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28 October 2014
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You are in: Gloucestershire > Floods > Flood photos: Gallery 1

Flood photos: Gallery 1

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Share your experience of the floods...

madhur jit singh rathore
verry good side i am impreas to this

the water did come in the house but it was good it was not a lot sorry to the poepel who got to have new homes

i am sorry if u git flood in

it covered my 80 f hotel ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mohamed Misrati
what about the future, is there any answer from the goverment?

Sorry for all those people who got affected by the floods but does anyone knowthe causes of it? what natural causes and what human causes?

leroy smith
i had spent some time in the glosterhire for a while and when i was there years ago there was some flooding i was at wharf house by the river and i did swim in the river where the boats were i did this in the summer tewskbury town was so cool and i thank the farmer carl on grange farm true blue cottage for letting me work there it was a shame i had to move away

Ahmed Ghali
I'm a libyan PhD student at the University of Gloucestershire, I live in Cheltenham, we ar as Libyan people love all the English people espicially in the beautiful Cheltenham, we hope the british goverment manage flood problim in Gloucestershire.

OMG its well bad i sooooooooo would not want 2 be there wen that happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!but sorry 4 any 1 who died durin the flood :-(

Ashley Tisdale
luky no one was electrocuted

troi smith
i think it is shocking

john ascam
i was close to drownin

sorry to all those in Gloucestershire. im horribley horrifid abot all these probles, i hope you will recover well and all your possesions are safe and sorry if any family mebers died because of the

wow great site. to bad shenade don't like it!tut tut

Adeola Adebiyi
This was a VERY good site. I reccomend it to others that need to do their homework too. But sorry to those that were part of . x

wow u were badly hit

it was veryvery bad i cryed foran hour

anastasia colonna
check out the one with the yellow bag who looks like a drowned rat. THATS ME ^_^despite the flooding badness, it was REALLY fun. specially sanford park. we went SWIMMING!!

oh it was awful , but i enjoyed swimming down my road and in through moi chambre window :)! my mum didnt though , coz shes so fat she sunk straight to the floor!!!! WOOOOOOOOP i love gloucestershire lotsssss x

Can anyone answer? Was there any flooding in Apple Orchard area in Prestbury? Thank you for your time.

Gui Gazzila
The flooding was horrific, the water came up to your knees. We went without basic supplys for days and anything that touched the water would get contaminated.

global warming is not getting any better cosequenty we all need to do somthing to help it stop!!

Pichai (Paul)
Global warming,climate change .

The sheer quantity of plastic bottles available now can make excellent little "greenhouses" for plants. Put a big cardboard board in the attic and store them away until you have time to make use of them. Simply cut off the bottom of the bottle and remove the screw top and hey prestol .. a free greenhouse.

Melody Adams
Looks like where I live last Friday....Luckily it only lasted a short time unlike what you going thru

Mario! I hope you're doing all right over there. Saw the pics...just horrible :( I have no idea what you guys are going through, but I hope you all get through it! ^_^

Instead of keep using the bowzers to fill up your toilets when it rains take the black back out your bin and put it by the guttering or just leave the bin outside until it's full then put in in your bath and put it back outside until it full again then every you want to flush the toilet just get a jug and get some water out the bath if that helps because the bowzers are going empty...

Awodele Dayo
Here in Lagos, Nigeria Flooding is a yearly occurence, Nigerians in Gloucester might have developed resilience to cope with this development. I really pity everyone whose properties had been damaged by the flood. We send you sunshine from Nigeria.

Michelle & Rachel
we live in Ross-on-Wye & have got family coming from cheltenham & Quedgeley for a bath

Bottled water supply seems excellent for those able to collect it or know when it is to be distributed. Many thanks therefore for that. Filling of bowsers however is very poor by comparison and that is the most important provision required by all. Also, if I lived near flooded "bridges" ie Tredworth .. with commonsence and safety in mind .. I would collect buckets of the collected flood water to use for toilet purposes only.

Gumma Fakhri
I am Libyan student planning at University of Gloucestershire.Really it is very serious crisis But togther to help each ether until this go way . I ask our God for helping and I hope all sefety for all Regards

Please spare a thought for the animals. Cheltenham Animal Shelter have been dependent on donations of bottled water as they were refused a bowser and were told that humans come first.Some of the animals have come from flood victims or have been abandoned.So anyone who has any spare water, the shelter in Gardeners Lane would be very grateful.

