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13 November 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > Olympics > Spotlight: Sharon Laws

Sharon Laws (Getty image)

Sharon Laws (Getty image)

Spotlight: Sharon Laws

Let us introduce the athletes, linked with Gloucestershire, who took part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Here we turn the spotlight on cyclist Sharon Laws who grew up in Bourton-on-the-Water and HER MUM (!!), Joy, tells us a bit about her...

"It is very emotional when you've got your daughter doing this sort of thing out of the's just completely surreal."

Sharon's mum, Joy

What is the first race you remember your dauther, Sharon, watching?

Not necessarily her watching - this cycle racing has actually come out of the blue. What happened was that she went away from home more or less as she left school and I think the cycling kicked off in South Africa because of the cycling culture there and also it was a way for her to get to know people.

You have no idea what my daughter's life has been like since she left home, from 18 to 34 - it's incredible!

What has been her worst fashion crime?

She is not a girly girly - she is only really happy in sports gear or cycling gear. Her worst fashion crime is that she has never ever had any interest in fashion whatsoever.

Sharon Laws (Getty image)

Sharon Laws

If money was no object, what would be the first thing Sharon would buy?

She really wants a coffee shop in the Pyrenees and to take people on cycle tours - that is her dream.

What's her favourite biscuit?

I think she'd go for a blueberry muffin rather than biscuit. She doesn't eat biscuits and is very particular about what she eats.

She does have a quirk - she slices bananas in half, fills them with peanut butter to make a sandwich and then puts them in the freezer to eat them frozen.

That has been going on for many years! It's all goodness isn't it? The banana's good for you and so is the peanut butter.

Who is the most famous person with your daughter's christian name?

Well I suppose Sharron Davies, although she spells her name with a double 'r'.

Can she play a musical instrument?

She played the recorder...badly. There's not an awful lot of musical talent in my daughter.

What is her nickname?

I think just 'Shaz' - it's not a very nice one but that has come up through her schooling.

Has cycling ever brought Sharon, or yourself, to tears?

Oh Sharon's in tears all the time! Certainly it has brought me to tears, even listening to BBC Radio Gloucestershire when she was interviewed the other week.

It is very emotional when you've got your daughter doing this sort of thing out of the's just completely surreal.

Sharon will be in tears because of feeling that she's not doing her best when everybody knows she gives 110% all the time - she's a very determined young lady.

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Send Sharon a message of support here...

Anna McCormack
Can't manage to track down an up-to-date email for you, but just saw you on tv (caught your name whilst flicking past a road race I wouldn't have normally paused to watch and - as you can imagine - was then glued!). I was remembering that day cycling in, late, to work from RCC training, trying to keep you on my back wheel, with Steven Seaton off in front of us.....I doubt I would be staying on your wheel in a million years, now. Way to go, girl! Anna

Jonathan Stacey
Hi SharonCongratulations on your Olympian achievements and on finding your star and becoming one!! It all makes sense now - the significance of those awesome early morning desert runs in Namibia and your death defying cycling commutes across London, etc - keep on going and enjoy!!Jonathan x

Bourton on the Water Parish Council
Sorry for the delay in replying - internet down all week!Brilliant and very exciting race, very well done. It was lovely to have seen so much of you throughout the race, and hopefully you didn't suffer any further injuries.Congratulations from us all in Bourton on the Water.

