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24 September 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > History > History Features > The ghost in the shop...

CCTV footage of supposed ghost

The ghost in the shop...

Is this really a ghost captured on camera? Watch the video of CCTV footage from a shop in Gloucester, which some people say shows a ghostly apparition knocking over a pile of boxes...

Susan Cooper

Deputy Manager, Sue Cooper

Televisions crews, psychics and paranormal investigators have been flocking to a store in Gloucester that seems to have video proof of the existence of a ghost...

After finding the store a mess one morning staff at Poundstretcher on Eastgate Street examined CCTV footage of the night before.

What shocked them was the sight of a ghostly figure of a Victorian woman pushing a whole pallet of goods to the ground....

Paranormal investigator inspecting green slime

A strange green slime in the cellar?

A bit of research shows that the shop stands on the site of an old Theatre - The Theatre Royal,  later known as The Palace. It was first opened in 1791 and closed in 1922.

There have been previous stories of a haunting in the building. One such tale tells of a young woman who, it's said, took her own life, and was found hanging from a piece of theatre equipment beneath the stage.

It's the ghost of this poor woman who staff claim to have captured on camera.

CCTV capture of the ghost

Do you think this is a ghost?

The deputy manageress of Poundstretcher, Sue Cooper, told us it's not the first time she's come into close contact with the apparition. She said, "You can often feel her presence, sometimes you can feel an icy cold.  You can feel a gagging or choking, especially downstairs in the cellar."

What do you think? Click on the link below to watch the CCTV footage. You can also listen to Sue Cooper's interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire about the "Ghost in the Shop"...

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created: 28/09/2005

Have Your Say

Is it really a ghost caught on CCTV or nothing more than a simple shadow? Let us know what you think...

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I used to work in that shop, and some weird things did go on there, such as footseps on the stairs, various thumps and bumps when you knew there was no one in the room directly above. Staff could also hear clothes hangers being bangd together and various items being thrown around the room. There was definately an odd atmosphere, and very often i got the feeling that there was someone in the room with me. I think that it would be nice if a medium could help this spirit on its way.

I Think It Is A Ghost Becasuse Not Only Does It Look Like 1..How Else Would The Boxes Have Fallen?

its blurry cant tell anything from that it could be a spirit or it could have just been a shadow

I don't Know, it's a ghost or not.. but I trust it's something from one

I cant tell if it is or not but to me it does NOT look like one sorry but it does not it.


I definetly believe in ghosts! And i live in Gloucester and i've been to this shop a million times! I can sense there is something there and a lot of my friends have told me that there's a ghost too. x

emma parsons
oh my gosh creeepppyyy

Reno Valentine
No, I don't think it is. I'm more intrested in that one that hasn't been photographed but been spotted everywhere, I seen it I was scared out of my head!!!!

billie-jo chambers
it really looks like a ghost not a shadow its got the shape and form of it is it actuly her were is that entways?well to tell the truth it dos look like a ghost to me YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel-David Mateus
The figures looks very real indeed and could prove something sinister going on in that theatre place. The slim! That's proper scary.

luis carmelo
it looks like something is lying on a chair or something.

my house is haunted so i do believe in ghost but, the picture is to blury to see anything

im a professinal ghost trecker these pictures are not that convincing when you first look at them but that is because cams record in negitive. turn this image into positive and you can easaly see the spirit of a child

i think it is a really ghost cause nobody could have knocked over invisable without no one watchinhg

it could be a goast i just wanna know when u here knocking on the door and then it trys to open the door but when u look theres no one there then u heres knocking on your bed room door but noone there could it be a goast trying to tell u something or could it be something is bad is going to happen or could it be sine of death ????? can someone please answer me

there might have been a mouse or the shop miht have been old and u find rats!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like a blur !!!

to me it looks like nothing you cant see anything but i think that it is cuz how much more pruff do they need or we need

randal scott bryant
i dont beleive in ghosts

Bonnie Adams
this is just an optical illusion if you want to see a real ghost go to ""

Thats Freaky! Im hoping to go to Hampton Court in the year. ;)

i believe that it is because if that place was an old theatre, who knows who past away there or how many broken spirits because they were never famous (actors) in their human form. So it could be possible. I believe any old place can possess a spirit/s.

sorry but i cant see anything

no i do not it is some won sitting their so u will think it is a ghost

How could it be a shadow if no one was in the store? Iam not sure if i believe it bus i do believe in sprits.Iam omly 14 but i know a lot about sprits if you wnt it to leave ask it to go be serious with it.

you might be able to fool some little kid but that is no real ghost

susan farid
I think it is a real ghost because I seen pictures of them before.

my old house was hounted by an old man that died in my room and sometimes the tv would turn off at the wall and things would just dissapear. i seen him once sitting on my bed i got tottaly creeped out. so i totaly 100% belive in ghost i think it will be a ghost if you check out the history of the place and someone has died there then it defo will be. oxoxo

looks like a blury picture of a guy siting in a chair .... i have a hard time beliving its real

i kinda belive in gohsts a bit but i have not had an expereance so i am 70 persant i belive

That's no ghost!It's just someone pushing something down!I believe in ghosts but I need more solid evidence to say that's a ghost!


I had an uncle that died before i was born, and around the age of ten, i saw an apparition of him coming down the stairs

mackensey miner
SCARY!! Me and my friend think that is a ghost

Yes I think it's a ghost, what else could it be????

I believe in ghosts because there is one in my room

i think its fake somebody could have placed a pic to make it seem real

Thelma and Shaggy
If you pull the ghosts head a mask should slip off and the culprit will be revealed.

HA HA HA HA! GHOST!?!More like a light shadow! LOL! XD

that is scarey;woowooo

I think ghost are sometimes evil and some ghost are good and they sneek and try to scare you to death ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! and they hide in nasty schools burrrrr ewwwwww i think they just pop outta no whare aahhhh!!!!!! well i thought i saw a ghost in the basement whare our porch is on the right side of it i had my sling shot but i did'ent want to hit the ghost so i putted it onto my porch and i just played bye.