How much they exploid the world how much they get for their country

Philip Hemming
i currently live in cheltenham but at the moment cos of the floods i am stuck in hemel hempstead cos the bus i need to catch home is currently not running

I still have clean tapwater which i find odd when all my family have none. We live in gloucester and im having family come to me

Dr. F. Brouquisse
So sorry for people whose homes and belongings have been drowned.Compared to some flash floods in south-east France, fortunately stream velocity seems not to be too high.As far as hydrological hazard is concerned, I'm not aware of the land planning situation in UK, but here we try not to build in flooding areas and to use compensating technics. Hydrological risk has to be taken into consideration at the very beginning of urban development plan process.Sincerely yours

Amy, Churchdown
If you are a customer in need of water my dad, Frank Phillips, who owns the Cornish Catch is doing his best to get water to those who can't leave the house whilst he is on his rounds. What a charitable man he is!! Well done dad!

the water has now gone off on some parts of the outskirts of chelt only we have not seen any browers could some one tell me when we expect to see them?? thanks

It is all very well people slatting the UK and Governement for not having better flood defences but you can guarantee if the Gov had said they were going to spend several billion on flood defences several years ago people would be in up roar as how often does the UK get weather flooded??? Even the best made plans can go wrong when it comes to the weather - its a natural cause - out of human control (to a vast extent!). The matter of it is, it has happened, lesson leanrt now lets get on with coping with it and helping those who need instead of wasting ebnergy moaning!!!

With rain expected .. can listeners put up makeshift plastic sheeting to catch rain and direct it into dustbins or other large containers so that the water can be used in the toilets?

Just down the road from me it's at least waist deep! we were supposed to have our water back on today, and now we've been told that we've actually got to wait another 2 weeks! =[

B, Gloucester
I think it is disgusting to see on the news that people are taking more water then they are allowed to from the free supplies. It is supposed to be 2 packs of water per family not per person. Most people are doing the traditional english thing of queing and taking what is allowed but it seems that others who do not fully understand what they are being told are taking as much as they please even when confronted by the newspeople. In my opinion it seems some people are simply taking it because it free regardless of whether they really need it. Whilst they are being greedy those who really need it will go without. DISGUSTING.

Dave Lucas
Everyone is concerned about building on flood plains. My concern is building. Because the buildings, roads, patios ect any building above flood plain level will increase the size of the flood plain. We have to come up with far more inative methods of building. We might have to get used to the idea that we can't all live in a house on our own or just a single family.The builders should have plenty to do building up new flood defences after the rivers have been deepened and widened. It's no good just improving the flood defences around one town or city that moves the problem around it has to be along the whole lenght of the rivers.

To Peter and Cecilia Tusinski: thank you for thinking of us all here.

I live in cheltenham but i still have cold clean water coming out of the kitchen tap. Why is this?

Cecilia Tusinski
I can't believe how bad this whole thing is - I finally got to see pics on the BBC website after hearing a brief news item on US public radio.....we got married in Chipping Sodbury and lived in Hambrook and at Rodford Farm near Yate - many friends in Bristol and Cheltenham area I do hope you're all OK: we're trying to clear the clouds away by sending some sunshine from Massachusetts your way - love and strength to all, Peter and Cecilia

A big thank you to all the service personell - firemen, ambulance staff, police, navy, airforce and others for all the hard work. We are very grateful that they managed to keep the electricity supply working against all odds. Blessings to all.

Neil Duffield
There are some great suggestions on here, especially Rachel. I travel to Holland often and from experience I know that the Dutch would have a decent system in place to guard against flooding.The UK should be ashamed of itself for its complacent attitude and for its blinkered stupidity. Flood defences are not complex compared with so much in the world today. Let’s get on with it. It will only get worse if we don’t invest serious money and not doing it will cost more when we get the next “exceptional” flood. Wake up!!!



