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13 November 2014

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Weird Gloucestershire

You are in: Gloucestershire > History > Weird Gloucestershire > Ghost caught on CCTV

Ghost at Woodchester Mansion

Ghost caught on CCTV

Said to be one of the most haunted places in the UK, Woodchester Mansion stands in a secluded valley in Gloucestershire. Look at this ghostly video taken by The Severnside Centre of Fortean Research and the Gloucestershire Paranormal Research Group!

"If you look closely, whatever it is (hooded apparition?) certainly appears to be behind the scaffolding..."

Trystan Swale

On the evening of 7 October 2005, members of Dursley based Severnside Centre for Fortean Research attended Woodchester Mansion for an overnight investigation in conjunction with Gloucestershire Paranormal Group.

Originally perceived as the country house of devout Catholic merchant William Leigh, the mansion sits within a steep, secluded valley that stretches between the villages of Nympsfield and Woodchester.

Never completed

Sitting on the foundation footprint of the large house that Leigh had demolished to replace with his own structure, the mansion was never completed. By the early 1870s construction workers and craftsmen mysteriously downed tools, never returning to reclaim them.

Woodchester Mansion fireplace

Despite having never been formally occupied, Woodchester Mansion is rich with ghostly heritage, much of it poltergeist in nature, and we hoped to experience some of this for ourselves.

Monitoring equipment

Like many other paranormal investigators those present utilised both scientific and spiritual methodology. For the former the group was equipped with an array of environmental monitoring equipment, video and CCTV cameras. The group's sensitive was able to offer additional thoughts with what he believes to be his psychic abilities.

The main focus of the night's events would be the second floor corridor, where unusual blue coloured light phenomena, visible clearly to the naked eye, would twice evade capture on film.

Archway in Woodchester Mansion

Woochester corridor. Blue light absent.

Déjà vu

The first was a perfect sphere of light the size of a ten pence coin which rapidly travelled the corridor before disappearing at the knees of two investigators; one of whom was left dazed with a strong feeling of déjà vu. On the second occasion the corridor was dimly illuminated for approximately three seconds by a blue glow descending from the rafters.

Having conducted thorough physical searches for the likely causes of both phenomena they remain without explanation, although the linkage between feelings of déjà vu and epilepsy hint that at least the first of these events may possibly have been electrical in origin.

For those who may prefer a supernatural angle, mediums feel they have picked up on the presence of two spirits in the same location, only one of which has been identified as human.

Ghost at Woodchester Mansion

CCTV footage

So that was that: an interested night, but not exactly any conclusive proof of something paranormal at  Woodchester. That was until a few days later when the group's CCTV footage was analysed... (Click on the link below to watch the clip. Look closely in the middle of the screen, to the right of the scaffolding pole.)

Says Trystan: "This footage was from a CCTV we had set up in the chapel of the Mansion. Nobody was on the ground floor at the time it was taken. I remain open minded as to its origin although if you look closely whatever it is (hooded apparition?) certainly appears to be behind the scaffolding."

"My own feeling is that the apparition is probably a torch beam from a south westerly direction from one of the upstairs corridors, although until we can get access down there again we won't be able to attempt to recreate it."

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last updated: 18/05/2009 at 13:10
created: 14/10/2005

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Is it really a ghost? Let us know what you think...

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Kadzmir Pamaran from Basilan
I believe that ghosts exists even if I never saw one cos there are a lot of things that science and man alone cannot explain yet. I guess we have to accept that and the paranormal phenomenon is just one of them.

i dunno it does look a bit like a ghost

dude that is freaky!!

Hello thair my beliefe in the supernatural continues to grow, altho i have never saw or experianced anything myself it dosnt stop me believing

i belive u guys if i seen a ghost i woud sceam and run away ps please stay away from there x x x x

look properly its a woman in a dress an old fashioned dress ive played this loads and ive felt the presence of a ghost in places that i have been to, i believe big time and it facinates me loads.

Well Ive been to Woodchester mansion twice at night now, the place seems to be heaving with paranormal activity. Loud knocks, bangs, whistles, shouts and singing, were just some of what I have heard there. Theres no doubt in my mind that this is something paranormal.

