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Sea trout recipes

Sea trout

Sea trout is a sea-going brown trout. It resembles salmon in appearance, with a silver, black-flecked skin and oil-rich flesh, but it’s smaller than salmon. Its flavour is subtle and delicate and its texture is fine.

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Sea trout is available both whole, in fillets and in steaks, both fresh and frozen. It is still caught in the wild, but is more often farmed to meet demand. Sea trout is occasionally available to domestic consumers, but most sea trout is sold straight to restaurants.


A whole sea trout will usually be gutted, but check that the bitter-tasting blood-line that runs close to the backbone has also been removed. Fillets require pin-boning and the skin can be removed if desired.

Sea trout is excellent poached, grilled and pan-fried. Like salmon, it can be served with citrus flavours, hollandaise sauce or a garnish of samphire.

Article by CJ Jackson

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