WOW! this looks like our floods in the states. So sorry , know what you are going through

I have never been in a flood myself so i don't know what it is like. My heart does go out to all those who are in the flood and i would just like to say: the goverment should get off the backsides and do somethink because if it gets any worse and all the power goes then what are all the people going to do to eat a proper cooked meal? What are all the mothers going to do for the babies that are on bottled milk and need there bottles sterilised? What do they expect everyone to do, starve themselfs and there children?Come on goverment it about time you did somethink decent and thought about other people other then yourselfs and how you can make more money. Don't you think you get enough money out of us how about useing it for somethink useful?

just like to say thank-you to all those who worked throughout the night to keep the sub-station from flooding hence ensuring that we have power to-day I mean a really big THANK-YOU

kevin green
sara crew mamber on site from friday through to monday many thanks to morisosns at tewskbury for all the free food

David Letson
A good record- hard to believe having just visited the area by narraow boat last October

For those of you who sent aid to the appeals for overseas - please remember 'Charity begins at Home'

I used to live in Tewkebury but im now living in Northampton.My family live all over gloucestershire my brother and neice in in tewkesbury and cousins in gloucester and cheltenham.Without water personal hygiene is going to go down i think wet wipes should be given out to families too as well as drinking water just to make people little more comfortble!

It took 1 1/2 hours on Friday to get from the centre of Cheltenham to the Park and Ride at the end of the Golden Valley Bypass. Thanks to BBC Radio Gloucestershire for their brilliant coverage so that I knew what was going on and where to avoid. It did take me a further 2 hours to get home but I also believe better to arrive safe and late than not at all. I was saddened to see a lot of selfish, arrogant people rushing, cutting people up etc.. and going nowhere. When I got home to find the front of my house flooded, arrogant idiots trying to drive through the floods and saturating my already flooded front door making waves and leaving me hoping they would get stuck! Not very charitable, I know. There are some fantastic genuine, warmhearted Gloucester people out there and they are doing all they can but none of them were in Asda yesterday... a war zone.... have patience, relax, don't try to fix those things you can't just those you can.

As sorry as I am for all those who are affected by the flood the blame goes to everybody that still dreams the dream of democracy with politician-thugs at the helm, caring more about upgrading the nuclear arsenal of the British Forces and going to senseless wars and wasting all the money that is required to match GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.But I guess they don't talk about that in all those stupid game shows on TV.What goes around comes around. Wake up people and take Your fortune in Your own hands. Politicians are parasites that won't let go off the host until either one is dead.God Save The Queen and all my friends in England.

I was born and bred in Cheltenham. I live in Phoenix Arizona now. It amazes me how they conserve water here in the desert. They need to dam the Severn and Avon and like Alan below said, need to dredge the rivers and canals again and channel it to the sea. The problem is just going to get worse as the years go by.

richard ridler
just looking at the flood pics,now live in edmonton, canada,36 c,and bone dry,remember my cottage getting flooded 7 years ago,now my daughter lives there and flooded again....profits before people..folks..take care over there

A Non
Gloucestershire could face a humanitarian crisis if the electric goes off as well as the water = no way for many to boil water, cook, keep warm. The government should be doing more - we are facing a national emergency.

i have a friend in gloucester, my heart goes out to all in the floods, been there seen that before, but will the gov't cough up compensation for these victims, being as they allow building on flood plains, who is going to take the responceibilty for lack of drainage, be a different tale if it was them flooded in their homes. Chins up folks.

Mervyn H
I now live in SE Ga,and am currently on hols in Tuscon AZ,where they are experiencing their monsoon season.It doesnt compare in any way to the terrible floods in my home city of Gloucester.I pray that my family and many close friends are safe and well.

Sue Poore
We're praying for the flood waters to subside soon and that everyone may find safe shelter!!

Jacy Lopes
I live in São Paulo/Brazil.I feel very sorry for what is happening in Gloucester and in England.My prayer is that God help all these people that are suffering so much.

Anthony Allan De-Rouese

jack williams
i think that this had been the worst flooding or a while and we should think about how to make it so we dont flood as bad

Doantek would be a GREAT time for those boats/cars ^_^

Jexi Flerkov
You peepels need get use to it... more to come and it is only summer....

Valerie Gobie
Can anyone tell me how Bengeworth Cemetary fared in Evesham?Also Arle Cheltenham?

Peter Barry
Please read: Schmittner KE and Giresse P(1996) Modelling and application of the geomorphic and environmental controls on flash flood flow. Geomorphology 16:337-347.

What about all the thousands of earthworms Drowned in their holes!!

