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24 September 2014

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Our man sets off in his skirt and high heels

Andrew and outfit take to the streets

Skirting round the issues

What happened when the BBC's Andrew Vincent took to the Forest dressed in a black skirt and kinky stiletto boots

Spot someone wearing a skirt and high heels and you won't normally think twice. Spot a MAN wearing a skirt and high heels and it's a very different matter.

In a bid to find the county's most down-to-earth town, the breakfast show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire invited listeners to send in their nominations.

Then came the test!

Producer Andrew Vincent (lover of outlandish fashion) was instructed to head out in an outfit that had already raised eyebrows in the office and around Gloucester.

Full length photo of our man wearing his outfit

Standing proud! Our man in his outfit

With microphone in hand, black leather skirt round legs and topped off with a pair of kinky 5-inch stiletto boots, did Tewkesbury and Cinderford know what was headed their way?

"I was called a transvestite and even a lesbian, but most people I spoke to said there was no reason a man can't wear a skirt. It was the heels that caused the most stares" said Andrew.

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created: 05/04/2007

Have Your Say

What would have been your reaction? Should a man be free to wear a skirt or high heels if he so desires?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Peter M
Most Definitely.Men wore skirts for Years. (eg: The Greeks, Roman Soldiers, etc) and for you in the USA .. COWBOYS wore HIGH-HEEL BOOTS as well.

When weather is too hot like over 25oC then no need to wear jeans or trousers that too hot - wear skirt that help to cool down, I wear tights and skirt to keep cooler and dont want to butn my legs, anyway it nice and better when wear skirt in hot weather than trousers, men should wear skirt when go to work or anywhere to keep blood cooler that important, I do have lot of mini skirt cos it my favour - Im straight male, nothing wrong with it and have fun to wear as it your body, no one tell you what to wear :)

@Ben: Good for you to wear stiletto boots and yes you could try wear skirt and see how you getting on, good luck

After reading this, my girlfriend & I had a discussion and she bet me that I wouldn't go out wearing her stiletto boots. I took up the challenge & tried them on. They fit ok because she's size 7 like me. I wore them under my normal jeans and after some lessons in walking in 4 inch stilettos, we went to the local pub. Hardly anybody noticed except a couple of girls that complemented me. It was cool to do something daring and to break the normal expectations. Maybe I'll try on a skirt and some of her stockings as well and see how that goes down?

I think he should as it is his choice

I wore white t-shirt, 60 denier black opaque tights, dark blue denim mini skirt and black flat shoes and went out for walk also to petrol station to pump up my car tyres, people already seen me in full dress. Men can wear skirt with or without tights that look very cool and sexy as it nice look new fashion. Dump boring trousers and keep wear skirt, dont be afriad - have fun :)

Sure, men should be free to wear what he desires! Why this question? Ask the same question to women - I already know the answer. Again, why is it for men questioned?

Brad II
@Martin;No high heels, I'm already too tall. Yes, and I had good experiences. Even at work I ask the boss how about wearing a skirt, she answered (I think I can say she is cool) 'Well, you have to feel comfortable and be confident in it, then it's fine with me'.

Hi Brad II; And how about high heels? You also wearing it? 20 year experience, too?

Brad II
No question, men are be able to wear what they want. I'm wearing skirts and kilts for more than 20 years, and never I heard a bad comment. Why so many questions? I learned that famous physicians recommend for men skirts instead of pants, especially for prostate cancer prevention. Men just have to do the first step, wearing a skirt and be proud about.

What a brilliant idea! men should be able to wear what we want. And this is just another form of clothing, how comfortable a skirt must be in the summer is unimaginable, but i bet it feels good. I would definately wear one and the heels too. Not sure how far i would get in them, but at least i would have a go.At least then we would have the same options as women who at the moment can wear anyting they like, tousers, jeans, skirts, dressess etc. Change is good! Well done Andy.

what do you think if men wearing black opaque tights and short or mini denim skirt and either flat shoes or calf boots or even keen boots and does it look nicely? I wear it and it look nice also my body look cool shape - feel so good when wear tights and mini skirt and flat shoes that make me feel like lighter, comfortbale and feel so good - i dont see anything wrong with it as it just nice fashion for men to replace boring same trousers or same jean trousers.

mad dog
hi as per my comment,s before i can now be seen in a skirt and boots on most saturday mornings and some weekdays and also silk blouse or tee shirts i love it just get some fuuny looks still mostly from males. i love wearing my skirts and boots out and about now thank u andrew for being first to take the stand and show that we can all do whaat we want!

i wear heels around the home i think that we all need to take a stand just like women who wanted to wear trousers back in the day. it seems at the moment we are all equal but some more equal than others.!!!

