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24 September 2014

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The Navy at work at Mythe water treatment plant

Hall of Heroes

Whether you were helped before, during or after the flood crisis in Gloucestershire, this is your chance to thank someone in public and enter them into our Hall of Heroes.

Since the flooding took hold of Gloucestershire on Friday 20th July, we've recently received our 100th message nominating someone for our Hall of Heroes.

If you haven't already, here's your chance to say a big "thank you" to someone who helped YOU during the crisis.

Hall of Heroes

Tell us who YOU'D like to thank and enter them into BBC Gloucestershire's Hall of Heroes.

Volunteers fill sand bags in Tewkesbury

Volunteers fill sand bags in Tewkesbury

BBC Points West would also love to hear from you as they search for Gloucestershire's hidden heroes. Do you know someone who lent a helping hand during the crisis and deserves some recognition for it?

Maybe you've had water delivered by a neighbour, maybe you were rescued by one of the emergency services, maybe you've shared the home of someone you'd never met before.

Now tell us who YOU'D like to see in the Hall of Heroes by filling in the simple form below.

last updated: 14/08/07

Have Your Say

Who do YOU want to enter into the Hall of Heroes

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

liam byrne
i wouldliketo say thanks to charley douglas for all her help

Abi Collins
I would like to enter the Neighbourhood Wardens who worked tirelessly in places to rescue people and provide assistance.

Thanks to my husband who saved my daugghter from being trapped. Though we recently got divorced. :(

Fire Services for doing their best to save lives and to keep the city original. xx

id like to thank my mum who caried my nana through waters up to the hip

I Would Like To Thank The Fire service for saving my dog from drowning =) Its Great He Is Still With Us

Ali G
I Wanna Say Fanks To All Ma M8s For Helping Meh Out N Everyfink, preciate it =)

i'm only in year 7 but i would like to say well done to the army, fire serse .

Ellie Tait
She helped me through it when we were having a nice cup of tea and she did most of the work but we had some sandbags stord in our attic she is amazing ! THANK YOU!

jackie matthews
Jean debbie

stacey wickens
it was so intresting and so sad but it was good to know and learn about it x

Brennon Hook
I am only in year 7,but me adn my friends where helping 2 houses at the same time, Liam Levet, Ryan Levet, Camron Levet, Brennon Hook (me) and 3 others helped for 4 hours straight in the floods.

Julia Balster, Tewkesbury
Neighbours were the most helpful when I was flooded.Ted and Margaret Keeper of Newtown, Tewkesburyhelped us a lot, and Gill and Ian at number 4. Thank goodness they were not flooded. They gave us meals and loaned us the use of washing facilities, and supported us at a most dreadful time. My heartfelt thanks go out to them.My mother was right when she said "You will never forget a kindness".

I may not be qualified to nominate someone for Hall of Heroes as I am in West Yorkshire. However the description of a ‘considerate’ gentleman and his ‘small car’ resembles a Salim Kholwadia MBE that I have known for many years. This man in no ‘angel’ but he is a true ‘character’. He is an immensely polite and a humble man who cares profoundly for everyone around him. Born and bred in ‘Gotham City’ that is Gloucester to me, I am not surprised that he was out and about assisting fellow residents in crisis situations. Knowing Salim the ‘character’ he would do the same for anyone and is clearly an asset to your community. Having been described as ‘truly an unsung hero’, I would echo those sentiments and endorse his nomination. I also believe that the collective spirit of goodwill shown and shared by everyone should serve to strengthen our faith in humanity.

I would like to thank RIZLA, who kept us informed through the water shortage of water tanks being re-filled aswell as areas with water collecting points. She was a rock in this traumatic time. WELL DONE

thank you for helping us to get around and clean water

Ziyad Patel
I would like to nominate Ayub Ganto. I am a disabled man who needs 24 care. During the floods my carer was unable to attend. However the kind gentleman named Ayub volunteered to help. Not only did he ensure that I had plenty of water but he also helped to bathe me. He was very thorough in his work and kept me happy at difficult times. He is a true hero

joe blogs
well done on the rescue

George and Neil Williams - Gloucester Residents –
I accidentally came across your webbsite and thought I should write about this Muslim Man who I feel is a a credit to not only the Muslim community but to all in Gloucestershire. We wish to nominate him and convey a massive thank you. We are proud to have met such a good individual.I was recently at a petrol station filling my petrol, my father was sitting in a the passenger seat, he saw a young Muslim man getting into the car in front me. My father requested me to quickly stop him, I quickly caught up with him and safely flagged him down. I was completely unaware of what was going on. He got out my car and approach this man, who also had got out of his car. The next thing I saw was that he was shaking his hands and giving him a very emotional hug. I went towards the man and my father introduced me to him. He said, this was the man who helped him and many people in our area with drinking water during the floods/drinking water crisis. He did not know his name but he recognized him and his small car. I asked him his full name and he modestly said, Saleem Kholwadiya ( I am not sure whether I have spelt his name correctly) but I felt this Muslim gentlemen is truly an unsung-heroe. I humbly request you to contact him and pass on our thanks and appreciations.

