image right infront of the camera

It's an interesting image. I can also definately see what looks like the face of a woman to the right of him

Tom Foolery
Ghosts do not exist, this image merely fools the brain into processing an image that looks familiar ie a person. People who believe in ghosts are fools.

Suzanne Edwards
I see a man's figure sitting down in the background, but more distrubing, a huge male face in the foreground by the door. The strange thing is the more I study the photo, the more things I see.It also appears the 'legs' of the shape seem to be casting a shadow into the next room through the door.

Steven Hastie
Cant see the picture in 360 at all is it cos I am using Firefox ?

Jenny P
It does look as though there is something through the doorway. It looks like a woman in pantaloons as though she's half way through dressing. Even though I believe in ghosts and have seen my fair share over the years, I think in this instance it's a trick of the light.

steve withington
Hi i am into photography and take lots of photos with Nikon DLSR camsi think this is not fault of cam or dust i feel you caught something looks like a person moving towords the room would like to see the real photo if poss.I think we live on differnet levels of being and you got a snapshot in another time so to say

Richard Hunter
it looks to me like an executioner in a mask holding the head of charles I in his right hand.

Yep! I see it!Looks like the figure of a young man. To me, it looks as though he is sitting on a chair near the table, resting his arm on the table.

There are some light patterns on the floor, but the image looks interesting. Maybe a closer view of the image would help.

Marie Palmer
She is headless and the trousers would indicate '50s style. The head is on the right arm.

it may bee a funny effect

David barker
I personly think that the picture might be a smudge on the camera lense

it could bee a ghost or a camera affect.

Just looks like a fuzzy blur to me. If you really want it to look like a person you will see that in the blur. I think it looks too out of proportion to be a person, especially when you zoom in.

Donna Carman
It very clearly looks like a bare chested man slumped in a chair wearing a pair of trousers with something on his head, his right arm looks stretched out at a table. How very interesting indeed and a great photo.

I could also see a blue-grey blur in view 2, in the same position as the figure appears. Dust or a stationnary apparation?

I would love to be able to get in and have a look at the full sized, original (pre-procesed) image.At the moment, the skeptical photographer in me is saying "internal lens reflections".The curious part of me would love to set up a couple of cameras and have a look myself!

looks like a headboard of a bed sitting behind something thats between the tables, the thing that looks like a decapitated head to the left of the doorway looks like it joins onto the headboard part. we cant see the right side but i bet it looks the same as the left.

steve wadsworth
Looks like someone in WW2 Battledress to me..but then again It could be a double exposure

terry bowkett
there are two images in doorway

Ella Ferris
I was terrified! I think it was Jenners friend or relative that rotted! AAAH!

I can see a man with something white on his head looks like a handkerchief but I can also see a womens face to the right of him

Breda Keylock
It looks like a man sitting in a chair

Its Amazing what airbrush Technology can do these days

Jack williams
I recon there is a real ghost there as i belive in ghosts and i think i know when there is and ins not a ghost there but this time it really does look like a ghost!!

Brian Fudge
The photo needs to be made available for closer scrutiny.

I can see a ghost

Mike John
Look at the white horizontal 'stripe' halfway up the left hand doorpost.The left hand side of this stripe appears in front of the door post. Does this suggest internal lens reflection? If so, does it also explain the ghost? Above that 'strip' inside the room, to the right of the man appears to me to be a head with long hair, looking not unlike how saints are sometimes depicted in religious paintings.Was this digital photography?

Bryan Mills
Has he lost his Head? because I've zoomed in and it looks like he's holding it in his outstretched hand!

ican see a man in a chair

Andy Clarke
Whooooooooo....scary stuff! Wouldn't get me in there at night..Definately something paranormal...Andy from Hardwicke

Absolute rubbish!

Martin Van Dyke
Im pretty convinced that its a genuine photo. The figure is out of proportion and hazy which is often how apparitions look. It almost looks kinda misty around the figure too. the thick white cloth-like thing is very weird as its thicker than the rest of the figure. Very very good photo!!

It dosent look like enything

chris fewster
i saw the figure it does look like jenner's buildcreepy

Suzie Williams
I can see the man sat in the chair reclining ,however the face and shoulders to the left of this image is clearer to me ,although only the top half of a man

Anthony Clarke
There appears to be a figure of a person relaxing in a chair or sitting on a bed looking at the camera. Close up it appears the person is bare chested and is offering his right arm as if for treatment

M. Smith
The figure is just shadows and autosuggestion, but the more you look at the image the more I can see a face on the left hand side. Is this auto suggestion or not?

Alan Hale
Very spooky!Anythings possible.

Steve Jones (glos paranormal research group)
Interesting capture. Could of course be trick of the light. Would be interested to know of any previous sightings in the house.

Kurt Wahlstrom
I got the chills when I saw the "figure" through the doorway. I instantly thought that it was a ghost.

I see it! I believe!!!

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