A wife
We are talking about trend fashion, men’s skirts and we don’t know how a skirt is looking on men. We are judging just about our past experience and narrowed imagination. What a lie, grand lie we are doing to us, and we do not feel ashamed when we are giving our ‘opinion’ about this new issue.Everybody knows that the skirts, or even dresses, on men, is a beginning of a new area of dressing choices for men since they were put in pants after the French Revolution. For male’s body shape, on further their health there is no better garment for him than a skirt. We are saying in public NO, because skirts are women’s garment because in western societies used by women the past 210 years, even we know that more than 50% of all men on this world still wearing skirts because those men just follow the rule that clothes have to adapt to the body, the body to climate and environment – form follows function.We are continuing lying because we are saying that we will do the best for our comfort, health and practicability. Men don’t. Keep going on with lying is, that we really do not care what is going with health and comfort of men when it touches our imagination of sex-related dressing. It seems to me a very single-track what we are doing and it is not the truth nor does it reflect the reality. To come to the summit we women go about that away to assign all rights to us what pleased us, and get full support from men, mostly our husband. We name that then generously emancipation but lament our self that we do not have all the rights such men have. Do we not have the same rights, do we use more rights compare to men because we are women? Please stop lying and start thinking critically. The truth would be closer and we could see that new men’s fashion is just one step in the right direction. We should support men when wearing men’s skirt and dress, because they are helping to get rid of old unwritten fashion directions and false statements.

I'd read some comments and I am surprised most are very positive, especially from men.I wonder if more men would follow. Of course, skirts and dresses fit men. Andrew did a good job, but I'm missing more men like him. Skirts or dresses on men would make the world more colourful, more interesting.Guys, isn't it boring to wear always the same kind of clothes, trousers, trousers. You must be happy to receive a "nice tie" but never you can get a "nice skirt, nice dress" or even "that dress/skirt fits, looks great" with a nice smile.

What do you ask for? "Should be an man free...." A man is free like a woman to wear whatever he/she wants! Isn't that the rule?Who wants to make new rules? Men have to ask for? To ask whom? That's crazy!Andrew Vincent was right! Men, get out in your skirts or dresses, show up in this new outfit! (and even shock some people if necessary)

If somebody asks me if a man can wear a skirt or dress instead a pair of pants I surly would answer: You have to wear that what your body tells you, feeling comfortable in. Everyone has 5 senses which tells him what is good for him or her. The feeling of well-being does not consist out of the intellect but out of the combination of our 5 senses. Otherwise we are lying to us, and religiously spoken, we despite God as our creator of our body, to commit nothing else than the biggest sin.Or would you eat or drink something you don't like or it tastes awful, abominable, or, even worse, somebody tells you to eat what tastes awful to you?What's about common sense?Conclusion: Everybody should wear what he or she likes, and with the 5 senses you create the best taste.

I agree. Just jump out of the little frame you are living in and a new world opens. Back to the question: Of course, everybody should have the dressing freedom. What difference does it make if a guy says 'hello' to you in a suit or in a skirt? I believe you'll give to the guy in the skirt more attention, guess why? That makes the difference.Can you judge it?

Hey, it is typical for some men, they want to stay in their shade. Not ready for something new. It is boring to stay for a whole life in a tunnel.I think that Andrew really looks good, and for sure better than a lot of guy in their suits. This outfit has style, most pants including jeans doesn't

So far, most comments from men are very positive. But why I do not see so many men in skirts around. Boys, are you hiding? Where are the manly men in skirts?Would love to see more, they are hot!

Men can wear tights, skirt, dress and boots or high heel that still allow as there is no law against men wear women clothes - it just normal clothes so feel free what you want to wear as it your body - im male and wear black tights, denim short skirt and black suede mid-calf boots plus shirt and went out that give me great feel and yes it best if you shave your legs first. When it hot weaather I wear mini skirt with 50 denier tights that really nice cool with air through under my skirt, I dont like trousers that so boring -- have fun :)

I'm a man and I love to wear women's clothes. I usually wear skirts, blouses, and dresses when I go out in public, along with nail polish. Sometimes I wear high heels. I'm not even close to being gay and I'm not trying to look like a woman, just a guy in a skirt or dress. I hate to wear pants. Men should be allowed to wear anything they want to, that's what I do. I don't care what other people thinks about it.

My fiance has great legs and feet, so I encourage him to shave them, and bare them in strappy high heels. I often help him with the shaving and with the application of red nail polish. He has gotten nothing but compliments.

