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13 November 2014

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Miriam Davies at the Bloom Festival 2008

Miriam at the Bloom Festival 2008

Bloom and gloom!

The Bloom Festival 2008 moved to a new home this August with music lovers from around the county descending upon a very wet "Seven Springs" near Cheltenham. Blast reporter Miriam Davies was there and she writes the following...

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The rain had already comfortably set in by the time I arrived at the slurry farm tracks which edged the Bloom Festival. 

"I don't think there was a single soul not dampened, in part, by the weather."

Miriam Davies

I had eaten my three meals for the day before 11 so I was ready for whatever Bloom could throw at me. 

I set out my two man tent with gusto but found the poles missing. Undefeated, my friend and I crammed into the glorified door mat we had brought in reserve and cracked open a carton of wine!

We reached the sodden, under populated arena in time for the XX Teens only to be confronted by a purple suited front man with zombie eyes. 

'Flipron', the new 5 O'Clock slot, was, in my eyes, a psychedelic success. The sardonic 'Zombie Blues' seemed comically apt to me and the spattered spectators. 

Miriam Davies at the Bloom Festival 2008


With 'smell of rotten flesh' on my mind I wandered off. 

And the rain continued. On my way back to the tent to pick up my pick-me-up-wine parcel, I met people trickling home: the worth of a hot bath, outweighing the wet sight of a good band.

Roni Size Reprazent kick started the evening. I jumped and warmed somewhat. 

The Stereo MC's, who I hadn't before 'connected' to that song, stole my Saturday night. 

Rob Birch, the timeless vocalist, demonstrated that he really didn't leave it in the nineties.

The sun sank into the same soggy cloud it rose from.  Four hours later I sank down into a similarly soggy sleeping bag.

Miriam Davies at the Bloom Festival 2008


Sunday saw even fewer faces. I heard rumours of 'buy three get one free' ticket sales.

 The rain stopped long enough to un-peg and wrap the tent back in it’s bag. 

There were four bananas left in the ration pack. The three pound cash point tariff determined a sans-sustenance day. 

The rain continued and the bands played on: Dom Coyote, James Yuill and Hot 8 Brass band rounded off my Bloom.

The bands, if playing in the right order, or indeed, at all, were impressive. But I don't think there was a single soul not dampened, in part, by the weather.

Mixed Reviews

The Festival's forum, a day later, displays some fairly bitter complaints. 

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Someone titled Doom and Gloom ends his list of criticisms with 'Bloom R.I.P: Real Improvement Possible' ...or Rain Impairs Potential perhaps?

last updated: 25/09/2008 at 18:14
created: 12/08/2008

You are in: Gloucestershire > Blast > Bloom and gloom!


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