Shon.,From Jacksonville,NC
I can,t say either way not only because of how unclear the photo is,But the process of proving the photo,and other photos is a complex situation/subject. I have never seen an apparition......But,I can tell you with the utmost honesty that I have felt spiritual presence. I have been in OLD houses around the lower Carolina coastal plains,Looking for artifacts''Indian and modern times''of the later 1800`s.

it's got to be real

at my dad'there is a relly scary gost in the loft it lase on a mattress you here in the loft

u cain't see nothing


stephen chapman
its nothing,but if u use your imagination it is

i have a ghost living in our house but she is not that scarey

katie hudson
hi it is good to see thank you

I dont think thats a ghost it might be a stain on the damm camra


I think its a ghost

No way that is a ghost! But I do beleive in them. Me and my friends think there's a ghost in our school. Because one of my friends heard a voice in the boys toilets while she was by her self and it wasn't a boy. I'me obsest with ghosts! THEY ARE REAL!

yes because it looks real

I Think this might be a real gohst but u cant see what really looks like it could be a shadow or something. but my sister thinks it is a reflection of something use ure imagination fools.

is this real or not it looks like a cctv footige send me and tell me if it whas real if it whas real where you skared cos i would whas there eney whon how worked there before you they mite of came backe to hount you

it aint a ghost


noway its a sadow

This is not real it is camra tricks.i now ghost arenot real there yust fairytale

you wont belive until you have seen and witnessed !!!

I think it is a soul of someone who died there ,just wating for someone and haunt it.

i carnt even c enyfin ! they just want 2 ave a story on the internet !!! bu i beleive in ghosts

I do not think it is a ghost

this is very interesting i see these spirits almost every night

i do believe that spirits exsist..but this seems to be people bouncing off what others hear or think to see..all i could see was a blurred mess ..heating in shops can cause this with cameras cctv.. so how could anyone say they captured a ghost pics thats ghosts for real.


I Know there Are Ghosts Because I Have A Ghosts in My House I Was scared At First But Now I Think He Likes Me!!!!!!!!

i dnt really no if its a ghost cuz you cnt really see it


i believe in ghosts andi have seen one but i will assure you that this is nota ghost as it looklike a pictire that has been blurred and if it was why would all da rest of the piccie be blurred aswell?

could be a ghost but maybe not. i have never actually seen a ghost but i DO believe them, even if its a load of crap. as for this picture... well... like i said i have never seen a ghost before so i don't have a clue but it could be a ghost, stain on the camera , shadow (but i don't see how that figure could be a shadow)could be anything.

Teresa latham
i do belive in ghost thou they are spirts of the liveing that can realy pass on case there holding on case they dont understand why they die

hi im nicole i am really in to ghots as well. I like to look and hunt for ghosts in my spere time. The lemp manshion is one of the most haunted places of missouri. I went to the lemp manshion once and i felt something cold chilling sit on my lap but i just froze and i can't explain what it looked like it was just like half of a whight image. i was freeked out....

i also have a ghost

Hiya Just To Say i am working at pound stretcher in gloucester at the moment and have been told about the ghost by diffrent people and i believe its true has i have had thins happen 2 me while have been working .. for exapme when you work past a certian place you go freezing and that back to normal also while me and one of my work friends were working a week or so ago we heard a massive bang we eventually found what it was. about 5 6 photo frames had fell off the shelf but there is no way they can fal of by them selfs as the shelf is risen so they cant fall and also we no that no costumer dropped them because a cstumer was there and told us that they jsut hit the fall from no where.. i am only 16 and most people my age dnt believe in things like this and i have to be honest before i worked a pound strether i didnt believe in any of it but now i have total didnt views!! ive always said never believe till you see it!! thanks

There is a better term for these "ghost" bc the actual "ghost" of the person has already passed on wats left are familiar spirits (aka Demons) that knew the person and have taken on there "ghostly" form

well it really looks like both

yes it looks like a real ghost

bad jojo
wat is ghost n r true that ghosst live belong us?

I dont think it is a ghost. I dont really think ghosts are real, they are really just a figment of our imaginations.

that thing it looks like a showd sting on chari

I think it might be or the cam is messed up

think whatever you want, its a ghost. i like potatoes!! do you??


you guy need to stop mesing around with spirits,yes there is ghost!,if you don't bring them around u u don't have anything to worry about.ggggggghhhhhhhhoooooosssssstttttt

is not a gohst

I do belive in ghosts. I started beliving in ghost when i was 8 years old i am 18 years old know.And i do belive by reading about the shop ,and interviews of the peole who work there that their was somthing creepy going on in there.


I am a ghost hunter from New England (U.S.A.)and I have caught a few strange things on film and video. If the shop owner can not find anything to explain the shape or shadow seen at the end of this video, then I would say this is a very interesting anomaly. As to Dawn's comment, I too don't believe there are any such things as "goasts"!

CJ Romer
You have links to two ghosthunting groups, but not the Cheltenham one - The Myers group, Meetings are open to the public, check out the website. cj x

there is no such thing as goasts that is just a shadow.

ex glos shop worker
Have watched this abot five times including in slow motion and cannot see the figure...though I used to work in a shop in Gloucester and odd things would occasionally happen there, it was said that it was the monks walking between greyfriars and blackfriars, I do know that one busy day in the shop I was rushing around and almost collided with a shadow - turned to apologise, thinking it was a customer and there was no-one there!

no ghost. i hate fish.

you know it could very well be a ghost or a this world anything is possable.

dude that is so scary omg

I do believe all of those things but I want to see more .

austin wood holt criddle
can you please come to are school ,daniels elementary we have been seening light and figures.

jaiden gledhil

Lori Simpson
I think it is. But look like to me, "Shadow"

i think spirits are real,soyou probley already know myawnswer!

there is no doubt that`s a ghost

i beleive this i believe alot of ghost pitures but i do see it

is that pic real?

Jamie Blum
This is defiantly a ghost.

