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24 September 2014

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Ghostly hooded figure

Who ya gonna call?

You look like you've seen a ghost...

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna email? BBC Gloucestershire! Send us your stories of real-life paranormal encounters we'll publish them on this page.

Have you had a strange experience? Perhaps you've encountered a spirit, witnessed a UFO flyover or mastered ESP?

Use the form at the bottom of this page to tell us your story and we'll publish it below.

i have seen a ghost

when i went in a house i closed a door and went back the next day and the door was open

thomas l (again)
By the way, I'm only ten this is true please bilive me. Also once I found a tooth in my school playground and took it home to my room.But minor changes started happening in my room so I threw the tooth out and it stopped!I belive it was a poltergiest, trapped in the tooth.

thomas l
I went camping once. I woke up at night and went to the toilet. The loo tent was next to a car.I saw somone I knew standing there. I moved closer to ask them the time, but when I took a step forward they dissapered.The same thing happend later but the lady I saw was asleep,miles away at the time!

hi this is a ghost saying im right behind your computer look back now ( looking back) oh i just vanished sorry! hahaha


Nik Hill
Have had several strange happenings, the first being about 15 years ago, it was a sunny day, i was outside cutting the grass when i stpped the mower and heard the sound of a radio or tv blaring out, bit inconsiderate i thought as it was sunday moning, carried on cutting the grass and then stopped about 10 mins later...the sound was still really loud; i wet into my living room and found it was my tv that was on; i hadn't turned it on, and, what was even stranger, it was on full volume.A few months later i heard my lodger come home late at night from work, it was about 2am and i heard him walk across the landing and shut the bathroom door; the water started to be run and i assumed he was having a wash; i dropped back off to sleep and about 20 mins later woke up and the watr was still running; i went to the bathroom, knocked on the reply...opened the door to find no lodger, both taps full on and the bath overflowing...he was fast asleep in his room.Most recently at my new house about a year ago my wife was getting into bed when she realized that her feet felt damp, we pulled the sheets back and found a really wet patch in a perfect circle at the bottom of the bed, no explanation to this at all, three weeks later, exactly the same thing happened.Some might say all this could be down to a lot of things, i've looked at all the options and there are no explanations.

When I was about nine, I was playing on my scooter on the front garden. A little girl came up to me and said, 'Have you seen my mummy, she has brown hair and blood all over her shirt,' At first I thought she was joking around but when I looked in her eyes something really made me believe she was telling the truth. I told her I hadn't and ran inside, and I told my mum. I was so scared that in the end my mum tried to stop y fear by searching about our house before we lived in it. And it turned out that about ten years before we moved in a woman and her daughter had been murdered in the house. I was so scared but we've moved. But I still check out the window before I go outside!

when we were at the park I kept seeing a really white boy with pitch black hair and pirecing eyes. when he looked at me i got shivers. We got a picture and when we took it noone was behind us. but when we looked at it later thew boy was there. also when we took another pocture at my uncle's party the boy was there again. I'm creeped out! HELP ME!

Jojo D. Sernande
This story happened when i just graduated in college. I was in my room on the 3rd floor of our house that i used to share with my elder sister but when she got married that was when i was in grade school i didn't use the room anymore for sleeping but i still have my things there and will just stay there to study or if i just wanted to be alone. My encounter happened during the early 80's i was already woking and only me, my mom and dad at the house since my 3 other siblings were already married i was on that my room and preparing a voice tape for my ex boyfriend who's on the states. I was facing the window and seating on the floor with the cassete radio on the bed. I was talking and then suddenly when i looked at the window a saw a really white shadow i don't know if it is a shadow because i don't know how to describe it but it was really white and seems to be a man passed as if lifted into the air but i've seen only more than half of the body. Then suddenly i realized that it's not a real man what i've seen but a spirit. Realizing that i stood up but can hardly run because i felt my knees got locked up and then i felt goose bumps on my head. Finally i was able to run down to my parents. That was my 1st encounter but since then i've seen another in my friends house and another one and another one.

when i was about 5 i whent to my frends house well i whent up to my friend bedroom then the door just shut on its own then i herd a little girl talking then just as i was about to leave. The windows were shut the kirtans just flew across the room.

ithink ghosts are real

me and my friend were in a big old field that is now used for cricket... near my the top of the feild there is like a massive barn like shed thing where we sat down...we had been here many times before almost every weekend and it was dark...everytime we go there at night we both always see a little white thing fly past our heads first we thought it was just an owl but then wen we kept seeing it about maybe 3 or four times everytime we went up there we knew it couldnt have been any bird or creature because it tarveled to fast and to low to the ground at this time of night and was to small to be an owl...then last weekened we were up there and we saw it...then we heard a bangin noise from inside the barn thingy so we legged it out of the field and into the childrens park next to it...then we heard voices and a dog panting we expected people to walk out from the forrest/trees seperating the feild and the park but they didnt..the panting had got louder and then just stopped!then we saw a light in the trees tht looked like a phone light from the was to high up in the trees to be a person though...we just legged it out of there as fast as we could...we are going to camp there this weekened and try and film it! if i dont get scared haha 

an old woman in a hospital gown walking towards me

jessica timmins
at night i woke up and when i woke up i saw something in my bedroom so i got out of bed then i put the light on and something was there so i put the light of and i saw a ghost and it was a male and he was smoking on my bed then he got of and walked in frount of my face and said'hello would you like to feel the pain when you are dead'and i said something so i just went back to bed and i hard somthing again but i said be quiet and it just went like a mouse.GHOSTS ARE SCARY IF YOU SEE ONE YOU THINK THERE NOT BUT THEY ARE IF YOU SEE ONE ONE DAY AND YOU WILL SEE ONE DAY

well one night i was in bed everyone was a sleep in the house for no reason i just looked at my tv it had a reflection of my room so when i looked i saw a white shadow sprint across my room i was so scared i hid undre my cothers then i knew there was a ghost in my house.

kieran ball
i have seen a little boy sitting on our garden wall, and when i look again he's gone. it's cause the house used to be a childrens home, and one kid died on that very wall,by falling off it whilst sucking a pencil, which went up in his brain, killing him.spooky or wat?

Annie Maeee 23
yes i have had an experience. let me tell you about it: i was with my sister jessie and we were reading a book. and there is a filing cabinet in the far right hand corner of the room. and when we looked up, we both saw a ghost wich what it appeared to have brown hair and long gown. it was scary. and a couple days ago i was taking pictures in my room and when i put them on the computer they were all wavy and weird. and i had thought that i had experienced some sort of paranormal experience. i am an 11 year old girl but i know that i ahve experienced ghosts.

sam hall2095
yes. i have had an experiance so has my mum twice!! let me tell you about it:mine: i was in my bedroom one day asleep so i turned around and i heard a eeeegggghhhhhhrrrr right in my earhole!!my mums no.1: once a long time ago my mum was a on the computer and she heard footsteps up the hallway and she thought and she thought "oh, that little bugers got out of bed again". so she looked up the hallway and there was nothing there!!my mums no.2: once a long time ago my mum was in the kitchen making a cup of tea and she looked up the hallway and she saw the full figer of a man!! i am a 10 year old boy but an extremly experianced ghost hunter.

A flat in Fenman Court, Tottenham, London is haunted. I used to get my hair tugged, someone sitting on my bed, someone pushing down on my bed as if checking if it's soft enough, spirit lights, and the sound of someone changing their clothes. I was very happy there though, the spirits never harmed me. I believe one was a tall man and the other was a boy between the ages of 10 and 12. I have always been aware of spirit and have had many encounters. I imagine them as they were alive and put faces to them. This way I don't get too scared, but if I do get scared, I usually tell them they're frightening me and would they please leave for now. I have one in our new house in Ireland, only one dog seems to be affected by him, I had to ask him to leave because he was scaring my dog and I didn't think it was very nice of him. My dog is now happy to sleep in that room. Don't ask me how I know if a spirit is male of female, I just 'feel' what they are. My father died and 15 minutes after, I was stroking his hand and he shared with me the feelings of passing over to the other side. He was extremely happy, a happiness too powerful to experience on this side. I have never felt anything like it in my entire life. I don't know if this experience was given to me to tell others or just to let me know my dad is fine.

little britain farm house is haunted i lived there it is freaky i seen n heard em

well i dont beve in ghost ok and well i live on this road and well i was at my friends house ok and well there is this old house and well we was going to go back there but we didnt intell one time we whent bakc to it ok and my mom had told me not to go back there because she had told me about something that happend back there and she told me that an old man had lived there but he deid and well i didnt talk to my mom ok and well me and my friends when back there and we when in to the house and well we was looking a round and well me and my friend up stairs and we seen something but we didnt know what is was and like as soon as we left that night i was at my friends house and we was talking about it intell we was going to bad intell heard something out sid her window and we didnt look out sid and we could not sleep that night and for some rinson when in go to sleep i fill like some one is whating for me out and i can neer sleep when i try to sleep.thats my story

one time i had a crush on a guy who i found out it was a ghost how scary huh?

kaylee and kassidy
We tried to contact the spirit world and the candle flickered and got bigger and biger.

Iv seen some prety freaky stuff in my life but only in one house wierd real life shadowy fiugers moving around botherd me at the time but now wen i think bout wasent riely that bad.

I work at a nursery in that used to be an old people's home. Today at work one of the little girls I was looking after was looking down a corridor pointing at something(there was nothing down the corridor!!!!)saying "No please no please". I asked her wot she was looking at and she just kept pointing, I didn't think anything of it, i merely mentioned it to 1 of the managers who sed that in a room on that corridor a little girl was waving at thin air a few years ago and when asked who she was waving at she replied, "That Lady", there was no1 there!The owner has also talked about hearing a piano playing downstairs when nobody was playing it. Also twice in one day 2 different girls mentioned about seeing the figure of a child holding onto a stairgate in the same room. Once they did a double take it wasnt there!! Everybody calls our ghost Ethel!!!