Tim Johnson
Well done Sharon! You did amazingly especially considering those weather conditions. You did us all proud. Tim

Rob & Juliet , Katy ,Lucy & TimJohnson
Dear Sharon.What a magnificent acheivement !! You are really amazing. Such a superb effort we were all on the edge of our seats cheering you all the way. Sure this is just the begining of greater things for you ! We are all so proud of you ! you are continualy being mentioned on Radio Glos today.Well done! The Johnsons

Wendi, Andy, Ben & Abi
Very well done!! You made us all so proud. The family watched the whole thing from Switzerland, with many a text flying between there & the UK. Sending loads of love xxxx

A great achievement Sharon,we were all very excited and proud watching you on the TV,you had so much coverage.See you soonLove Richard,Claire and Daniel

paddy...alex inglis,now simon inglis
when on earth did you start cycling?? can only remember you in a school hockey uniform..big congrats hun.let us know when ya back in the cotswolds x

Tessa Mackay
Woo hoo!!! I saw you race today. Am very very proud of you blossom!(from me in an also soggy Toronto)love and big hugs, Tess

Valerie C. Jones
very well done under very difficult circumstances, the wether looked dreadfulAll the very best .Valerie

Graham Parsons
Thrilled to hear of your success for Great Britain!! Very proud of your efforts, well done. Perhaps I will get to meet up with you again, having seen you, albeit briefly, at your mother's in Bourton on the Water last year. Say hello to cousin Joy (your mother) when you next see her, please.

Norm and Ali Lane
Hi Sharon,Well done in the race today. You were up there among the best of them and got lots of credit for your part in the GB success. Very exciting seeing you on TV. Enjoy the rest of your time there.Lots of loveNorm, Ali & the gang

Jo Evans and family
Well done Sharon you had us on the edge of our seats.An amazing achievement

Paul McCarty
Sharon, nearly dropped my bowl of cornflakes when I saw you on TV this morning racing in the olympics. Well done, what a fantastic race, so proud of you. Lots of love Paul, Caroline and Harry McCarty PS fancy an adventure race when you get back??

Barbara Cobb, South Africa
Hey Sharon, just watched you race and it was awesome. Had loads of fun trying to find you in amongst all those people, and sending messages between Adrienne and Elaine keeping updated. Lots of cheering every time we saw you on the screen. It must have been amazing for you. Well done!

Shirley & Dave Warr
Good luck Sharon, Have known your mum for ages and only remember you as a little 'un! Can't believe you are actually taking part in the Olympic games! All very best wishes best from us,Shirley & Dave Warr.

Norm and Ali Lane
Hi Sharon,Just wishing you all the best from all of us at Bourton Roadrunners. We're all routing for you. You've done amazingly to get back and deserve success.Lots of loveNorm, Ali & the gang

Hey Sharon, Lots and lots of luck for tomorrow!! Will be keeping everything crossed! Take care, Lisa x

Hayley & James,Marsha-May & Seth
Good luck on Sunday we will be watching you all the way. We know you will do your best. Try and take some time to enjoy the whole "olympic experience". Don't get too nervous it's just a bike ride!!!! Just remember to take your shopping basket off the front, you'll go faster. Lots of love xxx

The Greenyers
Good luck mate! Hope the shamrock brings you luck!Enjoy the experience and come and visit soon.

Rob Brett
Olympian Sharon - I hope you've got an extra large bowl of fruit and bananas ready! Jon, Monica and I will be watching you together on Sunday morning, willing you on every yard. We are in awe. Kill those hills and breathe normally! Love Rob

Nick Beston & Kim
Hi Sharon, Good luck on Sunday, we will be the Amsterdam representatives on the Sharon Laws fanclub.

Mary, Dave, Claire and Adam Beston
Dear Sharon, Good luck on Sunday. We'll all be watching and cheering.

Zoe Cullen
Hi Sharon! I work with monica harris and rob brett at FFI. We're all rooting for you and so excited and proud to see an athlete / conservationist competing in the olympics. Have fun and enjoy the experience! :o)

harry parsons

Go Sharon! You're amazing. So excited - can't wait to watch your race on Sunday. Enjoy and savour every minute - what an incredible experience. You deserve to do so well after all the determination you've shown to recover. Big hugs, Liz xxx

Lucy Johnson
Hi Sharon,The best of luck for Sunday-I'll be thinking of you and watching the race too! You must be so excited and proud to be taking part in such an amazing event. Lots of love Lucy xx