Possibilities are it could be a ghost when we consider the law of conservation of energy.also personally, i think is a ghost.ghost stories have been around centuries, why are they stil here and fresh if ghosts do not exist?

i think u lot r crazy thats no way a ghost

I feel that no-one has the right to say whether they are real or not, as it has not be proven. Let people believe what the wish to believe. =D

well i dont think they are real cos there are millions that have died and we all would of seen one

billie-jo chambers
waw bricks!i dont see nowt there have yous got mouse vision are something wots apost to be there i carnt see nowt unless its a brick ghost

i want to see the video i cant find it hay goasts spooky eh could be a goast be amazing if it was


ebony d
I think it is a ghost beacouse it looks so is the best footage I have saw yet.

Could be the paranormal! Im there next month at night, so will tell you what I find!!

Frank Johnson
it is very unlikely that is is a ghost, but there are always arguments and possibilities.

i think it is a ghost

that does not look like a ghost are you guys blind i really dont see anything unless you have mice vision

s i l l e h Persun
uhh, i dont think so. nahhhhhhhhhhhhh

what frame rate is the camera recording at ?the human eye sees images at 18 frames per second (fps) equiptment is capable of recording at 25 fps this looks like it is at a high frame rate, unfortunatly i would have to say this is fake like so many images i have seen in my time there is usually an explination.i would also be intrested in what lux levels were present make and model of camera, age of camera and what auxillary lighting was present ie sodium, infared, tungsten or halogen ?

I do not think there was a ghost because there is not enough proof.

in the picture what it do look like too me is a young tall and slim woman that standing there in the door way.

I think it was just created using either a torch or something other than that. The BBC really know how to attract attention.

Georgina R
i cant see it properly but i realy think it is a ghost

wow now that might be a ghost because if u look sharply u could see its eyes im not joking!!!!!!!!!!!

not a ghost. anyone could tell that that was just dust or something :-/

The Ghost of Spankerton Hall
I wish you spook hunters would get a life. I've been in the haunting game for a couple of centuries and I'm brassed off with the way in which we are portrayed. How would you like it if some ne'er do well shone a torch on a wall and shouted "ghost". Some of us our actually rather sophisticated and dare I say still rather handsome. No more dross please.

Nigel Fortune
Looks like a torch beam to me. I'm going on an investigation here tomorrow night (11/10/08), looking forward to it.

scarlett (aged 7)
I think this is a very interesting tape. My torch makes ghosts too. My sister's one doesn't but it will when my Dad finally gets around to replacing the batteries.

Very,Very fake!!! where were the ghost.Can anyone ever really prove what a ghost is?

no I do not think it is a gost beacause gost aunt real and when people die they ether go to god or hell they dont hunt people sothe answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dippy Dave
Golly Gosh! A-Mazing! I felt a shiver down my spine when I watched this reality ghost video.The whole room went chilly and I went into a kind of trance. I came round sat in a puddle shaking from head to toe and I reckon ectoplasm was involved. Mind blowing but very frightening.

really scary

i think it is real coz its misty and thats what ghosts looks like

just dust and bad light

It's really hard to tell what anything is when you are viewing a negative image. We need to see it as a positive first.

That is definitely a goast.


shannon jones
i can see ghost when people dont and i have meeted ghost when i was 4 years old when i was in bed one night when i heared noise down stairs so i cheaked it out when i got there i saw girl siting on floor i ask who she was she told be that she died in my house years ago i never forgot that ghost ever.

What a load of nonsense, I think you all badly need help.

Ghost........No way!!!That could just be a light trick or just a normal person.I believe in ghosts but that's no ghost!

play it slow from 10 secs and you see reflextif vision on the ground 11secs ghosts donot have reflextif vision or shape. Good trick?

that's really scary!

Vernon and barry
I think that it is real but maybe you should put some pictures of things miraculasly moving, things smashing!!!