Hi,I Went To Glocester Cathedral A Few Weeks Ago.My Dad Told Me And My Bro To Stand by this box thing(sorry dont know what it is called)and he took a picture of us on his camera phone and when we looked back @ it there was a bright white light but it wasnt there when he took it.u decide what you believe

Tomm- Northleach...continued
doing a little more research into my paranormal experience at the union inn...i have come to realize that the clocked figure that my family and i had seen , turns out to be non other than a highway-man... wow...

i went tomy bedroom and somone touched my head and i heared a hissing sound i turned round but no one was there? spooky or what

I was in the cloisters in Glos cathedral doing some research for someone, and she asked me to go to the cloisters, I was standing near the aarea where the monks were praying, and I felt somene touch my elbow, I looked round, and there was noone there.

When i lived in Northleach (Gloucestershire)in 1998 i had a paranormal experience... My family had just moved into a little flat, on the property of the UNION HOTEL. The hotel no longer excepts guests..maybe for good reson...anyway on the very first night in the new flat , my mother and i witnessed a heavy old mirror fly from the was compleltly unprovoked. I think that a spirit was trying to tell us something. Beacuse how else can a 2foot by 3 foot objec come off of the wall and shoot straight-out, ending up on the floor, face down in the center of the room.WITHOUT BREAKING. Not more than a week later, in the same room , )which actually bacame my bedroom) i was lying in bed late at night trying to fall asleep, when i look up towards the door, and i see a dark black shadow standing between the wall and adjacent to whre the mirror had thrusted itself from the other wall. The man appeared to have a cloak on because of how it fell from his shoulders. i could distinctly make out the shape of a top hat..with him blocking the door i hid my face under the pillow for five or six seconds, and looked up..he was gone. The next night i had similar problems sleeping, and again encountedered something ghostly or supernatural. i might sound a little weird but i heard heavy breathing off and on all night. i did not own a dog or a pet of anykind. there was no one sleeping on that end of the house anyway. it definitly sounded human though was very deep and sounded a little rough. my family and i moved back to the United States, after we moved out of that house. it was there that we would sit and talk about our memories of england and the cotswolds. evetually we got onto the topic of ghosts , and my brother said that he had a ghost in his room. HE literally described the same exact cloaked, black shadow of a man. he included the detail of the hat...without me mentioining anything about what i saw first. he just told me and i was shocked. i new it was all real. directly outside of my brothers room there is little hallway that makes a 90 degree right turn ...right at the turn...if you stop and and just stand there (or sit) after a few moments u feel very warm and dizzy, like your head is swirling and your relaxed. i never noticed in, but alot of my relatives had encountered the energy. they had talked about it amongst the adults and came to the conclusion that it was just eerie. well thankyou for reading about my gloucestershire haunting..

Jimmy Morgan
I live in the Texas hillcountry East of Boene, TX. Off and on I see strange things. I found a bigfoot print just outside my window. It fit the discriptions I had seen on TV. On several successive nights, I saw a boomerange-shaped ufo, with colored lights running clockwis around the outer edge. It came from the southeast, and returned the same direction. We have seen ufo's in the area for years, but this is a new one.

I was 8 and lived in an apartment with my mom.Once my mom's hairdryer caught on fire for no reason and she was once in the shower andthe T.V was on and she turned it off and she got back in the shower and it turned on again ect.and once my mom woke and found a shadowy figure of a man crouching over her

When i was about twelve my friend and I were walking her dog in our village along this long track which had clumps of trees every so often. We were quite a distance from the bottom of it when we saw a black shape in the middle of the track. When we got nearer it started moving and two black figures that were the shape of a person started crossing one another from each side of the track. We knew these were not ordinary people as they had no features what so ever. We said there was no way we would carry on going that direction and started to run across the fields to home, as we did that they just vanished in to thin air.

monkey muffin
i dont believe in ghosts but i heard something about a ghost haunting my school cos there was no wind wot so eva in my class room and there was a box on the table and it flew off but no body was any where near it!

alicia age 10
well this is true once i went in my mums and dads room and as i opened the door it felt like someone was stopping me so i pushedit hard and i got in and there was know one there and the window was shut so i went to get my things and i felt a cold thing rush by and then (the door was shut )i heard the door open and shut the i ran out and all i saw was a figger runing down the landing now im scard to go into any room without someone belivete or not but why would i lie about that???

mad age12
hi 1 day it was bout 3 mornin i herd very faint music from piano and next nite i herd same and then next day in my music class my teacher playd the same tune on piano

Dianne Bunt and Jodi Lien
My friend Jodi from Seattle was very interested in visiting the churchyard at Prestbury. So, last December just at nightfall we decided to visit. It was a very still and warmish evening. We were standing amongst the graves and all of a sudden, at exactly the same time, we both felt icy cold. It lasted for about 10 seconds and then passed through. No leaves were moving so it wasn't a breeze, it was the coldest of cold feelings that chilled us to the bone. A very unusual cold. We were not disappointed with our visit to Prestbury churchyard!

hi i do real ghost hunt around the country i went to pendle hill and i saw a chair move on its own. and i have done EVP there was very strange sounds

Ghostly Sightings in Gloucestershire
One day, I saw a ghost of a monk like figure in Tewkesbury, on a mid summer's day in the month of July, 2002 in broad day light. The ghost was gliding up the garden path. I thought at first it was a real person, and I was about to say "Hello", but I could not distinguish whether it was male or female. Suddenly, I realised it was a ghost. I called my husband to come quickly, but by the time he came outside, the ghost had vanished through the back door, of the next doors cottage. The ghost was wearing a striped hooded jacket, in the colours of red, yellow and blue. I think the monk must have come from the Abbey. The Abbey can be seen from the back of these ancient cottages. The garden in which I was standing in, was somewhat over-grown at that time. Its strange, but true!

two nights ago i was out with my friends and we got bored of sittin in that same place so we moved to under this tree. it was very dark and this man came out from no where and started askin us questions, when we answered he kept on shaking his head. he got up suddenly and started to walk off then he tured around and looked at us then vanished.

well bout 3 months ago me and my family had put our dog down from its cancer ... sometimes in our house at night we can hear footsteps not of a human of an animal one moring i woke up and there was my dogs old lead and collar beside my cabinet ...... few weeks later i hear barking out of my window i look nothings there ...... maybe its my mind playing tricks on me ... or its the remins of my pet ........ who knows ... it just could be .

jo pockett
i recently stayed over night at the New Olympus Theatre in Barton Street for a ghost hun to raise money for Winstons Wish and Cancer Research. it was a fantastic experience. although i did not see any actual ghostly figures, i did see orbs. i also experienced hot and cold sensations, and the feeling of someone close when i knew there was no one else around me. i had the feeling of someone touching my hair and when we said a proctection prayer before starting i felt an overwhelming feeling and it was like someone warm was touching my shoulders. i felt very safe. i do believe that there was something or someone there that evening, i find it hard to explain what went on to my husband, i guess you had to be there. i cant wait for the next one, it will be on halloween so there should be pleanty of strange things to see that night!

anne morris
HELLO: Hi me and my friend and he boyfriend decided we were going to take a walk to the cematery at night well time comes around and its 10:00 p.m and so we get dressed and we go walking well my friend lived in a practicly aboundond town sowe walk past the aboundond church i look up at the half boarded window and see a strange figure in the way it looks like it shaking its head weirdly i ask my friend kim if she sees what i see she looks up and dosent see it i look up its gone confused i think my mind is messin with me. so i go on my way with kim and david we start walkin and the street lights are busted so we are walkin in pitch black darkwe get goin and we get mayby not even a half a mile away and were in pitch black dark and all the suden it looks like the titanic let all the assengers walk across the road i freak go about 5 mins farther and they wont leave so i tell kim um if u see what i see uyou would run and i tell her im going back homewell she says wait and walks like 3 more steps and say oh shit do u see like 1,000 of ppl waliking in the street and she looks at me i smile and run they follow after me and we get to the streetand i stand there me and her and david i look down the street there all gone but this one bright white th it looked like a women in a wedd dress and she started to shake he head like the person in the chapel well i say come on lets go homewe turn and start walkin home when david yell stop touychen me and kim does it to and acks like some one grabed her well i take that there makin a joke to be rudewell kim gets infront of me to the side and david is way ahead and im walkin and it feels like a person grabes my arm and tryes to drag me wards and i look behd me and i see those ppl agian and i run home and havent been back but the person was shackin there head and thats my story

abby hedges
one day i was wid my gran and we wnt to glosterter for my b-day so we went in the chathidral and we looked in the diffrent rooms and there was this one room that raly spooked me out and i no it might sound strange but i felt a clod wind and none of the windowes where open so that realy spooked me :( so from then i was like saying gran can we go now i am hungrey but i was not realy i was just scared

anna matthews
this one time we went down to lydney it was my m8s b-day and there was about 6 of us and there at the bottom of the road there was an old stable dark,scary.Anyway we dread ourself to go in there i was well scared anyway we went in there and we kept on seeing these white figures running past my m8 tripped over something but it wase'nt nothing on the floor it was the ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

simon mace
i dont have a ghost storey yet but for all sceptics out there i agree everyone has a right to an opinion but why if u dont believe in gosts or the supernatural what so ever bother coming onto sites like this and as for saying believers are weird how do u not know that your nt the ones that are weird as u canot see what many believers have seen for years and just for the record i have had ghostly encounters but not seen a full apiration yet

vanessa tilbury
when i was six years old i went down to the lake with my mam my uncle and his girlfriend doherty at the lake we were all throwing stones in. i went down about six meteres from the rest of them and shouted look there is quick sand so my mam told me to get away from it i moved away as i was throwing stones i doherty took a photo of me as she was a photographer but she was quiet far away. when she got the hotos developed a persons body came out behind me and it looks like there hand is up in the air. the wierd thing is there was nobody there i was on my own

caitlin kinderfrid
my mums best friend waz goin for a drive at crownhill fort and a man on a big white horse waz right in front of da car it waz terrifying the ghost told her that to go tha oppisite direction she waz goin she did and there waz a huge crash.Also she has had many other visits. i know this is true because i waz there.i will never forget it.