Carole Smith
PLEASE - Does anyone know if Bredon is supplied by the Mythe water treatment depot. We need to prepare if it is but have had conflicting reports.

we are on holiday in crete at the moment. we live in quedgeley, and are getting updates moment by moment from my daughter, who is back home working in cheltenham.

Leo and Elly Meerman from Holland
We do have friends who are living in Gloucester Longlevens terrible to see this because it remember us from 1952 when the water was coming on our Island in Holland.

I had a nightmare journey to through Bishops Cleeve jus to get home from work but I would like to praise the hard work of BBC Radio Gloucestershire. The traffic information the weather bulletins and just keeping the County connected. The hard work of all the staff is much appreciated and very under rated!

I had a nightmare journey to through Bishops Cleeve jus to get home from work but I would like to praise the hard work of BBC Radio Gloucestershire. The traffic information the weather bulletins and just keeping the County connected. The hard work of all the staff is much appreciated and very under rated!

alan grigg
Why do we not dredge the rivers and canals so they carry the water that they used too before privatisation of the water

Does anyone know what the situation is in Churchdown Gloucestershire at the moment and how bad it is?Appreciate it if someone can tell me. It seems like its pretty bad.My thoughts are with all affected.

So whens the hose-pipe ban coming in then?

Im from Gloucester and my sister lives there and was on the phone cring earlier as the water was apparently going off and people were losing electricity.People are having milk and bottled water rationed to them beacause of the shortage, and also petrol stations have doubled the price of milk beacause there is such a vast amount needed! My sympathy and thoughts are with everyone affected by the floods.

imogen dobie
oh my gosh, this is me and my friends on Friday, trying to get back to my house, which was completely flooded.We were up to our waists trying to walk through Sandford Park. Dramatic.

oh my god I am from gloucestershire and I can't imagine what my family and friends are going thought at the moment...I live in australia and I feel helpless...I just hope everyone will be ok its a worry god bless everyone love mandy from chalford glouscestershire

it's about time the builders and developers took their fare share of the blame. they make huge profits then walk away

A huge thank you to all the staff at the Holiday Inn Gloucester who opened up meeting rooms for people to bed down in and issued as many blankets, duvets, pillows as they could find and for issuing free tea and coffee. I left Devon at 10.30am Friday morning and arrived home in Northants at 8.30am Sat morning.

hannah and charlotte
has the triangle in longlevens flooded coz our best friend lives there

Daniel! Yes please, we are desperate here in Queensland. Our sympathy and thoughts are with all affected in U.K.But please? Send some rain here?

Ellie Coombs
I was on a national express coach coming back from London on Friday. It took me 8 1/2 hours to get to Cheltenham! It was only then that I found out I couldn't get home to Bishop's Cleeve because it was under water!

Terry Peachey
I haven't yet heard the obvious suggestion that people put buckets, bowls etc outside to collect rainwater for the loo! Just a suggestion to alleviate the use of bottled water.

Moira & John Dunn
we are pictured stranded outside train station on Friday afternoon - this was a gross irresponsiblity by Virgin as they could have got us to stay in Bristol that day already knowing the problems ahead but instead chose to dump an extra 500/600 people with small children etc on a town that was already in great distress

im in that picture:)

Donna, Coral, Katie and Lauren
Can't believe how crazy everyone is going over the flooding. We managed to get caught up in a scrum for milk in Sainsburys this afternoon!!!!

Totally agree with Eric Temple. How bad would Tewkesbury flooding be if Wheatpieces & new Walton Cardiff developments had not been allowed on the flood plain. A national enquiry should be held!

i cant believe this weather!

matt 4x4er
the biggest mistake i see is how people try and go flat out threw deep water in their cars. you need to push a bow wave and stay close behind it because it creates a false low in it's wake which you can drive within with less chance of flooding your engine bay - you over take it and you are in deeper water ! also if it gets away the wake closes on you! drive slow people and don't chance it if it looks too deep

Gerry Thorpe
Tried to reach Berkely JoustFriday travelled down fromArmthorpe S Yorks left 10 amGot within 5miles of Berkelybut road flooded badly.Managed to turn round with caravan but took us while 1am Saturday to get home dueto M5 blocked at Strenshamfrom Jcn13 it took 5hrs toreach Strensham.Our hearts go out to all whohave suffered in this catastrophe. Emergency services all need medals

Eric Temple
Surely the property developers should take some of the financial responsibilties for building on known 'flood plains'.

