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13 November 2014

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Weird Gloucestershire

You are in: Gloucestershire > History > Weird Gloucestershire > A ghost in the attic?

A ghost in the attic?

Our panoramic photos are pretty unique as it is, but this one taken at Berkeley's Edward Jenner Museum goes quite a bit further. See why and share your own thoughts on the subject.

A view of the attic inside Edward Jenner's former home WITH the strange shape

Photo taken: Thursday 14 May 2009

BBC Gloucestershire's Chris Sandys visited the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley with his panoramic camera aiming to take some unique photos for this website.

Little did he know that the results would prove quite so popular.

The above photo shows the original digital image produced by the camera, with a comparison below, taken four days later.

As soon as taking the above photo, Chris reviewed the image in the camera's viewfinder and noticed the strange formation of light through the doorway.

Double taking between the camera and the doorway, Chris was left with no idea why the digital camera was showing the result it did.

A view of the attic inside Edward Jenner's former home WITHOUT the strange shape

Photo taken: Monday 18 May 2009

"It's very intriguing," says Sarah Parker, Director of the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley.

"You can basically see through a doorway what looks like a figure reclining in a chair, only there is no chair there.

"I don't know whether I believe in ghosts or not but I've never seen a ghost, certainly not in the attic."

Could it be the ghost of Edward Jenner himself?

"Who knows! Or a servant of Edward Jenner? There were soldiers billeted in the attic during the 19th and 20th century, so it could be a soldier!"

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created: 18/05/2009

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ahmad naweed
damn thats one freeky pic man so scary noooooooooooooooo


SSCCAARRY i didnt no about edward jenner until earlier last week

so not scary

the chair has also been moved

thats quite strange isnt it


Nice Ghost!!!

it is scary!

Help, is a ghost in the attic!

The bottles on the table have also moved?

There are 3 Ghost in the Pic if not more! I have many Ghost Pics Myself of my family members. So i believe they get on cam when they take a notion too! I see the man in middle Plain as day. he looks as if he hurried and run and sit down for the pic as you can see the length of his jeans running the entire length of the graphic practically and he is pretty much just holding himself up with the two pieces of furniture. I see a womens face off the left of the him in the pic and Is anyone seeing what looks like a grey haired man in the upper left corner? the man with grey hair is in some type of dark colored uniform. I just looked up Edward Jenner and let me tell ya he is the grey haired Guy in the upper left corner in the uniform and you can even see the white and everything of his outfit! If you look at the full size Pic I bet he is in Plain detail!

If you zoom in on this photo, it does look like a man with no shirt on. If you look to the left there is also an image of a woman's face.if you compare the two photos,look at the objects on the table they have been moved and the book on the chair has gone. I think that's down to Museum Staff. Interesting Photo but not convincing enough for me.

dave gray
this looks genuine to me not a fake pic like some are would love to investigate as part my lpi group sometime

It's an image of the photographer himself. He's set the 10 second time lapse on his camera then walked away creating the fuzzy image. Simple!

Jordan Nash
why don't you get the most haunted team in, it looks convincing the picture does.

Rhys Davies
its a long exposure, you can see the trail of the photographer walking through the door to where the 'ghost photographer'is! On a long exposure the photographers image just leaves a see through trail and a misty shape when he sat still for a bit.

Looks like a man with no shirt on and trousers pulled up like Simon Cowell, It must be a older man. it looks like a face is to his right (our left).

A Spoon
Yes you can see blue trousers. This is because the photographer was wearing blue trousers. Its merely him captured on the photo. You can see the trails where his legs are moving (from the bottom of the picture to the top). Also you can see his shoes. Look again with this in mind and your brain will make you see it!

To be honest I don't see what the fuss is about, to me that barely looks like anything, if I had taken that photo I wouldn't even notice it. Of course it kinda reminds of a human being but it's just light. And I'm not even a skeptic when it comes to these things.

David Hume
Everyone: please Google 'Occam's Razor'.

This is stupid, I cannot believe it actually made the regional news.

Jason Karlos
I would like to see a proper medium do an investigation there like Ian Lawman. I like the pic but would like to know more about its background.

Paul Burgess
I think the photographer has taken the second image to illustrate what the scene should look like. The image itself is very spooky, you wouldn't catch me in an attic like that :D. There's a very distinctive white object above what I think it supposed to be the head, could this be a soldiers cocked hat? zoomed in it also looks like the man has a mustache. I do believe in ghosts and even though this could quite easily be created in photoshop I also think why bother, so I do believe it is quite genuine.

Ella +& Claraa
i find this picture very convinsing. How lucky are you to catch it on camera. A very good picture though i cannot see him sitting down. I can see a man in blue jeans carrying a head oooooh spooky hope we get more like this.

ellie hunt
wow I think is so cool cool as cool

its a bloke having a crafty fag in the attic.woooooooooo i like spookies thers one in our house we often see it its a young lady and hides keys and jewelry' family and friends who have stayed for the night wake up with a young lady looking at them then she disapears we think it was her bedroom.