Vernon &barry
This website is good but we think that you should put some scary videos on. It would be much better!

maeri docherty
its a wall with a fragment of light on it- whats the big deal? it probably looks like a face or something because our brain always looks at the picture and trys to find shapes, for us the shapes look like faces, im 11 years old and i can figue it out, so come on- do i think this is a ghost- NO.

no its smoke

I am visiting the mansion in a couple of weeks so i will try to capture some footage but i have heard stories of the roof collapsing in the masonry, tapping noises and trains. Other people have said was a hoax, i would like to find out more! Definatley haunted but the video is not clear enough.

thats not a ghost i have seen pic with ghosts in them and thats not one

OMG! I think it is a ghost. that is awsome that you caught that. I also think it would be cool if you had Taps Ghost Hunters do a show on your place!!!

it is not a ghost people

i dont think so. this could be smoke..nonsense!


I would say it is ive been there before and a stone flew out of knowhere.

yea i think it is a ghost

I belive in ghosts! I've seen one before!

i believe its a ghost. if you look very carefully it walks out of the dark corridor and walks pass the scaffold.

I do adree the one of the smokey corrider does look like some one sittin in a chair

i just spent what felt like forever setting up real player to watch ,,,,,nothing very intresting really , no ghost there

That first photo is a overlap of a close up pic. as you can see closely. its an EAR!!!

That mansion's a bit odd. A relative stayed there once after a weddin, and said a glass in his room disappeared during the night, and blood appeared one the pillow which he claims wasn't his, and wasn't there the night before. I'm unsure whether this is real, but there seemed to be a "footstep" in the video.

probably not.... its just som1 messin wid ur head!

scary i would be scared if i so the ghost on cctv is it real because it look real to me did you think it whas a real ghost tell me more about it if you get my messege. xxx

yes,it is a ghost

this is just the lite on the metal probibly from a street lamp ghosts wont hert you any way well only if you wer mean to them ....

Joshua Douglas and Hollie Douglas
Yes it is a real ghost


i think one picture had a ghost in it but it might not the one with the circle didnt i say.I think it may have been there but its hard to see. (if its there)

How is that a ghost? I beleive in ghosts but how the h*ll is that a ghost?!

aah this is near me....Woodchester is definatley wierd...

Brasilian Guy
I don´t believe in ghost... I didn´t see nothing about haunter... I heard only stories. Sometimes one of this let me scared.

That was not real, it was a shadow. Some one playing a trick. You can tell if you watch it real closely.

sam your very rude people are alowed to think what they want to. and I belive it was a ghost and its not rubish.

Destiny loves Bryan
omg wow thats real I can't beleive it

luis figueroa
yes it is if the temp changes all of a sutun then you see your breath there is a speret around you.

wowwwwwwwww thats real

that is not real your seeing things DONT WACH SCARY MOVES

no i don't think its a ghost at all

i say the ghost r real

jonathon harris
i believe in this as i c dead people wooooooooooo mummy im scared wooooooooo

that's a lie

i get 100`s of pics like this all the time but who knows.

Chris Howley
Please show some respect Sam you were not even there on the night and it was filmed on a locked off camera.

Steve Jones
And who exactly are you Sam?? I was present at the Mansion on the evening this was captured and cannot recall anyone else other than my group being present. We were all in the mansions cellar at the time this was recorded. By the way, it doesn't seem that many people who have responded to this article can write proper English either!!

i do believe in ghost i love like the spirt world and all that kind of stuff ... i'v been in to that kind of stuff for a while

if u believe itur a ghost......i filmed this u dumb nerds!!!

sam, ali, amy
this is fake, a load of rubbish dont believe it it is a hoax the, i was there when they filmed it with a light reflecting off the metal to make it look like something walked past.

it's looking a mirror image or an image on glass of camera shutter.

oh yea thats a spirit

ashley schuldt
i think it really is a ghost!!! I've actually seen ghosts before!! that is definently a ghost!!

