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13 November 2014

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The Motorbike Maestro

Teenager Scott Redding, the fastest teenager on two wheels in Gloucestershire, finally has his 'L' plates! He may be a winning racer at heart, but he'll have to be restricted on the road.

Scott Redding racing in Melbourne in October 2008 (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Scott Redding racing in Melbourne, 2008

16-year-old Scott Redding from Quedgeley became the youngest-ever winner of a MotoGP race with his thrilling 125cc victory at Donington in 2008.

"I guess I'm not old enough to drive a car yet, but I'm old enough to ride a bike", he told us.

But what else do we know about the latest sporting sensation to come out of Gloucestershire?

Scott, who started riding motorbikes when he was four years old, spoke to BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Steve Kitchen shortly before his amazing win.

"Pushing 150 mph.... to be honest it feels like I'm doing 30 mph", he said.

Scott Redding celebrates (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Scott celebrates


Is it dangerous? "There's a lot of danger even for the crowd," he said. "If you crash obviously you've got the protection of the leathers but bones still get broken."

And does he get nervous before a race? "Sometimes but not really", he said. "It's very rare."

Click below to listen to the full interview with Scott Redding...

Having recently turned 16 years old, Scott is now legally allowed to ride a scooter or moped up to 50cc on the road.

"It's quite different having the road compared to the racetrack" says Scott. "You're looking for other oncoming traffic, not just things going with you."

Scott Redding (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Scott on the Donington podium

Road sense

So what racing skills has Scott been able to apply to his road training?

"I guess the control of the accelerator, brakes and looking where I'm going."

Steve Guest runs Acer Motorcycycle Training in Gloucester and was the one training Scott.

"He has been really good. It's once we get on the road now, we have to teach him so road sense.

"We've been trying all day to stop him following so closely - telling him he doesn't need a slipstream on this scooter.

"He was telling me his race bike does about 150mph and this one does about 30mph flat out."

Click below to hear from Scott on his CBT day...

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Karaa ..x
Omg Im Totally In Love With Scott :)Hes Just Amaziing And Very Fit ;) Lol He Has Done So Well All Ready In His Career And I Reckon Hes A New Rossi In The Making Ly Scott x :)xx

Great talent good luck scott

amazing:) & gorgeouss

Debbie Pettet
I absoulutely love him he is so cool a great inspiration for me and my future experiences in road racing best of luck for this season

Kara Goonis
Scott is lush! Rossi "Get over!"

Daniel Irlam
my friend chloe got me into motorbikes she is obsessed with motorbikes more than anything in the world.I Love doctor who loads more than motorbikes.

such a goochie rider (goochie means cool)

im only 11 and i love motorbikes sooooo much scott is one of my 5 fav riders!!!

Bob Bacon
Right from the first race of the season we've had glimpses of his talent. The British GP was proof that he's got the makings of a star !Just wish he'd reduce the price of his "Full Gas" shirts though :o)

Cordial Sam
This kid is something else.

You are in: Gloucestershire > People > Profiles > The Motorbike Maestro

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