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31 July 2014
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how to be a gardener - The complete online guide

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6 - Weeds
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Perennial weeds
Perennial weeds are more of a problem because they can live for several years. They survive the winter by storing food in their roots. These roots make them harder to get rid of than annual weeds. Some are difficult to dig out and others spread underground. If you leave even the tiniest piece of root in the soil when you dig them out, youíll get a whole new plant.
To control:

  • Dig out perennial weeds as soon as you see them. So long as you donít let them produce leaves, the roots will use up their energy stores and eventually die. Never rotavate soils with perennial weed infestations as it is a brilliant way of propagating them! Always dig out every little bit as they will regrow and often with twice the vigour.
  • If you donít mind using chemicals, treat them with a weedkiller containing glyphosate.
  • Never put perennial weed roots or seed-heads on to the compost heap.
Weedkiller gameBrush up on annual and perennial weeds and refresh your reflexes, with the weedkiller game.
Here is a line-up of the usual suspects:

Perennial weeds

Brambles Dandelion Stinging nettle Creeping thistle
Creeping buttercup Dock Ragwort

Serial Killers
Horsetail Bindweed Couch grass Ground elder

6. Problem solving

Pests and diseases
 Annual weeds
 Perennial weeds
 The tools for the job
 Preventing weeds
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Video Video

Can you spot a weed? Refresh your reflexes, with the weedkiller game.
Requires Flash 5
Find out how to control problems in your garden with the pest paparazzi game.
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