Jase, Cheltenham
Come on...this is an effect caused by shadows. As the pile of items directly in front of the "ghost" is changed, the shadow of those iems is changed, givng the "ghosty" the appearance of having changed position. This is pure nonsense. If you want a real ghost, visit Larkhams Leap just outside West Pennard near Glastonbury during evening hours (not a pub spirit but the real thing). Come people..wake up out there!!

that is scary

Yea really wierd things i think its a gost of some sort

dave kempster
pathetic. there is no way that is a ghost. amazing what a few drugs will do to some people

yes I do think it is a ghost cause I used to live in a haunted house before

IT TOTTLY LOOKS LIKE A GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really? thats a ghost?

Desari King
I think it is just a shadow. That is not a good picture to see anything anyways. But I do not think it is a picture of a ghost. They come as a blur in any image.

Khim =+ rose_24_flower =+
scary, I think it is a GHOST.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures are not clear enough, could easily be faked or just some random background noise, - but who knows? I thought ghosts didnt tend to appear if they were aware of filming . ..

geryl from philippines
for me? that is not a ghost. its just an imaginary ghost that was created by the editor. only dull person will believe in ghost..ive never seen yet. what a waste of time.. how long is ur faith????

it Must Be I Can Not Think Of Much Else(i belive in ghosts)

very scary

i think their is somthing their.

j hill
Shortly after the death of my mother in 1998, and for quite a long time afterwards (occassionally even now) everywhere I went in shops there were items thrown to the floor from the shelves - whether it was books, bacon, toys, cheese, chicken. There was no other explanation other than my mother was with me for what ever reason. I light a candle wherever I visit in hope she finds her way.

eric weiss better known as harry houdini made a pack with his wife after ten years he did not come back if any one would come back it would be him persnaly i believe

i have been feeling spirits for a while now and i know for definate by looking at these images that this is NOT a woman but a MAN i don't know how i know but the name JACOB M came to me whilst i was watching the footage although this footage is old i still sense that this man is here for reason that are uncler even to him i think but definatly a man named Jacob , the item around his neck is not a medalion but a crucifix symbolising his belief that he can one day be judged and given forgiveness, when listening cosely to the interview i heard a laughter in the background as the young woman ran from the room, it wasn't someone laughing for the fun of it but a laughter of knowing that this spirit has caused something to be felt by this woman.erica has the wrong idea about removing these spirits from within the building, there is no point in just asking them to leave as they have unfinished buisness that with out help they cannot complete. maybe the young lady is looking for the man she once had the affiar with maybe lookig for reason to her death or maybe she feels guilty for her death and is tring to find peace and forgiveness. So until she gets this she will not pass over, the young man may have stayed behind to watch over her or maybe even guide her to the light. if you truly want to help then go into the area when you know she is there and just tell her she has been forgiven and she can pass over to the light, but if she was murdered tell her that she is at no fault nd that her deth was tru;y sorrowful and that she missed by her loved ones and they are waiting n the light for her. if after this she still hasn't gone then befriend her tell her your name andwhen you go in the area talk to her and make her feel calm and she will then find that the place is secure and rested from the past so she will feel that she can pass over in eace knowing that the past is exactly where it belongs in the past. help her if you can or befriend her either way she wants you to know she is there and that she has something to tell you or maye even show you at some point.

Are poundstretcher allowed to serve spirits?

dont realy look great couldnt even get a mug shot with that fooage let alone a ghost, is it real could be but you need better camras pound stretcher then you might see something instead of a fuzzy thing.

amber turner

Laura, Worksop
I'm really not sure but when you see real live pictures of ghosts they often are very hard to make out. It seems too hazy for it to be a fake so I'd have to say this is a real ghost

nathan kight
it is just a man lying down derrrrrr!!

i think its true

rachael northwich cheshire
the ghost does sound real it has cetainly give me the creeps.

I tink it is a real gost

stephanie jones
its a person sitting in a chair trying to scare people

I do belive in ghost but the pics here dont show much..

paige walsh
i think it is a complete joke what a cant even see the picture it is sutch a blure.

hard to know could be an overshadow

Oh my days! If you think it's a ghost, you might also believe the word 'gullible' has been taken out of the ditionary. Oh dear Gloucester, you've been made a fool out of.

Girl With The Sun In Her Eyes
If I were a ghost, I have to say i'd be a bit gutted to end up in Poundstretcher, I mean imagine the shame of it; all your mates going off to wanter grand staircases and halls in castles and statley homes etc, and you sitting around pushing boxes over in poundstretcher...

shamaila khalid
no i dont think this is a real is just for fun people have done.its just an image blured out.

Look, even though I'm 9 years old, I know a lot about ghosts. I research them,I take pictures of my own house and look for any orbs or mysterious shapes. I consider myself a ghost expert. About that ghost. This might be crazy but, I've tried it before, if you EVER visit there again and see the image I guarantee you should talk to it. They won't try to hurt you, only ghosts can do that. Spirits are people who die. Ghosts are made up of energy in heaven. The ghost you pointed out seems to be half made of energy and half spirit, in other words,a spirit ghost. These look like humans, like spirits, but act like ghosts. Some spirits are just mean because they've had a horrible, sad life. The difference is spirit ghosts are spirits that go into heaven and use ghost energy to become who it is. Spirits are people who die, go to heaven, come back down to visit living relatives or finish unfinished business. So if you're wondering what to do with this spirit ghost follow these instructions if you want it to leave. 1. Nicely ask it to leave. (you don't want to get it mad don't you?) 2. If it doesn't go away raise your tone and tell it it's bothering you and you feel nervous with it. It should leave by then, but if it doesn't follow step 3. 3. Get really mad now and call medium or ghost hunters near you to take care of it. Good Luck! Again, I am 9 years old and I'm already a professionally good ghost hunter!

this is so weirdo

oscar coates
i think its a real ghost

some people are ignorant to the facts of the paranormal side of things..i personally beleive that this is an is a very good example that spirits are here

some people believe there is god but u hav never seen him yet they believe because of past information but here were did the word ghost come from and do you even know what it is to call it a ghost ?