Peter James
I wish to convey my heart felt thanks to a very kind and considerate Muslim gentlemen Mr Saleem Kholwadia.This young man help us alot dring the floods.

Dave Bennett
On "Flood Sunday" the 22nd July 07 our daughter Elizabeth Bennett (former Ribston Hall High Head Girl) married Andy McMillan (from Bath!) at Lonsdale Road Methodist Church Gloucester in bright sunshine!Due to the rising floodwater, Tekwkesbury Park Hotel had to cancel the Reception on the day. I would like to nominate Chris Taylor and Kirsty Fraser of Tewkesbury Park Hotel for bringing the Wedding Cake through the deep water in their 4x4.And being cheeky I would also like to nominate Alice Driver and the team at Cheltenham Park Hotel for saving the day by organising the Reception with just hours to spare! What stars they all are.Despite the floods only 2 of the 144 guests (from the South East, London, Bath and Gloucester) didn't make it!Just proves so many people have hearts of Gold!Thanks also to the Minister the Rev Carrie Seaton who had a tricky trip from Twyning near Tewkesbury. Photographer Martin who thought his car was a submarine as he travelled into Gloucester from the Forest and Disco man Phil Dent who braved the conditions from Bromsgrove.So many went far beyond the call of duty to make it such an unforgetable day.Brilliant! Well done!

Alison, Abbeymead
I would like to thank everyone who helped issue bottled water at Morrisons. Especially the volunteer who was injured when he was hit by a car queueing for water. It looked a terrible injury and he was lucky not to have been killed. He was seriously injured just for helping those in need.

I just want to say a huge thanks to the lady that allowed me to change in her bathroom and brought our rescue team cups of tea. Myself and other members of our rescue team were wading and swimming in the flood water in Tewkesbury trying to save people. She brought us tea and coffee when we needed it after 15 hours of non stop rescue work and allowed me to change out of very wet clothes into dry. Without her kindness I'm sure we wouldn't have been able non stop for the 17 hours we did over friday night and saturday morning. Many thanks

david wallace
all the tanker drivers that supplied the hospitals even after the water came back on working 24 hours a day not even from around the gloucester area

Helen, Tewkesbury
I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to our neighbours Arthur, Conrad and Andrew from Kestral Way for rescuing the downstairs furniture. Our friends Stu & Em for giving us bed and board (and support). All our other friends for wiping away the tears and mopping up the mess after. Also my boss for his understanding and patience. Love you all dearly xxxxxxxxxxxx

jennny messenger
I would like to say a big thankyou to all the emergency services in tewkesbury for their wonderfull effort in the flood crisis,especially to the police who very kindly ferried some of us nurses to and from work,all week,and also the four men and one lady from the RNLI who ferried me to work from morrisons on the saturday bout 12pm.They all kept our spirits up.Jen

I would like to say thanks to the emergancy services for all there hard work during the flood period and a mention to the the volunteers in st john red cross and the police also the retained fire fighters and others i have not mentioned for working there main jobs then turning out to perform in very difficult circumstances

mary fitzgerald
Thank you so much to all the volunteers who brought much needed water to my elderly mother & an elderly couple in Northfield Terrace. We really appreciated all their kindness and help.

Innsworth Resident
I would like to thank all the services etc for all their help. But would also like to mention Paul Ockelton of Innsworth Community Hall and all the volunteers that helped deliver water to all the residents of Innsworth. These people are a credit to our community

I wish to thank a very kind ,modest and sincere gentlemen named Salim Kholwadea from the Muslim community who has helped me and many of my colleagues during the flood crisis throught the Gloucester/Tuffley area. Please can you get one of our local dignataries or your goodselves to write him a big thank you letter. I do not know his address. This man is an Angel. I am proud to have met such a sincere individual. I THANK YOU FROM MY HEART.

