Colour Usage

When designing for BBC mobile keep colour usage to a minimum.

Mobile Branding Colour

Text Colour

The standard colour for header and body text is black or grey. No other colour variations are permitted for plain text.

To denote links, a single distinct colour is used. This should be derived from the page branding colour palette. This is subject to the colour having sufficient contrast to be both legible and to be visually distinguishable as a link.

Text colour in a promo link must be either black/grey or white depending on which is most appropriate for the background.

Background Colour

The standard page background colour is white.

The promo background areas use an appropriate brand colour as a background. If the text is not clearly visible, then the background colour should be lightened or darkened to rectify this.

A support colour is available to highlight areas on the page but it's usage should be kept to a minimum.

Note: Branding should not rely on background images. Some devices are unable to show them, thus the
design needs to look adequate even without them.

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