I like to see men in skirts because it shows men which have the courage to go different. A skirt isn't just a female wardrobe, it is for both sexes. Everybody ho like it - just wear it. If men like high heels, okay that their decission. Period. For too long the world become more and more sexualized, and men were always the last party. I ckecked new in U.S. and I could see that the skirt for men reached the mainstream, and I only can say now: Men go - in skirts!

lesley lant
You have my full moral support.I am an open cross-dresser/cross genderist and have been wearing women's clothes for many years.I love women's fashion,make-up, women's mags-hosiery was my first love.Personally ,I don't fine heels comfortable,but love skirts and dresses as an alternative to trousers,especially in the summer bare-legged or with a pair of tights or stockings to keep the wind off my legs in Spring.

Yes, of course men should be accepted to wear whatever they wish. I wore some great platform boots and multi-coloured clothing in the 70s, but can't seem to do so now! Men's fashion is just so dull today.I guess the only way to get it going is to get some pop bands wearing skirts and heels – after all, they started it before, and then everyone thinks it's okay for the rest of us.

mad dog
well i have done it i have being out in public in a skirt and boots twice now i,m going to keep building my confidnece once again thank u andrew for making it look good to see a man in a skirt i,m now doing it in my home town thanks

Well done Andrew! I have a similar kilt. If I wanted to dress like a woman I would wear trousers!

No reaction at all.Everybody should wear what they want.

I am a 29 year-old guy and I enjoy wearing 6 inch stillettos 24 hours of a day and I wear them also to work and I even bath in them and also sleep with them and my wife enjoys me wearing them as well as dresses. I enjoy every moment of me wearing dresses and 6 inch heels.

mad dog
i would like to wear a skirtin public with boots i just have plucked up the corage to wear ladys trousers and silk blouse and boots most shops are very helpful. when u go to by ladys cloths for your self and when the shops are quiet they let u use the changing rooms to try before u by.i would like to step up a gear soon and go out in skirt blouse and boots just need to find the right time and place. could any one who reads this offer some advise as to u andrew well done for bringing up the fact that it,s ok for men to wear skirts

I am a 29 year-old guy and I wear high-heels 24 hours a day and I enjoy wearing them in front of my wife and to work.

Well, I think a skirt on men is okay, why not. It is just an extra garment for a new choice of wardrobe. I do not see any problems with that. But I do not see a reason why should wear high heels. Of course they can do it because there are no restrictions about, but what the matter of it? It is more a question to me than a statement if men can/should wear high heels.

Yes, why not? There are so many styles one can go for. Man's garb is so boring: black, brown, white, grey... trousers and suits. Why do people bother, when so many peple, men and women, are dressed in gazillions of way? And so many simply throw on anything in compositions taht are hardly beautiful to anybody. And since those have the right to be wear what the want, anybody should be open to accept what others wear. I am wearing skirts, but don't like high heels for myself. More than 3 inch is be beyond my zone of comfort. My colleagues at work know me in skirts and tights - I informed them that I like to wear these, and it was a non-issue, except of anumber of compliments. But, I am not donning skirts and tights all the time, either - it is just one of the alternatives.One should make, however, a risk-assessment before, whether one's workplace and especially one's boss is tolerant: Others, less lucky, have lost their jobs.Be careful!

If a man has good legs, he ought to shave them, bare them, and strap on a pair of 4 inch black strappy heels, and polish his nails

I wear shirt and heels all time and at my work too !No problems.

yes they should wear what we want

absolutely , I thought these look great.

Where did you buy the leather skirt/kilt thing? I want one!

Yes, he should - blokes clothing is monotonous - same old same-old year after ruddy year.I wear skirts alot - and heeled boots, both with the skirts and with jeans. Usually pared with something blokey. Keeps me sane!Nigel

Yes, A man should be free to wear a skirt,I do at times but never in public which is a great pity.Not too sure about the heels though, could be uncomfortable

yes i think he should i wish there were more like him good on him

well done andrew if i could i would able to be me mens cloths are so boring well done

Bravo to Andrew! I wish I had the nerve to go out in a skirt and boots with high heels. There was a time when high heels were considered normal for men.Louis XIV is credited with being the first PERSON in history to wear high heels.We should take back the right to wear whatever we please. Now that the taboo about men with pierced ears is history, maybe women's clothes will be next. I've been wearing them for fifty years and I never tire of it. How something that makes me feel so good can beconsidered wrong is beyond me. I am grateful to all the plus-size mail order companies who also sell to men for making my life far more enjoyable. Now if onlyI could find a woman who would tolerate my behavior.