Stacey L
I think there is a man on the chair and it was very blurry but i could see a man on the chair i swear it was a ghost and i now and i beleive in ghosts also i watch most haunted it scary and it's not and i m only 8 years old i love most haunted and my mum lets me watch it it really good.

ginny choate
hi gost are cool and suftt and i love gost

yesh itz a ghost iseen a couple mah self

It s not really a ghost

I think it is


rubbish! I don't believe in ghosts!

Did anyone notice that the pile of goods fell from the close side first? They appeared to be pulled from off the screen rather than pushed.

Michelle Cooper
No I don't think so

yes ther is real gost becouse i had seen one in the bath room(beleave)

the problem is you don't know what you're looking for and where to look, i didn't see anything.

a man
This is a nice photo looks real I belive it's real

katie and paige
i think that is a ghost because if that was a real person it would show it cleary not all blury like that picture

I think it was just a load of boxes falling over cuz of some person who didn't stack the boxes properly.As for the 'Chilly' feeling are you sure you didn't just walk under the air conditioning vent?!? Come on, Ghosts, Get real!

Toby Glynn
Well every thing in the picture is blurred so it could actually be a person sat in the chair!

yes. if you look closely you can just make out the apparition of an old man sitting on the bench.

sam h
that was a ghost because you would tell if it was wind, but you cant see wind. and you can just get the apparrition of an old man on the bench

Caspar (abroad)
Reading all of your messages is great fun and made me laugh. But No.1 is georgina - she's 11 and a Ghosthunter - so she knows. :)

sam hall
yes i think it is an apparition of a man on a bench, i know that because you can just see his apparition.

I have been researching ghosts for a long time and they do exist. me and my friends have beem looking at the hampton court ghost which is true aswell.

Shropshire is pretty haunted. Too many sightings and goings on for this not to have some truth

I think that it is not a ghost because it is not a moving object

iv read all these comments but i have to ask what are ghosts? are they just mist or energy or something different altogether?

Ghosts are always on blurry films...

yes I beleive, I sense but I never see ghosts, all around gloucester.I got one of the ghost walks book to see if it was real, wow was it real, and blackfriars priory, Id like to return there, I saw several really odd things.both at the time an artshow was on, and then shown in a dream later on at night! The proof doesnt ned to be a piccy, its the ehtereal feeling, like that 2ndhand bookshop, I copuld feel something there on the first floor, oooeeehhhhh!

definately something there you have to sit back a little from the screen to look

Yeah ghosts exist- theres a ton around shropshire where i live and also theres lots in cheshire and norfolk- where i used to live.

I believe it is a ghost.But do ghost mess up electricity??

the camera angle on the boxes looks ok but not on the supposed figuire not convinced unless it looked like human shape whitch i dont think it is

Oh come on! a mouse? a rat? a breeze? miss stacked boxes? ghosts dont exsist! man... I cant beleve there is a convo going on about this lol!

matthew morgan
well this ghost may just be a shape.know how sumtimes we see our dressing gowns in the dark and the look like a human figuar

Looked like a kid looking into a shop window, to me

A lass of Gloucester Past
I worked in a well know shop in Gloucester for over 15yrs. Everyday something happened to the staff. Once I had been talking to one of the dinner ladies. She just looked through me and walked way. I did not hear the door open, so I went to look. She just disappered. I then thought that what she was wearing, including her glasses, were not of the time. There was no other door for her to go through. Another couple of girls had a shadow on the wall of someone sat on this box, but bent over. The box was there, but with no one on it. Chewed up sweets were spat out of nowhere to another member of the staff. A monk like shadow would drift pass the backdoors, if anyone worked at night. I had my buttons pulled open on my uniform, from the bottom to the top and you could feel it was like someone was pulling each side of the hem. I am sure it was more then one ghost there and it would happen anytime of day. Things would be thrown out of the storage racks when you walked pass. Once something came from out of nowhere, a dark shadow that rumbled all of the racks and we just had to run from it. It was so cold that you could see your breath. Some people are more sensitive to ghost and can sense it as soon as they walk into a place, but here even the ones who did not believe had odd things that happened to them. I think we had the most haunted work place in Gloucester, but it was never talked about, it was frowned upon by the managers of the time.

i think its a ghost i beleive in ghosts although im 11 but my nannys dog died a few years ago and we were taking pics and a face of a dog came up just like tyson ans about 3 years ago my nanny and aunty were talking about angels and when they started watching tv when a white feather appeared FREAKY STUFF

The Caster
I think that it could possibly be a ghostly apparation, but then again there are simple explanations for this kind of phenomona

i do think the image is a ghost! and i beleve that ghosts do exsist! i shop in that shoop and there is an atmospher and it is like someone is watching u

i honestly think that it is a stain on the camera because if you look carefully it's a long one and out lining it only makes you think that it is the shape of the "shadow", when there really is abit more of it on the middle right were "the right arm is suppose to be".

dean jeffries
if you look at the doors when you see this image a car or light of some sort is passing the shop i think that is some how to explain.

Jenny Kent
The white thing that moves out of the way looks more like a ghost then the shadow does.

nope, this doesnt look like a ghost. it looks like a pile of boxes. as for the box being knocked over.....check for rats.

why is the time and date blurred on the video ??? as i know that it stays clear even if the picture is !!! also the boxes could have been improperly stacked and eventally fell over!! its a quite good hoax!!! have another try !!!

I think it's just a trick...ghosts don't like places like that...

if i was to believe that they think the oject sitting is a ghost id have to see the rest of the video to see when it went away,or was it sitting ther when they arrived???also ther seems to be someone else ther you can see them moving when the boxing go to fall over,then thers abit of a shadow of them to.Just watch the video and look at the bottom right,it comes in to view then out when the boxes fall....i believe in ghost and plan to catch one on thermal camera one day but am no fool and id give this one a miss,toys r us ghost still number one in shop hauntings....(:

beatrice kent
what a load of kufuffle.....i think someone is joshing, i do not believe anything the brain automatically tries to make a face or something out of pictures it can not recognise.....I DO NOT BELIEVE a ghost would throw boxes in pounstretcher when noone is there also? what would be the point surly do it when there are people around if they want to get noticed?

