Tomato sauce


  • 150g/5oz salted breast of pork, rather fat

  • 175g/6oz carrots, cut into cubes

  • 175g/6oz onions, cut into cubes

  • 1 bay leaf and 1 small sprig thyme

  • 150g/5oz flour

  • 55g/2oz butter

  • 15g/½oz salt

  • 25g/1oz sugar

  • pinch of pepper

  • 4.5kg/10lb raw tomatoes or 4.5L/8pt/4quarts of same, mashed

  • 2.26L/4pt/2quarts white stock

Preparation method

  1. Fry the pork with the butter in a tall, thick-bottomed saucepan. When the pork is nearly melted, add the carrots, onions and aromatics.

  2. Cook and stir the vegetables, then add the flour, which should be allowed to cook until it begins to brown.

  3. Now put in the tomatoes and white stock, mix the whole mixture well, and set to boil on an open fire.

  4. At this point add the seasoning and a crushed clove of garlic, cover the saucepan, and place in a moderate oven, where it may cook for 1½ hours.

  5. At the end of this time the sauce should be passed through a sieve or tammy, and it should boil while being stirred.

  6. Finally, pour it into a tureen, and butter its surface to avoid the formation of a skin.

Less than 30 mins preparation time

1 to 2 hours cooking time

Makes approx 10 pints

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