Peter v
Well, there is little i can add, having read most comments, as I too wear 24/7 skirts and dresses, and I find it fantastic. I am a man. fully. Stilletto heels are extreme for any person, not with regards to the look, just great, but to the effect ( hight) on your body, and especially with heels, the painful pressure and resulting calouses on the underside of your feet. I think he was wearing a stunning outfit. Very well chosen, and being actually very manly. He presented himself as a man, did nothing to convince anybody otherwise, but was wearing really great clothing. With somewhat more practical lower heeled boots, I would just love to wear that outfit. By the way, men just love boots too, what about the motorcycle riders? they don't only wear the boots for protection. I am not gay, not a travestite. There will also always be people who are looking for anybody who they can pick on, and men in skirts when they are seen by those louts may get some unwanted negative attention. That is not the fault of the skirt wearer, but of the louts. It is time to put the skirt on and go out there. Dress with taste, and enjoy life.

Well done Andrew - you look good with black skirt and boots - men should wear different type of fashion include skirts like mini or knee-length or long skirt, I do wear black opaque tights, cord mini skirt and suede calf boots (i have knee-high boots) as Im straight as Im still wearing skirt as my legs look much sexy (recommend shave my leg as it very smooth. Men wear skirt or high heel is not cross dress or transvestite - it just normal clothes so just wear it if you want to as it your body and enjoy wear it. Yes men wear are much boring and need to be change so that skirts or dress or anything that would make men look great new fashion and very coolest :)

Why not? I prefer men who are free enough to wear women's clothing. High heels are attractive worn by men and women if they are able to walk in them- most persons are walking on heels as if they were drunken. Please practise before walking, it' ll look better, thx!

I have gone to a shopping mall a couple of times in a skirt, pantyhose/tights, and women's shoes (once heels). Almost everyone was polite. The clerks in the stores behaved like I was nothing unusual. It was stressful, but not terribly unpleasant. I have also taken my morning walk in a skirt and dark hose on a few occasions. I would see the other morning walkers and none paid me any extra attention. I was rather surprised.

I love the whole outfit,I wish I had guts to wear it,well done Andrew.

if its black leather

skirt or high heels?Not or - and! And whatever he likes to wear additionally, too. Fequently i can be spotted in a skirt, but high heels are rare in size 12...

if its hot ill wear it

I think its a good look, why should'nt men be allowed to wear what they like. Mens clothes are so boring. I'm only 5'3" and would love to wear heels all the time

why not.

Yes, they (or we) should. I believe that men who do this have more sisters than brothers for inspiration. I am a man who grew up with two sisters and no brothers and I hated having to be the odd one out when it came to clothes. I hated my sister when she wore a skirt. Personally I love denim skirts because not only they are sexy with the creases on the front, but they are easy to put on because the zip is at the front just like a pair of trousers. And I do sit down slightly differently when I wear them! Seeing a woman in public wearing a skirt it is like the woman saying "why don't you wear a skirt like I do? It's perfectly normal to do so as you can see". I am all for equal oppotunities for both genders. Can we also extend this to underwear as well? David Beckham has proved that knickers are great for a man to wear as well!

i agree that men should be able to dress the way they like and i agree that people should not knock it until they have tried it. i have tried and still do it because i like it and to be honnest i could not give a monkeys if anyone has a problem as its not my problem its theres.

men should

Don't mock it until you have tried it. Men wearing any clothing that reflects a female orientation have always been the subject of ridicule by misguided people who have narrow and stereotypical views of the world. I have worn a skirt, with stockings and 5 ins stilletto shoes in public and received such a reaction. Having said this, I just carried on my way and ignored them and enjoyed myself immensely. If anybody wants to know I do crossdress quite regularly. Womens clothes are so sensual and special. There is much more choice in both styles and materials than men's fashions. Bravo Andrew. Well done!

Of course people should be free to dress as they want. Many guys have great legs and I wish they would make the best of them in heels and skirts.

Bravo! I love wearing skirts and heels around the house. It just feels so much nicer than men clothes. I guess it just feels nice to not have to align myself with the y=typical male 'self' and express my feminine style once in a while. I'd love to have the courage to wear some stuff outside the house but the thoughts of being sniggered at terrify me :(

I'm surprised about the positive reactions here. It has been a dream of mine to wear high heeled boots (although not of the stiletto kind) but have never done it, as I feared being called names. And as a father of 3, that is the last thing I wanted. Now I might decide to live it out...

next future fashion man.good idea fashions manof kinky 5-inch stiletto boots.

Yes men should be free to wear what they like. Earings for men used to be associated with gays, now it accepted. So why not heels, skirts etc.

It looks great!Why shouldn't men be able to wear what ever they want without be judged by society as weird and called names. They are just clothes - it's only society who has created these artificial barriers which dictate what is allowed or not allowed for men and women to wear. Girls have a fantastic choice of wonderfully creative and stylish clothes and shoes and the freedom to wear whatever they want without judgement being passed on them. So called 'girls clothes and shoes' must be much more fun to wear than mens clothes - we are strictly limited by society to waer variations of a shirt, trousers and flat shoes for our entire lives - how boring is that!

i love wearing high heels and skirt.i love your boots,you have more pictures of your self.

