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28 October 2014

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Scoobies, Scoubidou, Skoobies, Scooby Doos

Whatever you call them, they are sooooooo popular.


Scoobies in progress

Whatever you call them they are an amazing craze which has recently swept through schools. Once there were pogs, tazos, tamagotchies - today it is scoobies. But this is not the first time. Some parents remember scoobies, not only in this country but many others.

What are they?

The popular scooby strings are thin hollow plastic tubes, usually brightly coloured which can be bought in loads of high street shops. They can then be knotted to form thicker creations which can be made in jewellery, put on key rings or made into ornaments. 

The basic knots are ‘square’ and ‘circle’, which form cuboid and cylindrical structures respectively. There is also ‘triangle’ which as you can imagine forms a triangular pyramid. Then there is ‘box knot’, 'butterfly' and beads, feathers, eyes and much more can be added, creating endless possibilities.

Jeff Wyatt making rope

A real use for the technique

A bit of background

Scoubidou as we know began in France, where it was also the original name of the cartoon, Scooby Doo. It may have originated 500 years ago as Chinese knotting.

A lady in Bristol introduced the recent trend here after importing thousands, it was a risk but paid off.  She had come back from holiday and saw that there could be a market.

Scoubis are now widely available in the UK. The technique is used for making ropework, as could be seen at the recent Sculptree event at Westonbirt Artboretum.

The good, the bad and the annoying

They can improve dexterity as it is a craft to create a good scooby, plus a certain amount of concentration and patience is required to complete one. Furthermore they interest boys and girls.

However as with many fads there is a competitive edge to the playground pastime.  Who is the best? Who has the most? Which colours are the coolest? ‘I’ve got the clear, rainbow, glitter one, how about you?’.


Moreover, there is the burden for parents is to tear kids away from their scoobies, clear them up around the house and having to buy them in the first place. Still its probably better for people to spend time fashioning bracelets than playing on games consoles.  Indeed, scoobies can be done on car journeys, at dinner, in the bath, on the beach, lots of places and the first few do not cost much.

Could the new PSP (Playstation Portable) rival the scoobie for playground attention?  The PSP is more expensive and probably a lot more violent, so hopefully not.

A trend for all

It's not just primary school kids who have been swept up with the trend. They can be spotted adorning the bags and wrists or teenagers, and maybe even older people. The new friendship bracelets? They used to be pieces of cotton or daises, now signs of friendship are plastic fibres intertwined to form technical looking arrangements.

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created: 08/09/2005

You are in: Gloucestershire > Blast > Scoobies, Scoubidou, Skoobies, Scooby Doos


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