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13 November 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > Floods > Saving Walham

Walham substation

Walham was threatened by the floods

Saving Walham

Listen to our special radio documentary on the huge behind-the-scenes effort that helped save Gloucestershire's main power supply during the floods last Summer...

In Summer 2007 Gloucestershire's main electricity sub-station, at Walham near Gloucester, was flooded.   

One night in July, as water lapped around the transformers and switchgear, a hundred and fifty people battled to save Walham from catastrophe and to save the county from total blackout.

This is their story.

Click on the link above to listen to our special half-hour-long radio documentary produced and presented by BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Andy Vivian.

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created: 02/01/2008

Have Your Say

What would we have done had Walham not been saved from flooding? What message have you got for those who worked through the night to save it?

Peppa Pig
Oh, My Dayz. I Came bck Frm Holz man only ta find my flat was flooded, i was well stressed througout the whole summer, becasue i had a two year old daughter and im not even an adult myself. I Cudnt Cope ta b honest holla bck xxxxx

Johnathan Warbuton
I think it would have been Great this world has gone too much into the future and we'll be helping to save the world, because we won't be using up as much electricity and therefore reducing our carbon footprint =D

i think that this is good and that people were shocked with the floods.

why are people blaming the government for the weather

a man in a van who likes to eat ham.
I think river are very nice when they have floating dustbins in. Only problem is they are wet, which makes me wet!! how weird is that!

jim mgee
hi im pual and i like rivers innit

Craig Ross
I think they did hell of a job!! Well done to them!!! Love from Craig!!!

Winifred Baker, Reckless Orchard
This was a really stunning programme which was one of the highlights of the Christmas period for me. It really managed to evoke the atmosphere and unfolding drama at the same time as showing the spirit of those involved. Absolutely brilliant community radio. Truly memorable.

you were really hurt badly. Sorry, i hope you can cope though.x

As a City resident I would like to say a big thankyou to all personnel and support workers who worked tirelessly to protect Walham and Castlemeads. Also a big thankyou to those involved at The Mythe and all those in the Command and Control Centres. A job very well done and I for one am proud of you all, as all of Gloucestershire should be!

You are in: Gloucestershire > Floods > Saving Walham

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