Nina Allen
spent a long time with my husband fishing the lakes and camping there at night had so strange experiances yes i believe its ghosts.

not to sure about that

i would have to see it closer otherwiz i dont see anny forms at all

Wow!!! I haven't actually seen the video, but I'm up for beloeving anything! I'm not really sure if it is trur or not, but how cool would it be if it was?


not a ghost at all like !

not conviced that it,s a ghost

i got freakd out

i've seen ghosts previously but i say to myself there is no ghosts... but after seein dis i think ghosts are present

i think that it is really weard but i can definately see a face! i have never seen 1 my self but if i did at least i now what im lookin at!

i got scared

nicole lee dale
i think it is so coll

i think it is a ghost

i don't know could be a ghost of trick of the light

I want more things to learn about ghost history and the ancient places where ghost found

dr doo
i bilive

i think it is a ghost

i think that it is a ghost

Mic Technician
I believe in ghost Some what . But now a days It is so very easy to fake Videos and Images .

Bea Sixx
u never know, never can tell!!!!!!!!!!

JustGivingComment Not Scandal or anything else You're supposed to click the link for the video, not look at the picture!!!

Gost King lol
really it might be a gosts cuase at my freinds house a black figure was hovering over her brother

claie williams
hi there . yes i think that it is a ghost of a hooded figer

lee kun
maybe a ghost like say to something i don't know but maybe


really scared

i think that ghosts are real but im not sure if this is there is something about it that jut gives me doubt's it could just be a misunderstanding!

do u even know what a ghost is supposed to look like ???you cant assume that somthing is a ghost unless you have a logical explaination

joseph cangello
how do you see those goses

its not reaaly a ghost its the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen in my whole life you twits its been edited and it isnt one of the most haunted places in the uk ive seen better like the tutbury castle its got the most ghosts in the world you should go there this is just a tampered old pic which proves nuttinat all

JustGivingComment Not Scandal or anything else
The photo i think is fake one cause u guys see carefully around the sides of the photo and beside the red cirle it seems to be edited before BUt this is just now Comment Please Don Do anything to me~Peace~

maybe but mostly i think yes

I cant really see a ghost and i dont think it is a ghost

you know i know none of pics are real

iv seen a ghost in my bathroom

i am doing a research topic on ghost . i have read the bible and what it said about ghost. i beleive that ghost are demons that manuiplate matter

I is a dark black figure it looks to be walking

it think it might be a spirit

Yes, it is a ghost and I do believe it was..

quite obviously a torch or other light source, the lower part of the beam is seen out side the main reflection in elongated form as you would expect a torch beam to be, and then flattens on hitting the flatter surface

Ebone, Gillin, Rasel
It looks like my aunt

Andy Rollinson
WOW!!! I always knew there was something strange at Woodchester Mansion! But not THIS strange!! lol

Oi fink its well scary ooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdul Monnan
no it is made up

I don't really know if it's a ghost or not. I don't really know what to belive. The only thing I know is that I love seeing Ghost pictures and love the thrill in those pictures. But are they real? Every time I see another of the pictures I see faces at night. I live in a new house and I belive that It's haunted .MAYBE. I still don't know.

Sean in Canada
I lived in Gloucester from 1998 to 2000. I don't think I ever once saw a ghost and was in some spook filled places, mostly my ex-wifes thoughts lol, but I never felt anything but warmth and love, almost every where I went. If anywhere would have my hackles up it would be near the West's old property, and I didn't feel anything there, I believe the goodness of the people of Gloucester is strong enough to cover any bad that may and does exsist. If there are ghosts than really, think about it they are everywhere, and millions of them, balls that they would be lonely or sad, 1., they would know the answer to the greatest question of life, ie. Is there life after death. 2., they would never have to eat, sleep, never feel the cold or heat. 3., They would be in a complete and constant state of Grace. 4., Best of all they would never have to use the toilet.

i honestly think that is just a reflection of light but in a way it kind of does look like a sillouette of something. but if you want to actually see some ghost, go to crawford road in gloucester county and you seriously will not want to go back there.i had just gone there for my first time and that was so scary. there is a car that will run you out of hells gate where you have to park, but the funny thing is, is that IT'S JUST HEADLIGHTS. theres no car part attached to the headlights and he will run you out from under hells gate. you can hear littel girls crying and people breathing so loud, you will think its you but it's not. and if you go back right after you get chased out the first time you can see a lillouette of someone and a little girl right next to your window, so yall should go because i went for the first time and it was so scary that it was cool.

colin turner
not sure would have to visit the mansion. but it certainly intriges me to understand abit more about it.