Gloucester Resident Dereby road
I would like to thank THe Boys on The Military Water Tankers whom braved through all road conditions to reach us with water when others failed we believe that it could be Either Glyn Aston a local soldier and his team with LCpl Morris and OGGIE and Webby the Face of the army when filmed in our regions THey did a superb JOb and got there big trucks in places you couldn't imagine. WELL DONE BOYS WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

Dave from Manchester who drove down on day one to help with bottled water distribution at Asda in Gloucester, and stayed right through until the end helping to hand it out at the old B&Q site - well done and thank you!

Thank you to 'the team' at radio Gloucestershire who helped me through a nightmare 9 hour journey home on 20/7 (usually 20 mins - but many diversions!), and the information they have provided since 'the flood'. Thanks also to all fire brigades involved - real heroes, the military services - Army, RAF, the RNLI, Severn Trent employees at the Mythe works, and the volunteers in Tewkesbury who have been amazing .... thank you all.

Tim Ballam for all the hard work he put in keeping Cafe-Rene in Gloucester operating - well doneAlso well done to Paul Soden for his amazing 'can do' attitude

I live in the corner of Priors Park and my house was heavily flooded. Fortunately I'm OK, but I would really like to thank a number of people: My great friends neighbours Colin & Laura who saved so many of my belongings and my cats when I couldn't get home; Helen & Andy who gave me a meal and a bed for the night when I was stranded in Twigworth. They were great - we met for the first time that evening; Sonia & Alan who gave me a cuppa and somewhere to change after I waded over to my house; My great friends Steve and Ruth who've given me a room and have said I can stay as long as I need and have helped me recover my belongings; Coucillor Brain Carwell for his unreserved support when I spoke to him yesterday; And finally to my folks Hugh & Yolanda who are looking after my cats and are being so supportive. In short people, without reservation have been so supportive. There's a real sense of community spirit that feels great to be a part of. Long may it continue!

Eleanor R
The Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) were among the first on the scene in Tewkesbury and surrounding villages, working round the clock with 4-5 boats with crew and support vehicles. By flood Sunday they had rescued a guesstimate of 200 people, not to mention pets and transport of emergency medical supplies and personnel by water. These brave volunteers who are funded purely by public donation surely deserve a mention (if not a medal)!

Yvonne Hope - she'd left her job at the council but came back in for a whole week to help sort out the water distribution and manning the emergency rest centre.

Staff at Cheltenham park hotel who with only a few hours notice, worked like mad to provide my daughters wedding reception on flood Sunday. A very big thanks to all the team.

guy williams
I would like to thank the kind farm worker (Simon)who helped me tow my home to safety with his tractor. He returned a couple of days later to help me mend the puncture on the back wheel.He stayed for a smoke, bottle of cider (or 3)and a game of backgammon and has since moved in. Even rain clouds have silver linings! Cupid has struck her magical arrow in the face of adversity! Thankyou Simon, you really are my hero!!!

The Red Cross who delivered water, food and cleaning items to the elderly and house bound. Many thanks to the lovely lady on the phone and the ladies and gents who delivered the goods. Such fantastic organisation, well done and again many thanks, you all deserve a medal.

Cliff Hodson
I would like to nominate cllr Dave Oughton his family & other Ashchurch parish councillers who get supplies of water going so well that there never any queues . I say other concillers but not all of them bothered nor did our borough councillers show up so those that did as well as the volunteers & young children thank you so very much.

Barry Ogden
I would like to thank all the people of Gloucester and Cheltenham who provided us with amenities within your local area during the flooding situation. On look back we have searched on the internet and found a lovely vote of thanks by placing my collegue and I within your hall of heroes, which we are eternally grateful. We are based at 8 Regiment RLC 3 SQN 29 water and Engineer support Marne BKS Catterick North Yorks DL10 7NP. Thank YOU once again.

paul bennett
Another hero of mine since my Grammar schooldays is Rob 'Malcolm' Brown. He protected me & my young partner from certain attack by a homophobic mob at a bowser recently. Prior to that he had a noted hands on approach as an educator, ensuring that his pupils took a no-noncesense view. Then beefing up the ranks of the thin blue line. What a career! Hussah! Hussah! Hussah! for 'Bommer' Brown!

highbury day centre
we would like to say a big thank you to all staff and volunteers at cheltenham commmunity transport for getting our clients home on that terrible friday, delivering water and providing a caring service beyond the call of duty. not only have they done this for us but also for other vulnerable people in our local community as well, thank you to you all for your support

