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24 September 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Photos: January's weather

Photos: January's weather

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What's it like where you are?

i cant believe the weather we are having this year so far its unbeleivable. is it never going to stop

I am on top of a mountain in east Germany.There is snow all around and it is very cold.I am not coming back to Gloucester till April as i fly to Grancanaria tomorrow to keep warm,But i have Radio Gloucester to listen to on my travels. love to Gloucester for me.RICK:xxxxx

The "field" more like a lake in the background of this photo is a ridge and furrow field and in the worst of the furrows the water is 4-5 foot deep.

Bradley DM
We've had 6 inches of snow since breakfast! That was 3 hours ago.That's nothing really. We had a total 169" of snowfall last winter...32" less than the next big town. Oh, did I mention that I live in Upstate New York??!!?? Remember, don't use your breaks too much, steer into the skid and dress properly so you don't freeze yourself when you have to get out and walk. Keep smiling Gloucestershire. PS: Wish I had your weather instead of mine!

James Flimbo
Cleeve hill had heavy snowfall, still there on saturday. It settled in bishops cleeve for a while, until it melted due to rain later in the night

David Harrison
Was trying to get to Gloucester along the A417, no problem till I past Cirencester. Got level to Winstone and just stopped at 5:15pm. Managed to get off A417 and turn back to Swindon but after getting stuck on side roads, helping other drivers push their car and then a driver helping me . Was back on the A417 heading for Swindon just after 7pm!

Villager in Aston on Carrant
Aston on Carrant is under water again. The farmer is ferryign people in adn out of the village on his tractor. My partner is stuck on Birdlip Hill in the snow and ice and has not moved in 3 hours. There were no severe weather warnings given today and we did not expect floods. My daughter tells me Tewkesbury is flooding again. We were not prepared for a repeat of July 20th

Reb Deacon
all very well saying don't go out in car - STILL no news at all about what is being done to help those already stuck (417) - NO warning whatsoever that it would snow before my husband set out to come home early from work.

You are in: Gloucestershire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Photos: January's weather

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