Nathan Chapman
I think it was the owner who looked after it before and he died in the house and i think it is the ghost.

im going to woodchester mansion in january an if this is anything to go by im sure ill catch something on film .

I believe that it is a possiblity that the image is a ghost. A lot of ghost images aren't always in perfect form or in great detail.

I believe this footage to be real. It looks to me like a monk in a robe with his hood on. Ha, an ancient 18th centry hoodie!!

what are we suppose to be seeing in the first picture?????? i see nothing

Yevette Fielding
it is mearly a shadow, it doesnt really look like a ghostly figure anyway? Great article!

hi i think thank gosts are real but do they do any harm well i dont think so they only scar people but i bet they dont mean to

Funny looking smoke. The image is a direct dump off the cctv harddrive if you are an investigator have you disectect the footage to give a creditable argument as to why it is faked ?

Are you crazy? That's just smoke!

i do ghost hunts all over the country and i think the ghost on the cctv is a fake!!!

gillian millar
I really dont know as we did an overnight investigation there and not much happened, but that doesn't mean it is not a ghost.

tosh, will take alot more than that to convince me, i do believe in ghosts but this is lame.

The mist in the corridor does look like someone is sitting on the chair.

THIS SUCKS! There is no way a Ghost there that is aload of nonesense. Looks like a Ghost, whatever it looks more like a Netto Bag. People can inpersonate many things and Ghosts is one of them.

I beleave in spirits....I had my own incounters with paranormal activiy not to beleave....I think the footage shows paranormal activity going on....

amir from pakistan
well i love to scare and i also like to investigat about ghost .well its 100% ghost picture .i have more than 80 pictures from different sites i have taken and still founding more.

i have looked at the cctv and it seems to be a reflection from light near the door, and yes i do bilive in ghosts

i think its defo real, people should open their small minds to things that they can not explain.

I have been on an investigation there and i heard footsteps and have caught orbs in that area.

It looks really wierd. like someone walking past or something... I don't know what it is!!

Looks simply like a reflection of someone walking past to me.

that was a man killed by a friend because he cheated on his girl,i no this because i have seen many ghosts and eventually found out what had happened-IT IS REAL,NO JOKE

Ross and Jade from Crawley
all we could see was a flash of light. it could be a ghost but we dont think so. we want to see real ghosts people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very interesting footage wouldnt mind a haunted weekend there myself just to see if its real.

How come all the ghost pics and vids we see are always so blurry (same with ufo pics). I work in TV production and photography- I could create this if needed! Not ever seen any pics or vids that have convinced me. Sorry!

It's a ghost indeed, but not a ghost of a workman because he is moving, no hard hat either!

Kieran Smith
I don't believe in ghosts but it looks very mysterious next to the chair. The light is different and looks like a lady in a whitish dress. Another image like that and will be convinced they do exict.

o my jeesus man
i saw that friken ghost in slow mow and man wow i was so stoked

I think its probably mist or something in the air but i'm really certain that it isent a ghost

hey im not sure really i think it would help if we could see the footage not just the pictures beacuse u cant rally c it.....and also there are so many fake things that have been done in the past i think all of us think that its anolther fake im a christain but i belive in them so!

i believe in ghosts but maybe they are a bit exaggerated, they are imprints of departed souls

i think that this is a bit blown out of proportian but i do think that there is something there

I dont believe photo is of a ghost one bit

Daphne Pearson
I lived in Woodchester as a child and my grandfather lived there all his life. I often used to play around the mansion, but have never heard that it was haunted.

I cant believe people are saying they can see anything...because i most certainly can not! And before you say she's probably a cynic...iam not i do believe in ghost etc but i really cant see anything!

In the corridor photo, does anyone see a misty shape on the left by the chair that looks like a lady in a period long dress?? Maybe its just me.

