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24 September 2014

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Cheese Rolling

You are in: Gloucestershire > Our Crazy County > Cheese Rolling > Photos: Cheese Rolling 2008

Photos: Cheese Rolling 2008

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Cheese Rolling is weird....

Corey Mead
I was a St.John's Ambulance Cadet on duty there on that day and the amount of casualties I had to treat were diabolical

Megan Peacey
i do not want to be rolling down that very dangerous and steep hill you could brake your nek

Mrs Cheese
Well i've been a proffesional cheese roller for over 35 years and i was so involved with it that i married someone with a second name of cheese. I don't really like him but i like his name.

joe smith shrewsbury
i love cheese rolling, how do u enter to get to take part init :) cya there.

Taylor Sammi and Jill
We Looooove cheese! We are just so in love with it! Make me some Nachos!

bella swan
i think that this website is awesome! and so is cheese rolling.

katie pierson
i think cheese rolling is AMAZING"!!!

i think its very crazy!!!! it would be very painful!! im glad adults do it and not kiddss

Looks like jolly good fun, except i would not take a go looks painful..

It looks soooooooooooooo much fun! I want to have a go!!!!!!!!!

Cheese rowling looks really funny.

andrew guppy
bravo love it all, so does my sis XD

Donna Basham
Looks like alot of fun!! Beaverton, Oregon

Paul bennet
I thought I was daring infiltrating the 'Shed end' at Chelsea matches during the bad days of the 1980's. As soon as my team, West Ham, took the lead I would announce my preference for said team. the sprint for the exit was somewhat fraught I can assure you! However I would like to give a 'hat's off' to the bravery of the cheeserolling contestants. Well done guys I salute you.

was ur photograher a gap year student from kindergarden? Pics are pretty awful and do nowt for the real feel for the event. Big bad BOOO to the bbc

Aaron Gordon
Yeah i was one of those willing volunteers for an hour and a half was absolutly caked i am at the back in the brown top hehe always willing to help

Having left the UK last year it was a great surprise to see the Cheese Rolling featured on KritiTV last evening

Naomi Anderson
Congratulations to Chris Anderson ... (my cousin) for winning the 1st race this year.It was fun to be there and give him good support.Everybody that takes part is brave and fearless.Well done everyone. :)

The outcome..two broken toes, KO, suspected broken vertibrae!!! Wont be showing this pic to mum!!

chris anderson
wahoooooooooo!!!!!!!! i won again 4 years in a row get in

Clurrrr from Bham
Fantastic day yet again. We have been visiting Coopers Hill for a few yrs on Cheese Roll day. It was the worst weather I have witnessed so far on the hill but still gonna come back next yr (just glad we decided against camping). Keep up the good work guys, so many of us still enjoy it every year. Thanks for a great day!!

The Anti-lauren
Lauren: get a life girl! People like you stay in when it's wet and walk only on the inside of the pavement! Ugh! By the way; learn to spell girl!

Boring, boring Lauren!! Get a life, please! The event was brilliant; the rain and wind just added to the festival like atmosphere.

Peter, Maybe you'd like to help with the organisation next year? I doubt you'd be complaining then.Lauren, There's a simple solution for you... Please stay away and dont watch if you dont like it. Millions of people love it. Stick to knitting instead.

i think it is dangerous and this should not be aloud to happen.

John Graham
It's great to see historical events like this continuing to take place, particularly when many have been cancelled or altered beyond all recognition because of overly restrictive (and costly) Health and Safety regulations. There was a great atmosphere and a real sense of community occasion. Thanks go out to all the lunatics who kept the wet crowd entertained.

Great Laugh. Great event. Methinks if the organisers were to run an ale bar this could bring in some extra well-earned revenue & be most welcome for us spectators or contestants. A lot of people had a lot of fun. Thank You!

Lucy and Leon
Wonder what those red and green blobs are in the background? That is us in full body giant squid costumes on our stag and hen do!PS thank you to the brave and longsuffering St John's people, especially those suffering in the wind at the top.

Queued up for 2 hours but got pushed out of queue when loads of us slipped off the slope mear the entrance gate. The event organisation was absurd!

we got there at 10 and you can just see me behind the st johns people. the rain made it more fun and better to go down. also on the way back to the car me and my sister slid over in the mudd and were covered but we didnt mind we had a great day out and have planned to go back next year whatever the weather !!frm emily 13 years old x

Drove down from Essex with my family , the rain did not spoil what was a terrific event. Well Done all!

We turned up for our first ever cheese-rolling all kitted out to brave the torrential rain, sat in a queue of traffic for about half an hour trying to get to the site (after taking a detour round the even longer queue coming from the main Gloucester road), finally got there just after 12 .... and were turned away by the police who were telling everyone that the races were all finished and there was nothing to see!!! Looking at the website the races were still clearly running until about 1.30, and attendance was down on previous years, so why were the police turning everyone away and causing absolute traffic chaos in the process??Such a pity - we'll be trying to attend again next time ... police allowing!

Amazing fun. I ran in one of the later unofficial races, would love to see if any one has a footage of the later races.

karen and tim from maidstone
absolutely fantastic day of fun, despite the rain - or perhaps because of the rain?!

An amazing day - your photos dont do it justice

Dave "Ginge" K
What a hoot! Had a thoroughly enjoyable day despite the weather. I think there should be an over 40's race as I would really like to enter my friends especially Paul Bennett, Gary G., Aggie, Guy, Taz, & Si, They could call it the 'should know better' race.

You are in: Gloucestershire > Our Crazy County > Cheese Rolling > Photos: Cheese Rolling 2008

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