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28 October 2014

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Faith features

You are in: Gloucestershire > Faith > Faith features > Living Faith: Rastafarianism

Rastafarian Kulchalee

Kulchalee is proud to be a Rastafarian

Living Faith: Rastafarianism

In the third of BBC Gloucestershire's Living Faith series Dellessa James meets Rastafarian Kulchalee from Gloucester.

Living Faith is an opportunity for people living in Gloucestershire to express how their beliefs impact on their everyday lives.

In Gloucester alone there are more than 60 different nationalities embracing many different forms of worship from Buddhism to Baha'i and Roman Catholicism to Rastafarianism.

A Rastafarian in Gloucester

Kulchalee is from Gloucester and is proud to be a Rastafarian. He explains what his faith means to him in a practical and spiritual sense:

"Rastafarianism is about more than meets the eye. My faith affects my life because the most important thing in this world is God Almighty himself.

Without him things wouldn’t be possible but at the same time, having a belief system makes me stronger within myself.

It’s hard to say what a typical week is but I like to read the bible, and I give out a lot of advice to people about our history.

When it comes to faith it’s just my way of life. I try to be helpful and good with people so that’s my aim and objective.

I try to be really true to myself because if I can’t be true to myself how can I be true to anyone else?

Social life

When normal people go to nightclubs we go to a Rastafarian church dance.

All the music has uplifting lyrics, not bringing down women, not bringing down the race and no gun talk.

When it comes to our culture and faith, there are certain things we are totally against. One which is part of Jamaican makeup, is that we do not believe in homosexuality. We also do not believe in abortion.

When you think of Bob Marley, he has many children from many ladies, and I’m not saying that’s the right way to do things, but in our African culture people are allowed to have three wives."

This article contains user-generated content (i.e. external contribution) expressing a personal opinion, not the views of BBC Gloucestershire.

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created: 30/04/2005

You are in: Gloucestershire > Faith > Faith features > Living Faith: Rastafarianism

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