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28 October 2014

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You are in: Gloucestershire > Features > PSI Ghostwatch: Chavenage House 28/11/04

Chavenage House

Chavenage House

PSI Ghostwatch: Chavenage House 28/11/04

Swindon ghost hunting team Paranormal Site Investigators recently visited Chavenage House in Tetbury in their search for paranormal phenomena.

Chavenage is an Elizabethan mansion built in 1576, steeped in history and beautifully preserved.

From its part in the English Civil War to its utility by the military in the first and second World Wars, the house has played a significant role in the country's past.
Ten investigators from the PSI team spent the evening at Chavenage, joined by TV cameras from BBC's Points West television programme.

There have been several reported incidences of possible paranormal occurrences at Chavenage, including a levitating bed, the figure of a 'grey lady' and the appearance of a spectral monk within the chapel.

PSI arrived at Chavenage with the aim of detecting these presences, plus any more that may reside within the walls of Chavenage.

Our researchers investigated with a complement of scientific and spiritual methods. Environmental factors were monitored by weather stations, electro-magnetic frequency detectors and infra-red thermo guns.

Phenomena were recorded with infra-red boosted video cameras, digital cameras and electro voice phenomena recorders. PSI also utilised its two resident mediums to conduct séances and attempted communication with spirit.


The results of the investigation were limited and mostly ruled out by the team's rigorous scientific analysis.

'Orb' in the Chapel

Could this be an orb?

Photograph One (right) was taken in the old chapel attached to the house. The image shows what some might classify as an 'orb'.

The concept of orbs has sparked much controversy in this field of research. Many researchers maintain that no orbs have any correlation with phenomena.

PSI researchers believe that 99% of orbs can be discounted, including the one depicted. Due to the 'layering' of the anomaly shown in Photo One, it can be concluded that the effect was caused by reflection from the picture on the wall behind.

PSI's mediums successfully recounted Chavenage's connections with the wars and its military usages, despite having been 'kept in the dark' about the building's history.

Investigators perceived activity such as a foreboding presence in the Cromwell Room and the saw the opening and closing of a door.

However, researchers came to the conclusion that, as per stone tape theory, the house echoed the actions of individuals long since passed, like the replaying of a video tape. Not conscious, not sentient and not aware of their own presence.

Report By Dave Wood & Nicky Sewell (PSI)

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You are in: Gloucestershire > Features > PSI Ghostwatch: Chavenage House 28/11/04

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