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13 November 2014

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Cheese Rolling

You are in: Gloucestershire > Our Crazy County > Cheese Rolling > Head Cam: Cheese Rolling

Image from the cheese rolling headcam

Head Cam: Cheese Rolling

Meet Andy Cook, first time cheese roller and someone who stood out...not for his speed, but for the digital camera strapped to his head! He writes the following..

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Cheese rolling was one of many stupid events I planned to take part in last year, along with bog snorkelling and shin kicking the week after.

Had the cheese rolling gone badly at least a plaster cast may have aided me in the shin kicking and secured me a victory!

It was the first time I have ever done the cheese rolling and will possibly be the only year.

Being a bit fool-hardy I had not done any sensible preparations and had only seen the hill once before.

I had attempted a trial run on the beacon at Malvern but wearing trainers wasn't a great idea, so for the actual event I thought I'd use heavy walking boots to anchor me to the ground on the day.

When the day came, my friend and I decided to get a front row spot but unfortunately we weren't early enough having turned up two hours before the event and not being very good at forcing our way through the crowds.

It was fairly wet and we didn't take waterproofs but did pad ourselves out a fair bit incase we fell and bounced.

After waiting for the first few races, we moved forwards and managed to get onto the start of the hill.

It was a bit steeper than it looked from the bottom and certainly a lot muddier after the first few races had been up and down.

At the time it seemed like a good idea strapping my digital camera to my head, however at this point the electrical tape was starting to pull it into my forehead and it was becoming a bit painful.

There is a chant they say before they release the cheese but most on the top of the hill don't really listen as were waiting to jump over the edge.

I was doing fairly well on the way down until I hit a divot and went head over heels once and ended up eating a few chunks of turf.

At the bottom there are some old boy rugby players who ensure that you never reach the brick wall at the bottom of the hill.

Sadly last year there was no cheese for me.

In consolation I had a ploughman's at the pub after getting some dubious looks as to my muddy attire."

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Now, please join me and relive the moment I decided to cheese-roll with one very painful digital camera strapped to my head:

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last updated: 08/03/2010 at 09:29
created: 25/05/2007

You are in: Gloucestershire > Our Crazy County > Cheese Rolling > Head Cam: Cheese Rolling

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