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Fight Like Apes

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Fight Like Apes at Glastonbury 2008.


Fight Like Apes

Dublin synth lovers have already wowed crowds at this year's SXSW before making their way to Seattle to start work on their debut album with former Sleater Kinney and Los Campesinos! producer John Goodmanson.

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User Reviews

Fight Like Apes are great live , I get a tingle down my spine when I hear them, that huge feeling of moment , of potential , when you know that this is going to be special. Raw powerful ,sweet melodical and noisy all rolled up into something that grabs you holds you and infects you. I think I'm in Love.

I've seen this bunch a good few times now, and they never fail to impress! I missed Glastonbury, but this footage makes up for it. Great band!

WOW!that really sums it up-they're amazing and so refreshing!

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Played on

Saturday 28th June
Introducing stage

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