man in the basement.
one day, me and my sister planned a trip to florida. This story may sound fake but this man still haunts me to this day. I am only 11 years old and i went to florida when i was six. WHen me and my sister were about half way there, we came across an old man that had seemed to walk through any car that passed by him. this man was clearly visable to me and my sister but it seemed that nobody else could see him. when he had crossed the road to the other side, we saw him clap once and all of the cars he walked in front of, crashed into eachother. me and my sister thought that we were just seeing things and that none of this happened. After all of that we finally arrived at florida. By the time we got to our condo, it was around 12:00 midnight. we both went downstairs and put our stuff away. My sister had spotted a mattress lying on the floor in a corner. We both thought that someone who had lived here before. My sis walked over to the mattress to look at it. My sister told me to walk over there to show me something. When i got over by my sister, she had shown me the mattress. it had blood marks on it. I started to think only one thing. A ghost. My sister told me to get her some paper toweles. i went and got her some and asked her what she needed them for. She didn't answer me. She started to feel around the mattress and saposably found a knife that was covered in old blood. the knife was full of bubbled blood. My sister threw the knife away and we both went to bed. The next morningi had woken up but my sister was still sleeping. i walked downstairs to get something to drink. i walked in the kitchen and heard strange noises comming from the basement. I woke my sister up to have her go downstairs with me. we both went downstairs and saw a strange man sleeping on the mattress in the corner. My sister walked over to the old man and asked him why he was here. The man didn't answer my sister. My sister looked at the man and he had the knife she had thrown away. me and my sister started to panic. Me and my sister went upstairs to call the the time she was done calling we both went back dowstairs to see if the old man was doing anything. when we got down there the old man wasn't there. we started to panic even more. about an hour later, the cops had never shown up and me and my sister had been under the covers for over an hour. We ended up sleeping there for a little bit longer. when we woke up, it seemed as if nothing happened. my sister and i walked dowstairs to se if that old man was still there. There was nothing there. The only thing left was a wedding dress with cuts and blood, and a picture of the man and his wife (with the wife wearing the same wedding dress that had blood and cuts on it) with the bloody knife lying next to the picture. P.S. I have seen this man walking around miami, florida several of times.

i woke up with my head under the pillow, and heard someone open the curtains in my room, then stand by my bed, they were fuzzy and i checked with everyone in my house and none of them had been in but the curtains were open! nobody believes me but its true

i have been to the ram inn and i loved it.the spirits dont harm me i feel save there. i spent hours in the bishops room by myself and i loved it. i have been twice and i whant to go againg love phillip.

When i went and visited the philipines.We took a tour at a historical place where a man named Jose Rizal was born.At this place is footsteps of his route before he was shot.ME and my friend knew that my other friend was too scared to go.But we suddenly saw him behind us.HE made no sound,so we told him to join us.When we turned back around he was gone.Once we got home he was sleeping in bed and said he didn't recall anything. P.S. You dhould research about this place =)

While driving back from an event in the Forest of Dean, I pulled out from the Speech House junction, heading towards Gloucester when I saw an image of the face of a young boy in the front windscreen.

In kent me and my dad were drving in his taxi there was someone in a pure white suit hitchhiking a ride we stopped let her in and i asked her were was she going she told me the place that she was heading to looked around to my dad looked back to look at the woman and she was gone.

still being a sceptic (this experience didn't change that) i woke up one night as usual for a pee, went down to the kitchen for a pint of juice and a cig, well when i was done i headed off to bed follwed by a muffled voice in my head (no i don't hear voices) any way got back in bed still hearing this voice then it tuned in and it said"i need to find" then tuned out to muffled, a couple mins later there was 2 firm sharp knocks on the door so i thought what the hell!!?? it was 02:30 so i got up to see, went to the door and looked around but there was no-one there, i went back to bed. a couple mins later there was 2 more knocks, since our bed is a foldout in the living room i just left it(if anyone was to come in or at least try i'm 15' away so they wouldn't get very far)... then there was a "wooosh" kind of sound and there was something at the bottom of the stairs looking into the living room at me. the instant it got there the voice stopped i looked over a few times but didn't see anything i just felt it.. very strong feeling that something was there.. this lasted about 5 mins or so then just stopped and i thought cool ive just been haunted... im waiting for the next time if there is one this was a couple weeks ago hmmmm.... strange

Ian Browne
I see strange lights , hear bangs creaks and footsteps all night everynight FACT my house is haunted

jonathan milligan
When I moved into my new house called hermitage I got told that it was haunted i did not believe but when I was watching "most haunted" at the middle of the night it said that ORB'S where the first signs of a ghost. And when I went to bed I just suddenly woke up and felt a cold chill down my spine (it was a warm summers night) i then saw an orb where a ghost of a young girl got murdered. I then asked if anyone was there by asking them to make a noise or moving something I then felt a cold thing on my cheek and I then heard a "go away" in a high pitched voice it sounded of a 7 year old girl and every night after that I have heard and seen strange things and i have felt cold.

I saw a ghost - pale-faced and dressed in a monk's robe... I saw it down stroud road on a slient wednesday night last week. no other people were about and it stared straight through me, as though i wasn't there. It then seemed to register my presence and started straight at me, looked me up and down and ran off screaming down the road, slowly fading away. I was so shocked!

WE moved into this house in jan,2005 and things were wered I felt like someone would jump on me when i walkend into a room. My mom did not tell me but she saw black things runing across the room then my aunt came over(she is very open to ghost) and said there were evil things in our house. things went fine for a while then we would here people come in and drop there keys and yawn we would run upstairs but nobody was there. finaly one day i was cleaning my room and in my door i saw a big black blob i did a dubble take and it was gone so my mom called my aunt to see if her and her son could come and make it leave well her son was at colage so they could not but 5 minutes later she called and said he got of early and they could come over (hmmmmm) well they got there and prayed in each room upstairs and told us to go outside now that they were going to find the evil one. so we did they fought for about 2 hrs. finaly my aunt came out and kept saying'It is gone' over and over so we went inside and talked about it. turns out it could run from room to room and they had to chase him they left but everyone in my family slept in the livingroom that other aunt called the next day (she also is open to them)she said what my cousin and aunt did hurt him(the ghost) but he was to strong and that would not get him to leave so that day we moved to ye another aunts house till we found a new house to live in now we live in an apt. but still are a little shaken. We still remember our 'old' hounted house beleve me this story is true I am shaking very bad just thinking abut it i cant stop i cant type to good because of that house

Being chased out from the corridor and through the chapel at woodchester mansion running footsteps and really cold feeling

D. Day
While visiting the birthplace of my ancestor, Fred Archer, Jockey, I went for lunch at the Prestbury Inn. According to the waitor, a ghost haunts the kitchen and often speaks to the cook. I also heard that a man wearing jockey's uniform has been seen walking across the road right in front of the hotel. Can you verify these stories? What about the "man with no face" seen walking along one of the lanes in Prestbury! Yes, indeed it must be one of the most haunted places on earth. I would love to know if there are any more stories about Fred Archer circulating among ghost hunters. thanks. Donna

Lynne Truss
These charming little vignettes show one thing only - that there is a direct correlation between an individual's likelihood of seeing a ghost and being functionally illiterate. I cant belive the masteareous ways peeple spell fings in this county.

kev clo
I live in sherborne,Dorset, and this one night while asleep i was awoken by a six foot man of about 60 years old,he was lanky and had white hair and a short beard,as i looked up at him in my door way he raised his arms and went to leap on me but he never landed, at this point i was crapping myself, the room became freezing and i started to pray for sunrise, being to scared to leave my bed i tried to get warm,but couldn't,my radio then sprung to life and continued to play and things didn't return to normal until the sun rose, i,ve no explanation and can only presume he was a ghost of some sort!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Jones (gloucestershire paranormal research g
Message for James Townston. Your experience sounds very interesting. How about sending us some info to our website Regards, Steve.

i saw the ghost of a girl at the end of the mallybourn road. i told my friend who is an expert in ghosts and found out that the ghost was called caitlin and was the daughter of another recently sited ghost called michael.

i saw a quite obese ghost in my bedroom. i did some research and found out it was the ghost of one of my ancestors.

James Townston
i live in a little village called wickwar, near chipping sodbury. last year i was walking home from the local social club to my house on frith lane, where i felt myself being watched closely. then, when i got home, i put my coat in the cupboard, looked upstairs and saw a lady dressed in black staring right down at me. she stared for what seemed like an age, then she gave an evil look and walked further upstairs onto the landing. at first, i thought it was my wife playing games, until i followed her upstairs and my wife came through the door, at this point i became terrified. around 2 weeks later i was woken up at 3am by a screeching woman's scream. i thought it was someone outside at first, but then when i checked the window, noone was there. at this point i went around the house to see where the scream could have come from, and when i came to the top of the stairs, i looked down and saw the same lady with a painfully pale face staring right back at me. what do you think this woman wants and is there anyway to get rid of her because she is terrifying to experience.

ross wilson
well my dad has a friend who's a shef in the puesdown in and he invited us to sty for three nights,well the first night we stayed christmas eve but when we stayed christmas night a lot happened.I was assleep but in the morning apparantley the lights had gone out and come back on and we could hear funny noises,my dad said he saw weird shapes before the lights went out.

