Using Icons With Images

Media icons for image promos should sit in the the bottom left of the image and have 100% opacity. They should inherit the background colour to give the impression of 'cutting into' the image.

Programme information should sit underneath the image (with the exception of images with a width measuring below 143px where information should sit to the right of the image).

Recommended media icon sizes for tablet images

  Image width range Media icon size
Super image 641px to 832px 72px x 72px
Extra large image 640px to 496px 64px x 64px
Large image 495px to 336px 48px x 48px
Medium image 335px to 240px 40px x 40px
Small image 239px to 144px 32px x 32px
Extra small image 143px to 96px 24px x 24px

Extra large image promo (64x64px media icon)

Extra large image promo

Medium image promo (48x48px media icon)

Medium image promo

Extra small image promo (24x24px media icon)

Extra small image promo

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