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13 November 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > Olympics > Spotlight: Zoe Derham

Zoe Derham (Getty image)

Zoe Derham (Getty image)

Spotlight: Zoe Derham

Let us introduce the athletes, linked with Gloucestershire, who took part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Here we turn the spotlight on Zoe Derham, the hammer thrower currently living in Glouester. She faces a few quirky questions...

"I can't sing and I can't play anything that well, so I probably wouldn't be in a band as such."

Zoe Derham

What was the first event you remember watching?

I went to Paris to watch the World Championships, probably around 2003, but that's the one international event that I've actually been in the stadium watching. I competed in the Commonwealth games the year before, but it's good to watch.

Who is your sport's best pundit?

I don't watch sport if I can help it so I wouldn't have a clue. I like to keep away from it to be fair. I don't like watching it, much prefer to play it.

Can you explain cricket?

I know what it is – obviously someone bowls a ball at the opposite team and they have to hit it as far, and get as many runs, as possible. That's as far as I could get!

Zoe Derham (Getty image)

Zoe Derham

What's been your worst fashion crime?

Purple shell suit when I was younger, when shell suits were cool.

If money was no object, what would be the first thing you would buy?

A nice house and a nice car and to support myself on it really. Maybe a nice holiday as well, that would be good, I've not had one of those in a while.

Which charity do you support?

Probably cancer research because it has affected quite a few people that I know, but I haven't got one specific charity.

What's your favourite biscuit?

Quite like chocolate digestives but also like custard creams as well.

If you could be in a band, which one would you choose?

I wouldn't actually enforce my musical ability on anybody. I can't sing and I can't play anything that well, so I probably wouldn't be in a band as such.

What was the last book you read?

'The Gatekeeper's Daughter' – it was a story about a family who had twins, one was Downs Syndrome and one was classed as normal. They kept the 'normal' one and gave the Downs Syndrome one away and it was about how their lives changed and how they met up at the end.

Has your sport ever brought you to tears?

Yes, but not tears of joy. I've had a few tears because I haven't thrown well, or out of frustration, that kind of thing. I've never really had any tears of joy as such.

What's the most common mistake you see people making in your sport?

Walking out on a throw which they feel isn't that good, which actually turns out to be quite good. Trying to pre-judge it before it has been measured.

Where in the world is the best night out?

I've had some good nights out in Australia when I was out there. I'd probably say Sydney's a little bit better than Melbourne and around Darling Harbour area.

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Send Zoe a message of support here...

Jude Claypole
Hi our Zoe! We are all so proud of you. See you soon. x

You done well to get there, you should be proud of yourself

Kevin Barry
Hi ZoAll the best for next week from me and the rest of the jumps group at Yate. Go for it girl!

Graham and all at Yate AC
Best of luck, come back with the British Record and you can be our next Guest of Honour, back where it all started. x

Paula Whitcher
Have a good one Zoe, you know it's in there somewhere! Thinking of you, Paula

Good Luck Zoe ;-)

all the best zoe, be rooting for you.

Malcolm Fenton
Enjoy.......But throw a long way too!!!!Malcolm

mike morley
well done, enjoy, all the best

Ian Tempest
All best possible wishes - you're an Olympian now and that's a fantastic pinnacle of achievement that only a few UK hammer throwers have reached. Congratulations and enjoy the experience!

Enid Hoyle
We are old neighbours of Peter and Pauline and wish you all the very best in the Olympics.

Kate Mori
Hiya Zoe!Just a quick one to say that everyone here at the University of Gloucestershire will be watching and cheering you on. Well done on qualifying, and enjoy your moment.

WOW Guys- Thanks soooo much for all your comments!! They're amazing!!! Hope to make you all proud!! :0DXXXX

Enjoy every second of it, the work is all done so go and throw big!

Alice Seabrook
Good luck zoe! I hope you have an amazing time and throw as well as you are hoping to! everyone is thinking of you, take care alice x

woop woop, me again, I'll be watching the opening and looking out for you today. Its going to be an amazing thing walking out into that mahusive stadium dressed up like a sailor!!! have fun.

wayne powell
I was going to say best of luck, but i dont call it luck that you are there. all the years of hard work have paid off, all the hard work is done. Like everyone says just relax and enjoy it. you have all the squad looking up to you now wishing we were there with you! you know you can do it and we all do too. Just promise you'll come back with a pb and throw further than the irish thrower:)oh yeah and dont forget the duty free!!!

Liz Carter (Pidge)
Hi ya Zoe, congrats on getting to Olympics, bloody brilliant! good luck for the 18th, will be watching and support and screaming at TV. Kick some butt! best wishes Dan and Liz x x

Brendan Goss
Best of luck Zoe! There are so so few people in the world who have ever been accomplished enough to compete at an Olympic event. Enjoy it. Write your own history!There'll be tea and cakes when you return.