Im in a ghost team. i go to presbury alot and have alot of storys to tell. I once saw a munk praying by a gravestone for about 5 mins and then just disappered. being there was scary

melanie newman
talking about the ram inn in gloustershire when I was 15 I went in the ram inn and saw things that I never saw before, I saw the gray lady It scared me to death and heared things that you can't explain I never went back there again.

tom regan
i went on a holiday to my cousins caravane. we went to in the forest on the side of the camp with a couple of his mates and we all felt someone was watching us when theres was no one around. we went back the next day and there was a bright glow where we were playing.

verity mackintosh
ive seen lots of things like this before and i havent seen much of this film so i don't know if its real or not it looks creeeeppppp\bye

i have seen a ghost in the fleece hotel and witnessed many starnge events in room 14 of the fleece.

well, when i was in second grade i well um i was at school and i was with my pta and um i saw this scary figure and it didnt show the shape of the hair and and i was practicing on the stairs and guess what the ghost went through my body and when i turned around it went away. and another time was when i was in the bathroom in some privacy and i heard this voice that yelled "help!" it screamed then i heard a deep breathing. it scared the crap out of me.and one time the door was open of my bedroom door and then i saw this two figures and it showed that it was men and it was tiptoeing to my parents bedroom and then i while later it went away it was scary!

we used to live in a flat in Montpelliar, chelt. We used to smell pipe smoke, the bathroom door used to lock on it's own, coats used to fall onto floor all the time, if you stood in the kitchen you could see a shadow and feel it behind you. One night I had to use the bathroom and did'nt put on any lights, as I approached the bathroom, I stood there frozen, it felt like hours, but was only seconds while a figure of a man, bathed in a soft glow stared back at me, needless to say I didnt go to the bathroom but got straight back into bed, we moved not long afterwards. Since then seeing and hearing strange things have become part of life.

Bradley DM
I do not expect or even hope anyone would ever believe the things I've seen ,heard and generally experienced.I make no claim to be "tuned in" or even a "believer" in the supernatural. I do not understand even a fraction of the natural world and all that man seems to have come to understand. Therefore, I would not and can not offer an explanation to anything I or my family have experienced.I do not use drugs, do not drink too much nor am I anymore depressed or elated by life than most. I am quite well educated and as far as I am concerned,or most people who have known me,quite sane.If the basic description ,I've given you of myself,can be believed for the moment; perhaps ,for this moment,you might, consider the possibility that the following event,I will describe, did happen. How or why it happened I can only guess. I wont attempt to provide you with a reason. I shall only describe the occurence.On a sunny,chilly, day in March of 1986 I visited the Prestbury Cemetary. I went there to place some flowers on the small curbside memorial marker that was made for my late Grandmother. Her birthday was in March. I had a very good relationship with my Grandmother and ,obviously,still miss her though twenty-five years have passed since her death.I had been away from England for many years and had been unable to visit her site very often. It is not a custom of mine to visit graves of relatives regularly,though out of respect to her memory I have tried to do so around her birthday month.I was not feeling morbid at the time,nor did I expect to be "visited" by my Grandmother.In fact, it was a lovely sunny,clear day and I could hear schoolboys playing football or rugby in the field of the nearby school.(I forget the schools name)I remember thinking that,even though,my Grandmother would have prefered to have been buried at the Prestbury site,and was in fact cremated,she would enjoy hearing the sounds of the schoolboys at play and the flowers,trees and gardens of the place.Now,I'm not saying I actually believe or know she can or can't enjoy these sounds and sights from wherever she may or may not be;I'm just suggesting that if she could it would please her as that was the kind of lady she was.I was sitting at a bench near by,not thinking on anything particular after that. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face, as you do on those early chilly spring days. It was then that I looked across the lawns to an area where memorial plaques are placed on a block like structure. I do not know what they call them. They can be seen adjacent to the memorial lawns at the Prestbury cemetary.I noticed a lady standing next to this structure looking in my direction. She was a petite elderly lady and smartly dressed with hat and gloved hands clutching a handbag.I was not initially concerned by this very ordinary sight. However,looking upon the elderly lady she did remind me of my Grandmother. I smiled to myself,I'm sure. I saw the colour of her dress and coat which reminded me of the soft ,pastel,blues my Grandmother often wore.Also,the lady's hat did remind me of the ones worn by my Grandmother.It was one of those small "pillbox" hats. I think that is what they call them. Though a little old fashion for 1986 ,you can still see older ladies wearing them at times.I did not want to stare at the lady. Though there was quite a good distance between us I did not wish to alarm her or unnerve her by my stares. Yet,she continued to look my way and seemed unphased by chilly breezes that must have clearly enveloped her. I think that constance in her looking back at me seemed to unerve me more than anything else.I did begin to feel slighthly uneasy. I thought myself stupid at even thinking what I would not have admitted aloud at that very moment.I do wear glasses , I'm not blind,butI felt it necesary to get a little closer. I wanted to convince myself that it was just a nicely dressed elderly lady out visiting the place as I was.I thought that if I headed in her direction that I was to do so in a casual manner. Again,I didn't want to alarm her. I dress

Bridget Dawkins
Well i wrok in a doctors surgery and theres just 1 room there that is haunted. THe ghost always follows me right up behind me, i was just wondering why they do that.

Emily Banks
Behind my house in clay cross there is a old house my mum says not to go near me and my mates were haging about this summer and didn't know what to do and went in the house looked deserted until a face appered around the coner it was a old lady with a gash on her neck me and my friends ran home and told my dad he said a 100 years ago a lady died there she only comes out to see children and he noes this as spiritulists couldent gether to come out of her hiding place.

elliot kearney
yesterday i was in my front garden and to my horror i saw a grey figure crawling towards my gate so i ran inside my house as i was so scared and when i looked out of my window it was gone this is very much like my mate dom mcormicks story. does anyone has any views?

lil d
i went to an old building site and my mate dared me 2 go in so i did then before i new it i was all alone then i saw this grey figure walking towards me and put its arms up 2 me and i ran away, i turned back 2 see if it was still following me. it wasnt thank god i was so scared i didnt tell my mates coz they wouldnt beleive me

dom mcormick
last night i saw a weird figure on the landing so i got up and looked around and to my horror i saw a figure walking down the stairs, any explanations please?

I when to bed and put my phone on charge. The plug i plug my charger in is behind my bed. When i woke up during the night my charger was on my pillow with the wire wrapped round it.

Josh Ball
I dont really believe in ghost's and that thing that Rhys Barret said is aload of b******s in my opinion because if someone is dead then they are dead theres no coming back..........Come on guys its aload of old b******s please someone resond to this message

chuck norris
i think my dog is possesed as it keeps staring at me whenever i walk into the front room and he is scared to go into the dinning room.

I saw a ghost at Beaufort Community School - the 6th form common room has only been up for a few years and the other day I was in there alone. Before my very eyes a green glow came from the sink and a smell of caramel flooded the room. I walked towards the sink and heard faint whispering, which even now I cannot interpret. I felt something hit my head and I fell unconcious. upon wakening some minutes later, nothing was there and I was sprawled on the floor next to the sink!!!

manna white
I was taking pics of my new house when no one was home with me. and i took a pic of my 6 foot self my boyfriend got me for chirstmas to show my mom it did to in fact fit in the house. When i took the pic for the memore stick to the computer i notice something in it i knew my self is nothing but mirrors but than where did the dog and the guy come from. we dont have a dog. than the next day his mom come back out because my boyfriend went to the hospital. that night she said let me use your cam i said ok b/c out of all the pics of the house i took 12 out of 20 was scary heads and faces everywhere i could not do it anymore but at least they was all the same. she took a pic of the new windows that we put in and there was a man in the window with his hand out like he was saying come here and than she took another pic of the same spot but nothing was there.

One morning I had just woke up,I saw 4 mastearious figers standing in my room.They where a young girl and boy and a man and woman.They were just staring at me. They where gone when I rubbed my eyes.Thank you for your time.

ben oseman
as i was raking the SOIL in my garden i saw something appear at the side of my house it looked like the black abbot which i have heard so much about, i could not see a face. after that i could not continue doing the soil so i had to run in my house and calm down

A Garner
Back in about 1993 I was living in Prestbury village near Cheltenham (supposed to be the most haunted village in England). One summer evening when just me and my baby daughter were in the house I played some old singles. I played one called "Ghost Town" by The Specials but when I went to take it off the turntable it was broken in half!