It is hard to tell what it is, it could be anything, it could be the lights ect! you need more clearer evidence!

i cant see anything. it does look unusual though!

chris carrington
maybe but i think it needs to be more clear for people to beleive

Ian Browne
I can see it clearly and im want more information

Michael Whitlock
I do belive in ghost i think it is real on there. in our house called Glencoe we got a Ghost it moves things around the room. last Firday there was a ghost it took bench and throught it through the window and went into the wall. scary init? so it was 12:56am i heard somethink outside i did not know what it was stang!.

The film clip certainly looks interesting though it's a shame it was not closer/in a better resolution. I wouldn't be surprised if the area/house was haunted given to the fact there have been several large properties on the site for almost a thousand years and Woodchester replaced an earlier Georgian mansion with Tudor origins. Two years ago I took part in filming for HTV's Magick Eve – a series on the paranormal. We were in the house from 9:00pm till around 01:00am in the morning. It was a cold November evening the moon was full and it was like been in an 80's horror movie. I was in the house with 10-15 other goths and I don't recall anyone in the party reporting anything strange but we were only filming/using three rooms in the house.

yes this place is haunted

It looks like a face i see two eyes,nose and a mouth

I couldnt see tyhe ghost vey well but i did see a fog like effect cool picture

ellie lane
spooky to think that could be us in 100 years time! very realistic

chris jones
i really think that it is a ghost as i have seen one my self. it started as a ball of light and then dissapeared. then i saw a blue light over my bed. it,s head was hanging off and it,s arm had deep gashes in it.

The Headless Horseman (
It looks very ghostly to me, has the footage been looked at frame by frame?

Strange that you mention blue lights. I spent a week in the early 80's on a University field trip in Nymphsfield and stayed at the Leigh's house just above the mansion. We used to walk down at night to watch the bats fly from the Chapel windows and I know that two guys spent some time down there on a project. There is a natural phenomenon called cold ponding which means that as you walk the short journey down to the Mansion the air cools rapidly so you experience a very substantial drop in temperature from a balmy Summer evening to a rather cold chilly atmosphere which gives the impression of a haunting. At that time the valley was private and the Mansion closed off. It was spooky though we never saw or heard anything within. One night we were out and I remember seeing two blue spheres glowing in the valley in the region of the Lake. They seemed to move about a little. It was too dark to investigate and so overgrown impossible to reach through the undergrowth. It wasn't a torch. the distance was probably about 200-300 meters.There was a story that someone had drowned in the Lake. I always wondered if it was a ghost light. I was aware that the work men had abandoned their tools and never returned. The story was that William Leigh had lost his son and abandoned the project. Now I'm not so sure. I last visited the Mansion in 2000 and discovered that it was open to the public. It was really strange but It didnt seem as how I remembered it. I didnt go in and left.

Simon tailby
Can someone ask kay read (12th entry from bottom) to submit the photo she took in the mansion, of the ghost? Many thanks

dat was awsome. i thought it was a ghost.


a sprit

george mckay
once you are dead your dead thats it.there is no coming back in whatever form get used to it |||

no i donot think it is really a ghost,because i donot believe in does think ok.the only think u should be afraid of is the living

Kieron Butler - UK Paranormal Study
Very interesting footage. First impression was just light passing, however - upon close inspection at slower speed, it seems to me the light was always there! Maybe something passed through it causing the anomaly. The shape and movement looks to me to be of paranormal nature. I am of course open minded to both paranormal and non-paranormal, but this is a good piece of footage which can look like both paranormal or non-paranormal. I hope an experiment can be conducted to recreate it. I personally feel that it will be impossible to do so, as I think that the team who caught it has landed real phenomena going on there. Remember! In the absence of scientific proof for or against, we have only our opinions.

vicky n chlo!
well its kind of scary if u stare at it for a while! you can see a long fance with a long nose, open mouth and dark eyes!! it seems to be very angry or frustraited!(sorry can't spell)we would like to go and see for oursleves but it would be very scary and spooky but it would be an experience we would never forget we saw it! ok then i can't think of anything else to put so we're going to go now! cya bye bye luv vix n chlo! x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

It has a very detailed edge to be a torch unless it was reflected off a hood shaped mirror or glass. Anyway, when will people understand that these 'orbs' are dust and insects causing focus aberations on these digital cameras!? O.K. it might be a bit of excitement on a eventless night, but they have nothing to do with ghosts or 'residual energy'!!