Bussage resident
Like most the the rest of the residents of bussage we would like to thank the 2 army men cpl Aston & lcpl Morris for all there help. These lads helped with all the water not just bringing us the tanker. But giving us the water fetching and taking it to the cars of those that could not do it for thereselfs. I was very nice to see that these guys had come all the way from Catterick to help us. Then to find out that one of them was from Gloucester anyway(a local lad done good) As it was said in other letters i agree these are the sort of people that should be getting MBE's ect. Insted of people that are just in the news.Cheers lads you made us proud.

j smyth
I would like to thank all the members of the army for all there help giving us water from the tankers. they also helped to unload and drop off water to cars. The are the sort of people that shoule be hounored by the Queen. many thanks lads

i would to thank you al the people who stood out there fro in god and bad weather to gives bottled water and fulled the famouls bules things that live on our streets and thank you all the help on our road corrida drive for be great commutiy as we help each other out.

Emma, Gloucester
I would like to thank the fire and rescue service, police, army, volunteers handing out water and others that helped during Gloucestershire's hour of need - Thank you.

A big thanks to the volunteers, the emergency services, the forces and everyone else involved with making sure that water was available to us all when needed. It would of been a hard job to carry on normally without you all!Also thanks to the BBC for keeping us up to date on what was happening, I have now become a regular visitor to the site due to the up to the minute news.Now I must go an d collect water - the mains has burst and once again we are without water!!THANKS TO YOU ALL!

Graham Ponting
I would like to say a great big thankyou to all the Pubs that stayed open during the floods. No water is bad enough, no beer would have been a crisis. Well done boozers!

Ismail Mehter
Representative of the Gloucester Muslim Welfare Association (Hanif Sedu- Zak Jeewa- Ismail Surty and over 150 Volunteers) for organising and distributing Bathing clean water door to door and continued till the crisis was over working from 8.00 till very late at night and ensuring that those most vunrable did not go without water I can not thank them enough.

Claire Donovan
I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has helped out in any way (big or small) during the floods and water crisis.Everyone has done an amazing job.

Elaine Emerton
Thanks to Lee, Chris, Keith and Debs for their sterling work keeping the water flowing at Quedgeley distriubtion point, the 48th Quedgeley Scout group, and the people of Quedgeley for their donations of food and refreshments in the last 10 days

Ismail Surty
I would like to nominate Ismail Mehter who volunteerd to organize to deliver water to disabled and vulnerble people and to all the Barton&Tredworth residents Ismail is great asset to have in our City

Jenny Jones
There have been so many heroes, from the military and emergency services and local organisations to individuals who have gone out of their way to help neighbours in need - and even complete strangers. The only hardship I suffered was a nightmare journey home from work on July 20 and loss of water supply. But reading the list of citations here has brought a real lump to my throat and made me feel very proud to live in this county. To everyone nominated, you are all stars, but for me the staff at Radio Gloucestershire are top of the heroes list. You were there for us all from day one of this disaster, keeping us informed and also providing great feelgood music, fascinating stories and a few laughs too as the emergency went on. This website has been fantastic too - useful yet entertaining (I LOVE the facebook bowser group, and the ingenuity of 'bowser babe', 'bowser boy' and others on your Lighter Side page). It's also a great way for people to have their say on what's happened. I am hooked on the flood message boards! THANK YOU BBC - WORTH EVERY PENNY OF MY LICENCE FEE!!!!

I would like to thank the boys of the 8 Regiment RLC British Army which brought us water to our care home at all hours of the day, We were told that they were not supposed to even deliver to us, They provided washing water and toilet water for our care home upto 3000 litres a daywe believe they were Cpl Ogden and Cpl Webb of Catterick 29 water and engineer squadronThey saved many elder people problems by delivering water to them. They travelled down in all types of areas to a lot of the local community we hope they had a safe journey home thanks lads x

Duke Theedam
I'd like to nominate Samantha Snape, the landlady of the Lower Lode Inn at Forthampton....she saved a few souls during the flooding (namely members of the Mingers Motorcucle Club) by leading them out of the flood, tied to a rope to safe haven...well done Sam...and I hope you get more support in getting your business up and running again...

