Sowing, growing and harvesting Royal Chantenay Red carrots

Watch our animated guides to sowing, growing and harvesting your carrots.

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April to July - Sow, sow, sow

Dig In and sow your seeds thinly, every 2.5cm or so into:

  • - a large pot or window box (at least 20cm deep) filled with multipurpose compost (the best option if your garden soil is shallow, heavy or stony) with a layer of stones at the bottom to aid drainage
  • - well-dug, well-raked soil - it should have a fine, crumbly texture - in a trench no deeper than your thumbnail

Cover with a fine layer of compost or dry soil and then water. Stand pots in a sunny spot and keep the compost moist. For a continuous supply of carrots, sow a few seeds every fortnight.

May-August - Grow, grow, grow

Once the seedlings are big enough to handle gently pull out the weaker plants, leaving one carrot every 2.5cm. Try and do this in the evening or on a damp day to avoid attracting carrot fly. Water sparingly, being careful not to let the soil dry out completely.

June to September - Grub's up

After about 12 weeks your carrots should be ready for the table. Gently ease them out of the soil with a fork.

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