My boyfriend used to live in a little village in Gloucestershire. One day I was in the house by myself and I was lying on the bed and I could hear somebody walking up the stairs and get onto the bed with me, but when I looked up there was no one there. When my boyfriend got home I told him what happened and he said that a few things had happened to him recently. That night ( I don't know if this is just a coincidence) but I woke up at 12:30 and somebody was holding me down in the bed by my hands and feet and I could not scream. This carried on for about 5 minutes and they just dissapeared into the air. A couple of night later my boyfriend woke up with somebody playing with his lips, but he kept his eyes closed and grabbed whatever it was that was doing this by his hand, and whatever it was melted in his hand and he woke up to see a shimmering light dissapearing. This is only a few things that has happened to us. He has since moved out the house and moved into a newer house but these spirits seemed to have followed him as things have happened at his new house to. But when things happen there is a definite chill in the air. It is really spooky

If you want to read a true Ghost Story read my aol Journal which I began on October 27, 2003 where I outline my twenty years of Spirit Channelling and my 20 years possession by 3 relatives and Dr. Petas who climbed into my body as Possessing Spirits in June of l986 the First Anniversary of his Death and vowed never to come out until a Higher Power in the Spirit World removes them and at this time they say there is no Higher Power who can Remove them? I cannot find a Priest to do an Exorcism so I for the time being am stuck with these four Vicious, Vile Ugly Spirits and I can find no way so far to appease them and get them to leave. If you would like to read about it log on to my aol Journal.

I have seen a couple of ghosts. One was that of a man, he was tall with a beard and dressed in a long black coat and had a black hat on. I saw him standing in the grounds of Ullenwood Manor, this was back in 1976/77 time. I stood and staired at him, and all of a sudden into the night, he disappeared. My second sighting of a ghost was more recent. It was on a really hot, summers day in the month of July. My husband and I went out to Tewkesbury for the day, and visited some tudor cottages. One of them was a museum, so you could go and look in it. The moment I entered, I felt an icy chill shivering down my spine. My husband said, "Go upstairs!" I replied, "No" rather short and sharp. It was as though I knew what would happen if I had have gone upstairs. Any way, I went through to the lounge, and kitchen. Then I stepped into the over-grown back garden, which overlooks the Tewkesbury Abbey. All of a sudden, I saw someone glidding up the footpath of the cottage next door. I thought too myself, "Why would anyone be living here now?" I called my husband to come out. He was not quick enough. I was about to say "Hello" to this figure, and it was then that I realized it was a ghost. I stared at it in amazement. The ghost wore a hooded, woolen, striped jacket. The colours of the jacket were red, yellow and blue. I continue to watch the ghost, until it disappeared through the back door of the next cottage. I couldn't believe my eyes. Another strange incident was one evening, my husband and I went out to the House In The Tree pub on the Hayden Road. We went for a meal, celebrating a birthday. Whilst we were eating, we both heard an unusual orring sound. I suppose that is the best way I can describe it. The sound was coming near to the table we were seated at. We didn't see anything, just heard it. That's just some of the ghostly encounters in my life. Strange, but True.

Simon T
When i was ill one night i was visited by children wearing green short trousres and green sandals with wings on. They where a newsons.They vanished into thin air.I was eight years old when this happend. I was living at henry road Gloucester this was in the early 1970s. Simon

Laurence Hickman
When I was a kid we lived in an old house in Corn Street-Witney.This house was known as Parliment House, because allegedly, King Charles 1st had held a parliment here while on the run,I guess. Well I had to sleep in a small room. I was always frightened to go to bed. Then after we moved out my Uncle Roy told of a ghost sighting. He lived in an attic flat, just over my bedroom. One day he was wakened by a woman, close by his bed.He thought it was my Mother, bringing him a cup of tea, He thanked her, she turned around and walked straight through the wall. Next door had once been part of our house, and my bedroom had been a passageway between the two!!

vicky and chlo from cheltenham age 13
well we both went on this haunted walk in prestbury and at the end of the walk we were all stood by this dark field and the lady was talking and we all saw this black image walking through the field! it was wearing a cape and kept opening up its cape! it also seemed to be floating! it slowly made its way across the field and then disapeared behind a tree! we believe it was the black abbot. but were not 100% sure! it definatly wasnt fake! it was very scary and spooky!we would like to go and visit the field again to see wether we see the black abbot again or not! but definatly not on our own!

True Story I moved into a new home at another city, and state.I thought the house was just an ordinary house, but just a month ago, I started hearing noises. Then when I was asleep something hit me. It was 5:29 am and a school night. Nobody was in my room because it was locked.Then just two days ago I had two doll on my bed.One had a red clothes and the other had white clorhes.The doll in red was placed on the left side of my bed and the doll with the white clothes was on the right side. When I went up to my room, the doll in red was on the right side, and the doll in white was thrown to the edge of my bed.Is this because I'm a Gypsy,or because someone is pulling a prank on me. One thing for sure, I keep my door locked, and there is no spare key to my room.

Rhys barrett
Me and my mates are real strong ghost believers and we belive that my house is haunted apparently it was built back about 400-450 years ago just think how many people could of lived in my house, one thing i know is that the last people lived here was an old lady and an old man the lady died of cancer and a week later the bloke died of old age. so my house is definetely haunted. I dont know why but i refuse to stay in the house on my own also i have to leave my door open every night because ime so scared of it and would you believe it ime 14 years old and i will tell you why. It all started on the bus when me and my friends have always been on about doing a ghost investigation in my house, but i kept telling them we havent got any equipment but my mates dad just so happens to be a photogroper and a stron believer in ghosts so he lent us the camera for the investigation. so we had cameras and us the ghost busters i was dying to get to the bottom of who and what really haunts my house so the first few hours we had nothing and then suddenly a bang and three shiny orbs which we got caught on camera at this pointed i was so scared i was tempted to run out of the dark gloomy house but i was so determined to get to the bottom of the investigation so i stayed we then later doen a caeonce the glass moving aggresivly to what we were saying. that was all that happened that night.The next morning we looked back at our footage we caught on digital camera and on the orbs theres sort of a face i think also we got the aggresive glass moving about so it appeared to be worthwile but it's made me even more scared of my house.

Rosemary Campbell USA
Since l986 I have had the spirits of three of my Relatives and a man I knew before he died in l985 sitting inside my body as Possessing Spirits and no one will believe me or help me to find a way to rid myself of them. They are waiting for a Higher Power to prove he can force them out of my body and so far no other Spirits has proven he can do this. This all began when Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery wrote into her Published books that when Evil Spirits become so Evil they can't be rehabilitated a Higher Power appears and destroys them and so far that hasn't happened and may never happen. In Self Defense on October 27, 2003 I began writing about my Experience in an aol Journal hoping if I exposed these Four Spirits they would leave but so far they have not.

Jo Cook
Me and my mates went up to the ram inn the other night and experienced danicning lights drop in temperture and shadowy faces. we also belive we have seen the ghost of the cat.

You lot are all crazy! How can Ghosts exist it's impossible....Isn't it?

i was staying at my grans one halloween night, my 2 cousins were also staying {Boring!!!!!} we were telling scary stories it was my turn i was telling a ghost story about 3 girls at a sleepover, i said that they were doing exact things that we were doing and the door opened a slight bit to get our atention. we felt a breeze come in, my cousins felt it as well i had a smirk on my face i was going to go {BOO!!!!!!} but then i heard a quite boo in my ear and at the same time and i felt somthing blow down my neck no-one else felt or heard it i screamed and ran down stairs i've never been able to go in that room ever since SCARY!!!!!!!

Daniel Morruzi
halloween is coming and some people do not know what it is really about and i think people should really know. Well all saints day is the most holyiest day of the year on november 3rd and people should be good and halloween is the day when you can do no good and be redy for all saints day. And about 1 year ago on halloween i was on giving people sweets and any lose change i had and then someone knocked on the back door and as i went to answer it there was noone there and i went back in to watch a film that was on and it knocked again and as i wet again this time the door was ajar and as i went to shut it a i breeze came and swept me off my feet and a shadow appeared on the wall and it wasnt me because it was standing up and i looked behind me and the shadow went and on the wall it left a mark of charcol on it and as went to paint over it the next day or a week later the mark would come on it. And when i had a medium in the house when i had just painted over the mark he had no idea about the house and he had no idea of the history he said that the was a something that didnt want to leave and when encoded words appeared on the wall it drove me to move house and trust me i am a hard nut to crack

I once bought a old picture of a old lady sitting on a stool. Then after we hung it up spooky things had happend like the door opening and closeing/footsteps at 12o clock at night comeing up the stairs. A week later we brought a pro ghost hunter in he set a video camera in the bedroom were the picture was then after the night passed he checked it and a green wavey light came out of the picture we went back to the owner and he said that it was a picture of his great grandmother.SPOOKY!!!

Graveyard Thing It was Christmas Eve 1996 in St Weonards, Herefordshire. My parents' house is only 200 yards away from our local church, which is built about 50 yards from a burial mound. Mum was setting up the coffee and mince pies for the midnight service and asked me to run home and pick up some sugar or something. As you might expect, it was pitch black and pretty cold! There are two ways home, through the churchyard and across the vicar's driveway or round the long way past the mound. Not wanting to trudge the long way, I ran home through the churchyard, picked up the sugar and walked back up to the churchyard gate. At this point it's worth mentioning that I'd got my night vision back, and the church porch has a light as does the vicarage yard, which cast a very faint but helpful glow when navigating across an inky black churchyard! As I stepped through the gate onto the churchyard something off to the left caught my eye. I can't say why but I stopped dead. A bell had gone off in my head, maybe a warning of some kind. It was as if I couldn't move at all. The 'thing' was black, as far as I could see, about three feet high, squatting on a grave, about 15 feet away in the shadows. Looking at it 'sideways' (I'd picked up somewhere that night vision is better if you look sideways...) I could see the outline and no details. Thinking desperately that it could be a trash bag, or something, I took a tiny step away, backwards towards the vicarage and the thing sat back. Against the wind! I could feel it was looking at me. Perhaps it was as mystifed by me as I was by it. In any case, I stood there in the freezing dark for what felt like hours but was probably only a couple of minutes, then beat a hasty retreat and went home. I talked to a couple of local friends about it, to see if anyone had had a similar encounter, and drew a blank. I still have no idea. The village is extremely old, Iron Age originally, and has seen a lot of odd stuff I'm sure, but this one's got me beat

Ghost are somethimes out of their way to heave because they get on the wrong rout and they rum around, or sometimes they forget something and they come back in their own way. There are differnt causes why they come back. Like in the property my grandmather has in Matamoros,Tam.Mexico she use to leave my uncles play the owija for that cause there had been wiered stuff going on inthat house...