Kate "bambi" Yhnell ;) & family
Hey zoe!!I hope you're okay, make sure you dont get blown away out there now! ;)Sorry about the late comment thought id be one of the last to wish you all the luck in the world! (saving the best to last)Someone told me once "you're never given the power to dream without being able to make it come true" in your case it can come true!lots of love!xx

Trev Andrews
There was a young lady called Zoe,Who went to Olympic hammer throwey,To make it all nice,Remember Coach Shaw's advice,Keep it long, smooth with good heal and toey!! X

Jo Duncan
Hey Zoe,Enjoy it, live it,have fun and throw FAR! girlioe!!All the best, i will be watching and hoping to see your hammer FLY!!!Good LuckJo

James Dobler ( Baaa)
Hey zoe dude, good luck!!hope you throw awsumnesss out in beijinghave fun x

Darren Andrews
Have A Magical Moment Every Round. Olympics Offers' Stardom!!! X

Good luck zo, you kno we'l all be watching you, have fun and enjoy it kita xxx

Kirsty Grigg
Good Luck Zoe, Hope you do really well. I will be tuning in to see you! You deserve it!!

Steve Millward
Good Luck Zoe, make us all proud!!

John Pearson
Hi Zoe, Congratulations on making the team and the best of luck in Beijing. An incredible achievement that's the result of a lot of hard work from you, Coach Shaw and your training partners. We will be watching and cheering you on! Throw far, love John & Jo x

Lesley Brown
Hey Zoe....hope it's going ok at the training camp and that you're relaxed and raring to've had agreat season and will be fantastic....I'm off work on the 18th so will be watching out for you...loads of luck and enjoy the experience! Les x

Bob Purcell
The very best of luck from everyone in Gloucester A.C. Sprints Squad!

Paul Head
It's important to throw well.It's Important to Throw far. But most important is that you enjoy!! Have fun, and all the rest takes care of itself. best wishes X

Wishing you all the best for the Olympics and we all hope the weather picks up so you can train

Lucille, Missy & Shanny
Good luck zoe

Christina Westmeijer
Good Luck Zoe. The 3 of us at home will be routing for you. Getting there is great acheivement and I am sure you will do your best on the day. xxx

Ash Andrews
Good luck Zoe hope you throw well in Beijing! ill be watching it! Ash x

Hi Zoe. Good luck in Beijing, show the world how good British throwers are. By the way Mike is after your record with a 4kg. He is already planning his winter training strategy to enable him to challenge you. Best wishes to all the GB team and we will be glued to the TV in Bulgaria, looking out for your turn. Love Mike and family

Amy Whitcher
Good Luck Zoe! So proud of you!!! Best wishes Amy x

Coach Shaw
Good luck in this special moment of your sporting career. Going to the Olympics and being an Olympain know one can take this way from you, so enjoy it zoe.

Mark Bellamy
HI Zoe, Long time no see, have had a chat with Lorraine after I saw you qualified. All the best, hope you have a great competition out there.Mark

Bolanle Caroline Oluwafolakemi Ogun :-)
Just go for it Des! :oD Enjoy yourself and good luck for the comp! Make sure you give your lilly white legs some sun action too!! Take care, Love B xx

hey zoe, just wishing u good luck from us lot in northern ireland, throw well n keep it nice n relaxed.xx

deborah percy ( isle of wight)
good luck sweetie... we know you will do your best..and we are very proud of you from all in the percy householdxxx

Dave Lucas
What an adventure. Immortality waits. In Gloucestershire at least when you beat Lorraine’s record. Disappointed you didn't need me to carry your bags.

Congratulations on making the GB team Zoe and I wish you all the best of luck at the Games.I hope you enjoy the experience and I will be watching for the results.All the bestSean

Walnut Grove Clinic
Hi Zoe, We are proud of you, we know how hard you have worked. We will all be looking out for you. Good Luck

Liz Seabrook
Good luck Zoe! I hope you have an amazing time, and of course that you throw well. We're all thinking of you! xx

Lyn Orbell
Hi Zoe we at Birchfield Harriers are so proud of you. Im sure that my Rachael wonders what she could have done now if she'd carried on how you have. Enjoy the experience, compete to the best of your ability and let no-one take anything away from you. Much love from Lyn, Trev and the ladies team xxxxx

Alex Warner
Hey Zoe. Good luck for the games! I'm sure it will be a great experience. I'll be there at 2am watching you. You deserve every success go out there and throw big! Alex x

Alex Hitchens
GoOd LuCk ZoE , wish you all the best will be looking out for you on the TV . x X x

Diana Holden
Good luck for the games you truly deserve to be there.Whatever you do I know you will make all hammer throwers past and present in the UK very proud and will inspire more to take up the event.Good luck, you go and get themx

It says underneath this that the BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted so this may not reach you intact... Hope you have a good competition but most of all enjoy the experience! make it home safe, so that we can start winter training oh what fun!!! i'll make sure to use this thing often so my words of wisdom can spur you on!!! Much love, Justin

Bacon Andrews (FODAC)
Yeah well, don't nudge it and get rid of it a bit quicker and you'll be dandy!Oh yeah and MUSIC helps, apparently...Good Luck Zoe! Hope you throw a biggy! DA.X

Carolyn Franks
Hi ZoeWhat a star, making the Olympics, but do not be satisfied with just getting there. I was pleased to read in the Echo you would like to beat Lorraine's record - well go for it!

Tim Williams
Hey Zoe,just wanted to wish you good luck again keep cool and focused and youll be fine. love Tim xx

janel, jimmy & max
have a great throw....we are thinking of can do it !!!! xxxxxx

You are in: Gloucestershire > Olympics > Spotlight: Zoe Derham

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