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28 October 2014

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Stroud scene

Stroud: Your Comments

What do you think of Stroud? Love it, hate it? As part of BBC Gloucestershire's Stroud Week, we're collecting your thoughts on the town.

The town, noted for its steep streets and cafe culture, is surrounded in all directions by the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but does that make you want to live there?

Love it or hate it, we want to know what you think. Fill in the simple form below and we'll publish your comments.


I studied art in Stroud for 3 years. I think the hippy part of the town is cool and original (I sound like a chewing gum ad!). I do think the arcade should be done up but not to much or Stroud would lose its charm and look like every other town/city everywhere. I may as well not visit Stroud if it got developed this way and just shop in Bristol!!! Maybe there could be a few more places to visit at night for younger and older people e.g under 18 nightclubs etc I love the farmers market and the majority of local people are really friendly. People should get a vote on what shops they would most like in the arcade, then everybody's happy!


"Stroud covers a large area, the main town being a small part of it. Many town centres have ugly spots and under age drinking on a Saturday night. But see the farmers market on a Saturday morning with the sun out and you would have to be impressed, pulling in crowds from all over the county. Much of Stroud is in the five valleys, incredibly scenic and very popular for walking. An evening on Rodborough or Selsey common can be spectacular with plenty of good quality pubs to finish off in."


"I think Stroud would be vastly improved if the town centre traffic flow could be policed more closely. On Monday afternoon right opposite where the Radio Gloucestershire team were based, a delivery truck parked on a double yellow line on the corner of King Street and George Street. This in turn meant an articulated lorry did not have enough space to turn the corner and traffic quickly backed up behind it, causing gridlock for nearly half an hour as the lorry and the cars and buses behind it struggled to reverse and try to find alternative routes. Not a traffic warden or police in sight to move on the offending driver, whose truck was advertising a company whose snack products include a famous brand of nuts. But when a couple of passersby ventured to challenge the truck driver and point out he was on double yellow lines and causing chaos he ignored their protests carried on unloading. Nutty behaviour indeed!"  


"Stroud is dirty unwelcoming place, It is just a town that is stuck in the 70's. The main centre is filled with Estate agents, Charity shops, and cafes, and out of the cafes most of them are aimed at the greenies. Stroud is a doughnut, nothing in the middle but beautiful on the outside. Stroud has become a joke with everybody as the Hippy Centre of the UK. If Stroud had a theme tune it would have to be 'Shiny Happy People' by REM.


"I don't come from Stroud and if I did I certainly wouldn't be proud. It is grotty with nothing but scruffy shop fronts mostly consisting of either banks or takeaway shops with the odd charity shop in-between. The NCP and Merrywalks shopping centre are a tragic remnant of 1960's construction and are an eyesore making that area far from "Merry". The majority of people's cross-dress fashion of grunge rock and gypsy fare is just plain weird, yet they walk around with an air that suggests that they are better than everyone else and belong on a Paris cat walk! The landscape of would-be pretty scenic hills are marred by the vastly earlier over-developed yet now under-used industrial sites. I suppose there is always the night life though consisting of, actually come to think of it nothing but under-age filled pubs and joy-riders racing round the absurd partly tarmaced/partly cobbled streets with roundabouts tossed in like croutons in a salad! Stroud is definitely NOT a place to be proud of - sorry, but the evidence is clearly there for all to see!"

last updated: 15/04/2008 at 09:07
created: 28/04/2007

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Stroud is a hectic place with a huge mixture of people and buildings. You have your chavs, snobs, scene kids, stoners, etc. And a crazy mish mash of modern and old architecture that contrast with each other in a discusting way. Stroud has lost it's unique style to the modern chain stores and stereotypes yet still people try to convey it's image as a querky, perfect town in the middle of a beautiful area. But is Stroud all bad? Sure the town is losing it's image but thats just the way evolution works. Every now and then you can see a glimpse of Strouds personality shining through.

You are in: Gloucestershire > Places > Places features > Stroud: Your Comments

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