Neil Roberts, Toddington
I was sat in a taxi in Winchcombe and about to pay the driver, when suddenly the person i had shared the taxi with just disappeared. i walked into the local pub we had been dropped off outside and bought two pints, when suddenly they appeared again!!

Chris Smith
Me and my friend was walking through an old railway tunnel (like you do! lol) we used to be would you would call "bad lads" i guess, but not anymore! as we were in the middle of this quater mile long pitch black tunnel my friend lit up a ciggeret and i did the same after 1 drag of my cig it jusy died out! so i lit it again and my lighter wouldn't work! so my friend reached over with his arm outstreched to give me a light, all of a sudden my friend fell over, naturally i was laughing my head off at him until he said "i didn't fall i was pushed" i didn't belive him and i helped him up but something was wrong with him! i was saying to him " whats wrong mate! and he said "we shouldn't of been like that" which instantly confused me! i was asking what he meant, he stopped in the dark i could only just see his face. and then i just started crying for no reason (yeah a 21 year old "chav" lol) his face was different it was a grayish colour and his eyes seemed alomost black! from my right hand side a lit ciggeret hit my face naturally i was thinking what the hell, as i turned round my mates face was right in front of mine. 5 years before when i was in high school i wasn'y what you would call a nice person well to be honest i guess i was a bully its something i am very ashamed of and i always will be! i was once smoking behind a classroom at school and a young lad came upto me and i asked if he could have some instead of saying yes or no i flicked the cig in his face since that day if a saw him i was nasty with him my friend was also. when the young lad had grown up, at 17 he killed himself apparently because of his family's split but deep down i knew i had contributed to his feelings of dipression. this tunnel his a great shortcut from our town centre to our houses so everyone takes that route. back in the tunnel. My friend was right in my face saying "why was we like that" he kept repeating himself and then he was gone! i have never ran so fast in my life out of that tunnel i barged striaght into my house shouting for my mum, after i told her waht happend she said that cant be true because danny (my mate) was on holiday in spain, "remember"?! and then she noticed burns on my face . To this day i cant explain it! i have seen numerous of people about this even Doctors to see if i still play with a full pack of cards! and i have never had an explaination, ever since it all happend i am very much involed in the paranormal. thanks Chris.

Marcia K Smart
I saw a ghost oneday while coming from school.

i personally dont believe in ghosts but i went to the ram inn the other day not a ghost to be seen or heard.however a few people in our group had taken pictures and there were orbs in them that definatly not there when the pics were taken. the most spectacular one my sister in law took of the house from the outside (which btw i took one too about the same time)has 2 bright orbs and a few smaller ones (mine had none) the brightest orb clearly has a childs face in it! and that is as true as i am alive.. i dont know what they are but if is dust on the camera lenses then im the only one who has a clean camera cuz im the only one that didnt have any in my pics. [THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT. ANY CHANCE YOU COULD EMAIL YOUR ORB PIC TO US? Our email address is]

Patrick Wayne Deck
In 2002 I was working as a security guard in the town of Delano, CA which lies roughly 30 miles north of Bakersfield. My job was to patrol the wineries, vineyards, and irrigation canals of two well known local Wine Makers of which I cannot mention due to their rights of privacy. My overall shift consisted of working 4 nights (7pm-3am) and 1 day (10am-6pm) while being supplied with a brand new Ford Ranger Pickup. The initial run started each night in a warehouse in back of the first winery where I conducted my patrol of the staged farm equipment and worked my way down to the dirt roads of the adjoining vineyard. Once finished with that I made my way to the irrigation canal to check for any tresspassers or possible stolen cars, Delano having a very high rate for both. The job was somewhat boring so I entertained myself by listening to talk radio host Art Bell. Patroling the 2 wineries, 2 houses, 3 vineyards, 2 processing plants, 2 staging areas, 2 orchards, and 1 canal took roughly about 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete, the only excitement that first night was being startled by a huge white Barn Owl that flew up in front of me from one of the vineyards. After that night I thought to myself, this was going to be quite the boring job. Little did I know what was in store for me the next night. That next night I was accompanied by my girlfriend who also happened to work for Pinkerton and was going to show me how to do the paperwork. At around 9:20pm I parked the truck at the second winery in order to do a quick foot patrol of the adjoining building which was under construction. We had just stepped from the truck when I noticed a Hispanic woman standing behind the orange barricade left by the construction crew. She looked to be in her mid 30's and had a rather startled look on her face as she gazed at me from about 20 yards away. Her startled look turned to one of terror as I approached and just as suddenly she disappeared right into thin air. I grabbed my chest and fell backward from this unexplained sudden event, spun around and looked at my girlfriend who looked equally startled. I quickly ran to where to woman had been standing but found nothing, just the orange barricade and the wall that she had been in front of. There was no hole or ditch that she could have escaped to as the wall was about 40 yards long each way. "DID YOU SEE THAT" I yelled to my girlfriend who was still quite shaken, for she described in detail the exact same image I had seen seconds earlier. I lowered the tailgate of the truck and we both took a much needed rest from our sudden ordeal. Like I stated earlier, the woman appeared to be Hispanic and in her mid 30's. We both agreed that she might have been wearing a scarf on her head for all you could make out was her face. The skin tone was equally creepy for it had a sort of yellowish-orange glow about it, the ladies face was actually glowing and that is what startled me. I had seen a ghost before in 1968 and it was a dark shadowy figure, not flesh and blood like this one. Within about 10 minutes my Supervisor drove up and asked if everything was okay. My girlfriend and I looked at eachother and laughed nervously, assuring him that all was fine and dandy! LOL It's a damn good thing that he didn't notice that we were both shaking like a leaf. He took my paperwork and drove off, totally oblivious to what had just occured minutes before. I kept quiet about this incident which didn't make it any easier on me for I had to do the same patrol for the next two consecutive nights. I wanted to share my experiences with somebody but feared losing my job. My fascination with the paranormal softened my overall fear but that woman's face will haunt me the rest of my life. UPDATE: I later learned via the internet that there is a notorious ghost of a hitchhiking Hispanic woman that haunts the highways of Delano, California.

i do believe in ghosts. one of them broke my mirror

i was walking past the nearby church with my friend when we were talking about the last ouija board we had done. jokingly, i asked the spirit that we had talked to, if he could hear us, could he give us a sign like make a light flicker or open the church door. at that moment the light flickered and we decided to get close to the door of the church. the door opened, we took a step in and someone (or thing) called our names, accompanied with a sliding noise. sure enough we ran like hell! i haven't walked past recently but i will soon!

paul henersy
It was 16th December I was walking back home with my wife when we saw someone in black walk straight across the road the road was very busy but not one car put the brakes on. We saw him walk the opposite way from us, we carried on walking down the road when we heard a scream we turned around and found the man in the black holding a girl and stabbing at her my wife screamed as well. The man didn’t notice us; finally he dropped the girl and started to walk away. I and my wife ran up to the girl but as soon as we got to her she wasn’t there and neither was the man. But what was in the place of the body was a newspaper dating the 16th December 1987 and the headlines read GIRL KILLED ON PATHWAY! Both I and my wife looked at each other still clutching to the newspaper we stared once again to walk back home when we heard foot steps and screams of people, they seemed to be running to wards the place were we found the newspaper when we looked back we saw people all huddled around the place were we found the newspaper I looked more closer and I saw they were huddled around the girl we just saw being murdered and then very slowly everything vanished. The next day we met up with friends and they were telling us of how they were clearing out when the found that exact newspaper and thought it was strange because they never got newspapers. We told them the story and they said they had also saw something like that before we had moved in!!!!!!!

I personally dot not believe in the existence of ghost until I encountered one firsthand on three separate incidences and in three different forms. There was something different about this ghost in the fact the Old Mr. Ed as I liked to call him was never even human. One day in autumn a few years back my friend and I brought up the conversation of ghosts and my friends, Dan told us about a spot where there is supposedly a phantom of a horse that scares people was then is quickly gone without a trace from one moment to the next. He said he new exactly where this place was and most of the others decided they wanted to investigate the area to see if they could see any evidence of ghostly phenomena. I do find running around in the middle of night looking for the ghost of horse of all things normal. Although taking into the fact that the rest of the group was so determined to go have a look and there was nothing better to do I went along with the idea. We headed out on are way to the area which near an old farmhouse and was a surrounded mostly country side and farmland. The location was near a large thicket of trees and brush which made the area look a bit spooky. It was dark and we waited for the appearance of our deceased equine friend. We sat around talking for a while when I s suddenly head heard a rustling of some bushes nearby. It sounded as if a large animal had quickly ran through the bushes. Whatever it was it was invisible because one of the guys said that he saw the actual bushes part where the noise came from moving when it happened but could not physically see what it was. We waited around for what seemed an eternity when we all agreed that we spent enough time ghosts hunting for that day. A few weeks later we decided it would be fun to drive by the area and see if we can catch a glimpse of the ghost horse. The night was very windy and the clouds seemed to hang just slightly above the trees which set the perfect mood for what was about to take place. We were almost to the end of the path to the spot where the ghost was said to appear when off to my left a saw a large head of a gigantic horse beginning to manifest. Slowly the rest of the horse’s body began to materialize in front of my eyes. I screamed “look the ghost!” There galloping right beside our car was the biggest and most beautiful stallion I head ever seen in my life! The body of the horse was massive and extremely muscular I could see the moonlight reflecting on his muscles and his long black flowing mane as it was flowing in the wind. I will never get how majestic the horse looked as he kept just about an galloped gracefully to our side as it seemed he was given us a his own special greeting. His color was a beautiful black tone and it cast an eerie glow, what alarmed me the most was you could see the long grass flowing right through his body. The best way to compare the sight of the apparition is to that of a projection of an old film projector riding through the dark night. He suddenly gained speed and ran in front of the vehicle towards the middle of two large mesquite trees that led into the wooded thicket. Then something amazing happened, which was that the second he was about to enter the entrance of the thicket he suddenly dematerialized before he actually made it through. We stopped the car and the sat speechless in amazement of what we had just seen. The entire group all agreed that everyone had a very familiar account of the incident and many of us had firmly established our belief in ghosts. We made several other attempts to acquire evidence of Mr. Ed, but to no avail. One night about a month before I was to move to another town I decided to pass by on pay my old friend one last visit. I parked my car and waited around listening to the radio for a while when I began bored and decided to leave. Just as I was about to go I looked up and saw Mr. Ed grazing on grass about 100 yards away from me. Except, this time Mr. Ed was pitch black silhouette and was more like a shadow figure, but he still maintained the form of a horse.

