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28 October 2014

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Mark Cummings with Stress Ball
What will you swap for this stress ball?

Want to swap for a Stress Ball...?

When we heard about a Canadian man's quest to swap a paper clip for a house we knew instantly he was on to a good idea. So here's our very own version - starting off with a BBC Radio Gloucestershire Mark Cummings' Breakfast Programme Stress Ball...

When we heard about Kyle MacDonald here at BBC Radio Gloucestershire, we knew instantly he was on to a good idea.

The Canadian wanted a house but couldn't afford one, so he's decided to use a childhood game to help him get one.

Radio Gloucestershire stress ball
On offer: One shiny new stress ball...

"Bigger and Better is a scavenger-hunt neighbourhood game we used to play with other kids," the 26 year old told BBC Radio Gloucestershire. "You start with a pen or a small object and go door to door, and say 'We're playing bigger and better, can you give us something bigger for this pen, we're trying to beat the team across the street.'"

He continued, "At the end of the day you'd end up cleaning up a bunch of neighbours' basements and come home with something usually bigger and better, like an old tyre."

And he's hoping to get something bigger and better than a tyre this time around. On his website, oneredpaperclip.com (link below) Kyle traded a red paper clip for a pen, which in turn was traded for a door knob. This turned into a camping stove, a generator, an beer keg, a snowmobile, a trip to the Canadian Rockies and a removal van.

One Red Paperclip Website >
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Last week Kyle made his latest swap, exchanging the van for a one album recording contract at a studio in Toronto for an artist or band from anywhere in the world. It includes transport and accommodation from anywhere in North America and a pitch to a major record company.

And it's this success that has prompted us here at BBC Radio Gloucestershire to try our own swap scheme.

We're starting small and hoping to work our way up to something bigger and better. We don't know what or where the journey will take us but our ultimate goal is to raise lots of money for charity.

We'll be catching up with Kyle and our business experts about the best things to trade. Tune in to the Breakfast Programme on BBC Radio Gloucestershire between 6am and 9am every weekday to follow our progress, and to see if you fancy swapping something for what's currently on offer (Click on Listen Live on the right of this page).

Now here's your chance to get involved.

On offer to start with is a BBC Radio Gloucestershire Breakfast Show Stress ball. It's red and squidgy and will help you to start your day in a relaxed stress-free way.

All you have to do is to use the form below to give us your contact details and what you're willing to swap to get your hands on our stress ball, and if your offer is chosen we'll be in touch.

Currently on offer:

A BBC Radio Gloucestershire Stress Ball

last updated: 23/02/06
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