I take it as alot of people are saying 'it doesnt look like a ghost'...that you all know exacltly what it is that one looks like?

Guys it's really spooky!! well i think it's real,because i believe that ghosts do Exist...for example the ghost they captured in Hamplton court!!who knows maybe we will be spirits after we'll passed....

no clear enough footage, however scary hood looks like a drewid

Yasmin Patel
Yes it is there alright, there are many phenomenol species out there that us human cannot explain. There are ghost, Jinns, etc: Only Allah Knows, as all belongs to him, the shaper the creator, the knower.

i beleive in ghosts but i dont think this is 1.i beleive ghosts have a more spiritual feeling that a visual sense.

to me it looks like something that was made up to look lik a ghost.

i think it is a shadow without a doubt!!!

firts of all, why is the picture all blury??? that kinda takes the fun out of it!!! and why not show us a good picture of the exact place of how it exactly is. for me it only looks like a human figure when the outline is put in so... i dont know what to think...

Sathish kumar
I dont believe this. Its some narrow minded its not a ghost. Still we won't get any problem from ghost and anything. So I dont believe

i think this is a likely story of being a ghost and u can see it in the camera catch so if any 1 doesnt belive it shut up cuz its real u can see it

I believe in ghost but please! that is a really bad imitation of a ghost.

there is not much evidence to suggest that a 'ghost' can touch or even knock over some boxes. Poltergeists have been known to throw small objects, create a feeling to a person as if they have been touched however, it is almost impossible to move a certain object let alone more than one.

I think that it is true and WIERD!!!!!!

i think its SOOO not a ghost!! it don't look like a ghost. Nice try.

caitlin kinderfrid
amazing ilove ghosts i wish my house waz haunted.but it looks like a haux but it is posible it could be a real ghost?

People that don't believe in ghosts are so narrow minded

i don't really know.i mean it could be a ghost or it could just be someone dressed up an mucking around

Matt in Nottingham
If I were a ghost, I'd also spend my time in the Poundstretcher in Gloucester, occasionally knocking things over. I'm convinced.

Samantha Pluck
I didn't have to look or watch the movie. I believe it could posibley be real. But then again, who's to say you're not trying to pull a fast one on everyone.

yeah this is a ghost because at the end there were eyes

my name is bob
wow....that was the stupidst thing i ever saw..maybe the box lost balance...and that dont look like a ghost to just the screen

hazel and lola
we think that the picture looks like a skull in total! but that is just us. we both believe that we have seen ghosts, but most things may be in the mind.

chris from worksop nottinghamshire
shadows don't knock over things no, this is something from the grave!!.

Why cant we see more of the video. The ghost cant stay in that position all night, So it must move or disappear. This proves that this is a joke.

Simon Richard Toomey
The Video is much to blured to realy show any detail all in all it is a complete farce

how he appears is not ghost like at all its more like its an image downloading of a blurrie man nice try thou

It could well be but that depends on how acurate you think CCTV is And anyway ghosts on CCTV are supposed to be a common occurence

I studied the video and I do believe in ghosts. The video was strange in the respect the figure seemed to kneel and then vanished. It is not just shadows there is someone there but are you sure there was no one else in the shop at that time?

Gloucester Non-Believer
Load of cobblers! However, I have been in the location of where this was shot and have been overcome by an overwhelming feeling of sickness but only in that specific location. Still a sceptic though.

bob slit
they were only shadows even me 4 year old girl wasnt scared

the picture dosen't look we can't affirm it is a ghost or other word the picture didn't make sense...

Laura Bailey
I'm very interested in the paranormal. I'm not sure if it is a ghost it does look very real but want to see with my own eyes that will be the time when I believe!!!!

I dnt really no wot to think at the moment - im confused about it.

Jay M'sia
i believe it ... everything is possible to happen , nothing is Impossible

honestly what a load of rubbish thats no ghost!!

there is definately something there. i would like to go there for myself to get a feel for the place

i have emailed you before but that was before i watched the video. I can see a figure but i don't know if it is a ghost. I have no idea what you mean by it pushing over boxes coz i can't see it is too blury. I honestly don't think it is a ghost but just a member of staff messing around. I am 11 and a ghost hunter so i should know. Why is it a video of the video screen at the begining? That makes it alot harder to see. I would really like to know where to look to see the boxes fall over.Soz but i know a ghost when i see one and dat is not a ghost. The stories are probably rumours but the video would be good in a horror movie !!!!!!!

Trying the technics home with regular technology is and will be the way for all to know! For almost 20 years I'ves been exploring, anyone can catch on film or voice recorder people trying to communicate.Timing, light and angle is key...

i'm going 2 visit that place!!!

nicky + jake
we dont think them pictures are good they dont look like ghosts

It looks weird but I am sure it is not a ghost I am 10 years old and a ghost hunter so i should know

yes it is a ghost apparition with his hand on his knee good pic!!

Aye, I think its a real ghost because I've seen shadows like that in our basement several times when I was doing my school project.

does the ghost ever heart any one? did you ever caught the ghost on tape?? did you leave the video canera on over night? are you guys lieing

PR. Astralati
There is more between heaven and earth than is ever dreamt of in Any Kinds of religion today!!..So who`s to say?,.Each peson has to ask themselves.....Is there a "sad" history there?,.Someone who is extremly connected to the place???

no i dont just shadows and imagination in the dark and you out of focuse which dont help, makes things look bad. it would take more than this before i would say yes it was a ghost but this time i say no

i dont think it to be a ghost as it is humurous to listen that in modern world people still believe such things.

It does look like a ghost with the hand but I think It's a simple shadow

okay that was not a ghost... what were you thinking??

alma rubio
i believe it is a ghost,come on why would they go through all that mess to make it pulic?and it looks real and i believe in ghost

i do bilieve in ghosts sortove and i think 60 out of 100 percent its a ghost.

i think it was just a shadow or might be a real ghost.