Stuart Edmonds
Hi Sharon. Wish you all the best for Sunday. There's a small pocket of very loud support for you here in Toronto. Stuart, Linh and Caitlin

Jo Evans
Good luck SharonYou have nothing to prove you have done so well already just enjoy the experience

The Pickup family
We will all be cheering you on and wish you all the best for the race. A wonderful achievement - how amazing to know that you will forever be an Olympian! We look forward to hearing all about it from your very proud mum! Good luck and enjoy yourself, Jane, David James & George

(Liz's) Paul
This is sooooo exciting. Can't believe you've come so far so quickly. Well done on a brilliant year so far and a fantastic recovery. Can't wait to see you in action on Sunday. We all know you'll give it everything. It's making me fill up just thinking about it.

Bourton on the Water Parish Council
Dear Sharon,Very best wishes for your cycling race on Sunday. All the village will be supporting you, and hoping that you really enjoy this wonderful experience.Good luck from us all!

Tim Johnson
Good Luck on Sunday Sharon!!! You've done amazingly already just getting there!!!We'll all be cheering for you back here in the Cotswolds - as will the rest of Britain I'm sure. GOOD LUCK!!!Tim

Terri Cobb, Adrienne's mom.
Just pedal that bike !! Good luck !! You are the 1 st person I have been priviledged to know on the Olympic Team.Go girl Go !!

Shirley Warr, Moore Rd.
Very Best Wishes Sharon. We will be watching from Bourton on the Water. It's wonderful to have someone from our neck of the woods taking part in the OLYMPIC GAMES! GOOD LUCK.Shirley & Dave.

Stewart Dinsdale
It all started with your SA buddies - all the best!

Rob & Juliet Johnson
Dear Sharon, Lots of luck with the race on Sunday , we shall be watching and cheering you on all the way!Love Rob & Juliet xx

Jane, Ruth & Peter Dawson
So excited about knowing a real Olympian, Sharon! Enjoy the whole experience and good luck - we'll all be cheering you on. Hayley and I will give you a race when you're back in Bourton!

Keith & Margaret
G'day Sharon. Are you leaving the stabilisers off this time? We wish you the very best and will be supporting you all the way. Go Sharon go.

katy savidge (was Johnson)
Good luck Sharon hope all goes well just do your best we will be watching the race as I will def be up as Ben wakes a 5:45am!! I guess that;s what 4 month old babies do. Take care and good luck for Sunday love Katy, Stuart and Benxx

Nickie Free
Hi Sharon, from my lovely little bridesmaid all those years ago to an Olympic contender - amazing! We are so proud of you and will be supporting you on Sunday. Good luck and show the world what you are made of :O) Nickie, Lauren and Hannah x

Barbara and Lee-Anne Barker-Cobb
Hello Sharon. We will all be watching you in South Africa on Sunday when you race in the Olympics! Hard to believe that this has happened so fast for you, but we are so excited for you. Strong legs for Sunday and enjoy every moment of it. Barbs and Lee

Cleo and Bill Stone
We are Avril & Clive's friends & have followed all your wonderful activities for YEARS! We shall be routing for you, Sharon. It's brilliant that you have been chosen to compete, so soon after breaking your leg!! Love and best wishes.

Deon Swart
Hi Sharon, I hope you kick ass big time at the Olympics!! Good Luck and have fun as well!! PS - Now I can say that I have cycled with an Olympian!!

Dorothy and David
Good luck Sharon we'll be cheering you on all the way.

Monica Harris
Hi honey, we are sooo excited for you, this is really fantastic! We will be all supporting you this Sunday, you go girl! Lots of love, Mon xxx

Jane and George
It's just too exciting! We're all biting our nails as Sunday approaches, but know you'll do your best - and a bit more. Enjoy the experience. All the TVs in Glos will be working overtime. Lots of love.