Send it to Australia. And maybe we could send some sporting talent in return.

fridays travel from gloucester to forest 4hrs and 6 1/2 hrs what nightmare journey's !!!

Dennis Trowbridge
Friday - Left Ross on Wye at 3pm, back into Gloucester at just after Midnight!! Unbelieveable. Thanks to the Police on the A40 for advising a route from Over to Abbeymead.. Went via the new sounthern by-pass, then along eastern aveneue.....

Re Food Picture No 2Should read Greet Road not Broadway Road

Weather records are being broken month after month, year after year. How much more proof does anyone need?

Myles Campbell
My daughter Debbie Flay and her husband Garry live in in brought it home to see the devistation in Glos,We live in Florida thank you for the photos.We just got off the phone with them and can now see everyone's terrible ordeal.

Sarah Berry
I live in France now, but was from the Forest of Dean before moving here - I am so gutted for all t hose who have been affected - it seems unreal.Why when there are so many warnings, does this much damage happen to people and their homes?Good luck to those who need it

I knew somebody would blame the unproven climate change.What has happened is weather.

I got stranded in Ledbury and couldn't get back to Gloucester. Fortunately I stayed with a friend overnight but it looked as though the Feathers Hotel was doing a great job looking after stranded people.

charlotte hearn
i cant believe how bad the flooding is, all in one house is completly drowned!everything wrecked.

Heather Gane
We abandoned our journey home at 4.40pm Friday after trying to come home to the Forest after visiting my mum at GRH. We parked up at the Longford Inn on Tewkesbury Road. We stayed there until 11.00pm then got took in by the Capio Winfield Hospital next to the Longford. We cannot say thank you enough to the staff who made us very welcome and comfortable.

Kelly Gabb
I just want to say thank to the staff in Toys R Us Gloucester for helping with a kettle when my 3 month old (rather upset) baby girl was over due a feed! It took us over 7 hours to get from Gloucester to Dursley!!!

Has this woken up Gloucestershire Council to the fact that ALL drains have to be cleaned and cleared REGULARLY ???

I live in Toronto now but my folks still live in Churchdown, and watching what's going on with the flooding is pretty scary.

Simon F.O.D.
How long will it be till a hosepipe ban?

I just got to Carlisle Cumbria at 1.30pm today after 20 hours of road, flooding and rain. Coming from Bristol it took me 10 and a half hours to drive 40 miles on the M5 and i had rivers passing underneath. I was so shocked. But, anyway thank you David from BBC Gloucs for providing mental sanity and good music to all the thousands of motorist stranded on the county roads. You've got a devotes cumbrian fan now.

Where Oh where have the road men gone, you know, the one's who used to dig out the ditches so water was never seen running down the road!

The police diverted everyone by tesco express away and into Tredworth(? i think), where we subsequently all got locked in by a quickly rising moat. It was quite scary but loads of people were helping eachother out. Special thanks to the woman that let me use her toilet! Hope everyone there has recovered this morning.

I had to wade through water up to my waist on a road to take hot water to my friend's house. Their power has gone off, and their house is flooded. We live in Tewkesbury. Awful weather!

Madeline Wakefield
I got stranded at Swindon railway station yesterday - the complimentary hot drinks were great but they ran out of water to make them with! How bizarre is that!

Took me an hour to get from the city to Hardwicke last night after work - the Bristol Road was impassable between Tesco Express & The Avenue, where more water was bubbling up from the drains through the floods!

I'm from Gloucester but now live in Australia. Unfortunatly I own a rental house on weston road and it's flooded. I had to have a look at your pictures because i just cant believe it! It's unbelieveable, I really feel for everyone who is affected.

Dan Smith
Why couldn't Glos Pol. Do more to help those trapped at Highnam court roundabout, instead they took PHOTO'S of drivers, so they could prosecute them afterwards! they should have helped!!!

Bob Windsor
My next door neighbours green house flooded. Is this to do with climate change?

It took me 5 hours yesterday to get from the Cheltenham end of the Golden Valley (A40) to Elmbridge court roundabout!

That is seriously SO upsetting. I have never seen rain that bad in my life.

Shaun Moore
Wow! Some incrediables scenes throughout the county. Now I think we need to talk about Climate Change. Well Done! To David Aston and all the team at BBC Radio Gloucestershire for providing a fantastic service to us flood victims!

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