Yea! I wear a womens leather jacket, leather skirt and knee boots! I love weaing them. Its actually comfortable. So why some people think no?

I have absolutely no trouble with a man wearing whatever he wants... as long as it's tasteful. My rules on this apply to any gender. Skirts look comfortable, not so sure about the 5" heels though. My thoughts - don't judge until you try it. So maybe, just maybe you might catch me in a skirt and heels someday.

Looking back in history, women only started to wear trousers by 1960. In the 18th and 17th century, over the knees, skirt like garments and silk stockings were mens wear. So what is the fuss about?

Good for you Andrew, you look great. I'm a heterosexual male and would love the opportunity to wear similar fashions in public whenever I fealt like it. I think you may have started something here, so why not think about taking the concept national?All the best and well done!

i think it is very sexy and i like nylons and heels and skirts myself ,wish the world could accept the fashion for all

He's my hero. I love the look. He's not trying to be female but just a guy in a skirt and heels. What's so wrongwith that. I'm a guy and I'd do it.

Kilted Gaijin
Further to my earlier post, I forgot to mention that I also wear a leather sporran with the leather kilt I have...Initially, I didn't like the idea of having one as I thought that it would be annoying, but It does complete the outfit quite nicely! Perhaps that was something missing from Andrews outfit (as well as a change of footwear?) Also in my previous post, I wrote: "...I have also had the odd bit of narrow-minded abuse (from men, no less) shouting out highly original lines like "Bloke in a dress" etc...perhaps their wives or girlfriends (if they actually have them) educate them on the actual differences between those 2 garments...." ...The second garment I was refering to was a skirt!! Sorry, I was thinking ahead of my typing!!Anyway, the bottom line is go for it! If you're a bloke who likes the idea of trying out a kilt (or even a skirt), just pluck up the courage and take the plunge (a visit to a 24 supermarket at 2am is a great place to do a dry run to test the confidence!!) Once you're over that first initial barrier, It'll just become another item of clothing in your wardrobe, and second nature to wearing it! Just make sure that you get an image together with the clothing that you chose to wear, that you are comfortable with and that projects the person that you are. Forget the ones who dare to make comments - They probably wish that they themselves had half the courage and confidence to pull it off! Good luck!

men have a right to were skirts and high heels i where them.

Kilted Gaijin
That was an entertaining article (though sadly sound only - The video would have made it a little better!) but, on the subject, yes, I too believe that men should be allowed to wear what they want (and thankyou to the person that mentioned how you dress doesn't actually have an effect on your sexuality! It's a shame that the hoards of narrow-minded people out there (predominantly men) don't actually realise this...Quite sad considering that we are now in the 21st Century....).I myself have a leather kilt that I wear as often as I can...I love it, it's incredibly comfortable, and it's a real head-turner; I am always approached by people when I wear it (predominantly women), and they comment on how great it looks....But I have also had the odd bit of narrow-minded abuse (from men, no less) shouting out highly original lines like "Bloke in a dress" etc...perhaps their wives or girlfriends (if they actually have them) educate them on the actual differences between those 2 garments....Sad.We are fortunate enough to live in a supposedly free country.....You only live once, so, be yourself and dress to express!I will agree with Andrew though, the boots that you wore threw the outfit, and were impractical. Some decent high legged biker style boots would have been so much better!Out of curiousity, it's stated that you were wearing a leather KILT....Can I ask where this actually came from?Thanks for your time!

Of course a man should be free to wear skirts and high heels, just as women wear trousers and men's boots. Why should only women have all the choices in apparel?

men should be allowed to wear skirts, i personally love wearing them, they are more comfortable than trousers

Absolutely; what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

NO! I hate seeing a man wearing skirts and boots! Its sad really.

I am a guy who occasionally will wear heels and/or a skirt in public. The key is to be smart about what styles work for you, regardless of gender or clothing choice.

I really like the look and would like to pull it off myself. Well done

Rob Evans
I'm not really adding to the comments already voiced, but feel I want to vote for the look of men in high heels and skirts. I wear high heel pumps with pants every chance I can. The profile presented is consistent with what is in style for women right now. I would like to wear a skirt, but have limited myself to high heel pumps. I have people compliment me, laugh at me, stare, point and I love all reaction. I live in an area where men wearing high heels is a rarity. In any case, I want to be noticed as a man, presenting himself as a man, but choosing to wear high heels.