natasha & izzy
i went on a holiday to an old hotel a masion it was beautiful in the but at night it was just freaky anyway i went to sleep in my bedroom with a friend who was sleeping in a bed on the other side of the room we both woke up in the middle of the night at 12 o clock exactly because the room had gone very very cold and we could hear footsteps in our room then we looked at the wall and we suddenly saw a black shadow going past very quickly we both screamed so loudly that we probably woke everyone up the owners of the hotel came rushing into our room we told them wat happened and they told us that this had happened to other peaple in the past they also said that about 200 years ago someone was murdered in this very room at exactly 12o clock at night we coud'nt explain it we were so scared.

In 1999 i payed a visit to the Ram Inn at Wotton along with my sister,her best friend and father who were both very spiritual people. The father could feel an evil presence as soon as he walked into the building. Whilst John Humphries took us on a guided tour around the eerie building,we all had experiences of our own.We heard the sound of a spirit leaving the Bishops room once the door had been opened. My two experiences took place in the Weavers Attic and the Witches room. In the Weavers Attic i could faintly hear a young girl crying and in the Witches room there was a very cold area in the corner of the room,with damp on the walls.

Paul Henersy
It was 16th December I was walking back home with my wife when we saw someone in black walk straight across the road the road was very busy but not one car put the brakes on. We saw him walk the opposite way from us, we carried on walking down the road when we heard a scream we turned around and found the man in the black holding a girl and stabbing at her my wife screamed as well. The man didn’t notice us; finally he dropped the girl and started to walk away. I and my wife ran up to the girl but as soon as we got to her she wasn’t there and neither was the man. But what was in the place of the body was a newspaper dating the 16th December 1987 and the headlines read GIRL KILLED ON PATHWAY! Both I and my wife looked at each other still clutching to the newspaper we stared once again to walk back home when we heard foot steps and screams of people, they seemed to be running to wards the place were we found the newspaper when we looked back we saw people all huddled around the place were we found the newspaper I looked more closer and I saw they were huddled around the girl we just saw being murdered and then very slowly everything vanished. The next day we met up with friends and they were telling us of how they were clearing out when the found that exact newspaper and thought it was strange because they never got newspapers. We told them the story and they said they had also saw something like that before we had moved in!!!!!!!

When I first moved into our house in the Scowles,Coleford,I read in an old document about how an old woman had died in my room,and ,obviously,this suitably freaked me out.A few days after we moved in(Sep 01)it was about 11 pm and i was nearly asleep,when my doorknob started rattling violently.The wasnt lockd ,but it ws shut so if anyone ,or anything,had been trying to get in,they should have been able to.But they didnt.The door knob rattled for about 10 mins,and i could actually see it moving.Then,the room turned horribly cold.Even though the heating was on,the radiator was like a stone.Ive never forgotten that night ,even though that sort of thing has never happened again.

peter cook
i saw one at the total in barnwood

Mike Dempsey
It was april the 2nd and was roughly 10:00 pm and i was just getting ready for bed. I went over to my bedroom window to close the blind and as i peered out of my window for last time of the night and i saw a transparent figure standing in the middle of a minor road in front of my house. I was stunned i knew that is was a ghost the second i saw it, it had a hat on and was carrying a horse rein and was wearing a coat as if a barman would. i was scared but amazed at the same time, all of a sudden the figure began to move slowly into the public park behind it. i ran to get my brother (Peter Dempsey 15.) After about 30 seconds we returned to my bedroom window and to my disbelief the figure was gone. my brother didnt believe me and walked off. That night i just sat and stared out my window but nothing. The next morning i went to my neighbours house (82 year old), i told him what i saw and its clothes he imediatly said yes thats the inn keeprs son he was shot on his way to the stables, funnily enough it was that road(the one i saw him on) I coldnt sleep for the rest of the week.

shirley warr, bourton on the water. glos.
The only time I feel I saw a 'ghost' was when my husband and I were travelling from Bournemouth to home, many years ago. We did the journey very often, but on this one occasion we were heading for Salisbury direction,(in the dark) when I pushed hard with my feet onto the floor of the car and my husband braked hard! We had both seen what we thought was a horse crossing the road in front of us. NOTHING THERE!!! The only other time I felt something really peculiar, was on holiday in Menorca in 1982. We hired a car and drove around the island. On the north coast we followed a winding road down the side of a cliff to what looked like a lovely little cove and sandy beach. Half way down, however, I had a really nasty feeling about the place and didn't want to go any further! I persuaded my husband to turn round at the first possible widening in the narrow road and go back the way we had come. I really had a negative feeling about the place. Well it wasn't until YEARS later, that I found out that there was an ancient burial site of some sort on that site! So maybe that was what made me feel uncomforable.

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We were staying at Portmeirion, Wales, in the village were the PRISONER was filmed in the 60's. I woke up one summer morning about 3:35am to see 2 men on top of a building looking out with binoculars. They were dressed like in the 60's/early 70's. I went back to sleep and woke up just before 5am and the men were still there gazing out at the village. I thought it was very peculiar that these men would be up so early on a weekend. When the sun came up fully they were gone. I walked into the souvenir that afternoon and glanced through a book of Portmeirion - there was a picture of the two men and it said they where both deceased! They were close friends. I went around to that building and there was no way they could have gotten on top!!

One summer day, me and friends (Blue and Other Will) were walking down our street and happened to pass an old looking house. I looked up and saw that most of the windows were cracked and paint was peeling off the walls. It seemed like the average (or not) abandoned house. In one room There was a small girl standing in it with thick long black hair and wearing a frilly red dress. At first I thought that it was just someone who was searching around it. But then I realised: Why would a small girl be there? I started to freak as she stared at me with a strange, confused look, then seemed to glide off backwards. We stood still in shock. until we ran home not looking back incase of what we might see. The next day we checked back there but armed with a baseball bat, a pocketknife, and a small batton thing (about 20cm long) and searched the perimeter. We sighed in relief that there was no more paranormal hauntings. By the way, none of us belive in ghosts, Creepy....

My parents used to live in St Annes in Pitville Circus Road cheltenham in a flat before they had me and theres a famous ghost thats meant to haunt there and my parents saw it

There was a time when I was home alone. I was taking a shower when I heard voices out in the hall. I wrapped a towel around me and pulled back the shower curtain and there was a little girl about six or seven with blond hair and bright blue eyes staring at me. I have never seen this girl in my life so if it was just my mind playing tricks on me why would I see her? I blinked and she was gone. Then I went out into the hall to see if my parents were home but I was still alone...

In my house i have heard knocking on the walls when nobody was there. One time, i went down stairs to get some breakfast (i live in a pub by the was and its called the Sea lion) and i heard people shouting from the bar and the pub wasnt open! i panicked and went up stairs to tell my dad and he went down to take a look. but nobody was there. things have also moved when nobody has been in the room.

one time i was in my room and the lights cut on and off it scared me i moved my stuff in my mims room sometimes when i wak by i hear nosies

s i l l e h person
hey dudes, the only reason why you peeps are seeing ghosts is because its all in your head!!!!!ghosts are really demons trying to mess with you!!! read the bible!!!!!!

Nigel Fortune
I was rehearsing with a rock band(i'm a drummer)at Spadger Studio around February 1985 ,which was a rectangular-shaped room inside a large barn between Hignam and Tiverton (north-west of Gloucester), and in between songs all four of us heard the footsteps of someone coming towards the room. They stopped right outside the door and nothing happend. No one came in. On opening the door, the barn was empty. It was then that we realised that we had the barn key in the room with us, it was locked from the inside by us, so no one could have got in or out. It was an unnerving experience and i have never forgotten it.

one day i went to the toilet and in the mirror there was a face of a person all my friends had said they had the same experiance !

ben mills
these are all fake and i'm not lieying only two are real and i now because I'M PHSYCIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was watching tv when i looked in the mirra and saw the garden, but when i terned i saw a lady she had orange cerly hair and a pale face and she was lying on my couch i told dad hi said it was his sister that died when she was a baby because she didnt eat much food spooky hay.

i saw when i was little i all ways saw ghost every where and one night i meet ghost in woods when i was playing hide and seek it was geting dark and saw girl picking flowers i shouted hello but she dint hear me and so i got there were she sit she was gone and the next day i told my dad what happend and my dad told me tat my sister died in them woods and i saw my dead sister every time i go in the woods.

i was in the car one night it was quite dark at this time.i was with my mum and dad i was quite old though.all of a sudden the car doors locked and the sterio went all funny.A UFO!!!!!!!coming towards us the aliens come out, right out side our cari was soo scared!

