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Single Page Model

The Single Page (or Scroll) Model is the way most digital media works, where content is provided in a single page that scrolls from top to bottom within the screen.

The main body of text is usually displayed in a single column with the page flexibly expanding to provide the space necessary.

content scroll model

The user can use the scroll or flick gesture to move up and down an article


  • Users can advance at their own pace, a paragraph at a time or even a line at a time.
  • Scroll length is a better indicator of article size than page numbers.
  • Separating content and design is easier in this format.
  • Users can jump to parts of an article quickly, without the multiple taps or repeated swipes required in paginated layouts.
  • It is easier to scale over different platforms and device screen sizes, providing better accessibility by allowing for variable font sizes.


  • Precise control of layout elements like embedded photographs, pull-quotes and illustrations across all devices can be difficult when using this content model.

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