Of course men can wear skirts. I can't see any reason against it because it is actually a traditional clothing for men too. But I am not sure about high heels, probably it is really rare to see men in it. I never would call a man a transvestite because clothes are a way to express a person, not a sign of sexual orientation. I want to encourage all men to wear skirts, this kind of clothes are much more comfortable than trousers.


a man should be adle to wear all woman wear.

A man should be able to wear a skirt or high heels, provided that he shaves his legs, and wears the skirt and heels barelegged with nail polish. Otherwise, the man would look phony.

Absolutely, men should be able to wear anything that women do without issue, especially since women already wear mens clothing with no issue.I can't wait until this equality finally exists in the mainstream.

The skirt looks brilliant, but high heels look better on a woman. I wish I could wear skirts - in a masculine context, of course.

i think if he wanted to wear them then hell yea but i dont know about the skirt with it becuz realli he'll just look sluty

Leather skirts suit NOBODY!Otherwise, skirts are just as valid on men as women. I'm surprised that global alwarmists haven't cottoned on the the reduced carbon footprint of skirts (less material/manufacturing/cleaning) so that they could become commonplace by default.The perceived prejudice against women could be eroded by their welcoming and embracing the adoption of skirts for all.

Why not women can wear trousers, If I could find a male skirt seller (at a resonable price)on the scale of womens prices I would buy one

Skirts can look good on men, and would certainly look better than some trousers do. I was married in a kilt and the sense of freedom was great. I agree with a lot of the comments that, if women can wear what they want, so men should be able to also.

I think men should be free to wear high heels in public

Jeffrey Richards
Yes of course a man should be able to wear skirt and heels.The outfit looks great, the whole style looks good.

Yes, of course a man should be free to wear anything he desires. Women can, so why not men also?

Regarding the story, all I can say is: Why not? If a man wants to wear a skirt and heels in public, hey, why not? All things considered, I thought Andrew looked damn stylish, from head to toe, his outfit worked to perfection, and like he said, there is NO reason a man can't wear a skirt in public, the problem is with the rest of society and it's narrow minded viewpoint that says only men can wear this while only women can wear that. It's all brainwashing if you ask me, if men are willing to break the chains of gender based clothing choices and wear what they want instead of what society assigns them, then more power to them.


It looks good, the skirt fit's. I think men can wear skirts like women do, but I'm not sure about high heels like those. Probably high heels but more comfortable.I don't know why people always say a man in skirt looks like a girl/woman. That's stupid - does clothes make a gender or is it only the typical "One-Way" society? I think it is time for men to expand the choices for wearing clothes - and if he really is a man he can do it - only men without any courages have to fear that they are looking like women. I think this guy from Germany do it right.

El Buitre, Germany
Absolutely terrific! Sort of the style I wear myself quite often, though with some more massive boots (but still 4inchers). For this particular boots I'd personally choose a longer and really wide leather skirt, ankle length or sort of.A man IS free to wear skirts/dresses/heels/nail polish/jewellery etc. To my knowledge, freedom of choice of attire is granted by civil codes in almost any EU country.

Caireann o'Neill
I would have said, too, that the mainly high heels would have gotten the attention in the picture here.With some other shoes the dress code seems OK.Let everyone wear what he or she wants.If a woman dresses like a guy no one sais anythingIf a guy wear a skirt everyone thinks....huh??I think skirt for men is OK as long as it doesn't look indecent.All a matter of how clothes are combined.

Definitely! I have been wearing skirts in public and to work absolutely troublefree! I find them very comfortable,especially in summer.

I wear heels myself and I wish it could be accepted

Andre Ludwig
In my opinion a man should be free to wear it. We should break with old gendered traditions in clothing. Many men want to wear this kind of fashion but they are afraid of the society - but why? Men wore heels since the Egyptian age. It is a try to break with stereotypes that make men and also women unfree. Many men who like this (on the first sight) female clothing and are not allowed to wear it by a pseudo-liberal society that in inherent of a perverted hetero-masculinity and sexism. As a result their minds suffer and they have to go to psychotherapy or hide their personal appearence and play a role. A case that costs the social insurances many millions of Euros. I also have to suffer from it, because the German society is not ready for real emancipation. It is caught in fear of everything that looks different like in the middle-age. It would be good when the people I mean wuld read some social-psychologocical literature. There you can read that "female" clothing for men in a more general sense is also good for our masculin-manic society. In Germany there exists a good comparison how male or femae is regarded. It's the difference between "herrlich" (from ge.: Herr= engl.: sir= synonym for nice and worthful) and "dämlich" ( from ge.: Dame= engl.: lady= synonym for dull and silly). There the regard of the society gets clearly. It's a heterosexistic view which punishes all that don't want to take part at our gendered world.For my case I am very sad. I like to wear heels and I very much get in trouble with my girlfriend because of this. She thinks that I lose my maleness, what's nonsense. When I go out with heels I don't keep my b*lls at home. I feel with the heels so male, that I don't need to show it so embarrassing as many other men do. So we should follow social psychologists and break with our old-fashioned traditions (are they?) and emancipate manhood. It's time for emancipation at both sexes.Finally I only can say: Forward!Thuringia, Germany