Ethan Myers
I think that the ghost is Edward Jenner holding his wife or would be better if he took a picture 1 or 2 hours later on that day.

Alice Parker
When I saw the picture on tv I felt so frightened I didn't know what to think, I was amazed,mt mum doesn't belive in it but I do

Ido believe in ghosts this is vey intresting i think this is a man during the war.

I can't see anything!LIER

valerie ford
no more than a trick of the light

The Land of Grimney
I have seen some very strange things in my travels.... That is quite a strange thing too. At first I thought it a trick of the light, but as I look at it more closely I am not so sure.....

Well into ghosts total believer seen loads of pictures and this i cant make head nor tale of and would wish the BBC did not raise my hopes with a transformation of light.

Helen Heaton
When I first saw this picture, I was sure I could see the image of a soldier running towards the camera, holding a bayonnet in his right hand, it was later that I read the article and saw that soldiers had been billetted and the Museum, this sent shivers down my spine!!

amazing what people can do with photoshop

looks like a badly stuffed guy fawkes.

B Kuk (Parasoc)
As is usual when ghostly images are seen in photos they are often not noticed at the time the picture is taken, in some cases this can be many days, months even years later, which is a shame because it means there is no immediate second photo for comparison to be had and as mentioned the second photo here shows the room 4 days after which is too late. The thing people have to remember is we do not have all the facts and details before us so without those this image could be any number of things, and yes even possibly a ghost, so until further evidence is produced who knows for sure? P.S. a copy of the original photo would be nice to see.

kelly carlean hogan
i think this is all true because even i have seen a real life ghost,it was my grandads because he passed away a week before i seen it.

shaun chambers
i was very excited to see this photograph, and it is very convising indeed.

Says the second photo was taken 4 days later

Might be a publicity stunt for the 'ghosts in the attic' exhibition?!

David Smith
I do believe in ghosts, but i'm a bit skeptical abbut this one. They claim two pictures were taken simultaneously, one showing the image one not. If this were true it would add great credibilty to the photo, but look at the bottles on the table. They have moved. So obviously the pictures were taken at different times. Although the image of the head on the left bed when zoomed in is interesting.

i zoomed in three times, and i am quite certain i can make up a pair of breasts on the "ghost", a woman maybe? or "moob"?plus, you could potentially argue that the "ghost" has a "shadow", that slant forward suiting the source of the light.i'm a sceptic, but that freaked me out a bit so i decided not to zoom furtherto be fair, it's 1230 midnight and i'm all alone at home

I believe in ghosts, for I have worked in a few places that are suposed to be haunted, i.e The New Inn, Glos. But in this instance could it be a simple case of change of lighting, look at both pics! one pic is brighter on the inside where in the background there is no figure. In the other pic it is darker on the inside, but lighter on the outside, which seems to be casting a figure in the doorway! The mind can play tricks with you just as well as light can. light casts shadows, shadows cast doubts.


Trevor Wood
Most probably is a ghost. There is no doubt that ghosts do exist, that people do survive physical death and some remain as earthbound entities, there is already a vast amount of evidence which is overwhelming.

helen mountford
wow , it appears they have caught something in the photo, I can definatley see a man with what looks like a bandage round his head sitting in achair.SPOOKY

Trystan Swale (
It's no more than a simulacrum caused by the light. Look closer at the alleged figure ... it's completely out of proportion. The human mind likes to make sense of otherwise random images due to an effect called pareidolia. It explains why we see the face of Jesus on football pitches, letters in clouds, Mother Theresa in a cinnamon whirl and the Arabic spelling of 'Allah' on the side of a fish!

I. I'Anson
This is very interesting- images very like this have been recorded on much more primitive equipment in the past. The long exposure times required on early cameras led to the suggestion that images of this sort occurred due to the transient appearance of eg, servants, in the frame during these exposures. That modern digital imaging equipment, with near instantaneous exposure times have been seen to produce a comparable image does, in my view, cast doubt on this explanation. It is peculiar that an image recorded by a camera was not observed simultaneously by the human eye (which is, after all, a camera), is also interesting, and imeediately begs the question 'what physical differences exist between the detection capabilities of a camera and a human eye?'

This is spooky, the more I look at it the more it looks like a guy with blue trousers slouching in a chair. Very cool and I'm sure it will be a world famous image. Well done Chris.

This is obviosly donkey kong holding a some money or the film of christmas past or jack the ripper come back to life or maby a sandwich from the camera crew!

Tim Davies
It looks one of the more convincing ghost pictures I've seen!

You are in: Gloucestershire > History > Weird Gloucestershire > A ghost in the attic?

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