Matt Moran
yeah i reckon thats real footage, look at the hand, it oves from behind the bok downwards - thats creepy stuff. peace

Natz & Emma
Natz: I hink it was real. I mean the ecto stuff is a lil to Light 2 b a shadow Emma: Looks to ghostly and mysterious!

o come on! even i have seen better ghosts than that! and the story of the 'moving boxes', yey maybe thats a ghost but why doesnt it let us watch the whole tape? i think you guys are just way to freaked out by a fairytale!

poison ivy
you are kidding, right i mean the camera is blurred, the 'ghost' is mysteriosly shaped like the chair! i think maybe you are way over your head!


So did it vanish or is it still there. Where's the rest of the recording? Suspect fake.

something is fishy about the way the video image seems to flicker once the ghost shows up. like its been copied, or loaded into an editing machine. i think its a fake. it would be an easy thing to fake. just shoot the image with a girl in a night gown, and then without, and make sure the camera doesnt move. then load the two peices of footage into an editing machine. put the 'girl' footage on top of the footage without the girl, and put a transparency on it, so that you can see through her. you can even make it a gradual transparency starting at 50% and finishing at 100% so she appears to 'vanish' before your eyes.

she is great but i would be good if we can watch it on camera

I don't see a thing, pfff

lee dorian
can we get a close up on this, cause i can't see it. it might be real it might not. i'll blieve it when i see it.

Jon in brissy
Oh come on! that can't be real, that tape is'nt proof it's not even clear, why does all the "evidence" always have to be so dodgey?

.... you think we'd believe that? That blurred CHAIR? I believe in ghosts and all... but I also believe some people are despreate for fame and reconition. as it usual says under my Mountain Dew Cap... "Please Try Agian."

I think its fake. It's just a shadow or something.

i believe it is a ghost it weird

i know that ghost are real, but that don't really look like one to me. it looks like it has been set up

In the US
Sorry, that is nothing more than a camera anomolie as far as I can see. I really see nothing out of the ordinary in the video. I've gotten better shots of ghosts and even demons in many of the cemeteries I have investigated both during broad daylight and at night in the wee hours of the morning. Sorry, but there just does not seem to be any real ghost in this video. A paranormal researcher in the US.

street boo iz here 05
i didnt see anything and as for the picture u cant be sure if thats really a ghost or just sumthin thats there so i think thats fake because i saw a ghost before i know a ghost when i see it.and u shood check the video on tape cuz i didnt even know what i was lokking for

Milo Darko
US: This could be real, but it isnt! D : Das könnte echt sein, aber das ist es nicht! NL : Dat kan echt zijn, maar dat is het niet!

I have to say it looks real to me. Get the most Hunted team in there they will tell you if it real or not. Good Luck to any one that works there.

I dont think it is any thing but a simple shadow i have seen much more convincing pictures than that.

noooooooooooooo cause there could be any one dressed up or in fog

i think it is real because i used to live in a haunted house and i no what its like to have no one believe you or not no what your seeing or what to believe!

if You view the video carefully and look in the bottom right corner of the clip You can see fingers - this is clearly a live person and not a ghost therefore it's a hoax

I believe in ghosts sooooo much so I should know! I also believe that the ghost pictures up there are true!! Don't you love ghsts?

not sure but y didnt u show a bit more b4 da so called ghost moved like when it appeared so we no its not a set up?

i dont know what to think, i mean there is so many fakes out there.

A shadow has to be cast by something.It's an apparition.

joanne T
Nah thats no ghost..It looks like its all been set up...Why didnt they show more footage of the "ghost" disappearing ?

it might be i dont know i can not be able to watch it

its a chair... duh good try though

sonya panstingel
It is too blurry to tell but I don't think it is a ghost so get a real picture and maybe you people will get a clue K.!

of course its really a ghost,and for all you scptics you are crazy,ghost are real,i know i have one living in my house

ghost schmost! whaddya talkin about

I really don't know i think in this case it is best to keep an opened mind

yuselki pozo valdes from cuba
i dont believe nothing until i see it with my own eyes,and until i feel it on my skin,then i will think gost really exist,sorry

Taveonia lyes
I don't think that is really a ghost because it look like a chair.

Willie the Cashstrapped
This is complete and utter codswallop

the picture is too blury to really define the woman enen with the outline

bonita falcon
yes, i do believe that there is ghost sitting in that chair. i don't care what anyone else says. that is a real ghost. i mean you have to be blind not to see that there is a ghost sitting in that chair. just look at it if you didn't see it good enough the first time. if you look at it hard enough you i garentee you will see it even if it takes you an hour. you just have to see it. it's there. trust me!

Very lame camera. I'm an open minded person, but this is ridiculous.

Lizzie there is 2 words for all the poeple including yourself who believe in paranormal activity. Mentally Insane.

Jester Kat
Hmmm, altho intrueging, this video dosn't show enough evidence of a ghost. Wheather it is a ghost or not could be an endless debate

jessica urso
yeah.cause i see those all the time so i have no doubt that that isnt a ghost.creepy

Blah Blah Blah! I'm sixteen and old enough to know ghosts are not real and I agree with Amy Ryan ghosts are just to scare people!

carol b london
why did we not see more footage ? like what happebned next ? we didnt see the "ghost" move off . . now that would be interesting ! shop wants more customers I think ! dont you ?

i believe it's a spirit and it's amazing that they caught one

amy ryan
i think ghost are not real. people say they are just to scare people.

Theres no way for us to know that it's a ghost. The video is unclear and it is off to the side so sorry but i don't like it.

The video is so bad that nothing can be determined

amber golding
no i dont think this is a ghost

Josh Gravett Colchester
I belive that this is true as im a big fan of star trek

so unbelievable! cant anyone esle see the person in the bottom pushing it over? what pathetic try hard decided to try and make this into 'proof'? stupid if you ask me!

looks like someone trying really hard to make it look like the video wasn't stopped. My family does amature video tricks guess what this looks like?....

billy cameron
i think this web site should play videos and more clear pictures at least

what a croc of ****. just because these people have no explanation for those boxes falling over the've used the easyest exuse they can think of, and it's also one that might bring more customers into the store. hmmm interesting.

