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28 October 2014

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It's always top marks for DJs at Christmas but what's in their top ten?
Still top of the Christmas pops after all these years

BBC Gloucestershire's Andrew Marston knows how to get a party going. Check out his all time favourite party tunes:-)

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+ Andrew Marston is a Broadcast Assistant for BBC Local Radio.


+He Djs in pubs and clubs in his spare time.



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Now when I was asked to embark on the challenge of compiling a list of the top ten for this Christmas I thought "Ahhhhh...THAT'S EASY!"

But...with six decades of music to choose from, it seems almost unfair to compile a top ten - so even though these are numbered 10 through 1, they all deserve the top spot on my list.

So here goes...

10. The Proclaimers: 500 Miles
Now I don't know if it's their funny glasses or the happy-go-lucky melody to this one that gets people dancing like a flea on petrol, but it's a tune that's guanteed to either completely get on your nerves or get you acting like a pillock. NB The dah-dah-dah-dah's are after verse 2, OK? Listen out for that one next time your at a party!

9. KC & The Sunshine Band: Give It Up
Now here's one of those tune's that always left me thinking "What on earth is this song called...". Two months ago I found out and have been playing it to death ever since. Another cheesy centre just like the Proclaimers I guess - and a few others coming up later in my all-time top ten. Na-na na-na na-na...

8. Tight Fit: In The Jungle
Now here's a song you won't often hear being played at 800W! A cracking tune that more and more people seem to like, the more you play it! And who seems to like it most of all? Those in their 20's. Simon Cowell eat your heart out!

Those terrible hairstyles didn't hold the Brummy band back

7. The Foundations: Build Me Up Buttercup
This has got to be the big anthem of 2002! Don't ask me why but it seems that if you're not playing it, you're being requested to do so. And those asking won't give up (and all seem to be in their 20's again!).

6. Van Morrison: Brown Eyed Girl
A song that would have definitely clinched the number one spot last year. An all-rounder - not a huge dance floor filler, but good enough to play to any crowd. All together with the chorus now...

5. Mad House: Like A Prayer
Remember this one from Madonna. Just when we thought about playing the Vogue collection again this young and dancing group called Mad' House decided to cover not just one, but all of Madonna's hits. The beats to this song are just incredible. It's really preserved the old feel, the girl who sings it sounds like Madonna and it's got a pretty tasty bass line too. :-)

4. Status Quo: Fun Fun Fun
Who said the oldun's are the best? Why not take the oldun's and make them newun's? Because that's exactly what Status Quo did a few years back with this Beach Boys classic. And a pretty good job of it they did too. Just listen to that way it builds up...

3. Katrina & the Waves: Walking On Sunshine
Still an all-time feel-good factor favourite to warm up any dark and dingy winters day. It's still one I would use to kick off a night if I want people on the dance floor from disc 1. And the younger ones will always help out on the "Woo-oh's".

2. Bryan Adams: Summer Of '69
It seems that every time I play this song it just gets better and better. From the moment you press play you're hit with this incredible reverberated drum beat and overdriven guitar riff. Just a lush track all around. And why did they ever fade such a classic?

1. Bonjovi: Livin' On A Prayer
It's a loud, end of the night, 10+ pint track. It has still got to be top of my list, however, because who doesn't really like it? Name and address please if you've never joined in to the chorus of this one.

Sadly that concludes my top ten all-time greatest...but as it's Christmas...

Slade: Merry Xmas Everyone
Still an all-time classic to scream out at the top of your voice at Christmas. Overplayed? Yes - but why not? IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Andrew Marston

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