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Rosehip syrup recipes

Rosehip iced gem meringues

Rosehip iced gem meringues

By Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood

This is syrup made from rosehips, the berry-like fruits of the rose family found in gardens and on country lanes. Rosehips range in colour from orangey-red to deep purple, so the syrup will be coloured accordingly. The syrup is aromatic, and tastes a little of tropical fruit. It’s packed with Vitamin C.

Buyer's guide

Rosehip syrup is available from some delis, food halls, health food stores, or online.


Homemade syrup should be stored in small sterilised bottles. Keep in a dark cupboard and use within a week of opening.


Rosehips grow from late summer to autumn. To make the syrup at home, boil crushed rosehips with water and sugar until the liquid is thick and syrup-like. Eat with ice creams, pancakes, waffles and plain yoghurt, or add to duck dishes, tagines, icings, milk-based puddings, drinks and cocktails.

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