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Veal recipes


Veal is meat from young calves, that are slaughtered when they are about six months old. It suffered an image problem for many years because of ethical concerns about the European white veal industry. However, British rosé veal (veal produced to the highest welfare standards) is a natural by-product of the dairy industry. It has pink, not white, flesh and is tender and delicately flavoured. Cuts include mince, escalopes, rib chops, T-bone, and shoulder.

Buyer's guide

RSPCA gives high-welfare veal its approval with its Freedom Food label and many of the major supermarkets are now stocking British rosé veal.


The leaner cuts can be quickly fried, grilled or roasted and the tougher cuts, such as shoulder, are great in slow-cooked dishes, the most famous being osso bucco.

Article by Louisa Carter

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