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13 November 2014

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Harry Potter

You are in: Gloucestershire > Harry Potter > When Harry Potter came back to Gloucester

Paparazzi at Gloucester Cathedral

Paparazzi at Gloucester Cathedral

When Harry Potter came back to Gloucester

Filming for the sixth Harry Potter film - The Half Blood Prince - took place at Gloucester Cathedral in February 2008. Watch the videos and find out all about the Teen Wizard's Gloucestershire connections.

Excited movie fans gathered in Gloucester as filming took place for the sixth Harry Potter film - Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

Once again the cloisters of the city's Gothic Cathedral were used for scenes set at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and pupils from the nearby King's School were used as extras.

Use the links above to watch the latest behind-the-scenes videos, to view photos from the set, and to listen to interviews. And use the links on the right to find out more about Harry Potter in Gloucestershire.

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Have Your Say

Are you a Harry Potter fan? How excited are you that part of the new film is being filmed in Gloucester?

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Josh Eardley
Please say to daniel radcliffe that he is a god actor and i can't wait to se him in action in Harry Potter and the dethly hallow.

i am well excited about the newest film. so is my mum she like peed

hi kathryn

I love the films and would love to be an extra just by turning up.

Im from Gloucester but now live in London and think its great that it was filmed in my home city and may i add Gloucester trumps london any day. Better people better manners and wishing i was there

Sarah Easton
Im not a fan of harry potter at all but my parents came to visit me in gloucester and we went to the cathedral and bumped into them filming harry potter was good to se i saw daniel radcliffe but still not a huge fan of it, i moved to gloucester 2 years ago and i love the place.

harry potter is a well good film and a book lol

Gloucestershire is the best!
Why is everyone dissing gloucestershire??? I have lived their all my life and its probably one of the nicest places in the whole country! Part of the reason filming takes place their is because J.K Rowling grew up in Gloucester, so in effect you're dissing her to! And you call yourselves fans...

jessica monk
carnt wait to see it .it sounds like this is the best one .all the rest are brill,xx

Yes,I Big Fan

kellie b
i think harry potter rocks

Anna Tregenza
I like Tom Felon Too much also Josh Too much

Anna Tregenza
I love harry potter too much I like Emma watson and Rupet Grint and Daniel Radcliff so much

im from iran .we like emma watson!

Iram Sehar
We like Harry Potter too much.....

david russell
well im not from gloucester so i dnt care where it made long as it true to the book as much as possble i dnt mind

I love Harrry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm soooo xcited for the movie 2 come out!!!!!!!

Josie Riddle
I LOVE harry potter and im a very big fan but im not happy thats its being filmed in Gloucester because London is the BEST

Unfortunately Gloucester is an utter dump. It's an embarrassment to the whole county.

He who shall not be named
I am not a Harry Potter fan because I am the Dark Lord. Beware Gloucester.

Sabrina Jahn
It is very good!!!

Mandy, the oldest manger in town!
Harry is a wimp and Hermione is a boffin. Weasley family are the real stars.

Macky the knife, lay preacher
Soon this unholy alliance twixt devil-worshipping fiction cults and the complacent ecclesiastical establishment will come to an end. Then all are welcome to attend my sermons for their salvation. Coming soon to a pavement or gutter near you. My next lesson, "why unprovoked violence is wrong"

Lovely to see Gloucester hosting this movie. Now the world will see that we are a force to be reckoned with. I hope Voldermort gets bashed up by Harry and co. in this one!

Joeseph Starling
The HP books, films & whole genre absolutely rule!!! As for the priviliged cast controversy; Instead of arguing they should let a representaive of the lowly workers to be in this film. I would appoint myself for this position & be champion of the wretched masses.

I love you Alan Rickman!!! Halleluja Snape-part!!!

Frederick Angels
Such wonderful books & films. J.K. Rowling is indeed masterful. The reason that posh children benefit is this privilige begets privilige. All of us can enjoy the film, whether borgeoise kids from toffee-nosed houses or grubby grimy oiks from some run-down sink estate; Although some may enjoy it in greater style & comfort than others.

Alula Markoes
i have ever seen a wonderful,exciting and a magical film.I appreciate your work.For the directer and Especially for THE AUTHOR"J.K. ROWLING" from reading your book and watching your film i can't sleep,eat,study,every thing.I have no words of expressing the film and book at all. I am your lover.

Leon Cantersky
Harry Potter he rocks & rules! as so does the authoress and the Forest of Dean where she come from. Spiderman and Superman have crazy names, crazy people too. Carlos is very correct to ask why the rich and toffs school gets the money and the oiks & plebs doesn't. Maybe they can make the Robin Hood in Glos too. I look at the sky above Gloucester for people flying on broomsticks, but it make me bump my bike.

I am SOOOOO excited to see Alan Rickman returning to his role as Snape. This movie has a lot of Snape in it, and I can hardly wait to see it in November!

OMG, I dont care Where the film it, but if it looks real and the movie comes out soon, they could film it on Mars! whatever their movistar hearts desire!!!!!!