Paul Bennett
i'd like to thank the hero who pulled me out of my car sunroof in Tredworth Rd on the first flood day. I go by it everyday but i forgot the bridge was so high and drove into a submerged car. Luckily my fags stayed dry. Thanks also to my missus Kate and daughters Scarlett & Poppy who rescued my flooded beer stash & found the lighter, baccy, & rizlas when i got home.

guy williams
although i'd like to say thankyou to somebody my prevailing emotion is anger. WHY ON EARTH DON'T THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS WEATHER? DO THEY NOT REALISE THIS IS THE ONLY SUMMER WE GET THIS YEAR? Whilst they're finally getting off their fat cat backsides they can deliver bottled water to my door (bad leg), increase state benefits, build more hospitals and lower inflation. I would also like to thank Vera Bywater for her ongoing support and help she has given me since I hurt my leg in a fight at a bowser. Cheers Vee!

Jennifer Barclay
I would like to say thank you to all the Guides and Brownies who are helping with the delivery of water to 55 residents at Glebe Farm Court which is a retirement housing estate in Up Hatherley. They are very good at crushing the empties too!

Andrea Hall
I would like to thank all of the fireman, air rescue, ambulance, people dishing out free water and the people working at Severn Trent who have worked round the clock to get Glos back to normal

Paul Ockelton
Innsworth Community Hall arranged water delivery to every house in Innsworth. This was a massive task undertaken by a string of volunteers, as hall manager I would like to give my thanks to:Ann Hartmink Pat Murphy Joan Timpson Laurence Davis Louise Mackenzie Bob ClarkAlan Timpson John AddisonMatt MacintyreAndy Button Gordon Marshell Tracy McDowell Martin Trigg Michelle Davis Ray StantonRob Hunt Dave Coldrick Hefan Alan Jones Kate Lumley Roy Oakley Allen Laird Cllr Bob Stewart Guy Wyatt Scott MorganAngela Ockelton Mr & Mrs June Toni Marshell A. Woods Jackie Ashwell Jo BrenanIan Mackenzie R. Stanton Dave Cornock Pauline Crumpton Candy Clark Jackie O’Neill Dave Pasley Maureen and Frank DawsonAnd just as important a big thank you to the following children who, without being asked made the task of delivering over 100 tons of water just that little bit easier:Aaron, Bradley and Callum McDowell Liam and Stephen Levett Rian Neil Maisie and Lewis Mackenzie Mel and Mathew Davis Martyn and Shannon Ockelton Dean Cairns Daniel Cornock Katie and Lee Marshell Liberty Wyatt

Ashley Williams, Cheltenham
Id like to say a big thanks to every one on the Bowers of Gloucestershire Group on facebook such fun i dont want these bowsers to go :( Also a big thanks to all the emergency services for your hard work! Have a pint or two on me! hehe

I would like to say thank you to severn Trent for looking after the the air cadets from stroud who were helping hand out the bottled water at Tesco's thank you for your kindness to all the cadets this last week.well done to all the cadets for helping hand out the water there !

Chris Alcock
Thank you so much to this people who worked round the clock during the crisis to protect the electricity supply and re-instate the water supply (you don't know what you've got till it's gone!). Also immense thanks to all the emergency services, armed forces and all the other people involved around the county regarding helping out during the floods. We all owe you big time!!Special thanks to the BBC webteam and the folks at Radio Gloucestershire for keeping us all up-to-date as well :o)

Stephen - Hempsted
If you helped, in any way, thank you, if you were flooded, i hope all is well soon, I do not come from Gloucestershire, I moved here 25 years ago, I am now proud to say I live in Gloucester. Dont let anyone say otherwise.

Bill&Mary Spragg(not flooded!)
Thanks to the Service personnel, police, our Village Shop in Gotheringtonand all who made life without water bearable & even fun at times.Thanks too, to Judy & Shara who rescued us from flooded ByPass Friday night aftermany hours in our car contemplating "a night out" not in the best sense!

Catherine Tranter
BBC Radio Gloucestershire was an immense help to me and my family, keeping us up to date with all developments. Staff there should win the award

Mrs Griffiths
I think all the emergency crews have worked very hard to keep people's electric on and to make sure they have had water .The way everyone has worked closely together is amazing .All the rescue crews worked in very close unity to make sure those trapped were rescued and evacuated safely . I know many of them worked long hours . The crew of severn area rescue association i know are volunteers and after arriving home in the early hours they still got up for work the following morning .I think everyone who helped in anyway during this time deserves a big thank you .Thanks to BBC Gloucestershire also for keeping us all well informed on this website .

jane whitsby
Thanks to the air cadets who helped out in and around the stroud area!