I think it was a ghost.

chris e. birmingham, al. u.s.a.
It looks like a cardboard display fell over.

am i the only one here who sees a person in the bottom right corner knock them down, instead of looking at a shadow... this is the sadest excuse for "proof"


I can't wait till somebody edits a video so good that poeple will actually start believing... Not that I do but the ''panic'' it can cause would just be hilarious

Well I think all you cynics are wrong, I used to know the woman from the theatre, her name was Ethel and that certainly looks like her to me! If you see her again can you please get her to return my spare key? Thanks.

Blatently a load of rubbish. Funny how ghosts always choose ultra bad quality cameras eh? I have worked in a shop, and have had many pallets simply give way, due to heavier stuff being on top and gradually crushing the boxes beneath. Come on, this is so very obviously not ghostly. I have seen much more scarier things on our CCTV, such as trollies moving on their own.

Well, I didn't believe in ghosts before, but I certainly do now! Thoroughly convincing.

In response to Lizzie Why do you think people who have 'passed over to the other side' have nothing better to do that turn electrical appliances on and off and possibly knock over a shelf or two? Do we really spend 60 years or so of toil and struggle merely preparing ourselves for such infrequent, ambiguous and plain pointless activities? It's amazing that in all these years of 24 hr cctv surveillance in factories and shops at night that all we have to show so far is, well, nothing. You said we've been desensitised? The media is full of paranormal beliefs. Hollywood churns out one paranormal flick after another and new ghost hunting type programmes are being aired all the time. People who maintain no belief in spooks at all seem to be the minority.

I honestly do not think that was a ghost. Beleive what you will but that doesnt appear to me to be more than a shelf. Judging by how blurry the footage is i think some one has a little too much time on there hands to be looking for something like that. some one easily could have pulled a string knocking those boxes over?! I think this person just wanted attention.

The house I used to live is hauted by my nan and she died 1992.

Mr Ghost
My wife is always getting lost as she is blind and keeps walking into our trans-dimensional gate. Sorry I will try and keep and eye on her next time.

i think it's a blury picture that shows a real object or shadow out of focus. minds run wild. camera quality is crap...glitch of some sort...

steve white
what a load of crap

Hard to tell what's going on- footage of a monitor screen showing video footage is hardly great evidence. You can't even make out the date and time stamps clearly. Personally, at the very beginning, it almost looks to me like there is a live person appearing in the lower right corner-- maybe they knocked the stuff down?

sam h texas
I have been wanting to see a ghost for a long time. I guess I'm still waiting


Joe Craig
Pathetic! I bet that stupid Art Bell show will jump all over this, his listeners are quacks! Slyvia Browne & that stupid "remote viewing" Major, they have on 5 times a month..... !!!

Johnny Aqua
I see the stuff falling but where's the ghost? I do se jumps in the camera that makes me think it was tampered with more then a ghost.

As a person of sound mind and judgement, I would like to comment on the comments made in regard to this story. I have lived in haunted houses with people who do not believe in the paranormal, and have seen these very skeptical unbelievers shaken to the very roots of their fundamental beliefs. It is quite a shock to feel tugging on your shirt, voices and laughter coming from nowhere, appliances turning on and off on their own, etc. Our society has been in the process of desensitizing us for many years. I hope that if ever the unbelievers find themselves in a realm where the paranormal exist - and there's no denying when it happens - that they make it out with clean underwear....

I think it is nothing more than goods falling over and if you look closely the shape claiming to be a ghost does not move. The footage is also poor maybe if we could watch the entire thing from the CCTV video. Though I still don't think it is anything paranormal.

ms L
Fake fake fake!

Looks like a fake....looks like a person with a blanket over the head. It looks nothing like a Women dressed in Victorian age clothing. It at best only vaguely resembles a person, as I said perhaps under a blanket, and only then after one has been told what to look crock in my book!

Julie F
For goodness' sake, it's just some stuff falling sign of anything else moving at all! What a disappointment!

It is hard to say exactly what is in the video. So many pranksters now a day, trying to fool people. It would definetely make for a good investigation.

OGHS - Olympia, WA
I'm sorry, but the video quality is just extremely poor. You can't draw anything from this.

Click to enlarge your screens ( if you have real player). The thing is slightly moving. It looks like a woman in a dress but sitting down, as if in a wheelchair.Why would she be sitting? I do wish that you would show the entire segment from this beginning to the end. How does the ghost disappear, does it continue moving forward. Without the rest of the tape it really cannot be pronounced paranormal. I do believe in spirits but the cutting off of the video makes me think it is faked.

Cynthia Hughes
Well.... that certainly was NOT a shadow!

arnie USA
they all need terminating!

I cant see a ghost in this video due to the poor quality of the video, but if there is a ghost dune al this damage i hope she is having fun.

baggy butt pants
almost as good as some of that "authentic" video of ufos that are really out of focus marker lights on planes

Bill Henderson
If a ghost is the spirit of a person, then what are the clothes they are wearing?

Mr Henderson
There is a well-known mental phenomenon that can explain this. It is called lying.


i agree with frank!!!

Stephen Matthew Tyler
only a good imagination

Roxanne, Texas
I think there is the existence of aliens who can cloak themselves up to the point of being captured on cameras. I also think they like to play tricks on our feeble brains and they get a slap-happy kick out of it.

Vila Wolf
Might not be a ghost but one of thoes shadow people things...

Frank N. Stein
It shows ,you should try to scare up more then 5 bucks on your next camera purchase.

John Bwick
Go buy a new security camera,that's the worst video I've ever seen!

scott p.
I wonder how long does the ghost stay in view? The video stops and does'nt show it vanish.

Kevin, Colorado, USA
As a prankster, traveling ghost myself, the minute you bring in remote control cameras, i will be invisible.

interesting to say the least.

Semore Butss
I think we need to call the Ghostbusters.

Jack Mioff
It looks like a chair that was painted to look like a ghost.

Sure it is a ghost. They are everywhere.

Joe Allison Pennsylvania USA
Perhaps it's a shadow of a ghost!


