This guideline shows our full suite of BBC icons and explains how to use them. They’re designed to create a consistent look across all our digital platforms.


Our icons have many meanings and can be used to illustrate action, status and identity.

We have 12 icon sets, with over 250 icons in total. These range from Core icons like the 'external link' icon, to product icons for Weather, Sport, Children’s and Travel.

Our icons were created in collaboration with  planning Unit

A selection of of some of our icons and their purpose


Our core icon set


Our platforms icon set

Audio and visual

Our audio and visual icon set

Content types

Our media types icon set

Controls and devices

Our controls and devices icon set

Social, personalisation & service

Our social, personalisation & service icon set

IPTV (iPlayer TV)

Our IPTV icon set


Our food icon set


Our sport icon set


Our travel icon set

© Transport For London. To be used by the BBC Travel product only with expressed permission from TFL following agreed brand guidelines.


Our weather icon set


Our children icon set

Rules for using icons

Only use icons when there’s a clear need for them. And be sure to use them with the correct text label.

Only use icons as intended, as shown above. This will help to make them more understandable over time.


The icons have been designed at 13px and 32px in light and dark colours. And they can also be sized in relation to our typography guidelines.

Spacing and positioning

Always give the right amount of space around the icon to allow for legibility and touch. Wherever possible, size your spacing in multiples of 4 or 8 pixels.

Icons should appear to the left of their respective labels.

An example of spacing and positioning of iconography