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13 November 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > Olympics > Spotlight: Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson (courtesy of Getty images)

Dan Robinson (Getty image)

Spotlight: Dan Robinson

Let us introduce the athletes, linked with Gloucestershire, who took part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Here we turn the spotlight on Nailsworth-based marathon runner Dan Robinson. He faces a few quirky questions...

"On Saturday's, Jess does allow me a couple of ginger nuts with my cup of tea in the morning, but not every day."

Dan Robinson

What is the first marathon that you remember watching?

I only started running in my mid-twenties so I don't really have memories of when I was a kid, so the first one I really watched was probably the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 where an unknown South African won. That was probably my first marathon watched right the way through.

Who is your sport's best pundit?

I've got to say Brendan Foster and Steve Cram because they always talk me up and give me good exposure, particualrly London Marathon the last couple of years and Osaka - they were always very generous to me so I'm going to say those two.

Dan Robinson (courtesy of Getty images)

Dan Robinson

Can you explain cricket?

Cricket? Yeah I love cricket - a guy with a stick has to hit a red ball that's being hurled at him from 22 yards and then he has to score runs! I'm a big cricket fan, a big Gloucestershire fan.

I used to play up until seven or eight years ago, playing for my old school side and I played a little bit for Frocester as well - but then the running seemed to take over.

Who has the flashiest motor at the club (Stroud AC)?

Oh, let me think...I'm going to have to say Chris Bourne, the Chairman. He has a nice brand new Merc that I've seen him driving around in recently.

Which charity do you support?

I support a number actually. My brother ran for the Guide Dog charity in the London Marathon last year so I supported them quite a lot so I'd say that was probably the main one.

What's your favourite biscuit?

I like a Jaffa Cake because that's supposed to be good runners fare - nice and sweet but low fat content, or so I'm told. On Saturday's, Jess (wife) does allow me a couple of ginger nuts with my cup of tea in the morning, but not every day.

Can you play a musical instrument?

I'm remarkably unmusical so no, not at all.

If you could be in a band, which one would you choose?

I'm just not into music - I'm probably the only person I know who doesn't own a single CD and have never bought a CD. I don't know what it is about music! I listen to the radio all the time but I'm just not into music, so I can't answer that.

What is your nickname at the club and how did it come about?

Don't really have a nickname - it's either Dan, or sometimes 'Robbo' but no hilarious nickname really.

Which two athletes would you want with you on a quiz team?

John Brown, the former British marathon runner - he was incredibly knowledge so I'd have to say him. We had a quiz actually in the holding camp at the World Championships and I was in the same team as Marlon Devonish so I'd have to say Marlon.

What was the last book you read?

'Marathon Makers' - a book we were given at the London Marathon. It was about the 1908 London Marathon and the Olympics so it was quite interesting.

What's the most common mistake you see people making in your sport?

I think it's very easy to over-train and over do it. There's so many books and autobiographies that it's so easy to see the training that people did and copy that.

What works for some virtually never works for anyone else, so I think my answer is over-training and following a schedule that isn't suitable

Where in the world is the best night out?

Well I've just come back from Orkney so I'm going to have to say Kirkwall in Orkney. Jess and I always go out for a nice meal up there and then possibly a glass of wine afterwards if I'm not in heavy training.

If money was no object, what would be the first thing you would buy?

Well living on the busy A46, if we could have a drive into this little cottage then we could stay here for ever. Parking where we are is a problem, so if I could have a drive here I wouldn't have to carry the shopping down the road and everything like that - it would make my life a lot I'd have to have a drive I think.

What has been your worst fashion crime?

You'll have to ask my wife that! I think I had a pair of red leggins that actually turned pink and I continued to wear them, so I think I had one or two comments about them.

Who is the most famous person with your Christian name?

There's quite a few Dan's and Danny's aren't there. Danny De Vito and Dan Cipriani? There's two! Never really thought about it!

Has your sport ever brought you to tears?

Yeah I think the first time I finished a marathon, even though it was by far my slowest one, that was the only time I've actually been emotional crossing the line. Strange feeling!

I think it's quite common, the very first one you do, you don't quite know what to expect really. You've done the training but you don't quite know what to expect when you get to twenty miles and you've still got six to go. Yeah so the first time I ran a marathon, I think I only ran 2hrs 38mins but it was definitely the most emotional one.

Running into the stadium in Athens was quite emotional, and running into the stadium in Melbourne knowing that I was in bronze medal position with 90,000 people in the MCG was unforgettable as well.

If there was one rule or law you could change what would it be?

We have drink stations probably only every three or four miles - maybe when the conditions are really hot you could have them more regularly.

Scheduled time (BST) for the Men's Marathon...

Men's marathon - 0030-0340 - Sunday 24 August

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Craig & Dana George
We are proud of you.Now we are waiting to hear about the next big event...the birth of Jess' and your child.

Sue from Nailsworth
Well done Dan- we are so proud of you!

Pam Wakefield
Good luck Dan from all the Wakefields. We will be rooting for you tomorrow.

karen hill
good luck dan i will be watching with marilyn and graham your next door neibours GO DANNER GO !!!!! X X X X X X .

You are in: Gloucestershire > Olympics > Spotlight: Dan Robinson

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