Miley Cyrus
Hey it's Miley. Those 2 videos was incredible. I like it when there was kids in Gloucestershire. I loved it! xoxo Miley

I'm glad that Harry Potter 6 will be done before next year, but why not in London?! I want it to be filmed in London, not Gloucester.

the best thing to happen to gloucester wasn't keith chegwin! does he make people come to gloucester and spend their money??? no he does not! we should be thankful that harry potter filming is done in Gloucester because this helps the city...Not only with money but tourism and other stuff!

Danielle Dinally
It's really an interesting town, Gloucester. It will be fantastic for the filming of the HP film to take place there. Good, luck Rupe, Emma, and Dan.Love you all

I am so excited ! The truth is i have a huge crush on Ron weasley (rupert grint )!

hi my name fateme and from iran.i love you dan & rupert & tom& emma.please call me *********** and this is my mail *********************

Abbott Serlo
The School being used may be priviliged and not a usual comprehensive but it represents people from different ethnic backgrounds like any other school and I'm glad that Gloucestershire can share their claim to fame. Also it is just luck of the draw and the fact that the school uses the cathedral anyway five days a week, not even all the people in the school probably got in as extras whereas their friends did, surely it would be hard even for them?

Carolin Entwhistle
How come the Duke gets 'teasers? I love their honeycomb middle and want some too! I had a terrible future dream last night that the Cathedral housed a Sharia Court which sentenced Wizards & Witches to be burnt and stoned to death. All the while Superman was flying around with dismembered limbs while a ginger hairdresser burst happiness bubbles with haircutting scissors. I think there's always Magick in the air around Harry Potter!

Carlos Marks you talk cr*p. The film cast and crew is using the schoolgrounds to park their campers etc so the pupils have every right to be extras in the film.Posh public school kids? Just goes to show how narrow minded you are....only person that speaks sense is Superman. And the kids don't get the money, it all goes to the school.

gloucester pupil
Carlos Marks - the only reason 'posh kids' are in the film is because of their location. If there was a state school where the King's is, then those pupils would be in the film. Give the pupils there a chance, they didn't ask to be in the film, it was just luck. It's a great opportunity for Gloucester!

Duke Theedam
my comment is...why do we get these teasers...a chance to comment on local we do...then wait eons to be published or get a reply....what we really need is a forum..wake up local BBC...we want to talk...

Duke Theedam
Right on Superman...the thought of grimey oiks from a compo school in the plot wouldn't exactly sell tickets...I think it's a 'well done' makes a change to have something positive to lay claim to.

glos resident
To ms Tetbury - that says it all then !!!

Carolin Entwhistle
Mr/Mrs resident is absolutely right. I've had my meds and feel much better now. I'm off up Robinswood Hill to spot flying Ford Anglias whilst avoiding whomping willows. Peace & Love to all. By the way, I'm actually from Tetbury.

Firstly i think the reason 'posh kids' are being used as extras is because the filming is being carried out at their school, seems fair enough as i don't think some grimy comprehensive with a playground full of hoodies is in keeping with the film's plot. Secondly i find the comments about fair representation of minorities hilarious, i'm actually laughing. Taking into account the census fact that all minorities make up about 5-6% of the UK population i would think its unfair to start lopping arms and legs off of kids so they fit your idea of relevant percentage coverage of minorities on screen i.e. if there are 10 people on screen, should a leg be black, an arm be of asian descent and a foot be in a wheelchair? Please get a grip. Its great that minorities are in the film, end of. Finally, Becky is excited about it, let her be excited if she wants, i'm not sure why the barbers post was included, it serves nothing but try to take away Becky's happiness and is infact quite cruel.

glos resident
Why do people have to be so negative? I agree with Carlos ref the use of ordinary people and children rather than those obviously rather more well off, but this can only be a good thing for the city as they have come back for a 6th film !! There isnt much else good going on around the United Kingdom to be positive about, so throwing in stupid comments about blinking religion is just so short minded and typical !! For goodness sake be positive for a change !

Carolin Entwhistle
Graham Ponting is right. This filming of inflammatory mixture of European-centric Paganism Magick and Christian sites is extremely insensitive. It desciminates against & can only incite other faiths, which are currently in the minority. Within this century we'll see who's laughing, when the Potter books & dvds are all burnt and the building demolished & replaced.

Graham Ponting
I hope that this time there is a fair representation of not only black and asian wizards but also disabled ones too.

Carlos Marks
Why is it only the posh public school kids get to be film extras? They don't need the money and are priviliged enough. Surely regular oiks should be given such opportunities.

David Kempster (barber of Gloucester)
Belt up Becky! What are you going to do pass on a dvd and call it a family heir loom. That's pathetic!!! The best thing to happen to Gloucester ever is the visit of Cheggers at X'mas. Harry Potter is a twerp compared to Keith Chegwin imho.

I was outside shire hall today and saw photographers outside the cathedral. Then some cars drove past with blacked out windows so i was obviously REALLY close to the cast! Its so exciting, im glad gloucester can be part of these films, they will obviously be passed on from generation, especially in my family! Im proud that Gloucester is a part of this!

You are in: Gloucestershire > Harry Potter > When Harry Potter came back to Gloucester

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