Wincing as I say this but....although echoing resounding cheers of thanks to all who were involved in the 'water aid' process, each of whome are heros, can I say thank you to GORDON BROWN for, without his visit he would not have fully understood the problems with water distribution and the military might not have been deployed so quickly to help get those bowsers out there and filled! As I experienced, it was Wednesday before the county really got better supplies and after the involvement of the Army. Thanks Gordon.

Dan Vesma
A big thank you to the emergency services, to the armed forces, ST's workers (if not their management), and to the BBC for keeping us informed online, on the telly and on local radio. Also a big thank you to the Bowsers of Gloucester group on facebook - smiles really help.

Thanks to the Emergency Services and the County Council staff for their hard work, especially the Emergency Planning Team

Emma from Newent
The farmers and their tractors. Where would we have been without them all appearing like knights in shining armour and taking people where 4x4s feared to go?

I'd like to thank all the people from Innsworth who have delivered bottled water to the area since the floods. You have all been great, and what you have done is so much appreciated!

I would like to thank my 12 year old son Oliver, who used his boat to help out at a local camp site, by rescuing people's posessions from the floods, and also bravely climbing in to a flooded caravan through the window, to rescue some family photos for a holiday maker. I am very proud of him.

Camilla Hale
The assistant manager at Morrisons in Tewkesbury for his support of everyone in the store over the nightof Friday 20th.I wasn't there I just heard about his amazing resilience and friendliness on the radio

I concurr completely with the other messages here about what a fantastic job the support services have been doing with getting us all water. I'd also like to thank 3 other lots of people:1) The Ashchurch army camp guys who were standing in the pooring rain directing cars through the flood water late on Fri. 20th;2) The 2 lovely chaps (from a Pipe / Valve company?) who gave me a pair of wellies to get through the flood water in;3) The owners and staff of the Hobnails Inn who had taken over 100 people in even though they were flooded themselves during the afternoon.It is great to see that the idea of pulling together is not dead after all! Thank you!

Paul from Abbeymead
Thanks to the lady and gent who bought choc ices for the water distribution volunteers at Morrisons on Sunday afternoon. They were very welcome on what was a warm and sunny day!

Paul G
Only twice now has so much been owned by so many to so few. Humanity is alive and well in this country.Top job - thank you

Leonie from Cheltenham
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone in the Bowsers of Gloucestershire group on Facebook for making me and others laugh during such a difficult time! Also big thanks to the emergency services who battled to save Walham power station - you saved the county from complete shutdown. Also thanks to Severn Trent water... some people have been complaining but I personally think you have done a fab job keeping us supplied with water. And finally, thank you to the Bowsers!!!

Big, big thanks to everyone who helped with the never-ending task of providing clean water to the people of Gloucestershire; the emergency services, the army, the numerous volunteers. They have been a huge help and have provided an extremely faultless service, working long hours to keep us going. You are all stars!! Thank you so much!!

I would Like To Thak all who saves us from a worst disaster, by saving the power for trhe homes and all the people who have been doing untold work for all in a worse condition to me..thanks isnt enough but at least I can feel we all pulled together ..just hope we will rember others worse than ourselves and realise how much we depend on water and power for our lives...keep up the spirit so we dont forgt people in the country god bless the services

Robin & Ann Marie Baynham - Gloucester
We both just want to a huge thank you to EVERYONE who has been involved in this operation (an we mean everyone). They are all heros and saints. Everything possible was done to keep the county going. Thank you somehow just does not seem enough.

sylvi davies
Thanks to all the people involved in keeping u supplid with fresh water theoughout this crisis.They did a great job.

Lisa from Gloucester
Big thank you to Panda Laundrette in West Way Cirencester who stayed open late on Saturday to allow people from Cheltenham and Gloucester to do their washing. The lady attendant worked a 13 hour shift and then the owner came in to take over from her.

Judith Thomson
Huge thanks to the staff of the Radiology Department at Cheltenham General Hospital who worked long hours to catch up on all the appointments that were suspended because of having no water for the machines. They were still smiling. Thanks to everyone especially Y Team.

I just want to thank everyone who helped giving out water at all the sites around the county. You have all been amazing x

John Lydon, witcombe
Just got out of my jacuzzi!! Wonderful!! Many thanks to my wonderful next door neighbour who brings me 5 litres of water per day from the local spring whilst I'm at the gym. Good work for an octaganarian with no driving licence! A big thankyou to you Mavis.

david kempster,Cheltenham
my friend guy williams who has severe learning difficulties was heroicly saved from a baying mob at a water bowser in Gloucester by Paul Bennett. Many thanks paul to the kindness you showed Guy.

