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17 September 2014
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2 - Plant types
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Evergreen plants

The word 'evergreen' is self-explanatory. They're the plants that have leaves all year round. Note that they do lose leaves sporadically throughout the year (look under a holly tree!). This gazania (pictured) is an evergreen perennial - often grown as an annual.
Deciduous plants
Deciduous plants look bare in winter, put out new leaves every spring and then drop them in autumn. Some plants have a spectacular show of autumn leaf colour as their leaves die, such as Japanese maples, witch hazel and red oak.
However, there are exceptions!
Plants such as Cotoneaster horizontalis and Hydrangea quercifolia, are ditherers - they drop their leaves in cold winters but keep them if it is mild. Beech and hornbeam hedges retain their old dead leaves until the following spring.
2. Understand plants

Plant types
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 Perennials and bedding plants
 Woody plants
 Evergreen and deciduous plants
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