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Teacake recipes

While the teacake can be a spiced uncrossed hot cross bun, we've also got Mary Berry's marshmallow teacake that will certainly make an impression.

The ‘tea’ in teacake refers to the time of day they were commonly served rather than to any ingredient. Soft fruited teacakes were often a substantial substitute for a formal meal. Particularly in the northwest of England, a ‘teacake’ can also mean a large flat soft white bread roll, devoid of fruit, and often served filled with, for example, ham or corned beef.

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With the fruit version, expect a generous amount of fruit and perhaps some chopped candied peel. In the past, lemon extract was also occasionally added, and then it would be known as a London teacake.


Teacakes can be served fresh, split and buttered, or more often toasted.

Article by Dan Lepard

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