Jim - Abbeydale
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard helping people and restoring vital services you have all done an amazing job.God bless you all.

Kate, Cheltenham
I am currently doing the happy happy shower dance!! and i would like to thank everybody who has been involved in this incident, super work and community spirit. My heart goes out to those people who have much hard work ahead of them yet, restoring their homes and businesses - Stay Strong

I think that all service and emergency serice personnel,and the local council members and civilian personnel who distrubuted water at Tesco Car Park and to invalid andelderly neighbours in Bishops Cleeve deserve a medal,or at least a very big THANK YOU>

the police and fire have done a amazing Job but no one has said that the AMBULANCE SERVICEhas done it,bit as well,my wife works at warterwells and thay have worked so hard .i am so proud of them.

Mark Grimshaw
Thanks to Eddie & Edna Mills and all their team at Tewksbury Scout Hut who kept going 24 hours a day to provide, toilets, food and shelter to the people of Tewkesbury.With our sewers flooded and the water coming in the house, we couldn't have done without them !!Thank YouMArk & Jane Grimshaw

Caroline, Tewkesbury
I just want to thank all the emergency services. They've worked tirelessly, saved at least 2 of my friends' lives and rescued many more from flooded buildings. We may have a town council that insists on building housing estates as flood barriers and a government who send our armies far away where they can be of no use to their own country; but at least we have a community that can pull together when it's most needed.

James Doughty
A big thank-you to the lady who helped my wife and 6 month old daughter get back to our house in Prestbury on Friday afternoon after their car was stranded outside the Royal Oak. Also a big thank-you to Tony and his hammer skills; Janet and Alice for their babysitting skills; and Andy and Marcus for general flood prevention work. Last (and not least) to Sally for remaining calm and checking her phone for text messages.

Many thanks to my kind neighbours who helped me when after returning from work came across my road under water and the garage flooded.(luckily it did't reach the house)!. Thanks

George, Tewkesbury
A big thanks to all those people who lived in Tewkesbury Town Centre and despite there own troubles, filled sandbags and used thier own 4x4's to deliver them to people under threat.

Cllr Denise Rogers
I can't praise the emergency services enoughthey have been brilliant at a very traumatic time.I havnt had the need to use them but stories that have filtered through have been uplifting

I would like to send my thanks on behalf of the residents of Little Bayshill Terrace to all of those that helped with the flooding on Friday. Unfortunately I do not know names of some of them, but special thanks to the two Chris' (I hope you are dry now and got back to Glos in the end!!) and to the saviour of the night, the pump guy!! The help and hard work from you all was most gratefully received. Thank you. :)


julie :) stonehouse
i would just like to say a big thankyou to my sis and her boss, who very kindly gave me and my children some water today as we were out and didnt even know the water was being turned off, so ta sis and jackie :)my heart and thoughts are with all my friends and those i dont know who have no home water or elec, i am only without water, tc bye4now J

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the volunteers who will be supplying water to my Mum (a pensioner) and others in a similar situation in Coney Hill. Unfortunately my family have been struck with a sickness bug (not from poor sanitation - i think we would have had it anyway regardless of the situation) and I was getting very worried about her.

Ashley Williams
I would personlly like to thank all the Fire Crews/RAF/Royal Navy with all the effort put in to save Wallam power staion. Id also like to thank Tesco in Collets Drive Cheltenham who gave many people 15l of water FREE. A lorry load was given out in 5l bottles. Thanks everyone For Your Support!

Ashley Williams
I would personlly like to thank all the Fire Crews/RAF/Royal Navy with all the effort put in to save Wallam power staion. Id also like to thank Tesco in Collets Drive Cheltenham who gave many people 15l of water FREE. A lorry load was given out in 5l bottles. Thanks everyone For Your Support!

john higginbotham
i would just like to say a big thankyou to all the services involved in trying to get everything back to normal.

Brian & Becky
We would like to express a huge thankyou to all our friends for their offers of showers and washing, we really appretiate it. At times like these you know who your friends are. THANKYOU. We would also like to thank all the agencies for their sterling work, its hard to plan for this type of event, but we must learn from it.

I would like to thank my friends who have helped me with the loan of their washing machines during the crisis. Also to the ever increasing supply of bottled water thas has been made available.