Frederic William Gaarde III
I can see nothing unusual at all. No moving shapes and nothing to indicate that anything happened but some boxes falling over on their own accord.

bruce e.
not a very good quality snippet but it could be real. i'm 60 now but it reminds me of something i saw when i was 4 or 5.

K. K. C.
I find it interesting that many non-believers try to disprove theories supported by others with name calling and personal attacks. It looks like a paranormal event to me. But really didn't most of you grow out of this "petty name calling to hide your own fears syndrome" in childhood? I thank God I did.

looks like a shadow on the chair to me.....

The video quality is so bad I can't really see anything. How can you say it is a victorian woman? All I see is something big and white fall over

i dont understand there is someone in the corner of the screen jeez how can you say that is a ghost give me a video of a ghost that you can see duh

Will CCTV technology EVER get better?!! The quality is CRAP!!

Jerome Goodwin Sr.
It's just a bunch of badly stacked boxes. They start to fall first on the side away from the chair. And it is just a chair with a tag on it.

Focus on the area to the right of the stack of boxes. It seems as though something gives way in that area first. My conclusion is that the stack of boxes was leaning on other boxes to the right that gave way under the pressure.

jeff larson
Who can tell what it is? Like most of these types of pictures it's too blurry to make out any details.

Comment from Florida, USA
Why assume it is non-corporeal? An entity could exist, by design or perhaps dimensionally trapped, a fraction of a second faster than us in space-time and be invisible to human eyes, but be captured on a camera (think of how a spinning fan blade seems invisible and blurry, yet is visually more solid looking if slowed down). Perhaps an invisible entity could also produce an energy field that causes a strong repulsion effect with objects. Knocking over something could be unintentional.

If you would have shown more of the film then maybe if we saw the "ghost" move or disappear then OK, I would say you may have something but this "ghost" doesn't move or change shape. It is also not a shadow. It looks like another square black box with a rag hanging over the side (it's hand) and beside that maybe a big black garbage bag, giving it an illusion of a person. No ghost in this film. Sorry..

Dead is dead, I do not believe that ghosts of any kind walk the earth. It is people with wild imaginations. I have never seen one CLEAR picture of so called ghost.

Thomas Mann
I don't see anything out of the ordinary in this picture, even with the dotted line added. Yes, there is some kind of anomaly either in the camera or the videotape. But a ghost?

chuk roast
something is there. there is movement.why would the pallet collapse on its own?

what i really want to know is how many of us really believe our 5 senses are capable of perceiving all that is here. hopefully not too many of us. every structure has a substructure, and ours is the spirit that dwells within our fleshly temple.

Yeriel Golan
Sorry, chaps, I don't see a ruddy thing.

yes i have had some strange things happen i belive it

jeff broucek
Who knows the video is so poor, i'd say its impossible to say. But watching the video, i dont actually see what was outlined as a ghost moving. So if it is a ghost, i dont think it knocked the boxes over. Prolly a mouse or something outside of the view of the camera.

What!!Where!!Victorian who!!! I just don't see it. Sorry!!!

john wyatt
It is hard to tell from this video but interesting.

I see a shadow, but it is the reflection of the boxes. I don't see anything paranormal going on.


john wyatt
It is hard to tell from this video but interesting.

Nothing like watching a highly compressed video of a TV playing a low quality video. Why bother?

I can't believe everyone!!It's "NOT a ghost!!! i don't think ?

I don't know - not clear enough to really make it out.

I can't make anything out.

no ghost just a shadow

Looks to human to me someone just tryin to get their shop more money ?

no! it is a very slight earth quake and a trick of shadow and light...however..there are some things that science can not explain ^_^

I have seen ghosts and conversed with people who have crossed over. He could be either, it doesn't really matter. I don't understand why people think a ghost is scary or spooky. They need love. They are stuck. Help them.

Omar Serrato (Los Angeles)
Unless you subscribe to the fact that psychokinesis played a part in this, or some weird natural hurricane materialized in the middle of the shop, id say this it was caused by a ghost.

good story

31337 -- Washington D.C.
need to get the Ghost Cat of the Capital and bring it over so the ghost in the store has a friend

Bill Levine
Unsure, but I've seen "ghosts", and other entities, when I've been in altered states of consciousness: egs. moving meditation, remote viewing.

clayton fitzgerald
that was the worst example of a ghost caught on tape. grasping @ straws are we?

the ghost that was caught on tv

I think this story is relly interesting. well, o look at it closly it doese look lik that women from the celler

no ghost, just shadows and overactive imaginations

i see nothing

Liz Kaspar
No - ghosts CAN have an effect on their environment and on living beings - they can affect matter - especially if they are poltergeists, which admittedly are usually not seen - though there are plenty of historical exceptions!! Paul Stevens, read the ghost lore!

Thats not a ghost- its paranoia- not paranormal!

Tim Davis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Looks real to me. Leave her some flowers and she might stop making a mess of the place.

Dave Wood (
Dear Paul Stevens, Your arguments are interesting but flawed. Is it possible for something non-corporeal to touch something? If you believe in psychokinesis it is. Best wishes, Dave

Trystan Swale (
Interesting footage, but what is going on with that left arm? It does not appear to possess genuine human features in that it is over long and the 'hand' is an entirely different colour to the rest of the body.

Hank, Rugby
I think enough is enough, it's time to call in Mulder and Scully.

A stand has fallen over! You overreacting freaks, get real! It's not slimer from ghostbusters! Venkman's not gonna come from behind the pork pies trying not to cross the streams! Sad, sad sad!

dan, birmingham
how many times has simon jones seen a pile of boxes moving on their own? i think it's very sinister indeedy and i can't sleep at night.

It's not a ghost is it?

Paul stevens - bristol
The classic mistake - either it's non-corporeal - in which case it can't "knock over" anything - or it's not a ghost .. QED

G. Roberts
It's probably time to get some remote control cameras in there for a few weeks - ones that take better pictures than CCTV. Ghosts is one of these subjects most of us just aren't really sure about - a bit of real proof would be, to say the least, interesting.....

Simon Jones
It's hard to tell from watching the CCTV footage but I think it probably is just a shadow from the pile of boxes.

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