Code name: 778
This is my cousin's story. I typed the first one, he typed the last. Can you tell? It was a dark night, on a Friday. My parents were out; I was only seven at the time. My brother was only ten, and so my mother and father hired a babysitter; we'll call her Ronda. As it got later, a storm began outside. Around 9 PM, a odd white van came into our driveway about 6 times within a half hour. Ronda peered out the window, trying to see the driver, but to no avail. She saw no one. Ronda was starting to freak, so she had us go get cleaning products to spray the people should they come inside. Just as we got set with our "weapons", the power went out, and we were surrounded by darkness. I pointed down the hallway; towards the basement; at a figure, which was unidentifiable. Ronda had no clue what it was. But, should the creature come near, we felt ready. There were strange growling and thumping noises coming from the hall. As the shadowed thing came closer, we tensed. Just when it seemed the creature couldn't come any closer, the power came back and the shadowed figure vanished, leaving no trace of it's existance. I had another experience when I was about 9. It was bedtime, so I hopped into bed. I felt a thump on the back of my head and I glanced back to see nothing. I decided it was just an object falling off my bed shelf. But yet again I felt the thump, but this time it was contiuous and it was even louder than before. I went to get my mom on the couch to have her hear and feel it herself, but when she went on the bed, she heard nothing. She just told me to try to go to sleep. I did as I was told and I went to bed, but yet again I heard the banging noises on the back of my head and the head board. The thumping didn't stop until I finally fell asleep.

i cant explain what happened to me but here goes...I was with 2 friends walking home on a hot summer night about 4 years we turned into the road one friend said she felt odd ,she seemed ok so we carried on chatting and walked down the road(which is in hucclecote) im not sure how to explain it..there was a man young& tall light hair running at us he came right at us i could here his rasping friends and i were shoulder to shoulder yet it was like he was going between us.someone shouted "what is it!"and i was cold in my head like a freezing wind was blowing through my head and i could hear him breathing and someone screaming.then suddenly it was hot again i opened my eyes id been holding my head in my hands i asked who was screaming,both friends were looking at me and said "it was you,you were screaming ".It still bothers me to think of it.i dont know what

I have seen A lot of ghost in the past 8 years the scariest encounter was when I was 10 I was lying in my bed about 11 pm, my parents were sleeping then. I looked on a side view with my eyes at the door, I saw a shadowy shape it was moving around I thought I was imagining so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but I kept on hearing voices it said COME TO ME I was freaked out I heard its footsteps coming closer and closer I was really scared I tried to remember the best times of my life. THEN my head started the wave around like someone or something was touching my hair I was really scared to see so I tried to go to sleep. Which I eventually I did the next day I saw the same shadow standing at the door looking at me with a smile and then the shadow disappeared it was about at 6 in the morning. In that day on I am afraid of ghost I know it smiled but it freaked me out. TRUST ME GHOST ARE REAL AND THIS IS NOT A PRETEND STORY!

jo pockett
I paid a visit to the ancient ram inn last night (05/02/08) with some friends. it was a very interesting experience. John was a pleasure to meet and made us very welcome in his home. After spending some time talking to him about the history of the famous building he took us on a tour and then left us alone. we spent some time alone in the bishops room (the most haunted room in the house) and we caught lots of orbs on camera and video. we didnt see any actual ghosts but it was apparant that there was something there with us. we heard a cat meowing in the hall and footsteps in the loft. we plan to return again in the summer where we plan to stay over night. i wonder if we will get anything else! maybe the famous incubus will come out to play!!!! i cant wait to go back.

man these are fakes

I know we have some activities at work, I have seen shadows, and one day a rack of parts shartet to shake a few items fell off the rack, and i saw what looked like a part of an arm "the elbow" area. Also saw what looked the uper half of a body from the stomache up. My shirt has also been tuged on 2 times, but never had that cold feeling. All of these activities happend to me with in a 2 year period. A few of the other employees are starting to notice some odd noisess and 2 other employees thought they have seen some one standing around the warehouse. Humm could it be a ghost ??? I my self do think so.......

i am not sared of ghost

Spring 2001 middle of the night I woke up and see a dark figure next to my bed then start closing and opening my eyes thought maybe the figure will disappear and, is just a nightmare but it didn't go away I tried to scream couldn't it was very scary, try to wake my husband up and when he wok up I turned my head and that figure went to my stomach since then my life changed for worst and still can't explain it!!

alicia age28
when i was 16 i was walking home from my friends house around 7.20 in th morning, i was about 5 min away from home,it was light but dull and damp out, when just looking at houses as passing not thinking much, i saw some wooden step ladders in the lounge window with a tin of paint on it, the house was empty THEN a small child i would say about 4yrs old was coming from the door! but the door did'nt open! i was on the other side of the street and just stoped!looking at her, she was wearing a long white nighty and had very long dark wavey hair, she looked my way and started walking onto the grass, there was a small open drive to the right and grass to the left with fern trees along the edge. i saw she had nothing on her feet and with the grass being wet i was about to say somthing and she went arond towards the side of the garden, i was bending down to see under the ferns as she went! she did'nt run but did'nt float as u might say, it was so strange, the door was shut and the house was empty!i know it was i cud see in the windows and nobody else was there at all! at that point i was so scared just the way her face looked and the way she moved was not normal, i was away from there very quickly!!!

shaun babz
i live in ipstones Staffordshire in my village theres and old farm always according to everyone is haunted called the hermitage my family was walking home when i saw a ghostly figure in the window i walked past a tree trunk looked back and it wasnt there freaky. my aunt told me about this mermaid in a pool 3 miles north of leek and if you saw it it would drown you or threaten to flood the whe whole of leek cheeky witch


Im 13 & about 1year ago i saw this balck shodow thing moving kind of like 15cm above the floor & it started walking into the bathroom then about 8months after that i saw it again & it ran into my bedroom but when i went in there, there was nothing there then about 5days ago i saw that saw figure going downstairs, last night i was desperate for a drink but i was too scared to go incase i saw it agen, my mum, & my 2brothers have seen it aswell...I dont know what it is but waht ever it is it is really scary, it hasnt done netin 2 harm me YET but every1 in my family think its my nan, but i really dont think it is!! x

narayan mishra,india
i am 20ty yrs old, i nver belive tht in this digital world tht ghost and hauned house would be existing until my hairstanding experience i have a small group of friends we all study together my exams wee on head so we planed that we will go to nearest cemetry and study due to enormous silence over ther and also it will help as to concentrate well we rode on our bike we reach cemetry which was just 10mins away from my house after one hour of our serious one of my friend steve turn bit naughty we sudenlly statrte discussing abou spirits ,ghost my friend nick started yelling nothing like spirit exists and we started stamping the actual cemetry and westarted challenging them until now nothing happen and we left tht place witout any fear and started drinking beer we were crossing the lane away from my house and next to higway all of sudden the huge giant whitish figure came in front of us we were stunnned the moment we got to back inour senses i started asking my friend have they saw th same thing every one nodded their head in postive ....i can describe the figure it was long double to any human height with a bag and with a award face .........and the witish long gown well while writing i am feeling the same way the way i felt on the same day

OMG...i am so scared now.I Believe in ghosts!i've had experiences.. i saw something jsut flie across my door was swinging...and something blew in my ear..and i had ghostly experiences at my friends im scared..and can't get to sleep.

I absolutely believe in ghosts. When I was 11 years old I saw my little brother sleeping in my mothers bed. He died a year previously a matter of hours after he was born. The strangest thing about his apparition was that I could clearly see him sleeping and tucked up in bed with the blackets up to his chin but there was no 'bump' shape where his body should have been, just the head. I can still see him as clear as day and that was over 25 years ago. PS LYNNE TRUSS...WE ARE NOT ALL FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE!

it was last week and i was in my car , i saw a figure walk across my drive, this was very turbulent for me so i ran inside as the fear of SOILING myself was to much. i tried to tell my friends but they just laughed at me.ben

Simon Richard Toomey
Hi when i was at Choral Evensong in Bristol cathedral i cought site of a Ghostly Monk walking along the balcony.

Pierre Le Plant
A few years ago I went to look at a car. I went to the address to find an old lady with a club foot standing at the top of the stairs to the front door. I had a breif conversation with her and she told me to call back in a couple of hours.Upon my return the door was answered by the car seller. When I mentioned the old lady I could see the look of shock on his face. He told me that she had been the previous owner and had died the previous year.

Charlie LT
One day I was sitting down in my room reading a newspaper. I had only just bought this house and moved in the night before. On the 3rd Page I turned to, there was a colossal headline reading: FAMILY MYSTERIOUSLY FOUND IN HOUSE. Soon I saw the picture, and recognised it as this house. About 7 mins later I saw a dark figure and I heard an ear pearcing sream. I was terrified, and I moved out of the house month later as the noises and visions continued and scared me so much.

i have seen a ghoost when i went in a house i closed a door and went back the next day and the door was open

Simon Richard Toomey
Hi when i was young i used to exprence out of the body experences, i used to suffer with mygrains i used to wake up in bed surownded by banshes.

liz cooke
I captured some orbs of light on my camera at woodchester mansion, on bank holiday monday.

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