Ian , Bishops Cleeve
This crisis has shown how well our local emergency services, local councils and other relevant agencies, can respond in such a well co-ordinated manner. An excellent logistical effort. Also hats off to 99% of the public who have shown great patience and understanding, as usual its the 1% of idiots who whinge and moan because there not getting what they want and probably arent paying for anyway.

Eleanor Maddox
Just want to say a big thanks to everyone involved in recent problems, the police, the army, the rescue services they have all been amazing. Big thanks to Radio Gloucestershire for keeping everyone so well informed. The comunity spirit has been wonderful and the atmosphere amongst friends and neighbours just great. Gloucestershire people are just great (well most of them!)

Nick, Gloucester
I am very proud of our city and how everyone has pulled together to get through this. On the whole people have been patient and the community spirit has been amazing. Most people aren't complaining but just getting done what they can. Thank you to all that have worked endlessly to limit the damage.

After the emergency: We've seen a sterling example of joined up policing, fire services,rescue personnel of all types etc for which we are all very greatful. They all deserve medals!

Kerry Killingsworth, Tewkesbury
I would just like to say how fantastic the community spirit has been in this difficult time. Everyone is pulling together and morale is high. Makes me proud to be from Tewkesbury!

Roger Rea
A nice Gas man lent my niece his generator and camping stove on friday night in Bodiam avenue. Pity I don't know his name, but thank you anyway.

Gwen, Churchdown
Many thanks for the valliant efforts of the Fire Service and Water Engineers, together with volunteers. Restoration of Power after Monday was a Godsend. We can manage to conserve water etc., but to have both services down was a bit daunting!

Nicky Wells
I was trapped in Evesham from 4.00pm, I was driving alone from Worcester trying to get back to Bishops cleeve. I was feeling really helpless and vulnerable. I was stranded in Stoulton, but I met some really wonderful kind people, I was given a blanket,some water and some food and a really nice local gave a bed for the night, it just goes to show that there are some really kind people in this world, I would like to say thanks to them all for being so lovely. I hope they all got home safely.

Mrs Evans
My husband left work in Gloucester 4pm on Friday and got home to the Forest 1pm on Saturday. He was an off duty Police officer and while waiting for a pick up truck to rescue him, he stayed to help others who were stranded, while some people decided they were 'too posh to push' he mucked in with other helpful members of the public and also helped residents on Priory Street who were flooded. Special thanks to Overbrook Rescue Truck Family for finally getting to him despite the elements.

I was trying to get to Bishops Cleeve via Stoke Orchard on the worst Friday. Had to leave my car in the end. Thankfully a kind man offer us a lift on his tractor. I only got his name which is Andrew, thanks ever so much to him. He was very kind.

Big praise to all the emergency services that are assisting everybody.

A big thanks to Barry at Deford marine nr Tewkesbury this guy took my boat out on Saturday/Sunday to save and bring back nearly all 56 boats which broke moring.Thanks from us all.

Kelly Gabb
I just want to say thank to the staff in Toys R Us Gloucester for helping with a kettle when my 3 month old (rather upset) baby girl was over due a feed! It took us over 7 hours to get from Gloucester to Dursley!!!

A huge thank you to all the staff at the Holiday Inn Gloucester who opened up meeting rooms for people to bed down in and issued as many blankets, duvets, pillows as they could find and for issuing free tea and coffee. I left Devon at 10.30am Friday morning and arrived home in Northants at 8.30am Sat morning.

kevin green
sara crew mamber on site from friday through to monday many thanks to morisosns at tewskbury for all the free food

Just like to say thank-you to all those who worked throughout the night to keep the sub-station from flooding hence ensuring that we had power. I mean a really big THANK-YOU

A big thank you to all the service personell - firemen, ambulance staff, police, navy, airforce and others for all the hard work. We are very grateful that they managed to keep the electricity supply working against all odds. Blessings to all.

Amy, Churchdown
If you were a customer in need of water my dad, Frank Phillips, who owns the Cornish Catch did his best to get water to those who can't leave the house whilst he was on his rounds. What a charitable man he is!! Well done dad!

Chris R
A couple of neighbours, Kevin and Katrina from Brockworth spent a couple of evenings delivering farm spring water suitable for loo flushing etc. by tractor and trailer to the residents of Abbotswood estate in Brockworth. Kevin works on a farm and his employer has allowed him to use the equipment, this was particularly useful for the elderly and less mobile residents.

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