Never Letting Wonder Go To Waste

Taking a moment to stop and put the wonder around us to good use.


Table with breakfast on
'Never Letting Wonder Go To Waste' film made with Caroline Ward and Matobo.
At BBC UX&D we believe that "we should never let wonder go to waste”. As user-centred designers we take inspiration from the world around us and pass this on through our work.

It’s about ways of seeing – taking the time to look before leaping – about switching on our brains before we switch on our computers.

We have a dedicated team of Design Researchers who are our internal experts in this matter. As such, they often do the heavy lifting when it comes to the discovery of wonder. However, we have been careful to recruit Design Researchers that also work as coaches for the rest of the UX&D team. This ensures that no matter what their original discipline, our capability for making the most of our wonder is distributed all the way across our teams. Most of our designers have been trained in some design research methods which they regularly use as part of their work.

Being clear about what we believe in as a department has proved to be a really useful thing to do. We have published our team values in our UX&D team handbook, written them on the walls in our meeting rooms, even used them as key questions for prospective recruits in interviews. 

We have made this short film which brings this belief to life, I hope you enjoy it.

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