Niamh Anstee
Dear Sharon,Hope you go well on Sunday. We will be watching you and cheering loudly. From Niamh!!!!!

Your Mum
You know I wish you all the luck in the world - you really deserve to be there. Love you loads - be safe - and enjoy the whole experience. Your little girl dream to be famous has come true.Your Mumxx

Sue Hubbard
Good Luck Sharon - am really excited and nervous for you. I am amazed that you got back so quickly, Manchester obviously did you proud. Whatever happens, you are an Olympian and we’re all very proud of you, especially as someone who can make an Aussie cheer for a Brit! Hope that you are on the podium (in front of an Aussie!)Go Girl and enjoy the whole Olympic experience. Sue

Shannon Anstee
Hi Sharon. I cant stop thinking about you and how cool it is to know someone in the Olympics. I wish you the best of luck for your race. I will be cheering you on.Best of luck, Shannon!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

Rio Tinto Minerals PS&S.
Good Luck Sharon from all in RTM Product Stewardship and Sustainability

Kay O'Regan, Earthwatch
Dear Sharon, Your friends all around the world know how hard you train and how much you love your sport. You deserve this chance to shine and we know you'll do yourself and our country proud. We're all so excited for you and will be up in the wee small hours cheering you on in Oxford this Sunday - go girl! Kay x

P Stephens for E Bassett
avril phoned us thrilled with what you are doing, so are we. We shall be supporting you with our thoughts and prayers on Sunday.

Ian Wylie
Just to let you know we in HSE Paddington are all thinking of you and wish you all the best - great that your leg has healed well enough to be there, so 'Go girl!!' Just being there is a marvellous achievemnent, so, e-n-j-o-y!!

Stuart Anstee
Hi Sharon I hope that this gets to you before Sunday. All of us here at Rio Tinto are very proud of you. An even us Aussies will be supporting you on Sunday. Have a great race I know you will do well.Best wishesStuart

The Jessons
Thinking of you Sharon - Have a wonderful time and enjoy!

Anthony Butcher
Hey Sharon, Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Its a fantastic personal achievement being there and of course I am sure that you will surprise a few on the world stage. cheers

Blair Sands
Sharon, It is great to hear you are riding again after your injury and have made it to Beijing, an amazing accomplishment! The office in Melbourne is buzzing and we are all wishing you the best of luck for the games!! We are looking forward to watching your race on Sunday and will be cheering for you. Enjoy every minute of the games.CheersBlair

Cam Jones
Thinking of you matey. Congratulations on getting back on track and back 'in the hunt', coz after the crash - I honestly feared the worst. I'll hopefully be watching the race on telly on Sunday and cheering you on, despite you not wearing the green n gold! Best of luck. Cam.

Samantha Brooke
Wishing you all the best. We'll be cheering you on from Aus!!

Rob Davies
Hi Sharon, I cant think of a better outcome than to see you on the podium in Beijing(perhaps second to an Aussie!) ..No ..seriously we are all chuffed to know an olympian! well done we will be cheering for you! Even us died in the wool Aussie! No matter what happens results are an olympic champion!

Rob McDonald
I've been quizzing Stuart about your progess constantly. What an amazing and emotional journey you've been on. Congratulations, good luck and have fun. Will be cheering you on (not very patriotic of me!). Love Rob

Clare Verberne
Sharon, even though we don't won't the Poms to win more medals than us, we're all gunning for you here in Aus!!

Valerie C. Jones
All the very best of luck a,thinking of you . Take Care.Valerie

ian parsons
good luck sharon, roy would send you good luck but his computer has broken and he's to tight to by a new one. i must meet you when you get back after all these years, give my love to your mum,

Mary Hamilton
Well done Sharon. We are all rooting for you. I can't believe what you have gone through, and come out the other side. We will all be watching. You have got it in you to do it. Good luck. Love, mary

avril and clive
Hi Sharon,Thinking of you all the time. Just enjoy it!Lots of love.

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