Women wear whatever styles they want. Men should be able to do the same. I've worn heels and skirts (sometimes complete outfits) around Halloween and to the Rocky Horror Picture show and you would be surprised how many women hit on me. Even with a black long sleeve shirt, black leather miniskirt, black hose and black stilettos ( no attempt to makeup like a woman ) I've had women come up to me and complement me on how good I look. I think most women have much more open minds than men think. The men who get all freaky about it are the ones not secure with their manhood. I have skirts and kilts that I wear with more conventional shoes. Fashion freedom. Left Coast US.

Heels.. I'm not keen on that, but skirts seem like a good idea. Would get us away from sweaty crotch and chafed thighs! (Just not too frilly or flowery though).

Yes!! Yes!! I have almost the same outfit and wear it every chance I can

Chris Green
He looks fantastic. I would wear a skirt to work but I don't think my employees would like it!

I do and have for years, but most people think I am a gentic girl.

mark freeman
i am a tv and love to walk around as a woman dressed in skirt and boots gives you a much more freedom of movement and you feel great....yes i do get the odd "look" but only from narrow minded people who probably wish secretly that they had the b*** (expletive) to carry it off .....good article....follow up needed..

It's about time someone started doing something about fashion freedom. If one sex (woman) can wear feminine and masculine attire then why shouldn't the other (male) do the same. What is the male afraid of? What is the woman afraid of? The freedom of this understanding and tolerance might solve many other problems like rape and violance caused by this whole rediculous unspoken rule going on right now in the world. This issue needs to dealt with now and swiftly anyway, so why not tackle it now and stop the gender war once and for ever. Should women have a monopoly on clothes choices. Dress the way you feel wether it be feminine or male or a combination of both. Show who you are and don't judge one another or be afraid what the other thinks by mere appearances. Who mad a law that a skirt, hose, makeup,etc. were only for women or pants, always the same male clothes were only allowed to be worn by men only. Men have basically let her be in control and suffered enought and it's high time now that men had equal choices. When you shop in a department store one should have equal choice what one likes to wear, be it a strappy high heeled sandal or a shorter than normal skirt. Why should women have this freedom and men don't YET! Teasing is not nice either and that is what the women have done to men and still do for now but soon this will change...soon.

Great article and selection of skirt and heels!! They look great on you! High heels are just shoes with an elevated heel. And a skirt is actually more anatomically correct for men than any pair of pants. It's a reproductive/heat thing. Do some medical research online and you'll see what I mean.As said here by others, women can wear what they want without criticism. Why not men? Vanity goes both ways you know? And if a man wearing a skirt or heels is considered 'gender impaired' then why is a woman not considered the same when they wear jeans or flats? IMHO, it's all about marketing and labels.I say wear what you like. Individuality is what makes the world an interesting place to inhabit!BTW...I wear women's jeans and heels regularly but don't have the gumption to wear a skirt/kilt yet...Maybe after losing a few Kg :-)

In my opinion, I still thinks that a man should be able to wear a skirt but only in private places or at home, not out in the street. In my case I love to see man wearing a pencil skirt knee lenght skirt.

Yes why noyt women can wear flats let men wear heels.

Of course. I wear heels too but they're pretty low.

david & cathy fuller
Definitely. fashion should be a personal choice, it should be fun and show off who you are. Must say, great choice of outfit and the Boots are divine!

r. belmondo
skirts for men: good idea.heels on anyone: stoopid! check yr nearest osteopath and theyll tell you heels will mess yr back up good and proper. and what if aliens invade, just how are you going to run? you tell me that. . . go on. . . exactly! youll have a probe up yr . . . anyway, heels bad idea for all.

Absolutley! I've been wearing heels all my life and have just ventured out in public in the last few years. Why shouldn't guys be able to wear what they want. Women have for years.

John O'Day
Absolutely! Women have been wearing what they want for years be it mans or womens clothing. Now it's our turn.

Johnny Alpha
It looks pretty good to me. I actually am a middle-aged guy who's into wearing high heels. I'm just unable to do so openly due to the various predjudices and the gender stereotyping that exists. This is supposed to be the age of equality and personal freedom isn't it? So why is a man in skirt & heels such an oddity? Lets all get out there in whatever we want to wear and break down all the illogical and unfair gender clothing "rules".

