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21 August 2014
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You are in: Gloucestershire > Floods > In pictures: Tewkesbury march

In pictures: Tewkesbury march

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George B. Lion
It's interesting to see people with smiles on their faces spending time and energy to express discontent with the possibility that houses might be built, as if this would be a dramatic devastation to humanity. Yet, those people, along with most of the rest of western civilization sit back in their office and surf the net with no inclination to rally against actual events in the world like those in the middle east which really are devastating peoples lives. I guess people are more worried about water in their living room in ten years, than the rampant violence going on right now outside the homes elsewhere in the world right now.

Toby Parkins
Perhaps a more positive forward thinking attitude could be adopted here. Instead of trying to prevent housing being built in some areas, why doesn't everyone march to encourage building houses on areas of land outside flood areas? This will help alleviate the housing shortages for many people.In this way we can also ensure that there is no mix up between people marching for the right reasons and the possibility of people with a secret nimby agenda.

Jan B. Tewkesbury
Just why despite the fact that my elderly, frail & disabled father lost everything he owns in the floods & will not be able to live in his own home again for approximately 9 months, did I not attend the protest march. Very simply, because how dare the councils own representatives front a march to protest against no more building on the flood plains when they are directly responsible for the existing houses already standing on those flood plains, that has caused so much devastation & trauma to others.The weather was extreme & it's extent not expected but Tewkesbury Borough Council you are guilty for not protecting the existing properties & more importantly the health & safety of their residents.The untold damage is already done.YOUR WAY TOO LATE NOW.


Surely the problem is easily resolved by people not buying houses on flood plains. It's very easy to research such things before buying and I certainly did so before buying my current house ten years ago. We didn't get flooded.

Bridget Lockyer
If they reduced the number of forign immigrants coming to live in England then all these millions of houses would not be needed to be built!!

Nik Grant
Past examples of the government steamrolling over citizen protests makes me feel this is more of the same. They have no intention of taking this seriously.I hope I'm wrong!

George Bull
Crazy, but not unexpected, as this government does exactly what it wants to do regardless of the wishes of the people that put them in power,

Sue T of Tewkesbury
Planning permission for building on ancient, traditional flood plains is granted by local authorities in conjunction with the Environment Agency. What might stop further smothering of this natural, open drainage land could be a representative organisation of local flood victims to take on and successfully sue for damages and devaluation of properties those sanctioning the builds. Similarly, the environment agency needs to be brought to book over the lack of dredging in rivers and streams. I hope someone with the skills and experience can start the ball rolling.

Corrine Leech-smith
It's time all Goverment bodies have got to realise that they must not let builders go to appeal and build on flood plains, COUNCILS do everything to stop but are overridden by GOVERMENT INSPECTOR !!!!!!! hence why the flooding is there!!! why should we suffer!!!! for the goverment nimbies (NOT IN MY BACK YARD) if it happended to them NO PROB!!!they would soon have it stopped, why should the lay man have to suffer at the end of the day.

tony walker in leicester
it is plain daft

Kevin Mooney
I don't know where the BBC heard that there were 'thousands' on the march. I counted 250 people. I think the Town Council have got it wrong in thinking the building on the flood plane in Tewkesbury is the cause of the problem, and that to stop doing it would solve the problem. It is a local myth. What is needed is a long term strategy for the entire Severn water catchment area.

I'm disgusted. I've lost my home due to them building on the flood plain. I am convinced if they hadn't built on the plain at Walton Cardiff my home would still be ok. As it is I've lost everything - yes the insurance will replace it but it will not replace the months out of my life where I am a displaced person, unable to move forward in any way. I'm only grateful that I am still alive, unlike the poor souls who perished as a result of this ludicrous building strategy in Tewkesbury.

Duke Theedam
everybody seems to be missing the real point, we need to be DREDGING the Rivers much we used to...then flooding would not be such an issue, needing less flood plain and thus being able to build much needed housing.

Ultimately, if the government builds on flood plains, it will cost the taxpayers more when those homes flood... And they will.

You are in: Gloucestershire > Floods > In pictures: Tewkesbury march

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