Pete Mould
I still don’t know what caused this, but I can assure everyone, that it is not "faked". We at the S.C.F.R go out of our way to disproved any evidence we find, that way what ever is left after all logical explanations have been exhausted is put into the "interesting tray"

The footage seems authentic. Moreover, it would be extremeley hard to replicate what is seen in the video.

I think it is light quickly going across the wall. It's extremely rare to see a ghost on film, only orbs of energy. But it is a good effect if it is fake.

Steve Jones (gprg)
As Pete states, if it were to be a torch beam, then from the size of the spot on the floor, it would of had to of been shone from a couple of feet away. We tried shining a torch from all of the upstairs windows, but the beam was just way too big when it hit the floor!

kyle sessions
its as real ghost all right im a ghost expert and i know for a fact thet is a pure ghost.

That does look very odd, it would have been nicer to have a shorter clip at higher resolution though. I've heard hushed voices of two women walking down from the chapel in the corridor outside the main drawing room - many years ago. Two people heard it, and I'll never forget the creepiness of Woodchester mansion...

Pete Mould ( Again )
Hi Steve, just to repeat, no one was in the area at the time of the footage, one group was in the cellars, and the other group were upstairs. We returned Saturday and aimed torch beams from all the upstairs windows into the Chapel windows but could not recreate the footage. The windows in the chapel are a good 10 feet high so for a torch beam to hit the floor it would have to come from a very long way up, and if you look at the start of the image, if it is a torch beam it is very concentrated.

William Smith 9 years of age
Ghost yep i'ts real. I looked closely at the corner of the scaffolding and I saw a foot coming round it. Then came a hooded figure. I believe it is a ghost. But I am probably wrong. I visited the Mansion last week on a school trip.It certainly would be a good place for ghosts.

Steve Atty
Is it possible to have a much less compressed video? The quality is so low that its hard to really view it properly. It could simply be someone off camera with a torch moving past the camera

the real ghost behind the scaffolding
Um...whatever dan. This is just rubbishy CCTV footage!

Pete Mould
Once again to clarify, GPRG hosted this investigation and kindly invited us at the SCFR. It is GPRG's footage and they have given permission for SCFR to use it. Nicky, who are you? We have since returned with GPRG and Tried to recreate this with torch beams from all round the Chapel area, with no success. Again no one was in the Chapel area at the time of the footage. So decide for yourselves.

Chris Howley
Just to back Trystan up I did give permission for the BBC to use this clip on their website. As a member of both GPRG and SCFR I feel that whenever we catch something it is in the interest for it to be viewed in as many places as possible for people to offer us their own theories on whether anything caught is of a paranormal nature.

Kaye read
I had the fantastic opportunity to stay at Woodchester 2 years ago and also caught what appears to be a hooded figure appearing from a wall on a photograph.... (Kaye - please can you send us a copy of the photo? email:]

No ghost

lisa in gloucester
is it monkeys !!!

Trystan Swale (
Nicky, I did not submit the footage to the BBC; rather permission was granted from Chris Howley who is a member of GPRG + SCFR and owns the camera upon which the footage was captured. Please check with Chris as he will clarify the situation for you.

Doesnt look very paranormal to me but hey, im only 15 so what do i knoe? Maybe its true.

Dave Wood (
I came to the same conclusions as Trystan when he emailed me this clip. Now that's spook!

This is terrible, its a light shining on somthing already on the wall, the only thing paranormal is how somone could mistake this for a ghost.

John Ridgway
I would agree that is was more proably a torch beam causind a shadow.

Considering this is BBC footage, I would judge it as very freaky.

Tristen has taken this footage from eveidence caught by Gloucestershire Paranormal Research Group, which i feel is unfair as SCFR were only invited to join in on the investigation. [Just to clarify, the BBC did get permission to use the clip from the GPRG - The Webmasters]

Mmmm. Not sure. It could be a fake but there's definitely something there.

Cool! That's just about the best bit of supposed ghost footage I've ever seen. It's got me convinced, anyway.

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