Skirts aren't my thing but I've been going out in high heeled boots with trousers for a while now. Guys should have the same fashion freedom as women, they're only clothes and shoes.

juan francisco obregon bustinzar
i think that such as women were able to wear pants, and trousers, men should be able to wear any clothing he likes, it's not the outfit, you're just the same person whether you wear one thing or another.

absolutely & why not? my g/f loves me wearing stiletto boots under my jeans,& we've even been out with me wearing a skirt & tights. often we'll go shopping for boots together & i try them on in the shop & i am already wearing boots to start with. lets see more men wearing boots/skirts & not bother what anyone else thinks.

Paul Smith
I think anyone should be allowed to wear what they want. Womean can wear masculine clothes without any comments, why not the other wat round. It's society creating a false sense of right and wrong.

I just don't understand why people have this thing about guys wearing skirts and heels. Too much of the yob culture with narrow minds, who can't accept people for what they are, rather than how they look

I think that clothing can be sexy independent of gender.In fact, I'm not the only one that thinks heels can be sexy. Evangeline Lilly recently said on The View (March 2, 2007), "I tend to like metrosexual men. I like men who have a little woman and a little man in there...So if he's willing to go shop for me and buy me new clothes..." And her final conclusion , "I don't mind a man in high heels!"For me, stilettos are about fashion. Stilettos for men have graced runways over the years. Gaultier is the first that comes to mind, with Vivienne Westwood running a close second. Thicker 4 "heels were displayed by Rick Owens in his F/W 06 line, are being sold off the shelf by Acne Jeans in Sweden, and Dior Homme's 6.5 cm heel was an intro to tomorrow's future for men. The YSL Johnny Boot pervades the sidewalks of major fashion capitals as well. And recently Marjan Pejoski unveiled high heels on men in his upcoming 07 Fall line...Rui Leonardes from London debuted 4" pointy stilettos for men at the Royal College of Art show...In an interview with Filep Motwary Rui stated , " work is about questioning female and male stereotypes, blurring boundaries of gender and social identity is a subject which I'm particularly interested....My high heels for men are designed for a man feet, we are not talking about tranny shoes have been wearing high heels for centuries...These shoes are for men with balls and kickass women."Heels can give the illusion that otherwise short legs are long...heels "force" the lower back into a healthy upright posture, generating limitless feelings of self-confidence for the wearer..heels can turn what would otherwise be a typical ordinary sloppy male stomp, into an elegant gait, akin to a ice skater twirling on the rink.Kudos to Andrew!

Sue Cull
He has good legs from the knees down,so why not?

Fantastic. Only wish men could wear what they want. Like womem do eh???Why is it that when a man wears a skirt he is not accepted yet when a women wears any male clothing she is fully accepted. please do more to raise the accpetance of men wearing skirts & Heels

Louise, Milton Keynes
I have absolutely no problem with this and all sgould be allowed to wear what they like within the realms of bsic common decency

Looks great - why not dress like this if it's comfortable (I know skirts are, but think I'd have problems with the heels).

Andrew Vincent
Thanks to those of you who feel a man should be able to wear a skirt without comment. But I have to confess the boots were a mistake - purely from a fashion perspective. 5-inch heels have proved impractical. But I'd still wear shorter heels - say 3-inches, something Cuban like Prince wears.

The boots are weird, but the skirt is a great idea, more men should wear them.

What a great outfit, I really like it and would wear it anytime.

Tom Miller
Why such a focus on the boots? What about the other 99.7% of body coverage? Who supplied the label "lover of OUTLANDISH fashion" To Andrews' job description?Tom

Tom Miller
A man is free, but not often without phobic, bigoted comments form from people who are so smug and perfect in judgment, but too insecure to think for themselves,be an individual and pursue what you want where it's considerate of others and honorable.To me the dude looks sharp. The heels are further out than I go here in the US. I've looked for leather in thrift shops, but the women aren't giving them up like so many other styles.Were women transvestites 80 yrs ago when they broke out and started wearing pants?Tom

Go for it - why should a man not wear skirts.

That's a nice skirt. It suits him. I don't like the boots though. I'm a man and wear skirts regularly around Bristol. No big deal. It's just clothes - and men have been wearing skirts for thousand of years.

Of course a man should be able to wear a skirt, and heels if he wants. Here's to the day that a man can walk down the street in a skirt and attract no more attention than a woman in trousers.

rocky belmondo
only if its taffeta (ask mr vincent, he knows what im talking aout. . . i have the pictures)

Hey Dan,You go girl!

Dan Smith
My reaction would have been that he must work for the BBC or some other stupid organization that has to make "news" because they're not satisfied with reporting the real news.

He looks like a transvestite. I don't think he'd stand in front of The Shed for long.

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